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Password Expiration Notification- JiJi Password Expiration Tool

JiJi Technologies, the global leaders who are already in the vanguard in systems and security solutions for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment is proud to announce the launching of one more product in their product range for commercial availability namely JiJi Password Expiration Notification.

JiJi Active Directory Management Tool is a latest one introduced in the market. Microsoft Windows Active Directory is very vital in the information technology Infrastructure. It is an uphill task, to manage an organization's users, computer and its security features in the Active Directory. In order to cope will all the responsibilities, it has become essential to have an Administrative tool to facilitate an efficient level of action on the Active Directory for perfect and accurate management of accounts, complying with all requirements and housekeeping. JiJi Active Directory Management Suite is a powerful interface to access Active Directory and to perform AD administrative duties with ease.. For more details please reach us: JiJi Password Expiration Notification is a simple tool to notify users, managers and administrators through   e­mail before their password and account expire. Administrator can receive the summary report to the specific email ids.   Administrator can define the notification task for any specified target (Domain, an OU, Group, Set of Users). 1. Proactive password and account expiration auditing solution for Active Directory. 2. Useful   for VPN   users,   Outlook   Web   Access   (OWA)   users,   Mac   /   Linux   Users,   File   share   users,   Service  accounts 3. Automatically checks the AD daily and send password and account expiry status message and report 4. Send Custom Email Notifications to Users, Managers and Admins 5. Send Password expiry warning message to users 6. Send Password Expiration Notification to Manager 7. Send Password Expiration Summary Report to Admins Daily 8. Calculates Password Expiry Date of Users depends on the Domain Policy and Windows 2008 Fine Grained  Password Policy 9. View Password   and   Account   Expiration   Report with   Password   Expire   Date,   Account   Expire   Date,  MaxPasswordAge (Maximum Password Age) 10. Supports Windows 7, Windows 2008 systems. 11. General Settings 12. Password Expiration Settings 13. This Settings helps the administrator to filter the users. Here the administrator can filter the users depends upon  the following four conditions  1. Ignore password never expires users,  2. Ignore users whose password must change at next logon,  3. Ignore users who does not have mail id, 4. Ignore password expired users. 

Here administrator can specify email ids to send summary report.

14. Mail Server Configuration Settings Using this interface administrator can configure mail server to send e­mails. After entering the details,  administrator should click the 'Test Settings' button to verify the mail server settings. If the test results shows  success the administrator can proceed the next step.  Click "Configure Mail Server" button in the JiJi Password Expiration Notification. How to configure the mail body with the predefined Macros explained below The list of Custom Macros that can be used in the mail content are, • • • • • • •


and you can use all the Active Directory attribute values in the mail content using the Macro [ATTRIBUTENAME]

For example, Consider the User "XXXXX", he/she reset the password on 1st Oct and Maximum password age is 25 days and today is  20th Oct. If the mail body is,  Dear [displayname], You have reset the password on [pwdlastset]. Your password is going in [soontoexpirepassword]. Your password  expiration date is [passwordexpirationdate]. Please change your password before [passwordexpirationdate]. Then the resolved mail body will be, Dear XXXXX, You have reset the password on 1st Oct. Your password is going in 5 days. Your password expiration date is 25th Oct.  Please change your password before 25th Oct. You can apply the Macros by typing yourself and can import by clicking the "Macros..." button. Before clicking the button  make sure that where to import the Macro by clicking in the Mail subject or mail body.

Editing Mail Content: Administrator can configure the mail subject and the content with the predefined Macros. Click  "Edit Mail" to view / edit  the mail subject and body. You can either use HTML or Plain text as mail content.

Pricing and Availability: For evaluation, JiJi Active Directory Management Tool is offered for 30 days trial. You can download the evaluation version from: About JiJiTechnologies: JiJi Technologies are proven global leaders in system management and security solutions for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment. With world-wide extensive knowledge and vast experience in this field, JiJi Technologies have augmented technology investments and affected laudable cost savings. “JiJi Technologies” customer area has spanned over 40 countries. We are always guided by our determination to bring out new IT products for augmenting the security and processing information to catch up with galloping global technologies. JiJi Technologies also offer following products: Active Directory Reports, Active Directory Cleaner, Active Directory Bulk Manager, Password Expiration Notification, Help Desk Password Reset, GPO Search, GPO Exim and Self Extractor. For More info: Contact Information JiJi Technologies +91 994 048 0400 Keyword: Password expiry email notification, Password Expiration Warning, Password Expiry Warning, Password Expire Notification, Password Expiry Notification, Password Expiration Notifier, Active Directory Password Expiration, Group Policy Password Expiration, Password Expiration Reminder, Active Directory Password Expiration Notification, Active Directory Password Expiry Notification, AD Password Expiration Notification, Password Expiration Notification Email.


Password Expiration Notification- JiJi Password Expiration Tool

PR SUMMARY: JiJi Password Expiration Notification is a simple tool to notify users, managers and administrators through e­mail before  their password and account expire.

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