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INTERNET OF THe future THINGS is now A book of unanticipated idea

INTERNET OF THINGS the future is now visionary idea

This book is a collection of work for what can be visioned using the idea and concept of “internet of things“

Supervisor: David hall & Boyeun kim Student: 1. Jiawen Yow 2. sangwook han 3. hanh pham 4. taehee kim

* A city with no anger * myodyseey JIAWEN YOW B7178719

A city with no anger How often do you r angry led to a bad consequences?

Ever wonder what will happen to this world if there is not anger?

What if everbody have an inbuld anger management device analysing our emotions ?

A future world without anger


your personal advisor

Personal customisation

Vista Point

0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Location selection

Vista Point

0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Fort Point National

0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Fort Point National

0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Area Discovery Museum 0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Area Discovery Museum 0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Sausalito Boardwalk 0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Sausalito Boardwalk 0.9 miles from Golden Gate Bridge

Live updated Colored side bar enable traveller know the density of the area and make decision quickly and efficiently. Green Orange Red -

Not crowded Certain crowd Very crowded

Base on traveller’s peference, The application is able to provide the best recommanded location. No more wasting time or argument with friends on location to visit.

Live location feed

A.I Photographer learning on subject

A.I Personal Gallery


2.3km 2.1km

Know location and distance of your friends in real time. Easier to arrange next meeting on a unfimiliar location when wadering off or lost.

A.I photographer will take the best photo for your friends and family while you enjoy the trip together without distraction.

Safe travelling

When in danger or in doubr on situation. Pressing the red button of the back of the wearable will enable instant notification on nearby traveller and local authority.

Jiawen Yow B7178179 Email:

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Open canvas

Do not talk to me Project 1 In an era of all time connectivity, visibility and accessibility it is hard to avoid someone you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like. Anyone can relate to the uncomfort of being in the street where your ex lives or the creep from last nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s party was said to be working. Or maybe you are just walking around in your hometown, praying inside not to run into a classmate from high school. For these cases the cloak of invisibility can provide security and control. Blacklist whoever you want to avoid and it will pull data from commonly used social media to track their location. A grid of coordinates attaches directly onto your skin, each point being a unit that pricks with varying levels of intensity, representing the unpleasant feeling of stares piercing your back. This grid will be attached to your back and you can wear regula clothing on top of it. Each unit point is comprised of a pointy cone that is pushed up or down with small motors. When you feel the person you are trying to avoid coming from a certain direction, you can choose to walk the other way.

ARNO The name for ARNO is based on a very peculiar lecturer I once had. He was quite organised and always knew where everything in his office was and I admired that level of organisation. So I created a concept for groceries that use RFID tags instead of barcodes. These tags work with radio frequency instead of visual analysation and can carry data that can be modified. The scanner for the tags also reaches distances from touching to 100m and recognises new tags immediately. Paired with a smartphone app it can detect what you have bught when, when you have used it, who it belongs to and it can make suggestions if something is about to expire or what to cook with the things you already have at home.

All knowing RFID based Never nagging Organisational Assistant Basically you attach the scanner unit to either your pantry or the door. It will notify you visibly and audibly when new items arrive. You can check on your smartphone both at home and on the go what you have in stock and suggestions for meals. This concept is meant for everyone, single households, as well as families and roommates. You can assign each item to a specific person and as you take out the item, you can check on the screen who it belongs to. Other functions the service may expand to is language support especially for expats. Living with an allergy and specific dietary restrictrions it would be helpful to see the list of ingredients readily translated into English.

The scanner can reach varying distances, from a single cupboard to the whole house.

The potential is big with RFID and it has been implemented in many aspects of our lives. The public transportation card and anti-theft tags in clothing stores all use it. The tags themselves are also rather cheap, they can be manufactured at less than a cent. The scanners are a little pricier, but that has more to do with them not being widely used. Overall this concept is highly implementable and ready to be used once realised. The learning curve is virtually non existent and the benefts big.

This is what RFID tags can look like. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t want your item to be scanned, you can remove the tag.

RFID scanner unit; to be attached in living space


Hello! You have two new items

Distance sensor Touchscreen


Top with on/off


Less wasted food Easier organisation Saves money Less confusion Saves time Potential to be expanded

Project 1 and 2 by Pham, Phuc Hanh Created in Internet of Things Spring class 2018 IDAS Hongik University Supervised by David Hall Kim Boyeun Thanks for the great class!

‘Internet Of Things’ Spring 2018 IDAS HONGIK UNIVERSITY

INTEERNET INTERNET OF THe future THINGS NGS is now A book of unanticipated idea

IOT final spring 2018  


IOT final spring 2018