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What’s New  At  Caan’s?    

10 NEW  TREES  AND  SHRUBS  for  2013    

Arborvitae ‘Fire  Chief’        

Height: 5  feet         Spread:  5  feet           Sunlight:  Sun/Part  Sun   A distinctive landscape evergreen for color effect, featuring showy reddish foliage at the tips when grown in full sun; tends to be more greenish-orange when shaded; excellent for color accent use in home gardens and landscapes; protect from drying winds  

Redbud  Burgundy  Hearts     Height:  20-­‐25  feet   Spread:  25-­‐35  feet  

Features: Drought  tolerant  and  leaf  scorch  resistant. Flowers:  Pink-­‐lavender  blooms  appear  before  foliage  in  spring.   Foliage:  Shimmering  claret  or  red-­‐purple  new  foliage  is  followed  by  excellent  wine-­‐red   burgundy  color  in  summer  that  holds  well  throughout  fall.    

Hydrangea Bobo     Height:    30-­‐36  inches  

Spread: 36-­‐48  inches     Sunlight:  Sun  to  Part  Sun   This  dwarf  hydrangea  will  turn  heads!    Bobo  is  a  delightful  plant  that  is  engulfed  by  large  white   flowers  in  summer.    The  flowers  are  held  upright  on  strong  stems,  and  continue  to  grow  and   lengthen  as  they  bloom.    In  fall  they  can  turn  pinkish.    It  is  an  undeniable  asset  to  any  garden,   particularly  those  in  which  space  is  limited.    It  won  the  Gold  Floral  medal  for  best  novelty  plant.  

Rhododendron  PJM  Landmark    

Height:  5-­‐6  feet     Spread:  5-­‐6  feet     Sunlight:    Sun  to  Part  Shade   A  vigorous  and  hardy  little-­‐leaf  rhododendron  which  bears  loads  of  rose-­‐pink  flowers  in  early   May.  Leathery,  dark  green  foliage  turns  a  nice  bronze  in  winter.  Think  of  this  shrub  as  a  nearly  red   flowering  ‘PJM’,  and  you  won’t  be  far  off  the  mark!  Great  variety  for  planting  around  the   foundation  of  your  house.  

Dawycks Gold  Beech    

Height: 50  feet     Spread:  10  feet     Sunlight:  Sun  to  Part  Sun   An  incredible  accent  tree  with  smooth  gray  bark  and  early  gold  foliage  that  matures  to  bright   green  throughout  the  season,  a  most  stately  specimen;  quite  particular  about  growing  conditions,   requires  rich  soil  and  significant  moisture  

Cutleaf Japanese  Maple  Garnet    

Height: 6  feet       Spread:  8  feet       Sunlight:  Sun  to  Part  Sun   Delicate  lacy  leaves  and  cascading  habit;  foliage  begins  orange  in  spring,  turning  burgundy  during   summer  with  more  hints  of  orange-­‐red  if  grown  in  the  sun,  fiery  fall  color;  Japanese  maples  are  the   most  coveted  of  all  small  landscape  trees  

Magnolia Sunburst   Height:30  feet       Spread:         Sunlight:  Sun  to  Part  Sun   This  very  floriferous  tree  is  regarded  as  excellent!  The  deep  canary-­‐yellow  flowers  have  narrow   tepals  that  open  just  as  the  foliage  starts  to  open,  making  the  tree  look  like  it’s  covered  in  glowing   yellow  candles.  Heavy  textured  foliage  begins  a  rich  bronze-­‐purple.  Fast,  upright  grower  to  30’.  A   lovely  burst  of  sun  for  your  yard!  

Quince Orange  Storm  

Height: 46-­‐48”       Spread:  60  “     Sunlight:  Sun  to  Part  Sun   You'll  do  a  double  take  when  you  see  this  Quince  that  looks  like  a  Camellia.  Orange  Storm  puts  on   a  spectacular  early  spring  display  of  large  double  flowers  with  intense  orange  color.  More  than   just  pretty  flowers,  the  Double  Take  Quinces  are  easy  to  care  for,  having  neither  thorns  or  fruit.   Once  established,  they  are  extremely  drought  tolerant.    

Lilac  Dappled  Dawn     Height:  10  feet    

Spread:  6  feet     Sunlight:  Sun   A  truly  different  lilac,  whose  bright  magenta  flowers  are  complemented  by  the  showy  yellow-­‐ variegated  foliage;  upright,  multi-­‐stemmed  habit,  very  hardy,  tends  to  sucker,  ideal  for  screening;   full  sun  and  well-­‐drained  soil,  allow  room  for  air  movement  

Maple Esk  Sunset    

Height:30 feet       Spread:  25  feet   Sunlight:  Sun  to  Part  Sun   Esk  Sunset  (AKA  Eskimo  Sunset)  is  a  stunning  maple!  It's  spring  leaves  emerge  orange-­‐pink  and   settle  into  a  leaf  that  is  green  splashed  with  cream  and  pink  coloring.  And  incredibly  the  underside   of  the  leaf  is  purple!  Originating  from  the  Esk  Valley  on  the  North  Island  of  New  Zealand.  


10 New  Perennials  for  2013     Peony  ‘Sequestered  Sunrise’  

Large, bright  canary  yellow  blooms  stand  out  against  lush,  dark  green  foliage  on  this  vigorous  plant.  Try  it   behind  lime  green  heuchera;  it  blooms  in  late  spring  and  grows  3  to  3  1/2  feet  tall  and  wide.    

Verbena ‘Snow  Flurry’  

Elegant white  flowers  cover  dark  green  foliage  all  season.  Incredibly  long  bloomer!    Semi-­‐upright  habit,   easy  to  grow  and  make  a  great  presentation  in  a  border,  container  and/or  hanging  basket.    

Allium ‘Millennium’  

Compact clumps  of  flat,  glossy  leaves  produce  a  profusion  of  sturdy  stems  supporting  2in,  rosy  violet,   globe-­‐shaped  flowers  in  summer.  Well-­‐behaved  in  the  garden  and  ignored  by  deer  and  rabbits,   'Millennium'  earns  a  place  in  the  front  of  the  border.  An  exceptional  selection  from  noted  Allium  breeder   Mark  McDonough.  

Agastache  ‘Tango’  

A magnet  for  butterflies,  hummingbirds  and  honeybees,  Agastache  ‘Tango’  has  brilliant,  fiery  orange   flower  spikes  that  bloom  in  profusion  from  summer  through  fall.  More  compact  than  many  agastaches,   ‘Tango’  only  grows  to  about  14”  tall  and  the  well-­‐branched  foliage  has  a  minty  aroma.    

Dicentra  ‘Goldheart’   A  really  colorful  selection  of  the  Old-­‐fashioned  Bleeding-­‐heart,  discovered  in  England.  This  features  the   usual  chains  of  pink  and  white  locket  flowers,  but  on  a  plant  with  stunning  bright  yellow  foliage!  As  a   shade-­‐garden  perennial  this  has  great  potential,  combined  with  blue-­‐leaved  or  variegated  Hostas,   Solomon’s  Seal  and  ferns  of  every  description.  Protection  from  direct  hot  sun  is  recommended.  Will  go   completely  dormant  by  late  summer.    

Kniphoffia ‘Papaya  Popsicle’  &    ‘Mango  Popsicle’   A  poker  with  a  twist!  'Papaya  Popsicle'  is  an  all-­‐summer  bloomer  which  has  a  very  short  compact  habit.  A   prolific  bloomer  with  spikes  of  flowers  the  color  of  ripe  papayas.  Charming,  grass-­‐like  foliage  looks  neat   all  summer!  Great  for  small  gardens  or  in  a  container.  Loved  by  hummingbirds!     Mango-­‐  Plants  form  a  mound  of  grassy,  evergreen  leaves  with  taller  stems  bearing  flower  spikes  of  bright,   mango  orange,  

Iberis  ‘Absolutely  Amethyst’  

Evergreen Candytuft  is  finally  available  in  a  color  other  than  white!    The  large  clusters  of  purple  flowers   blanket  the  foliage  in  late  spring.    The  outermost  flowers  in  each  cluster  are  light  lavender  and  the   innermost  flowers  are  deeper  lavender,  while  the  whole  cluster  is  dotted  with  tiny  yellow  stamens.   Blooms  4-­‐6  weeks  later  than  white  Iberis.   An  old-­‐time  favorite,  Candytuft  is  a  charming  plant  for  perennial  gardens.  Because  of  its  drought   tolerance,  it  makes  a  great  filler  for  crevices  in  walls  or  between  the  stones  of  walkways.  It  is  also   effective  as  edging  or  groundcover.  

Euphorbia  ‘Ascot  Rainbow’  

‘Ascot Rainbow’  has  been  selected  for  its  distinct  and  unique    variegated  flowers  and  foliage.  The  flower   color  consists  of  cream,  lime,  and  green  while  the  foliage  displays  tones  of  cream,  green/blue  with   stunning  red-­‐pink  coloring  throughout  cooler  months.  One  of  the  major  benefits  of  this  selection  is   extreme  tolerance  to  heat  and  dryness.  

Phlox  Paparazzi  Series  ‘Miley’  

Bright pinks with dark purple eyes, 'Miley' is the most distinctive Paparazzi and has darkest hue in the collection. It's also the tallest one, easily reaching its 8-inch height.

Penstemon  Riding  Hood  Series  ‘Delft  Blue’,  ‘Blue’,  ‘Red’  

These new  Riding  Hood™  Penstemons  really  deliver  on  great  garden  performance!  They  are  bred  to  be   more  compact,  to  have  stronger  stems  that  won’t  ¬  op,  to  produce  ¬flowers  in  bright,  unfading  colors,  to   bloom  the  entire  summer  (especially  if  sheared  in  midsummer),  and  to  be  at  home  in  the  Midwest  and   South,  not  just  the  West  Coast!  Even  better,  they  are  easy  to  grow,  low-­‐maintenance,  drought-­‐tolerant   once  established,  and  not  picky  as  to  soils.  They  do  need  good  drainage!  Neat  clumps  grow  20"-­‐24"  tall,   18"  wide.    

10 NEW  GREENHOUSE  PLANTS  for  2013     Ivy  Geranium  Series  ‘Great  Balls  of  Fire’   Dümmen’s  new  Great  Balls  of  Fire  series  of  ivy  geraniums  has  eight  colors.  Leaves  have  a  velvety  texture.   Their  branching  and  mounding  habit  trails  over  the  edge  of  the  pot,  which  makes  them  a  perfect  choice   for  hanging  baskets.  We  love  how  heat  tolerant  the  plants  are  and  how  they  produce  so  many  large  ball   shaped  double  flowers.    They  are  aptly  named!      

Calliope Geraniums  ‘Lavender  Rose’  and  ‘Deep  Rose’   Calliope Geraniums are a breakthrough in floral genetics; a cross between Ivy Geraniums (most commonly used in hanging baskets) and Zonal Geraniums (most commonly found in pots. Taking the best characteristics from both, these geraniums are bred to provide dynamic color all summer long in our heat and humidity. We fell in love with the two newest colors and think you will too.  

Calibrachoa  (Million  Bells  Petunias)  ‘Superbells-­‐  Lemon  Slice’  

Woo-­‐hoo! There  is  nothing  more  super  than  Superbells.  If  there  was  a  word  that  meant  extra,  extra  super   it  still  wouldn't  be  as  super  as  we  are.  Calibrachoas  are  a  new  type  of  plants  that  sort  of  look  like  little   Petunias,  which  makes  sense  seeing  as  we're  related.  Only  Superbells  aren't  sticky,  perk  right  back  up   after  it  rains,  and  stay  compact  and  bushy  even  when  we  are  stressed.    This  white  and  yellow  bicolor   makes  a  huge  statement  in  container  or  in  the  garden.  

Calibrachoa  ‘Aloha  Kona’  Series  

We love how compact and uniform this new series of calibrachoa grows. Aloha Kona colors are bright and vivid, especially the sassy ‘Aloha Kona Mandarin’. It will definitely make an eye-catching hanging basket or container planter.

Supertunia  ‘Picasso  in  Pink’  

The unique  bicolor  of  this  Petunia  has  created  a  tremendous  amount  of  interest  from  gardeners,  with  a   softer  violet  petal  surrounded  by  a  chartreuse  edge  and  a  more  compact  habit  than  SupertuniaPretty   Much  Picasso®.    The  bicolor  blooms  are  heat  and  drought  tolerant  and  do  not  require  deadheading.  The   lighter  pink  color  is  very  eye-­‐catching  and  is  a  great  contrast  to  the  lime  green  edging.    

Trailing Verbena  ‘Lanai  Twister  Pink’,  ‘Voodoo  Star  Red’  and  ‘Voodoo  Star  Pink’   A  couple  reasons  to  love  this  plant  series  –  first  is  the  very  fun  color  pattern  of  the  flower!  A  blob  of    the   deeper  tone  sits  on  a  white  background  –  in  a  cool  swirl  of  color  The  flowers  are  showy  and  this  variety   flowers  its  head  off  all  summer.    Exceptional  powdery  mildew  resistance.    Award-­‐winning  "Best  in  Class"   garden  performance.  

Cool  Wave  Pansies  

These pansies  are  ideal  for  cool  season  baskets,  spillers  in  mixed  combos,  or  high  impact  ground  cover.     They  have  the  most  vigor  of  spreading  pansies,  so  fewer  plants  per  pot  are  needed.    They  are  the  hardiest   pansy  for  overwintering    and  should  be  the  first  to  bloom  in  spring.  We  are  offering  them  in  hanging   baskets  for  the  early  season  and  6-­‐packs  to  plant  in  the  ground  or  your  containers.    They  come  in  4  colors   and  a  mix.