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MOTIV8 AUTUMN NEWSLETTER 2020 Motiv8 during lockdown Throughout the Covid-19 crisis our Motiv8 team have continued to work with people across Greater Manchester to provide support to help them get back on track. Whilst we have had to change our usual face to face delivery model, we continue to offer support to people mainly over the phone and by video call, and have remained open to new referrals throughout. Full details can be found at

Motiv8 - the story continues... Just before lockdown, we were about to host

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, who was scheduled as


guest speaker at the event, said:

a Motiv8 event for stakeholders, to share our story so far, announce our extra funding and hear from some of our clients about how

“Well done to the Manchester Athena partnership of social landlords for securing

Motiv8 helped them to get back on track.

funding to continue the excellent work of the

Best laid plans....

Motiv8 programme.

So here is a round-up of some of the things

“They provide support

we had lined up for you - and a reminder that

that is vital to reach

we are still operational and ready to help.

and help some of the most excluded people

Sue Ormiston, EU Programme Manager at The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “Motiv8 was set up thanks to £ 9.7m from The National Lottery Community Fund

in Greater Manchester to deal with multiple difficulties and get their lives back on track.

and European Social Fund as part of the Building Better Opportunities programme.

“It is support programmes like this that help move people away from lives where they have

"We have now given additional funding of

£ 4.3m

to allow Motiv8 to play an important

been left behind to a place where they can get a job, a secure home, improve their

role in achieving the wider aims of the

health and be with their families and

Building Better Opportunities Programme of


tackling the root causes of poverty, promoting social inclusion and driving local jobs and growth across the region.”

We have supported 3,678 people since Motiv8 was launched in January 2017 (As

at 21st August 2020)

We work with those who are furthest away from employment.

Nearly 80% of the people supported by Motiv8 live in the 30% most deprived wards in Greater Manchester and 60% have been unemployed for over 5 years.

We can help people who:

Are aged 25 or over Live in Greater Manchester Are not in education, training or employment Have the right to live and work in the UK Have multiple support needs Through a personalised action plan we support our clients to improve their health and well-being, self-confidence and esteem, finances and employability skills.

By addressing these issues we help people move into training, job search and employment.

Thanks to our extra funding from The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund we look forward to continuing to support people to get back on track across Greater Manchester.

Mark's updated Motiv8 story It is 18 months since we spoke to Mark, one of our Motiv8 participants who was just about to start an apprenticeship with Guinness Property.

We caught up with him recently to see how his life has changed. (Photo: Mark with David Jones, Operational Trainer, Guinness Property.)

Mark said:

"To meet Motiv8 was progression in my life. It was the next step, the move on that I

needed. Life has not been totally smooth...but the problems that have come up, I’ve dealt with them differently. I’ve put hard work in to get what I wanted – a normal life, to go to work – and today I feel like that’s what I’ve got. Whatever problems I have now I can deal with them sensibly and reasonably and with this foundation I can move on and grow.

“The crucial thing about Motiv8 is they said ‘what do YOU want to do’ & provided great support to make it happen. Now I’m a mature apprentice in joinery & have a new home for me and my daughter. My whole life has turned around. Before I was just surviving, but now I’m living. I can’t thank Motiv8 enough.”

You can view Mark’s full story and update and other success stories at

Lufant's story Lufant was put in touch with Motiv8 last year. She had significant health problems that had required long stays in hospital and that, along with a previous violent relationship, had led to mental health issues.

When she contacted Motiv8 her aim was to get back into employment but she needed guidance and support to regain her health and confidence.

She said: "I just need someone to

help me get through this and put me on the right track to recovery."

Working with her Key Worker, Alison, Lufant was making great progress.

She had started doing voluntary work at

a local community centre and had also been accepted as a peer mentor with George House Trust - something that she was excited to be involved with.

Lufant was also being supported by Claire, one of Motiv8's Employer Engagement Officers, who helped her with her CV and and to register for jobs.

However, due to lockdown and restrictions around Covid-19, these plans had to be put on hold, although Alison and Claire continued to support Lufant and recently found an online course with Standguide that will help her find work in the health & social sector.

Lufant said: "I'm over the moon to hear about the course.

How can I thank you for all you've

done for me? Thank you so much for all your wonderful support. It's so hard to say goodbye to people who've given me another lease of life. I count myself so lucky to have passed through Motiv8... you've given me wings to let me fly!"

Thank you! - Feedback from our participants The past six months have been challenging for us all, but especially for some of our participants. Our Motiv8 team have been working hard to continue to provide the support they need. Here is just some of the feedback we have had from clients who wanted to say thank you for the support they have received during these difficult times.

We would also like to thank the many organisations that are doing fantastic work to support our Motiv8 participants. Special 'thank you' goes to Mustard Tree Eccles, Wythenshawe food bank and Stockport Pantry and others who shared our leaflets so that we can reach more people who might need our support.

Motiv8—finalist in three prestigious awards! We were shortlisted for a

TPAS award

in the category of

excellence in employment, skills and training. place on 18th September 2020 and

A 'virtual' final took

although we were not winners,

we were delighted to be a finalist at these prestigious awards.

We are also delighted to have been selected as a

UK Housing Awards

finalist for the

in the resident

employment and training award category. This final will be held on Wednesday 25 November 2020.

Finally, we also heard, just before lockdown, that we have been selected as a finalist in the

Festival of Learning awards


These awards are led by Learning and Work Institute, supported by the Department for Education, NOCN, Education and Training Foundation, Skills and Education Group, City Lit and the WEA. An online award ceremony will take place on Tuesday 3rd November.

We look forward to updating you soon. Fingers crossed!

Contact us to find out more or to request a referral form: Email Call Website Twitter 0161 331 2048 @Motiv8GM

If you would like someone to attend your team meeting (virtual or in person), our Development Team would be more than happy to give an overview of our programme and to discuss how our service could complement your work with clients.

Please contact Julie or Andrea:

Julie Fraser Partnership Engagement Co-ordinator Andrea Smith Development Worker