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Empowering YOURSELF At Your 40+ /empowering/ Jie ZHENG Posted by Jie ZHENG on November 30, 2016 in Living in USA | 0 comments

Where are you? Who are you? What do you want in your life? How to empower yourself at your 40+? Do you ask yourself these questions much like I do? I was born in Jan. , 1978. I am close to 40. That is a big number and I never thought age 40 is so close to me. I noticed my grey hair. What am I going to do with them? What concerns me more is this question “EMPOWERING YOURSELF AT YOUR 40+”.

Why to empower myself at this middle age? Because I do not want to settle. I do not mean to be just ordinary. I am a great person with integrity, reliable, punctual, with high selfdiscipline. I have a solid foundation to obtain more achievement.

“EMPOWERING YOURSELF AT YOUR 40+”? How? First of all, I have a BURNING DESIRE to be a better myself and I believe so. I read books or watch videos to uplift myself. I ran across my mentor. I am soaked with a community that we encourage each other.

At the same time, I know I want to learn some new skills. I chose marketing online.

Then in August of 2015, I decided that I want to go to Darla Moore School of business in USC. Guess what? I had to take TOEFL test. Really? How possible? I had not taken any major English test since I graduated in 2000. I was never good at testing except English. To take TOEFL, it was a HUGE challenge for me. I only had about two+ months to prepare while I also worked. I did not have time to wait and I had to just go ahead for the test. The test took about four hours. Physically, it was a big deal for me. On top of that, I had a car accident in Nov., 2015 and my back hurt for about 1+ months. It was not easy for me to sit long hours. One week before test, I had to learn to go to bed early and get up early. I knew I had to get to the test center by 7:10 am. I needed at least two hours to get ready before I left home. I did almost all I could in practice. I was beaten down constantly because when I did my practice, the reading part I only got like score 16 in average. For speaking part, I knew it was okay but I could not deliver the message within limit time. Sometimes in listening part, I had no idea what it was talking about. I did not practice much on writing or speaking. Listening exercises were annoying, because the online exercise just did not record the time correctly and I 1/4

always could not finish my practice tests.

I wanted my TOEFL test SO BADLY! I want to go to Darla Moore SO BADLY! I kept telling me this and kept doing the learning. Do you know where I leaned these kinds of actions and consistency? An essential part is from my marketing educational company six figure mentors. No kidding!! I cried after my test. I felt so relieved.

I cried today when my score came out. It was 92. Not as bad as I thought. My reading was 21, speaking was 23, listening was 24, writing was 24. My school requests min. 95+. I hope they can accept me. WHY? Because I so much believe I am an amazing person! This is the most important part! I think highly of myself!

Do you think the challenge is over? Oh, no. I just found out I will have to take GMAT or GRE. I am going to take GMAT. I started last week. I have 6-8 weeks to prepare. When I was a student in middle school, my math was horrible. How am I going to make it this time? Instead of worrying or having fears, I just learn every day.

I also receive encouragement from my friend, special my new good friend Andrew. I could not make these days without his support.

By the way, “Bhutan study abroad dream�! Andrew is a freshman at the New School. He could go to Bhutan for summer study if we could support him. As we learned, do something positive for some one every day as there is no way they can repay you. (Note on Nov. 30, 2016: this campaign is over. While if you still want to support Andrew or if you know any open job for him, you could contact me. Know that he loves writing poems.)

Anything else that keeps me moving forward everyday? My community in Six figure mentors! My leaders and the teams have a great deal of passion to show up there weekly, daily. Seriously, do you want to be surrounded by people that can inspire you everyday? Do you want to empower yourself at your 40+ and really believe 100% in yourself that you can do it? If this is what you want to know more, then claim your 100% free video training series today! An exclusive 7 part video series will be sent right to your inbox over the next 7 days. All you need to do now is to click the banner below and follow the steps. I will walk with you during your first 90 days. 2/4

Finally, please take a look about me at our wake up call on my birthday of 2016!

Do you have any ideas about empowering yourself at your 40+? Let me know!

Jie ZHENG Jan. 19, 2016 (first edition) Nov. 30, 2016 (rv.1) P.S.: I failed in GMAT. That test was on Mar. 31, 2016. My score was quite low, like 450 or something. I was not beaten down. I started encouraging myself to take more actions on this marketing business/education with self development since April 2016.

Jie Zheng

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