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Why You Should Buy Your Pearl Necklace from Laguna Pearl Pearls are by far the most regal of gemstones, blessed with a versatility that makes them an indispensable piece of jewelry. Paired with a gorgeous evening gown or with a pair of pumps and denim and you instantly add an element of elegance to your appearance. Where you buy your pearls can make all the difference, and Laguna Pearl gives you not one, but several reasons as to why they are the best choice. Pearl Necklaces for Every Desire At Laguna Pearl you will be able to browse through a massive collection of pearl necklaces with price tags that are not going to make you cringe with fright. Look through freshwater pearl necklaces that are available in shades of white, pink, lavender, and peach; and the Akoya pearl necklaces available in white and black. Take your pick from the Tahitian South Sea necklaces in different, exotic shades of black, or go with the classic white or gold colors from the South Sea. Each type of pearl on display has its own unique grading system; ALL stringently followed at Laguna Pearl. Akoya pearls are graded at five levels, the best of which being the Hanadama grade, which makes them 99% perfect. Freshwater pearls originating from Japan and China, as well as Tahitian pearls from the South Sea are graded at 4 levels – A, AA, AA+ and AAA. To maintain a standard of quality, Laguna Pearl sells gems only of the top 2 grades. The one feature of the pearl necklaces here at Laguna is that they are designed for every wallet. A 9mm freshwater pearl necklace can be yours for an affordable $69. On the other side of the spectrum, you can get yourself a 13 mm to 15 mm white South Sea necklace with an AAA rating for $28,000. There is a wide range of prices covered in between. An Efficient System of Purchase Laguna Pearl believes in making a purchase experience as pleasant as possible. You can have your pearl necklaces shipped to you for free, reaching you within 7 working days. If however, you need the process expedited, that can be arranged as well. Packages dispatched by air will arrive in just 2 days. If you need the delivery done in a day, that can be arranged as well. International shipping on short notice normally takes up to 3 working days depending on where you are based. Laguna Pearl ships internationally and payments can be made in multiple currencies. In fact, free shipping is also available in Canada, the UK, Australia and a few European nations. Laguna Pearl also offers unique features like a 60-day money back guarantee which make all purchase at Laguna pearl risk-free. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity with every product you order. All packages are sent as UPS High-Value deliverie, which is the most secure way of shipping expensive jewelry. Every one of the packages sent out is insured and in some cases will even require your signature.

LagunaPearl.Com offers you the best of jewelry shopping, with pearls that will make the perfect addition to your collection. Read the original post here.

Why You Should Buy Your Pearl Necklace from Laguna Pearl