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positive impact pentec health Lives Improved Goals Met Care Simplified Time Saved Quality Assured

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positive impact:

Pentec Health: Leading the Way to Better Health

Revolutionary products and services

The leader in specialty infusion therapies.

Introducing IV renal nutrition.

An expert option for intrathecal pump care.

Specialty infusions are physician-prescribed medications or nutritional supplements administered to patients through intravenous, intraperitoneal or intrathecal route by clinical professionals. The majority of these people are battling life-long or very challenging health issues. The patients served by Pentec Health suffer from conditions ranging from malnutrition as a result of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) to severe pain and/or spasticity due to neurologic complications. Hundreds of thousands of patients require their infusion therapies and care to be delivered outside of the hospital setting.

Pentec Health has developed a new line of patentpending, renal nutrition products for malnourished dialysis patients. Compared to traditional supplements, Proplete® is a form of Intradialytic Perenteral Nutrition (IDPN) that offers therapeutic benefits to hemodialysis patients who are calorie and protein depleted. The nutrient-rich Proplete or Proplete Plus solutions are administered by a nurse at a dialysis clinic, where the solution is infused directly into the patient’s bloodstream during dialysis treatment. Proplete IPN (Intraperitoneal Parenteral Nutrition) solution, designed for the peritoneal dialysis patient, is self-administered and functions both as a dialysate bag exchange replacement and a nutritional supplement.

As a home care provider accredited by The Joint Commission, we perform specialty in-home infusions and care services for patients who rely on intrathecal pumps. These small, implanted pumps deliver highly concentrated medicines directly into the patient’s spine to treat severe pain or spasticity. Intrathecal pumps are complex devices that must be refilled with medication on a regular basis and reprogrammed with hand-held devices to ensure proper operation and medication delivery.

For over 25 years, Pentec Health has been committed to providing the highest-quality products and services for these underserved patients and their physicians. We offer sterile preparation of drug therapies by our clinical pharmacists. We also provide care and support from registered nurses and dieticians, plus expert reimbursement services. It all adds up to unparalleled care coordination for patients with complex conditions.

All Proplete infusions are compounded in Pentec Health’s Specialty Pharmacy and prepared exactly to the physician’s specifications. The ability to custom-tailor our solutions helps patients to achieve an improved nutritional status.

Each prescription is custom compounded in our state-of-the-art pharmacy and administered by fulltime, highly trained registered nurses. Every nurse on our staff has completed a rigorous training and preceptor program. This allows us to offer physicians the highest level of confidence in the care their patients are receiving. And we have launched a digital communications platform that streamlines information exchange between Pentec Health, physicians and their patients like never before.

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positive impact:

Revolutionary products and services

Educational opportunities.

Care that spans the United States.

In addition to offering relevant nutrition therapies for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients, Pentec Health also meets the educational and professional requirement needs of the busy clinicians providing care for those patients.

Founded in Philadelphia in 1983, Pentec Health is a privately held company with a national presence in renal care and an East to Midwest presence in intrathecal pump care. Already an established leader in its category, Pentec Health was acquired in 2006 by a group of healthcare-focused private equity firms to build on its core strengths.

Pentec Health has retained nationally recognized renal experts on a Speakers Bureau who provide a total of eight programs that have been accredited by the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) and the American Dietetic Association (ADA) for one hour continuing education credit for RNs, LPNs, Dialysis Technicians, and RDs. These programs are offered both on WebEx or live and cover a variety of topics designed to educate, enlighten and improve skills with the goal of improving patient care and patient outcomes.

Since key additions to the management team and clinical leadership, the company has expanded its products offered, services rendered and markets served. Led by serial entrepreneur and CEO Joe Cosgrove, a 22-year veteran of the specialty pharmacy market, Pentec Health’s seasoned team has developed recent innovations in renal nutrition and in-home intrathecal pump care.

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“Not only did Proplete improve our unit’s clinical outcomes and reverse protein-calorie malnutrition in my patients, it also improved their quality of life. My patients claim they are hungrier and have more energy overall.” Randy I. Cooper, MD Southwest Kidney Institute Medical Director Phoenix Dialysis Unit Phoenix, AZ

A Breakthrough in IV Renal Nutrition for Dialysis Patients

“Proplete was a lifesaver until my appetite returned. I hate to think what I’d have weighed without it. I’m now cancer-free. Proplete was definitely a key part of my recovery.” Rick B., 44 ESRD and Multi Myeloma Stem Cell Transplant October 15, 2009

“Rick’s albumin level never dropped below 3.5 after his stem cell transplant. In fact, it steadily improved. Proplete was vital in his recovery.” Sheryl K., RDLD Dayton Regional Dialysis Huber Heights, OH

“My nurses ask for Proplete. It’s easier to use in our busy clinic.” P.C., Registered Dietitian Plano, TX

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26 million American adults suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD)*


positive impact:

A Breakthrough in IV Renal Nutrition for Dialysis Patients

Proplete IDPN Protein Therapy ®

Need a better way to replenish lost protein? We have the solution. Chronic dialysis can deplete a patient’s body of protein, leading to poor appetite, reduced quality of life and worsened outcomes. When protein malnutrition does not respond to normal dietary counseling or oral supplements, patients can be repleted using Proplete IDPN Protein Therapy. IDPN (Intradialytic Parental Nutrition) is a nutritional solution administered by a registered nurse during hemodialysis and is infused directly into the bloodstream. Pentec Health’s revolutionary, patent-pending IDPN formula differs from traditional therapies, which contain higher carbohydrates, lipids and excess calories not needed by many protein-malnourished patients. In a three-month comparison against patients on traditional IDPN therapy, patients on Proplete experienced a 23 percent greater increase in serum albumin, a marker that indicates blood protein levels.* Proplete, together with the patient’s oral intake, supplies 100 percent of a patient’s weekly protein needs in a solution that’s custom-mixed by our Specialty Pharmacy according to each patient’s specific weight, dialysis schedule and underlying conditions.

Low carb. Low volume. Low maintenance.

Elite nutrition that meets patient challenges.

Proplete is the perfect balance: an IDPN therapy that meets patient protein needs and simplifies clinical management. Uniquely formulated for protein malnourished patients who closely meet their caloric requirements but not their protein requirements, Proplete contains no lipids and lower amounts of carbohydrates — or dextrose — compared to traditional IDPN.

Clinicians can use Proplete to replete protein in hemodialysis patients who have other health issues. The low-carb, no-lipid formula is appropriate for diabetics, patients with poor glucose control, and obese or overweight patients. Its low volume makes Proplete more tolerable for patients with cardiac or hepatic disease and other fluid management problems.

Proplete’s low-carbohydrate formula makes it easier for clinical staff to manage their patients’ glucose levels, which can elevate with traditional IDPN. By helping to improve blood glucose levels, Proplete may reduce the need for glucose checks and insulin administration, especially in diabetic patients. Since Proplete is lipid-free, patients receive no unwanted calories, and there’s no triglyceride level check or lipid clearance needed. Proplete also provides the necessary nutrients in a solution that’s almost 40 percent less volume than traditional IDPN, optimizing fluid management.

A complete line of Proplete formulas. Not satisfied with the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to IDPN therapy, we’ve created distinct Proplete formulations for different types of patients: Proplete® – protein malnutrition

Millions more are at risk of developing it*

Over 445,000 CKD patients need weekly dialysis to survive**

Proplete® Plus – protein/calorie or calorie malnutrition Proplete® IPN – malnutrition in peritoneal patients

* 2010 Pentec Health Comparative Internal Data Analysis

*National Kidney Foundation **U.S. Renal Data System 2009 Annual Report

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“I feel comfortable referring my patients to Pentec because they are consummate professionals. I know that my patients will get expert, courteous care.” David T., D.O. Drexel Neurological Associates Philadelphia, PA

pentec health

“When my nurse Connie noticed I was in a lot of pain, she suggested that my medication be given later in the morning. The doctors approved and it worked. How good can that be!”

Specialty Infusion Services

Finally, a Home Infusion Provider You can Trust

John R. Philadelphia, PA

“My life improved when I met my nurse Angie. She has always gone far and beyond her call of duty to help me in all areas of my health.” Patty W. Davenport, FL

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pentec health

Specialty Infusion Services

Finally, a Home Infusion Provider You can Trust

positive impact:

Intrathecal Pump In-home Care

We bring expert nursing care home.

National in scope. A partner in service.

Get real-time patient updates. Real fast.

Patients who suffer from severe, chronic pain as well as severe spasticity often benefit greatly by having a small, medical pump implanted within their abdomen to deliver medications directly into their spine. The pump must be refilled, reprogrammed and adjusted on a regular basis to ensure the desired outcomes. Many of the patients who rely on these pumps have extreme difficulty getting to a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office for these routine visits.

Unlike local providers who come and go, our Specialty Infusion Services are built on a solid, primary-carenursing model that has expanded across 27 states. Accredited by The Joint Commission, we staff only full-time nurses who are rigorously trained in pump assessment, medication administration and complication management. Pentec Health nurses have special expertise in caring for patients with complex conditions from cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, to Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain caused by cancer.

At Pentec Health, we’re continually investing in new technologies that give physicians virtually instant access to patient information. Our Physician Portal is a secure web site that will connect physicians with their patients’ electronic medical records 24/7. The Physician Portal enables nurses to upload real-time updates via laptops while they’re performing in-home visits. Within minutes, the Portal sends the physician an email notification that a just-completed patient report is available for viewing online.

Traditional home care providers don’t have the expertise to properly care for these complex patients. But Pentec Health’s specially trained nurses do. We provide full-spectrum, intrathecal pump services — from supplying medications compounded in our Specialty Pharmacy to registered nurses who administer them — right in the comfort of the patient’s home. Our nurses establish long-term relationships with their patients and the referring physicians. This extensive collaboration within the clinical team ensures that we deliver the best possible care to each patient.

Since our nurses act as consistent caregivers and make frequent in-home visits, they’re uniquely attuned to the smallest changes in a patient’s status. Our innovative Physician Portal will enable nurses to generate updates to referring physicians on the spot, providing current feedback on their patients’ progress.

A team that goes above and beyond. Nurses who are accessible to their patients around the clock. Pharmacists who check and double-check the accuracy of every medication we compound. Plus case managers and reimbursement specialists who can assist with insurance issues. Our Specialty Infusion Services team gives referring physicians the security of knowing that their patients are receiving expert care.

About 120,000 Americans have implanted intrathecal pumps These pumps deliver medication directly into the spine

Many patients cannot get to a clinic for regular refills

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positive impact:

A Specialty Pharmacy that Exceeds U.S. Pharmacopeia Standards

The ultimate in medication quality control

High-risk compounding by highly experienced staff. It is critical that intravenous and intrathecal medications are compounded in an absolutely sterile environment. At Pentec Health, our state-of-the-art Specialty Pharmacy doesn’t just meet the new USP 797 guidelines for sterility, it exceeds them. It’s also accredited by The Joint Commission and staffed by full-time pharmacists and certified compounding technicians who receive ongoing clinical education. Our pharmacy supplies a wide variety of sterile infusion solutions, from pain and spasticity medications to nutritional support for malnourished hemodialysis patients. Our compounding “clean room” is supervised by a full-time pharmacist who checks and doublechecks the accuracy of every single medication against the physician’s prescription. From start to finish, there are seven quality inspections before a product ever leaves our building. And there’s a pharmacist on-call 24/7 to consult with patients, nurses and referring physicians.

Excellence is our number-one priority. At Pentec Health, “good” just isn’t good enough, especially when it comes to complex infusion solutions. That’s why Pentec Health exhibits exceptional diligence during every step of the prescription-filling process. Our pharmacy staff not only prepares and checks medications — they’re shipped in specially constructed boxes that keep solutions temperature-controlled for stability until they reach the dialysis unit or intrathecal pump care nurse. And every shipment is FedEx® tracked, guaranteeing a solid chain of custody until the infusions reach their destinations.

Patients need reimbursement help? We’ve got them covered. Pentec Health’s reimbursement professionals are experienced in public and private health insurance. They can quickly determine a patient’s coverage for our services, and work directly with the insurance company and referring physician to streamline the final determination. This valuable assistance enables us to accelerate getting patients their care and adds a personal touch rarely experienced in healthcare today.

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Committed to improving the quality of life. As Pentec Health moves forward, we will remain committed to the quality and service excellence that distinguished our past. And we will continue to pursue and provide clinically proven therapies and services that improve the quality of life for the patients we serve.

pentec health Large enough to serve. Small enough to care. 4 Creek Parkway, Suite A Boothwyn, PA 19061 800 -223-4376

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pentec health Large enough to serve. Small enough to care. Corporate Headquarters

4 Creek Parkway Suite A Boothwyn, PA 19061

1843 Commerce Drive Suite 270A South Bend, IN 46628

Yarmouth Executive Suites 45 Forest Falls Drive Suite B4 Yarmouth, ME 04096

800 -223-4376

222 Third Street SE Suite 600 Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Pentec Health Capabilities Brochure  
Pentec Health Capabilities Brochure  

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