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November 2013 Edition

Teenage Glooms Parents and teachers never really take the time to consider the many things that teens go through. Teachers assign lots of homework and classwork without even considering the stress that they put on us. Parents expect you to do chores all the time without taking into consideration of what you need

to do. Everyday teen things are also big factors. Everyone wants them to do something but don’t consider the fact they are putting a large amount of pressure and stress. Many students probably would not have such a problem with going to school if they didn’t feel overloaded with work. The people who play sports are constantly juggling between schoolwork, practice, and game days. Where will they find time to really get anything done? Students like me who don’t play sports still find it hard to do homework in such large amounts. Another teen pressure is working while in school. This involves time management. What hours should they work? How many hours of sleep will they get? When will they have time to do homework? Teens also face some glooms within their personal lives. For example maybe they’re having relationship issues with their boyfriend or girlfriend maybe even just a friend in general. This causes a lot of unnecessary drama and a lot of added pressure on decision-making. During your teenage years you may stress over many breakups and makeups, which may end in you going to school and failing exams because you were too worried about you relationship. Maybe they are struggling with peer pressure. In your teen years you will experience a lot of things you may not want to do but you feel pressured to the point where you have to do it.

Author:    Brittany  Bloome   Date:  Nov.  8,  2013    

Field Trip Woes It’s that one day that you love most about school... field trip day. Everyone loves field trips no matter how boring it may be. Field trips make students happy because they don’t have to stay in a classroom. But what happens when your school cannot provide for you or your class to go on a field trip. The reasons kids should have the opportunity to go on field trips are it makes students learn and not for kids to be bored while learning.

The first reasons to go on a field trip is because when children don’t have fun the simply don’t learn. A field trip makes every student eyes open to learn different stuff they can’t really in a classroom. They want excitement and they can’t really do that if their teacher is boring and always yells at them. Teachers should always plan a field trip. Like a museum and a college trip. This can help inspire students to learn and work hard to reach their college of chose educational standards. Or a museum because it portrays different things that students would want to become an inventor. Just when they see what people have invented and then they think what they could do to make that invention better and might end up an engineer. Field trip makes them learn and if you take that away from them then what are they actually doing. They can learn about art, natural history, science and technology and cultural history. They make students get a better idea on how each one works.

The second reason you should be able to go on a field trip is so that kids won’t get bored while learning. They would actually have fun learning more than they would in boring classrooms where the walls are white and they have very little decorations to make it more fun. Field trips expand the mind for thinking and keeping students busy. If they are excited about learning then they are just bored. Education should be fun and not boring because students work in different environments. Most kids are class clowns you want to know why. Because classes are boring and they are trying to lighten the mood. Kids just need to be let free and have fun and enjoy learning instead not being able to talk or do whatever makes them want to learn more.

So this are the reasons kids should go on field trips. So they can learn more and so they will not get bored. So teachers should plan field trips because they don’t want to their students to fail. Planning field trips and you should get a better outcome of student progress and their mental capabilities. Pus field trips make students happy. And everyone loves a good field trip no matter where you go. They will have fun and try better in their academic standards to reach their goals not just academically but mentally, physically and emotionally. Author:  Crystal  Haigler   Published:    Nov.  8,  2013     The Responsibility Of Having Dogs There are a lot of responsibilities that comes with a pet. You have to clean them, feed them, and most of all love them. If you have a pet you should know what I am talking about, if you don’t and want one be prepared because like I said before they are a lot of responsibility to handle. I have a dog and she can be picky and stubborn at times that causes me to have such a hard time. Let me tell you about my task. My dog is a shih Tzu and can’t have a lot of things like most big dogs can. She has to be feed a certain amount and be well taken care of. I have to make sure I pick the right food or she won’t eat it because she is stubborn, since I don’t want her to starve to death I have to get her what she likes. I have to get her soft food because she doesn’t like hard food, but the vet prefers her to have hard food. So being the smart pet owner that I am I mix her hard food with her soft food and she seems to like it. Pets love to be loved and feel wanted. I try to show my dog that I love her, which I do every day. My dog is very smart she seems to understand what I be saying so I tell her I love her every day and she responds by looking at smiling or jumping on me excitedly. I play with her and rub her belly which seems to be the best thing to her next to me scratching her ears. It’s good to show affection with your pets. You have to make sure your pet is well taken care of also. You have to wash them, groom them, and brush and comb them. It’s very important that you keep their hygene up to date, because it’s good for you and your house also if you have a house dog. A dog that’s not well kept most likely has fleas, ticks, and may catch diseases that can be transferred to you. So keeping your dogs’ hygene up in good state is very important. This should be some general information about the responsibilities of having dog as a pet. Some of this information may apply to you and some of it may not simply because I based it upon my responsibilities with my dog at home. I did this article to show you that’s its not easy to have a pet it is a like a baby that needs to be taken care of. So make sure you take care of your pets at home if you have any. Make sure you handle your responsibilities with your pet also. Author:    Charslyn  Jamison   Published:    Nov.  8,  2013  

WHY BULLYING? Bullying? Why Bully. I want to know why people feel the need to bully others that’s around them. Why, why, why? Most people that bully thing it’s cool to bully other people around them. It’s not cool, neither is it ok. Whenever you bully others it hurts their feelings and it will always look bad on the bully part. People bully for no reason at all. They do it because they want to look good, look cool in front of their friends, or just do it just because their bored. That is so cruel! To me, bullying is a word for mean people, or people with no heart for others. Others bully because what’s going on in their personal lives. But I feel like that’s not right. Human beings shouldn’t do that to other people. Just because you have personal problems doesn’t mean you have to take it out on other people. Whenever you do that then that would hurt their feelings. Think about it a little. Have you ever been bullied or tortured? If you have, how does it really feel when others do that you? Most time the people that are bullying you are your own friend, family members, or probably people that are jealous of you. Jealousy is the key and will make people go crazy. Jealousy can also lead to many other things besides bullying too. And that’s the thing, because you’ll never what’s going to happen next. I feel like people that bullying their peers should always, and I mean always face the consequences. Bulling isn’t good and never will make you look good or shall I say “cool”. That isn’t true and never will be true. It’s mean and hurt others in the process. I come to say stop the bullying! If we didn’t have bulling in this world today, the world would be a better place. Author:    Zhanae  Nimmons   Published:    Nov.  8,  2013              

Choosing A College

I am a junior in high school, but I have been thinking about college since my freshmen year of high school. Everyone knows that if you don’t start out high school on a good note, it’s hard to end on a good note. Your GPA is the most important thing to maintain while in high school. It determines a lot when it comes to applying for colleges. You may already have your dream college set out like myself, but you have to have the academic history to back it up. Choosing the right college is so important. College is the place you will spend the next 4+ years of your life after high school. You may have already applied to your dream school and got accepted, but in today’s generation, tuition is expensive! That’s when you have to apply for every single scholarship you are eligible for. In the end though, you’ll be surprised where you end up. Some students have their college life all sketched out, but some end up at the school that kicks out the most money for them. It’s not all about the money though. You have to be comfortable where you’re at and most importantly, happy! Another thing to think about too is, what college best suits your major. There are a lot of good programs out here for different majors, but you have to choose which best works with you. Author:    Ra  De  Jah  Clark   Published:    Nov.  8,  2013      

Are the  School  Days  Too  Long? Article  By:  Tough-­‐Stone  Trenaysia

We  wake  up  at  six  o’clock  just  to  be  at  school  by  seven  fifteen.  We  have  five   long  classes  and  just  a  thirty  minute  lunch.  It  seems  somewhat  unfair.  Not  only   that,  we  get  out  of  school  at  three  thirty.  That’s  a  whole  eight  hours!  I  don’t  even   get  that  in  sleep.  I  think  we  are  in  school  too  long.   Let’s  do  the  math.  We  go  to  school  10  months  a  year.  One  hundred  eighty   days  a  year.  We  spend  majority  of  the  year  in  school.  Only  two  months  out  of  the   year  to  actually  relax.  But  let’s  not  forget  summer  school  so  really  we  don’t  have   them  two  months.  Then  after  we  graduate  we  have  college.  That  takes  up  another   four  years.  Then  after  that,  graduate  school.  It’s  too  much!   School  really  takes  all  my  energy.  Physically  and  mentally!  I  feel  so  drained   after  eight  hours  it’s  ridiculous.  Then  you  deal  with  aggravating  students  followed   by  nagging  teachers.  Eight  hours  a  day,  five  days  a  week,  four  weeks  a  month,  ten   months  a  year.  It’s  so  tiring.     One  good  thing  about  all  this  schooling  is  that  it  pays  off  in  the  long  run.  You   get  to  go  to  any  college  you  want  to  if  your  grades  match.  You  can  become   anything  with  your  to  education  match  it.  Nowadays,  you  can’t  work  anywhere   without  a  diploma  or  some  type  of  certificate.  So  getting  your  necessary  schooling   is  important  and  critical.   In  my  opinion,  we  ARE  in  school  too  long.  But  in  the  end,  all  that  time  pays   off,  especially  if  you’re  going  to  become  someone  successful  like  a  doctor  or  

lawyer. Education  is  significant  yet  tiresome.  I  guess  if  we  want  it  bad  enough,  we   have  to  put  the  work  in.

The Fear  of  Growing  Up   Dreams  keep  running  through  my  mind.  I  always  thought  about  this   little  scary  thing  called  growing  up.  The  dreams  reflected  memories  from   long  ago,  when  I  first  seen  my  big  brothers  grow  up.  As  a  little  girl  I  was   living  in  what  seems  to  be  a  fairy  tale.  That  place  ill  always  know  and  in  my   head  I  still  go.  I  never  I  would  grow  up.  I  always  said  that  I  would  be  little   forever.  I  always  ignored  the  fact  that  I  was  growing.  Viewed  by  me,  a  little   girl's  eyes,  where  in  that  fairy  tale  I  would  always  be  home.   Here  I  am  in  high  school  realizing  that  I’m  still  growing.  At  my  age   many  girls  start  to  question  whether  or  not  they  still  have  that  little  girl  in   them. Author:    D’Asia  Houser        

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