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What Do You Value? /value/ Jie ZHENG Posted by Jie ZHENG on December 1, 2016 in SFM and me | 0 comments

What do you value?

Before you answer this question, I would like to share with you what I value.

Family. I think I get this answer most of the time when I ask people what their passion is. I value the same. There is no doubt that I will put my future family/relationship at the first place. I always know whatever I do, I like to do, there is a big why, which is to have a deep relationship. In another words, I always will give my future him my time and attention. Besides future him, right now, the person I talk with every day, even just a few minutes per day, is my mother. I wonder how she would think that I put her photo here. LOL. My mother and I have many differences, special I am living in the states now, many things I do, many words I say, she does not understand, maybe never will. While she is a great person and a wonderful mother. She supports me every day. She helps me watch over my job over there. She takes care of my father, who had a major stroke in Dec. 2014 and now lies in bed most of the time at a nursing house. Because of technology, we get to talk and see each other almost every day. We share news, photos, links. She does not feel me so far away when we do this video chat. It is a kind of mental support for her.


Integrity. How do I treat people every day? I must be nice to people around me, even they are strangers. If they are friends, I give them my time and attention. When I am with friends, I focus on them and the activity we involve. Every ounce counts. That is how I think. If I do not value them every time we are together, how could they know me by these accumulating moments? Integrity for me means a lot. Being reliable, honest, authentic, do the kind things even they are little. No cheat, no steal, no lies.

Time. I am very punctual. I watch my time constantly and take notes. I always get to the appointment earlier. If I think I could be late, I always call or text the other person and say sorry.I respect my time and also respect others’.

Friendship. No one can know everything. We live in the society, we are not isolated. Many years ago, because I did not want to bother people, I did not make efforts in friendship. I had few friends. I was okay of seeing my best friend once or twice a year. I am not that way now. I could not make this far without so many friends’ support or help. My church friends helped me understand my situation and helped me in my transitional period, special between 2013 and 2014. My friends at gym helped me participate in more activities and know more friends. My friends at SFM (six figure mentors)/DEA (digital experts academy) help me since I joined SFM/DEA. We learn the online marketing skill to know how to market online, how to leverage internet.

Job. I love my job. I enjoy working international trading, finding the solution for the customer, finding the good quality valves, flanges, fittings, tubes/pipe, leather handbag, etc. ( sable trade ) I am learning the online marketing with the Six Figure Mentors , so I can do better either for my present job or online marketing in the near future.

I still have some more to say about what I value. I leave it open for more conversation later.


Now, what is your answer? What do you value? Could you please share with me?

Thank you! Have a great day! Jie ZHENG May 18, 2016 at Columbia, SC ( first edition) Dec. 1, 2016 (rv.1)

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