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Ø Firstly all glory and honor goes to the almighty God who is the source of this piece. Ø This piece in your hand was birthed during the prayer sessions in Grace World International. Ø My wife Grace Onyii continues to be a great source of inspiration to me. Ø I acknowledge the JIC team, I am grateful to God for all of you. You are a gift to me. Ø I acknowledge Sister Keya for typing and Mfundo for editing this work. Ø To my children, you shall be mighty in this earth. Ø Finally to everyone, whose mountains will move as a result of this piece, eat and be filled.


Thank you for buying POWERTALKING. This book is one hundred percent word based; it has worked for me, for people close to me and for people I have taught I am very confident that these confessions will work for you if you can diligently declare them continually and believe what you declare, as the best results demand your constant effort and attention. If after constantly declaring and believing all that is written in this book, you can demonstrate that they did not improve your present situation, I will be happy to personally refund to you the purchase price of the book. To contact me, please write to: I am awaiting your testimonies.


This piece of offering you have in your hand is born out of a revelation the spirit of God gave me, that the children of God in Diaspora are losing the fight. Hosea 4 v 6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Many are poor, sickly, even die prematurely and most times, we accept this as the will of God. The spirit of God made me understand that the reason his people are being destroyed is because they lack knowledge. They lack knowledge of how to fight and win their life battles here on earth. Numerous well meaning, God fearing Christians have spent their years in pain, poverty, fear and confusion, as a result, children of God keep jumping from one church to another, from one prophet to another, some even clandestinely visit the witch doctors. The question is, “Is there no balm in Gilead?” (Jeremiah 8.22) This running around from one place to the other has made children of God not rooted. Psalm 92.13 says, “They that are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the COURTS OF OUR GOD”. Folks no longer stay long enough in one court to flourish, so instead of flourishing, they are perishing, and thinking their salvation or breakthrough is with some prophet somewhere. It is a pitiable situation. The reason the children of God are suffering is because they have been talking about their mountains (problems). We were not asked to talk about our mountains but to speak to our mountains. Let us examine that scripture in Mark 11 v 23, “for verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever things he saith. (KJV) This scripture says, we should speak to our mountains, in other words address the problem. Whenever Jesus was confronted with a situation, he never talked about it, he addressed it directly, he spoke to the wind, he addressed the demons occupying the body of the mad man in

Gaderenes, and he commanded demons and diseases to leave. But today, we see children of God talking about their mountains (situations). Please note that whenever you talk about your problems, you glorify the devil, but when you speak in faith to your mountains you glorify God. Prayer is not telling God about your problems and begging him to do something about it, No, God is not going to do anything about your situation, because He has already done that two thousand years ago. All you need to do is to remind God of his promises concerning your situation. Such prayer of faith brings God to your situation. God does not respond to cries, moaning and whining, he responds to his word. Power talking is the food for your spirit (inner man). When you are speaking out the words written in this mini book, your mind will not understand it, neither will your body, but your spirit man does. That is all that matters. God deals with you through your spirit, not through your mind because God is not a mind, not through your body because He is not a body every change, miracle, healing, prosperity you will ever need, begins in your spirit. But when your spirit is bombarded daily with negative news, it becomes weaker which automatically affects your body and physical circumstances. Please note that it is important that you read the Power talking out aloud because your mountains will respond to your own voice. How was David able to kill Goliath? While everybody was talking about the mountain (Goliath), David spoke to the mountain (Goliath). This is what he said in 1 Samuel 17 v 45, “Then said David to the Philistine, thou comest to me with a sword and with a spear and with a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel whom thou hast defiled. This day will the Lord deliver you into mine hand and I will smite thee and take thine head from thee and I will give thee, the carcasses of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel�. (KJV) When you talk about your mountains, it makes you weaker but when you talk to your mountain, you will make it weaker.

In the creation of the earth in Genesis, things were dark and gloomy, but changed because God spoke, he said, “let there be light”. I see things changing for you as you declare let there be health, let there be strength, let there be wealth in Jesus name. Zerubabel finished the temple by declaration. His hand laid the foundation and his hands finished it. “Who art thou Oh great mountains before Zerubabel, thou shall become plain and he shall bring forth the head stones there of with shouting, crying, Grace, Grace unto it. (Zechariah 4 v 7) Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit there of. (Proverbs 18 v 21) Power talking helps you to use your tongue to your advantage daily. As you declare the words written in this mini book, I see your mountains made plain, I see you healed and delivered, I see you getting married, I see you having children, I see laughter on your face in the name of Jesus. Joshua 1 v 8 says, “This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but thou shall meditate there in day and night that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written there in for then thou shall have good success”. As you read and meditate everything written in this mini book, you shall make your ways prosperous and have good success. It is time to stop begging God for what is already yours for he said “All things are yours”. (1cor 3.21b) Many Christians are asking when they are supposed to be speaking. Your mountains may be sicknesses, poverty, depression, strife, division, drunken spouse, unruly kids, but they are getting ready to move, just speak to them as Jesus spoke to the fig tree. When you speak, God dispatches angels, sending victories, deliverances and healing, disorganizing evil spirits and mountains roll away. Forces of heaven respond to your call. Welcome to the new life, abundant life, and higher life. Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind… (Romans 12 v 2) Read this mini book twice a day. It is not a read and drop book. It is daily food to your spirit, just as you feed your body daily with food. Jesus said in John 15 v 7 (Amplified) “if you live in me (abide vitally united to me) and my words remain in

you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will and it shall be done for you�. The word says you can have whatever you say; it is time for a change in your life. This mini book is not chapterised on purpose as it is strictly declarational.

Iyke P Ubawuchi

POWER TALKING I thank you Father that every Word of God is pure, that your words are Spirit and life. I thank you that your Holy Spirit dwells inside of me right now, that with this help I can control my tongue. My mouth can be used to tell of your mighty works, sing your praises and declare your Word at all times. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I have the mind of Christ. Christ in me the hope of glory. The Greater one lives in me because greater is he that is in me than he that lives in the world. He lives in my body, He lives in my heart, my kidney, my liver, my arteries and veins, every cell in my body, my brain, my intestines, digestive & reproductive systems, and in every part of my being. I carry divinity everywhere I go. I am healed by the stripes of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus bore away all my sickness in his body. Because He bore them away, Satan cannot put any disease on my body, I reject it. I cancel every covenant with sickness, failure, death, poverty, evil beings, etc. I am growing in knowledge, understanding and in wisdom. The might of God is at work in me. The hand of God is upon my life. I have a great future. The drought is over, the curse is broken, and my future is bright. I shall not die but live to declare the works of God to my generation. I shall not die because of my problems, I shall not be disgraced because of my problems, I shall not die undiscovered, I shall not die unused and unsung, I shall not die uncelebrated and missed, I shall not die unfruitful and unfulfilled, in the Name of Jesus.

With long life shall He satisfy me and show me His salvation. I shall live a long healthy life; I shall die old in a young body in the name of Jesus. This is the day that the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it. Today I attract the best of people. I shall eat the best of this land because I am willing and obedient. I can do all things through Christ that infuses inner energy in me. I am ready for any situation or circumstance that may come my way today. All things happening to me now are fitting into God’s plan for my life because all things work together for good for me because I love God. Praise God! I am the best and the biggest news in town. I am blessed and highly favored. I am rich and generous. I am a solution provider. I go about today doing good as my master Jesus did because as he was in this world so am I. The boundary line has fallen for me in pleasant places and I have a goodly inheritance. It is well with my soul, it is well with my family, it is well with my work, it is well with my business, it is well with my relationship, it is well with my entire being ,praise God! My path is shining ever brighter and brighter everyday because the path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. I am getting better every day, I am getting healthier every day and I am getting happier everyday. People and money shall serve me. I am rich, I am an over comer, I am a winner. I shall lend and not borrow, I am the head and not the tail, and I am healthy and walk in divine health. I am attracted to the best because I am the best.

I live an abundant life because Jesus said that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but He came that I may enjoy abundant life. I have the life of God (ZoĂŤ) in me, My ministry, my career, my education, my business, etc is growing in leaps and bounds. I am more than a conqueror. I am an over comer because whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. Hallelujah! I overcome challenges, I overcome ailments, I overcome oppositions, I overcome witches and wizards. I am not alone because He promised that He will never leave me nor forsake me, He walks with me always. I am a success, I am not a failure; the riches of the gentiles are coming to me. Lift up your heads all you gates and doors of this city that my blessings be brought to me. I am rich, I am blessed because the blessings of the Lord makes rich and does not come with sorrow. I am protected because I dwell in the secret place of the almighty; I abide under His shadow where the devil can do me no harm. I am seated far above principalities and powers in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Where I am, the devil cannot reach, where I am sickness cannot reach, failures cannot reach, Hallelujah! I live a higher life. I am big. I am influential, I am great. I influence people wherever I go. Great things will happen to me, good people are coming to me. I am a miracle about to happen. I am the best thing to come out from my town.

I am the pillar of my family, the light of my town. I am the light and because of that no darkness can survive around me. I lack nothing because my God supplies all my needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. I am not fearful because I have not received the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. I am not afraid of witches, wizards or evil people because those who gather against me shall fall for my sake because surely they shall gather but fall because God is not in it. They shall come at me from one side but shall flee from seven sides. Every plan and counsel they hold against me or mine shall be turned into foolishness like the counsel of Ahithophel. Arise Oh Lord and scatter all the enemies of my progress in the name of Jesus. I am going from health to health, from success to success, from strength to strength. I am growing in knowledge, I am growing in understanding, I am growing in wisdom and I am growing in power. The ability and might of God is at work in me. I am blessed and highly favored. I am a success story; my life is upward and forward. I cannot fail, it is impossible for me to fail. This generation must celebrate me. I am rich and generous. I am a money missionary. I win souls because I am wise. I operate in a higher law (the law of Christ), the law of salvation, the law of health, the law of more (plenty), the law of long life, the law of peace and joy, the law of love.

I am full of positive energy that is why I know no illness, I acknowledge no lack, I detest hatred, anger or vengeance, I recognize no fear or danger and I am anxious for nothing. I bless all and curse none. I am not sin conscious because I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am the apple of God’s eyes. God created His best when He created me. I am a royal priesthood, special specie, a peculiar person. Praise God!! I am royalty. I am a god, son of the most high and refuse to die like men. He calls me a high priest in the order of Melchizedek. I am different; I am not an ordinary child. I am special. I am moving forward and making progress every day. I have a great future. I am very rich. I support the less fortunate, missionary workers, crusades, conferences. I entertain no fear of death because for me to die is gain, to live is Christ. I know I shall live long to favor God’s righteous cause (winning souls) which makes me shout for joy continually. I am not of this world, I am an ambassador of Christ and all my needs are supplied by Christ from the heavenly store according to His divine riches. I am therefore not bothered by the country’s economic situation. While others are crying, I shall say there is a lifting. I am anxious for nothing but prayerfully carry every situation to God with thanksgiving in exchange for His peace that overwhelms me. In the middle of crisis, I cast all my trust in Him as He keeps me in perfect peace. I enjoy freedom in everything because the son of God has made me free. I have confidence to receive whatever I ask for in prayer because the word said I should ask and receive, seek and find, knock and the door will be opened. I also receive because I ask according to His will and not selfishly.

I receive also because I abide in Him and His word which guarantees answers to all my prayers. I get my prayers answered because I challenge Him with His promises and I know that the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off. I know that what I am expecting must surely come to pass even though it delays, I wait for it. I know that God takes pleasure in my prosperity as His servant; He daily loads me with benefits. He makes all grace abound towards me to continually have to give because when I give, more is given to me, that is why I am always on top because I am a giver, I am a kingdom partner, a money missionary. In the midst of crisis, I call upon my God because He said, “call upon me on the day of trouble and I will deliver you”. When the burdens of this life load themselves on me, when I cannot take it anymore, I run to my father God for He said.” Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. God is a bed rock under my feet, the castle in which I live, my rescuing knight! I call to God to help me, from His palace He hears my call, and my cry brings me right in to His presence. I’m blazing with Gods Glory, what a God! In Christ I live, in Christ I move, In Christ I have my being. I lack nothing; I have everything I need because the Lord is my shepherd. I do not panic in times of trouble and confusion because my God is a very present help in times of need? He is faster and more efficient than the police flying squad. I feel safe and secure because I dwell in the secret place of the most high. He is my refuge and my fortress, a secure hiding place for me in this evil world. Even when I hear of the death of people around me, it does not move me because He promised that one thousand may die at my side and ten thousand at my right side but no evil shall come near me and my household.

I am not afraid of the terrors of the night nor for deadly flying arrows of the day nor even pestilences hidden in the darkness and the projected accidents and destructions in the freeways and alleys because he promised to give his angels orders to see that none of my bones is broken. In the event of any mishap or accident, they shall bear me up in their hands. Because of my relationship with him, he shall set me above my mates and when I call upon him, he will answer, deliver me and honor me. Hallelujah. I shall live a long healthy life because He promised that with long life shall He satisfy me and show me His salvation. I flourish like the palm tree because I am planted in the house of the Lord. Even when I am old I shall continue to bring forth fruit, and will be fat and flourishing. My suffering and weeping is for a moment because my weeping may endure for the night but my joy comes in the morning. I am blessed because my strength is in you oh God and because I trust in you, I grow from strength to strength. Thank you Lord for you are full of compassion, gracious, long suffering and plenteous in mercy and truth. That’s how I know I shall not be consumed even when I fail you, your grace kicks in. I shall be promoted for promotion does not come from the east, west or south but it is God that demotes one and promotes the other. It is my set time for promotion. The Power of the Spirit of God is taking me from where I am to the next higher level of success. I decree in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that circumstances, men, material, finances will fall into place to cause me to move to the next higher level of success. I am like a tree planted by the river side, I bring forth fruits in season, my leaves do not wither and whatever I touch prospers because I do not walk in the counsel

of the ungodly, my delight is in the law of the Lord and I meditate in it night and day. I ask of God who gives me the heathen as an inheritance, He makes the sinner work hard and transfers the wealth to me. My gates are continually opened night and day that they may bring me the riches of the unbelievers. My God is my shield and the lifter of my head. I am not afraid when people gang up against me because if God is with me no one can be against me, surely they shall gather but my God shall scatter them. He is my defense. I know that all my needs shall be accomplished because the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off. I live in the fullness of His joy and His pleasure because I dwell in His presence. The Lord is my rock and my fortress, my deliverer, my strength because I trust in Him. God has enlarged the steps under me; that my feet do not slip, I am moving forward and making progress every day. My eyes are seeing the Glory of God in my life. God has delivered me from the strivings of the unbelievers and made me the head of the heathen, strangers shall serve me; when they hear of me, they shall obey. Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses but I shall trust in the name of the Lord, when people are brought down, I am risen and standing. The lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear, He is the strength of my life, whom shall I be afraid of?

When the wicked and evil people gather themselves against me, they stumble and fall because any hindering force sent; that steps in my path is crushed by the anointing of the Holy Ghost. With my eyes shall I see and behold the reward of the wicked but I shall be exalted on high. In time of trouble, God will hide me in his pavilion, in the secret place of His tabernacle and set me upon a rock above my enemies, oh I am blessed and joyful. I will never be alone because He promised that even when my father and my mother leave me, He will take me up. He also promised never to leave nor forsake me. I am blessed because God chose to forgive my sins and transgression, thank God for grace. God is my hiding place and He preserves me from trouble, He instructs me in the way I should go and guides me with His eye, so I can never go wrong. I rejoice because those that made a pit for me have fallen into their own pit like Haman. I am glad because even though God made me a little lower than Angels, He crowned me with glory and honor and placed me in charge of all the works of His hands. I thank God because He drew me out from many waters; delivered me from strong enemies, too strong for me. He enlightens the darkness around me. The lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for I know you are always with me. His goodness and mercy keep following me wherever I go. No weapon formed or fashioned against me shall succeed; the arrows of the wicked shall pierce their own hearts. I am blessed in my business place. I am blessed going out, I am blessed coming in.

The fruits of my body are blessed. The fruits of my hands are blessed. I am blessed in the city; I am blessed in the field. Everything I am involved in succeeds and prospers. I must fulfill my earthly mandate. I am not moved by what I see, I am not moved by what I hear, I am not moved by how I feel, I am only moved by the word of God. The word of God says that I am healed, I am delivered, I am free, I am rich. I am a solution provider, I live in plenty and abundance because Christ supplies all my needs. All my needs are met, all my bills are paid, I owe no man anything but love. In the name of Jesus healing is mine, In the name of Jesus deliverance is mine, In the name of Jesus prosperity is mine, in the name of Jesus open door is mine, in the name of Jesus breakthrough is mine. I am blessed in my body, I am blessed in my soul, I am blessed in my spirit, I am blessed in my business, I am blessed in my work, I am blessed in my marriage, I am blessed in my church. I do not talk about my mountains, I speak to my mountains. Disappointments of the past are being turned into testimonies. I am a king and kings don’t beg, they give commands, I therefore command Cancer to leave my body now, HIV leave my body now, Cold / Flu leave my body now, and Asthma and Leukemia leave my body now in the name of Jesus. (Please add your peculiar symptoms of diseases and command them to leave). Voice of the Almighty; speak wholeness into every department of my life, in the Name of Jesus. Divine power of creativity and repair, operate in my life now, in the Name of Jesus.

Thank God for healing, I am healed, I am free, I am happy, it is well. (Please note that you may not feel well immediately or the symptoms may not disappear immediately but keep on declaring and thanking God until they are all gone. Do not be discouraged. Faith stands its ground against logic. It sees what the physical eyes may not see, and hears what the physical ears may not hear – your body may not understand it, your mind may not understand it but your inner man (spirit) will understand it. That is where all your answers begin. God brings your answers through your spirit.) I am married, I have kids, I go places, I have got my dream car, I live in my dream house. I am fit, I am healthy and I am happy. I live debt free and stress free. I sleep like a baby every night and wake up with a brilliant mind. God is giving me good ideas; good thoughts, good visions and I have the ability to execute such plans I am excited about life, I am excited about my job, I am excited about my marriage, I am excited about my friends and my family. Alcoholism will not ruin my home, drug addiction will not ruin my home, infidelity will not ruin my home, bad friends will not ruin my home, depression will not ruin my destiny, and strife will not ruin my home. My bodies hear the Word of the Lord; reject every arrow of darkness, in the Name of Jesus. Any tree that the Father has not planted inside my body be uprooted by fire, in the Name of Jesus.

I am blessed, I cannot be cursed, I am rich I cannot be poor, I am joyful I cannot be stressed; I have a great marriage, a great career and good friends. Things are getting better every day. I am permanently on top. I am better today than I was yesterday, I will be better tomorrow than I am today. Everywhere I go, success follows me. I am destined to succeed. Good news is coming my way. The Lord is perfecting everything that concerns me because I am the works of His hands. I finish every project I start. I believe in my marriage. I will not back out no matter the situation. My marriage must work, my business must succeed. I am not a quitter, I am a survivor, my riches make me feel humble because I know that all power belongs to God. In times of challenges, I am still and let him fight my battles. The Lord delivers me in times of trouble and nurses me when I am sick and preserves me because I consider the poor. All my steps are ordered by the Lord because I am righteous, that’s how I know that I shall not be totally cast down when I fall because He holds me up in His hands. I get all my heart desires because I delight in the Lord and commit all my ways to Him; I am not moved by the success of evil doers. I thank God because He hears me when I cry and delivers me out of all my troubles. My troubles may be many , but He promised to deliver me from all of them. Hallelujah!

I cannot be taken by untimely grave because He redeems me from the power of the grave. I annul every appointment with death today. I shall fulfill my earthly time in Jesus name. I refuse to carry any burden of life but cast it to the Lord because He sustains me and will not let me be moved. When I am afraid, I trust in Him. He has let men ride over my head, I have been through hell and high waters but He has finally brought me into a wealthy place. Hallelujah! I bless God when I remember all His benefits. He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. I grow from strength to strength because my strength is in you as I dwell in Zion. I am blessed because I trust in you. Nothing good is withheld from me. Thank you Jesus. My God has exalted my horn like the horn of a unicorn and I am anointed with fresh oil. My God has given a warning to all people never to touch nor harm me because I am His anointed prophet. I am therefore not afraid of what man can do to me. I always wait upon God and He provides all that I need in due season at the right time. He sent His word and delivered me from all my diseases. I am free, I am whole, I am healed. Praise God!!. I live in abundance of everything, I live in plenty, I am married, I have children. My children are blessed. I excel in everything I do. My marriage must work, my ministry must grow, and my mission must be accomplished. I am the pillar of my family, the light of my town. The favor and mercy of God follow me wherever I go.

I am an agent of solution; I am a source of strength. I am a spiritual Giant; the seed of greatness is in me Hallelujah! The Bible says I shall decree a thing and it shall be established. I decree good health, fulfilling career, blissful marital life, and stable financial flow. I decree favor, breakthrough, peace, joy, etc I find favor with God and people, favor with Governments, Presidents, Directors; I find favor with everyone that I meet. Great doors are opening for me locally and internationally. God has raised me up from the dust and made me sit with princes. I declare prosperity, I declare peace of mind, I declare joy unspeakable, I declare divine connections and contacts, I declare breakthroughs, I declare open doors and open heavens. I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am joyful, I am happy, I am loving, I am rich, I stand out in the crowd. Things are getting better every day. More clients are coming, new customers are coming, new members are coming. This work is growing. Whites, blacks, colored, Indians, rich and poor, students, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers and all professionals are coming to my ministry. The set time for me has come. Favor is walking down to me. Money is walking down to me. Contracts, tenders, jobs are walking down to me. People and money are coming to my rising. I am loved and admired. I am a blessed man / woman. God is giving me a new story to tell that ends in laughter, happiness and victory. I am a success story. I know who I am, and I know what I want and I know where I am going, the whole universe is stepping aside for me. Mountains are being leveled for me; valleys are being filled for me. My movement and acceleration is without friction, because I abide in Him and His words.

I am a high flyer, a trail blazer, a pace setter in my community. I am ahead of my mates, wiser than contemporaries, stronger than my enemies. I enjoy a peaceful sleep every night and wake up with a brilliant mind because God gives His beloved sleep. I am what the Lord says I am, I can do what the word says I can do. I am strong. I have a pleasant and amiable personality. Praise God! That spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me and is giving life to my body now, it is revitalizing my body now. I feel better already. I will never be broke another day in my life. “My broke days� are over. I have a good life, good wife, good husband, good children, happy and healthy family, a successful career / ministry. I am blessed and highly favored. Angels are following me wherever I go, positioning men and women at different places and times to favor me, and they camp around me. I and the children God has given me are for signs and wonders in our community. Nothing is too difficult for God. With God all things are possible. With God I shall achieve all my plans, defeat all my enemies, and overcome all my challenges. Hallelujah! My steps are ordered by the Lord, even though I fall, I shall rise because the Lord holds me up. I will never be forsaken neither will my children be beggars in this land. My children shall be mighty and blessed in this earth. Wealth and riches shall be in my house and there shall be no darkness in my life because I am righteous and upright. I shall not be afraid of evil news as my heart is fixed in the Lord. I give to the poor, that’s why I know that I shall be exalted with honor.

God has raised my poor estate out of the dust and healed my bareness. I shall be a joyful mother of many children. God shall increase me more and more, I and my children. God is on my side and brought me to a large place, I will not fear what man can do to me. Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Your word brings light to my spirit. My help comes from you oh Lord, maker of heaven and earth. The sun shall not hurt me by the day and the moon shall not hurt me by night. You preserve me from all evil; the Lord preserves my going out and my coming in. As the servants look unto their masters and the maiden unto their mistresses, so my eyes wait upon you until you bring me mercy. I am like mount Zion which cannot be moved. The Lord surrounds me as the mountain surrounds Jerusalem. The Lord shall turn my captivity. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am special. I close the door of my mouth, so I don’t snare myself. God gives me victory over my enemies as He is my war coach. God takes pleasure in me because I love and fear Him. He is near to me and fulfils my heart desire because I call upon him and fear Him. My barns are filled with plenty because I honor the Lord with my first fruits. Riches and honor are with me as God causes me to inherit substance and fills my treasure. I increase continually because I give indiscriminately. I run into the name of the Lord and I am safe because it is a strong tower

My God is turning people’s hearts to my favor. I cannot be cursed by any one because no one can curse whom God has blessed and a curse causeless shall not stand. I am a wonder to my generation. Every iron bars against my destiny shall be broken. I hold fast my confession of my faith because He that promised is faithful. I do not cast away my confidence because it has great reward. I do not look unto any man, but unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of my faith. Marriage is an honorable thing; I will not defile my bed. He that finds a wife finds a good thing and a favor from God. God said it is not good for a man to be alone. That means I am somebody’s husband, I am somebody’s wife. I will stop dating and start waiting for my somebody. I call my somebody to come to me wherever you are in the name of Jesus. My spirit come alive now times)


I have a great future times)


It is well with me times)


I shall not die but live to declare the works of God to my generation. (7 times) With long life shall He satisfy me. times)


By the stripes of Jesus I am healed. times)


Jesus bore my sicknesses away in His own body. times)


I am born of God; I do not make a practice of sin as Jesus’ presence in me keeps me safe from the evil touch. My war is not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. The weapon of my warfare is not physical. I pull down strongholds, negative thoughts of fear, doubt, low self esteem, evil thoughts, etc and bring them into captivity. I bring all my thoughts in line with God’s word. I arrest every negative thought. The word of God cleanses me, I abide in Christ and His word and victory is sure. He is my comforter. He is the vine and I am the branch, I always stick with Him to stay alive. I go after the truth which sets me free. I forget my past and strive for the future. My body is the temple of God, no disease shall dwell in it, I reject it. I block every negative situation today, accidents, robberies, break-ins, stray bullets; they shall not come near me in Jesus name. All things are mine. God has blessed me with all spiritual blessings in Heavenly places. I may be troubled at every side but not distressed and in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed. Hallelujah! All things I am passing through are for a while. All my problems will soon expire. I do not walk by sight but by faith. I am in Christ, a new creature, old things have passed away, everything is new, my past mistakes, choices and judgments are all gone, I am a brand new man / woman. Hallelujah!

I am of light and therefore have no business with darkness; I have no connection with the dead because I am alive in the land of the living. God gives me seed to sow and bread for my food. He multiplies all my seeds sown and brings me bountiful harvest. I am blessed! God loves me because I am a cheerful giver. I cast down every imagination contrary to the Word / Will of God. I arrest and imprison every negative thought. I do not conform to the world but always renew my mind through the word of God. God’s grace is more than sufficient for me to deal with whatever comes my way. The blood of Jesus has made me a citizen of the commonwealth of believers. It washed me of all my sins and gave me a new life. Hallelujah! The Holy Spirit strengthens my inner man with might. He accomplishes more than I ask or think. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I put on His amour and stand against the arrows of the devil. I have my breastplate of righteousness, my feet covered with the gospel and faith in Him as my shield for protection, salvation as my helmet and the word as my sword. I am confident that He that started this good work in me shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ, for it is He that works in me to will and to do of His good pleasure. I focus my thoughts on things that are honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtuous and praise worthy. God raises the poor and calls those things that be not as though they were. Today I call my Husband, I call my wife, I call my children, I call my house, I call my car, I

call my job, I call my healing, , I call my deliverance, I call my peace in the name of Jesus (please see what you call) I shall have dominion over my enemies in the morning because I am the righteous.At the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord , I cancel accidents, robberies, fears, in the name of Jesus. I block every negative thing coming to me today. I am not condemned but I am justified by my Lord Jesus Christ. This sickness is not unto death but to bring out the glory of my God.I am coming out of this, I shall survive this thing .God brings trouble to those that trouble me. In all situations, I give thanks with a grateful heart. Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord. Amen

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