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What is ECO2? The ECO2 is an integrated communication aid built by Tobii Technology. Now with ECOpoint included, it can be accessed by an eye glaze. Features:       

2 HD cameras 6-hour battery life large operational area of 25 x 38 x 20cm integrated touchscreen keyboard integrated speakers Mp3 player Cd/DVD burner

Why use the ECO2?

The ECO2 with ECOpoint can be assistive to students, parents, and teachers. Persons with (but not limited to) ALS, Multiple sclerosis, Rhett Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, and Spinal Cord injuries may use this device. The ECO2 also has settings for users with vision impairments (i.e. wear glasses) and language options for international users.

How does it work? Calibration: The ECO2 with ECOpoint has a 5-point calibration system in which a dot or image of choice will represent the target of the eye gaze. The speed at which the target appears as well as its size can be adjusted within the ECO2’s “settings”. Making a selection: When making a selection, the user should “dwell” on their selection for a set period of time. During this time their target may shrink or a clock may appear. The user will then blink to complete their selection. Below, you will find the “Settings” display within the ECO software.

Where can I find the ECO2 with ECOpoint? For how much? The ECO2 with ECOpoint can be found online at under “products”. The device costs $15,145.00 and is available without computer capability to meet the funding of users insured by Medicare or Medicaid.

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