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Super Luxury Residential Advancement in Mumbai - 2011 Update Mumbai luxury authentic estate is among the costliest on earth also 1 of the fastest regarding value growth. While luxury genuine estate rates remained stagnant while in the most components of your globe, property in mumbai in Mumbai charges enhanced by in excess of 20% in 2010. In accordance to Global Wealth Report by Knight Frank and Citi Financial institution, Asian cities which include Shanghai and Mumbai will start to shut the gap in up coming 10 many years with New york and London which can be presently on leading of the wealth report's worldwide cities index. Mumbai was also ranked the world's 25th most high-priced city with regards to residence charges even though Monaco remains the world's costliest city followed by London. And this trend is only bound to carry on with aggressive true estate appetite demonstrated by Indian HNIs. In accordance to the report Indian HNIs would like to invest at the very least 10% of their complete portfolio in residential genuine estate. This was double than what financial advisers would have completed. Actual estate, as an asset class, even so has rarely disappointed within a city like Mumbai wherever stories of 5 baggers in five many years not very uncommon. The luxury apartment within a city like Mumbai may cost anywhere amongst USD one million to USD 12 million, and array from 5,000 square feet to 13,000 square feet in dimension. The luxury real estate euphoria is fuelled by bullishness in some true estate pockets in South Mumbai exactly where luxury apartments in have become 25% to 30% costlier than they were a year ago. Even so it has been a mixed bag in 2011, wherever the glut of apartments in Central Mumbai can play a spoil sport and one may see some correction in prices. In accordance to broker estimates all over 40% of luxury apartments coming up in Mumbai are unsold. Buyers in markets like Central Mumbai will not be buying into substantial rates of INR 25,000 per square feet. And as a result, pre-sales (wherein residential apartments are commonly sold in advance of entirely constructed) have come down. This has resulted in building delays given that Indian developers desire to guarantee that they will not have a big quantity of unsold units inside their ready buildings. Mumbai's Luxury Residential Micro Market- South Mumbai Mumbai has mainly two luxury micro markets- South Mumbai & Central Mumbai. The South Mumbai marketplace consisting of areas like Malabar Hill, Cumbala Hill, Napean Sea Road etc. is an evergreen market place with severe paucity of land and an insatiable appetite for luxury development. Selling price points of INR 50,000 per sqft are fairly common in this market.severe paucity of land and an insatiable appetite for luxury improvement. Buyers usually are Indian HNI businessmen (upgrading from old constructions to new totally loaded, feature rich towers), NRIs and well-heeled professionals. They usually take very small financial institution loans (often for tax efficiency) and will not be affected by interest charges firming up etc. Trump Tower, Hughes Road: Donald Trump plans to bring his signature of luxury homes to Mumbai on Hughes Road in south Mumbai. The Trump Towers are being developed along with Mumbai-based developer Rohan Lifescapes. The 60 storey Tower will have five,000 square feet apartments overlooking the Arabian Sea. The tower will have all around 45 apartments and the lifestyle amenities will include a luxury spa, gymnasium and a mini-theatre. It will be interesting to see whether the design or the improvement will have anything unique or whether it will be a just a case of Mr. Trump charging a hefty royalty fee for his brand. According to market sources given the small amount of flats and the novelty associated with the Trump brand name, the development may possibly fetch a 2025% premium vis-a-vis neighbourhood developments in South Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani's Billion Dollar Home: South Mumbai also has the privilege of housing India's richest man, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, tipped to be the world's richest man in a few years. Mr. Ambani has built

the world's most pricey house in Mumbai estimated to be above a billion dollars. The house named Antilia, after a mythical island, resembles a condo tower or a set of Lego building blocks from the outside. But from the inside it is grand consisting of about 37,000 sq metres of space, more than the Palace of Versailles. The billion dollar tower soaring more than 550 feet has three helipads, a health club, dance studio, fifty seat movie theatre and underground parking for in excess of hundred and fifty cars. The home is rumoured to possess a wait staff of 600. Mumbai's Luxury Residential Micro Marketplace: Central Mumbai The Central Mumbai luxury market consisting of Lower Parel, Mahalaxmi, Worli and Elphinstone is facing a glut of luxury advancement with a supply of ten million square feet of high-end residential spaces coming in 2-3 many years. It is difficult to go a kilometre all over this area and not see a new construction coming in. This belt is set to see 7-8,000 houses in 2-3 many years. With the projects quoting anywhere between Rs 18,000 and Rs 26,000 per square feet it is difficult to see how this supply will be absorbed at these charges. There are two segments of developers here. 1 set of developers, say Class A, have low inventory and/or are in a JV with the land owner (who acquired land at a nominal rate many years in the past) willing to hold on till the market recovers. The other set of developers, say Class B, are willing to negotiate because they have a massive inventory coming in and have brought land at reasonably higher costs. Being a consequence the selling price quoted by two neighbouring projects could possess a noticeable variation. The Class A developer prefer slowing down the project instead of reducing costs. The value of land for these developers is low and the selling rate for the apartment could be 5-10 times the price of land. These developers bought land in cotton and textile mills at INR 3,000-5,000 per square foot all around a decade back. some information They recover their land value selling a small percentage with the apartments. They can thereafter afford to wait to sell most from the inventory at higher charges. This will obviously cause a lot of delay in development of these projects. The Class B developers who has a significant inventory of properties is feeling the crunch due to large interest rates (affecting consumers as well) and cautious financing by banks. These developers will be the first 1 to cut rates and selling price cut of 10% to 15% could be in order. The price correction may well also be disguised by offering freebies like free parking and a waiver of stamp duty. Central Mumbai is having said that also witnessing some exciting super luxury developments some of which are Lodha's Globe 1 & Indiabull's Sky developments.

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