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Jignesh Shah, An entrepreneur for ages

He is known as a business wizard who succeeded despite the innumerable challenges which came his way and wrote a success story for the ages with his innovations.

Jignesh Shah and Pursuit of Excellence • The entrepreneur who started off from nowhere to become one of the most influential figures in the exchange business, Jignesh Shah, is not new to overcoming hurdles. He came into the limelight after creating a line of commodity exchanges the world over when National Stock Exchange was big. • He travelled extensively while at BSE for acquiring know-how of global exchange management. • One of his other pioneer achievements is the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), launched in 2003, that positioned him as a business magnate who ushered an exchange revolution in India. • So many roles and stories revolve around one name, Jignesh Shah! And yet, all those contributions and achievements have been buried under piles and piles of legal files that have formed a labyrinth of mysterious questions and unanswered accusations in the NSEL Case.

Jignesh Shah- The Man Who Set Wheels to Make in India • By the age of 47, he has already figured in the Forbes list of World Billionaires. But the man is more than just the wealth he created for the Indian markets- he's India's Jeff Bezos! • A technocrat by qualification, Shah stands apart with his amazing insight for things that really matter to inclusive and strategic growth. Not many know of the man who changed the face of how exchanges operate in India and set the wheels to Make in India in motion years before its launch. • Shah continues on to build value propositions while breaking new barriers along the way, it's already inspirational in how it manifests entrepreneurial grit, dedication and foresight. Truly, the man has set himself a place in history books as a case study of ambition, assiduity and one of the early drivers to Make in India.

Jignesh Shah: The Face of Business Exchanges in India •

Jignesh Shah – his quintessential journey is no less than an inspiring tale of a young man who established himself amid cut-throat competition to lay an irrevocable foundation of spot exchanges in India.

As an Electrical Engineering graduate from Mumbai University, Jignesh Shah joined the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1990 as Asst. Manager where he worked on BOLT (Bombay Online Trading System) – a first of its kind project on creation of automated exchanges in India.

Fuelled by that passion, Jignesh quit his job to start his own company that dealt in providing software to capital markets, now popularly known as Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL).

Followed by this, Shah launched yet another project – GraminSuvidha Kendra, an initiative in sustainable farming practices supporting marginalised farmers to adopt best practices for efficient yield and quality.

The ventures by the Exchange Man of India make him the face of PM's Make in India initiative much before it was announced, who hatched and implemented big ideas that continually add to the country's growth.

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Jignesh shah, an entrepreneur for ages  

The name Jignesh Shah is synonymous with success and overcoming tremendous odds for anyone associated with the finance sector of India.

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