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Caterpillar recently spent 20 tons CAT320D2 direct injection machines on the market, the engine upgrade, become direct injection by arms, now have begun to sales, sales agents are provided. Surprisingly, caterpillar, this type of delivery did not make any propaganda, even has no corresponding technical training.

C7.1 bought Perkins engine caterpillar's own original C6.6 increased displacement type, while the output power of 112.5 KW 1800 RPM, direct injection, inter-cooled pump, rotor type distribution. Machine other parts don't have any change, the machine model is changed to 320 d2, a deformation model respectively, such as mining, low pressure type, etc.  Add the prefilter, provides convenience for modification.  Cabin internal no change  320 d2 model name  320 d2 is the biggest change is the change to C7.1 engine, power increases slightly, is 112.5 KW  At present is to direct drive fans, options clutch.  Distribution of fuel pump, the volume is very small, is there is no parts replacement, only assembly Details from the part of caterpillar 320 d2 can see in the figure, machine besides the engine for the big change, other is no big change. The new machines feature a caterpillar Chinese market and aim for improvement, but not a publicity tool sales and the traditional means Caterpillar products have always been the most attract people's attention, and the direct injection of 320 d2 also attracts the public attention. Machine due to the domestic product quality problem, arms has been domestic many users, although the efi machines more efficient fuel efficient in fuel consumption, but at the same time, higher requirements for product quality, maintenance cost is also high. And direct injection machines but slightly higher requirement for the product, direct injection machine to throttle cleanliness requirements is not high, low cost, good compatibility of oil. Caterpillar's move is also

aimed at the particularity of the Chinese market to improve.

Caterpillar 320d2 direct injection technology  
Caterpillar 320d2 direct injection technology