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Modern D inosaurs P.140 Active P reviewing A. 1. Scientists / researchers 2. a T-rex skeleton / blood vessels and intact 3. Hell Creek, Montana 4. 2003 B. 1. What scientists found in a skeleton of a T-rex; blood vessels found in the fossilized skeleton of a T-rex 2. scientists hope to extract DNA from blood vessels in a fossilized skeleton of a Trex; scientists are doing tests on blood vessels they found in the skeleton of a T-rax. P.142 Understanding the Text A. 1. The fossilized skeleton of a T-tex 2. a stretchy material / what appear to be transparent and hollow blood vessels 3. they are hoping to be able to extract DNA from it; they may learn more about dinosaur physiology and how the creatures evolved into birds; they might be able to clone dinosaurs B. 1. has already happened 2. has not happened (yet) 3. has not happened (yet) 4. has already happened 5. has not happened (yet) P. 142 Understanding the Topic, Main I dea, and Supporting Details A.1. blood vessels / tissue / soft material found in a fossilized skeleton of a T-rex 2. blood vessels / tissue / soft material found in a fossilized skeleton of a T-rex have (has) become an important scientific discovery B. 1. What the blood vessels look like 2. a. MI b. SD c. SD 3. the soft tissue inside the bone 4. a. SD b. SD c. MI d. SD 5. the possibility of cloning dinosaurs 6. a. SD b. MI c. SD

P.143 Understanding Vocabula ry in Context 2. A. 1. 2 d; day a. starting point, hit film 3 e; chance b. modern day 4 a; tissue c. soft tissue 5 b; point d. reasonable chance 2. B 3. C B. 1. A P.144 Reading C ritically – Fact and Opinion 1. F 2. F 3. O 4. O 5. F