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Shopping in  the  Cotswolds The  shopping  opportunities  available  to  visitors  to  the  Cotswolds  are  truly  too  numerous   to  mention  in  this  piece.    Pages  and  pages  could  be  compiled  listing  all  the  mom  and  pop   village  stores,  clear  up  to  big  name  retailers.    Some  of  the  more  colorful  and  cultural   opportunities  are  listed  here. Vinegar  Hill  gift  shop  and  ?lower  store  is  in  the  lovely  village  of  Stratford  on  Avon.    This   quirky  shop  shared  the  name  of  a  hill  in  Ireland,  hence  there  are  usually  curious  Irish   tourists  shopping  here.    This  store  is  owned  by  the  Austen  sisters,  and  sells  many   handcrafted  gift  items. Bennett's  Fine  Wine  Merchants  in  Chipping  Campden  is  in  a  building  that  was  built  in   1727.    They  are  specialists  in  older  vintages,  often  purchased  from  private  cellars,  and   they  also  specialize  in  new  releases  that  are  offered  in  limited  quantities.    They  are   specialists  in  ?ine  and  rare  Bordeaux,  Burgundy,  Rhone,  Vintage  Port,  Italy  and  top  end   New  World  Wines. The  Salt  Gallery  in  Burford  is  located  in  the  beautiful  stone  courtyard  of  Bear  Court.     They  sell  UK  studio  pottery  and  glass.    This  store  has  something  to  offer  the  serious   collector  and  the  browsing  tourist.    They  have  a  huge  selection  of  salt  glaze  pottery. The  Cotswold  Perfumery  at  Bourton  on  the  Water  is  in  an  18th  century  traditional  stone   building,  complete  with  oak  beams  and  crooked  ?loors.    This  company  has  manufactured   scents  for  world  famous  perfume  houses.    Owner  John  Stephen  will  spend  a  day  taking   visitors  step  by  step  through  the  process  of  creating  their  own  unique  scent. Watling  Goldsmiths  is  located  in  the  preserved  medieval  village  of  Lacock.    All  the  pieces   displayed  in  the  store  are  handmade  in  the  workshop  in  the  cobbled  courtyard.    By   appointment  only,  they  make  individual  pieces  for  customers,  who  can  choose  from   diamonds,  all  color  sapphires,  emeralds,  rubies  and  cultured  pearls. Black  Ink  antique  shop  in  Stow-­‐on-­‐the-­‐Wold  is  just  one  of  many  antique  shops   throughout  the  Cotswolds.    Available  are  artist's  originals,  etchings,  lithographs  and   woodcuts.    They  also  specialize  in  the  Impressionists,  with  Renoir,  Pissarro,  Manet,   Guaguin  and  Degas  usually  in  stock.    This  region  is  renowned  for  its  antiquing   opportunities;  antique  shops  can  be  found  in  every  town  and  village.

Shoppers will  never  run  out  of  opportunities  when  visiting  the  Cotswolds.    A  whole   vacation  could  be  spent  just  investigating  the  shops  and  stores  of  the  towns  and  villages   that  make  up  the  Cotswolds.

About The  Author Anna  Phillips  represents  Jigsaw  Holidays,  specialists  in  supplying  Cotswold  Cottages  and   character  properties  for  the  ideal  Cotswold  break.

Shopping in the Cotswolds  

Vinegar  Hill  gift  shop  and  ?lower  store  is  in  the  lovely  village  of  Stratford  on  Avon.    This   quirky  shop  shared  the  n...

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