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1991.07.13 Kookmin Uni Industrial Design 08 10 2514 2237

2010 _ Seoul design workshop-senior citizen team staff Product design team Zappers 2011 _ Zappers exhibition Representative of sophomore Menotor of Chinese exchange students 2012 _ Exchange student for France Project of Park'Alize Project of La poste Charity train of Hilton hotel 2013 _ LG idea survival team

A Height Record Tree Grows With You 4-7p

All In 1 Travel Phamplet 8-11p

Share Coffee 12-14p

Park’ Alize 15-17p

World Clock 18-20p

A Height Record Tree Grows With You While we are growing up, we often used to measure our height. But after and after, we would throw our height record away. ...Where is your height record now?

5 _A Height Record Tree Grows With you

A Height Record Tree Grows With you_ 6

7 _A Height Record Tree Grows With you

All In 1 Travel Pamphlet When traveling the other country, we always get many problems. We would be so confusing to see the public transportation route and buy the proper ticket. And it is not enough traveling only wint general tourist map. Also we often have to spend many time to enter the tourist attraction. .....How can we enjoy the travel easily and lightly?

9 _All In 1 Travel Pamphlet

All In 1 Travel Phamplet_ 10

11 _All In 1 Travel Pamphlet

Share Coffe People can do small donation with friends in daily life doing light,easy and social giving. It would be good with 'Induction-Donation-Duration-Spread' system structure. Then how about showing the "Induction" on the vending machine? ....With suprising show?

Introduce people with the one which people can’t imagine!!

When people use the original vending-machine, they are just waiting for coffe and zoning out. If video which talk about the coffee childern of fair trade coffe come out on that part, people would be interested in that.

Share Coffe_ 13

Picture and enter to the App, you can donate as you want. Get the QR sticker from the cup and enter the App thorugh it. See the change of avatar and memo which is written his current situtation through people's donation. It would show you the actual schedule and categories of donation.

14 _Share Coffe

Park’ Alize In paris, as people don't buy the car more and more, the empty parking is increasing. But in time, people need the fixers for their home. And to fixer, they need the space to turn up their equipments. ...Then how about giving the privacy place using the parking for them?

There are sections for each classification by industry. They can know their part easily with color and use the 4 ordinary spaces. They can park their car beside of their working place and shift theirs easily wih drag. And there are many storages and is a big clock not to be late for their work time.

They can repair, store and drag theirs easily!!

16 _Park’ Alize

Work with Luis, Pierre and Moon in france for Park’ Alize project.

Park’ Alize_ 17

World Clock After and after, the number of people who are going to travel is increasing. You already did or not. If you did, how do you remember about there? Picture? Video? They are good to remember but, ... how about remembering to make object of them?

Put the building of country which you want to go on your clock!! There is a clock which you can use to stich your building unit. It can be stiched on the clock rail and would be shine at that time.

World Clock_ 19

Collect the building and make your world clock.

There are many main building units for each country. Collect what you want to know about theirs clock. Then you can make own your clock.

20 _World Clock

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Ssurge portfolio  

Ssurge portfolio

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