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What Is Your Favorite Word Now And Why? /favoriteword/ Jie ZHENG Posted by Jie ZHENG on February 16, 2017 in Entrepreneurship | 0 comments Email Tweet5 Reddit Share Buffer4 Vote +11 Share3 Share2 Pin1 Pocket Stumble Flip WhatsApp Shares 16

What Is Your Favorite Word Now And Why?

My favorite word now is “alignment”. I did not know much about this word before last year. It started when my mentors mentioned about it. I then began to reflect myself with consciousness. I personally never met someone like me and I know I am special for years, in a good way.

Why “alignment” is my favorite word now? So I can remind myself of living with it. Wherever you see my posts, whatever I said, whatever I do, how I treat you, who I am,etc., they must be in alignment. For example, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I reposted a picture at my instagram and said: “May you be loved without ending.” I mean what I said. I believe the true love is without ending. I also believe I am pure love. Even you hurt me by words, I will not return the hurtful words. I know my brother loves me, while, he said certain words only to me. How could he do that, special on the first day of Chinese New Year?I did not return any 1/3

words like that. I know the feeling of hurting and I will never ever hurt anyone with intention. That day, unlike other times before, I spoke up for myself. I know, I need to really forgive him and remember that for the most part, he cares about me and wants me to have a blissful life.

Another example, I am punctual. You can trust me that I will show up on time. If I cannot make it, I will for sure tell you in advance. There was one time I forgot the meeting time with my mentor, I was quite upset with myself. That was quite rare. I later learned to write down more notes as I got myself more occupied in the digital learning.

Do you know what I mean? Do not just post those quotes that inspire you, live with them and implement them in your daily life.

Alignment is essential when you want to achieve your any goals. You cannot say “I love you� to me and your actions show another direction. You cannot say you want to be successful as an entrepreneur because you want the more freedom and money, but you do not want to sacrifice your time, you want to spend a lot of time watching TV or playing games, or you want to wander somewhere because it is too stressful. When you pick up your position and your target, make sure you live everyday to the same direction. That will help you get to your destination faster and for sure!

What Is Your Favorite Word Now And Why? Share with me if you want. Like my blog? Please show the love and share it on social media with your friends!

Jie Zheng Feb. 15, 2017 At Columbia, SC 2/3

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