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COMD 1200


100 Ligatures

These are some ligatures I came up, each design are special and different in their own ways.

100 Ligatures

Most of the design are simple and easy. Made sure that each design are different design from each other to avoid reptition


Decided to go with FE, GE, and the R5 design. There were some minor changes on each design. Each desing has its own digital and physical designs.

Development cont.

Kept the design clean, however on paper had to trace the design on to a tracing paper, so it is a little bit messy while planning to make a physical design.

Development cont.

Final Design These are painted and the final physical design of the ligatures. The design is made onto a ultra smooth bright white Illustration board. As for the coloring the material used is black plaka paint. Also a white plaka incase of a stray marks on the design on the board.

Cubes Design

These are the digital design on the ligatures on to a cube. Each has its own style and design. The box template is designed very lightly so then it will not interfere with the ligature design on the cube, and also no unecessary lines on the cube.

Final Cube Design

As you can see this is the finishing product of the design. The liagtures design are clean and neat. Also there lines marks for folding the box is very light and hard to see. Thus creating a beautiful well design liagture box.

Hero Poster Format For this project I’ve been assigned to design a poster for one of a few well known designer that I view as a hero designer. For this project this is the format I created to follow to create the poster.

Hero Poster FInal

Charles Harrison

First Plastic Trash Can By Harrison (1966) Published by the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum On 2 E 91 St, New York , NY 10128

This is the final design gor the Hero poster project. Kept the design simple clean and easy for viewers to see. For the poster I chose Charles Harrison as my hero designer. I also chose the most simple design he created which is the plastic garbage can to keep it simple and sort of curious for readers to wonder what’s special about the plastic trash can design.

77 Icon Sketches For this project I was given one word. The word is “Water” so I had to come up with different icon design that could be related to the word “water” some simple and easy design meanwhile few are a bit more deeper meaning

77 Icon Sketches While half way on to sketching I had to think deeper on what could be related to “water” some philosophical while other are obvious, and a few that is easy to see and understand while a few takes a little longer to understand how it is related to the word “water”

Digital Icon Design After doing the 77 sketeches, I then chosed few design and to elaborate the design a bit more. Each design are different from each other but fit the same theme.

Digital Icon Design After creating different designs for each theme while staying close with the one word “water� I tehn chose 1 design from each theme and then redesign them and added colors into the design.

Final Icon Design These are the final design of the icons. From small to large the image still retain itself and it is easy to figure out what the icon is.

Final Icon Design

Final Icon Design

Color Guide


Creative Graphic desinger. Able to work in a team environment. Organized and ability to finish projects and assignment consistently on time. Ability to work independently and in a team evironment.

SKILLS Adobe CC Software

Illustrator InDesign Photoshop

Microsoft Office Powerpoint Word

Dependability Quick Learner Creative

EDUCATION New York City College of Technology, CUNY Bachelor of Technology Communication Design Major Expected date of Graduation, Dec 2022

MOBILE 917.346.6771 EMAIL LOCATION Brooklyn, NY PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Graphic Design Team Light and Love Home 5/18 - Present Brooklyn, NY - Design cards and posters - Cooperate with the Design Team on projects - Design certificates for sponsors General Affair Team Light and Love Home 7/16 - 9/16 Brooklyn, NY - Maintain clean and safe environment - Provide meals for staffs - Ensure staff’s safety Fellowship Team Light and Love Home 7/15 - 8/15 Brooklyn, NY - Prepare preentations - Collaborate with staffs on events, activities, and trips - Design and prepare photos for presentations and projects

Profile for jiaweiwang150

Jia Wei Wang COMD 1200 Graphic Design Principles II Spring 2019  

Hi, I am Jia Wei Wang and this is my COMD 1200 project.

Jia Wei Wang COMD 1200 Graphic Design Principles II Spring 2019  

Hi, I am Jia Wei Wang and this is my COMD 1200 project.