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Factory of Memory Fragments In TRAINsition In the Realm of Forests Foggy Hill Beneath the Ark

WORKING EXPERIENCE 01. LAS STUDIO 02 Falling Water 03 Archicamp 04. SSS workshop


1993 2011 Skills

born in Taipei NCKU DPET. Architecture,Tainan Auto Cad Sketchup Photoshop Illustrator Indesign model making hand drawing



Factory of Memory Fragment Kuo hospital foundation of art Tainan ,Taiwan The project is located across the road from Kuo hospital ,which the owner's family is famous for painting in history of Tainan. The site was the important port of ancient Tainan, people use canal to communicate. The urban was thriving because of business. However, this place now become tourist area ,the trace of history can be found everywhere such as small alley (ancient canal) , well-preserved historical site, old facade housing for new funtion(bar,book store...) The project aims to provide art foundation's office,space for collection ,normal exbition, and classroom for children in need, simultaneously combine the sense of place and all the fragment of memory.

urban texture

ancient canal





sense of place

catalogue of hospital

modular of housing historical memory

path for connection

5f plan

4f plan

3f plan

2f plan

ground floor plan

transform the historical elements to 3 demension

process development

02 In TRAINsition scenario loop of life and train

vertical campus- arch dept Tainan ,Taiwan Located in the edge of the NCKU beside the railway which will be undergrounded ,this arch dept building have to define the district of campus , create a new urban path and face the high rise builing unpon the railway. The project is like a machine that link the gap between urban and campus combining the experience of train's moving view. Through two path ,all the people can communicate without any"gap".

path 2 : factory & artist road

path 1 : digital knowledge road

vertical loop experience

03 Beneath the Ark Church for community Tainan ,Taiwan The church is located at ancient administrative area of Tainan; therefore, every historical site remain a small square in the front. It is interesting that all these small squares with diffrent character are confronted with a large park which provide the elementary school student and local people picnic ,exercising, concert etc.......This project gives the small square some character to attract not only christian but also the general public to gather uder the arkshaped chapel . Activities can be extended by few steps and eye contact. Hoping it can create a cinematic walking experience containing the emotional and physically ups and downs.

cinematic experience

from public to privacy

ground floor plan

2f plan

3f plan

4f plan

1.Remain a square.

5.image of city

2.activities beneath the ark

6.catch the light

3.two space for public & believer


4.circulation of pilgrim

8.chapel for community

final model


Stroll through the Foggy Hill

ver tical relationship

interesting walking

enjoy the changing of

between diffrent working


multiple transparent

spaces and corridor

Home & Studio Tainan ,Taiwan Located in the complex center area of Tainan,Taiwan , this high density area has filled with illegal roof extension .A lot of blocks were divided into triangle shape because of the historical rotary system . The site which confronted two diffrent street force the project combine two diffrent attitude. It aims to explore the coexistense of home and architectural studio. Respond to the site and create a house for a little family and studio

partition walls

2f plan

3f plan

3.5f plan

ground floor plan

4f plan

final model

Wake up

Brushing teeth


process development

Go to work

Image for customer

Foggy separation from different working space

working in the foggy mountain


north elevation

The north side street is shopping area

The south street is confronted

for young people .They gather at night

with high density housing

in cafe or looking for fashion design

area filled with illegal rooftop

clothing or hair salon. Accroding to the

extention . The par t of the

situation,the studio entrance was set

Home is hold up to respond to

on this side and people working on the

the special phenomenon,and

huge terrace surrounded by the stack

it allow family overlook

of volume can enjoy the rythm of city.

the panoramic of tainan. south elevation


05 In the Realm of Forest Community Center Tainan ,Taiwan

The site used to be a messy abandoned park with high desity of trees. Bushy leaves almost create a big green floating volume,and provide local people for leisure all day long. Under the floating green volume ,people feel relax and close to nature. Unexpected sun light and activities flow inside, so it is important to create a space in the realm of forest not just a building . The project aims to explore the possibilities of space under the tree ,and the ambiguous definition of roof .Hoping the community center will Roof can be transparent and activities flow up and under.

Community center fill in the environment like liquid.

the nature roof of park.

benefit local people's living quality.

mapping the volume of trees

concept diagram

site plan

process development


2f plan

3f plan

ground floor plan

4f plan

5f plan


models making


1 month intern experience in tainan During this 1 month working experince , I got a chance to participate in real project from design to construction. I also learn the skill of model making ,Auto cad , sketch up, and providing some proposals of housing . This experince makes me a not only a good designer but also a good co-worker.

diary & design

02 Falling Water a model study of Frank Lloyd Wright

The using of material is very important in this project, we tried to represent architecture's attitude toward the nature landscape . By this project we realize how poetic is the relation between architecture and nature.

03 Archicamp

a one week ARCHcamp for high school student This project aims to provide a imagination of manufacture process , encouraging them to create some mechanism system by using meterial around . We started from a sketch and spent a week to build the factory style center.

04 SSS workshop

a one week structural workshop with university of japan The structure is a combinition of portable units. We fold the 2D shape to 3D unit which can bear compression. After many experiments, we decided to create a flexible arch which can only be stable in specific mood and easy to disassemble.

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