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Jiggy’s Bedtime Stories The Lying Lion Part One

One summer day, a small cat named Felix, was walking down a path through the woods to his grandmother’s house.

In the distance, Felix saw an animal laying on the path. As Felix got closer, he saw that the animal was a Lion, and he was in pain. The Lion was grabbing his paw and crying.

“What’s the matter Mr. Lion?” asked Felix.

“There is a piece of glass stuck in my paw,” said the Lion. “Would you pull it out for me?” he asked. Felix looked at the Lion’s sharp teeth and said “But if I get close to you and help you, you will eat me up!” “I would never eat a friend,” said the Lion. “I don’t know,” said Felix. “I don’t even know your name.” “My name is Larry,” said the Lion. “What is yours?” “Felix,” Felix replied. “See, now we are friends!” said the Lion.

“Okay then,” said Felix. Felix walked up to the Lion, bent down slowly, and carefully pulled out the piece of glass from the Lion’s paw. “Thank you, Felix!” exclaimed the Lion. “Oh, that feels so much better!” And with that the Lion swooped down on Felix and swallowed him whole, all in one bite. Felix was inside the Lion’s stomach. It was very wet in there and it smelled really bad. “Hey, why did you do that?” Felix asked from inside the Lion. “Because you looked delicious!” said the Lion.

“But you promised not to eat me,” Felix cried. “I’m sorry, but I lied. I’m a lying Lion, you see,” said the Lion. “But you said you could not eat a friend,” Felix reminded the Lion. “Did I?” said the Lion. “I don’t remember that.” Just then Felix remembered that he still had the piece of glass in his hand. “Hey Mr. Lion!” he shouted. “Felix, you can call me Larry,” said the Lion.

“Larry, if you don’t spit me out right now, I am going to jab you in the ribs with this piece of glass,” said Felix. “But I want to digest you. You are my dinner, after all,” said the Lion. “I will give you to the count of three to spit me out,” yelled Felix. “One... two... three!” Felix took the piece of glass and jammed it into the Lion’s ribs. The Lion screamed at the top of his lungs and then spit Felix out into a puddle on the sidewalk. “Aha,” said Felix. “Man that hurt,” cried the Lion as he rubbed his ribcage.

Felix then ran down the path back to his house. “I’ll never trust a Lion again,” he cried out. “But I would never eat a friend,” said the Lion, as he waived goodbye to Felix. The End

The Lying Lion  
The Lying Lion  

The first adventure between Felix and the Lion.