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Ganga Kayak Festival by: Trina

“I have 7 years




and have waited my

whole life for an event like this!


think the


Ganga Kayak

should continue for

many years to come and keep giving this great opportunity to younger generations”

(Sanjay Rana, Overall Champion)



he first ever Ganga Kayak Festival took place on February 20, 2013 on the River Ganges in Uttarakhand, India. The event was organized by Bhupendra Singh Rana and his team of local kayakers and raft guides. Kayaking is a popular sport amongst Indian locals but, there has yet to be a platform for athletes to showcase their skills. Bhupendra, himself, has had the opportunity to compete around the world in various kayaking competitions. His dream has always been to organize an event in his home country that would also give Indian nationals this same opportunity. Bhupendra’s dream brought the 2013 Ganga Kayak Festival to life. The racecourse was held on the Golf Course Rapid on the River Ganges in Foolchatti. There were 3 events: the first 2 events were a Sprint and Boater Cross race with Indian competitors only and the third was a Mass Boater Cross that was open to all kayakers. The Sprint consisted of a timed lap down the river where the athlete had to touch 2 banners (one in the middle and one at the end). Each athlete was allowed 2 timed laps; the person with the fastest time was the winner. 34 kayakers competed in the Sprint event – 2 of which were female athletes racing for the first time. This race proved to be an impressive one with times that were within a millisecond of each other. The results of the Sprint are: 1st place: Sanjay Rana with a time of 1:21.90 2nd place: Ayodhya Prasad with a time of 1:22.12 3rd place: Sohan Rana with a time of 1:28.94 The Boater Cross event was for the top 16 athletes from the previous Sprint event. There were 4 heats of 4 kayakers competing on the same course with the same rules as the Sprint event. The top 2 from each heat moved on until there was a final 4 competing for the Boater Cross title. The boys battled hard and really brought the heat to see who would be the Boater Cross champion. The results of the Boater Cross are: 1st place: Dinesh Prasad 2nd place: Sanjay Rana 3rd place: Kan Singh Chauhan

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