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CrossFit 101: Exercise redefined


24th May 2014

f you read my earlier post on fitness — you'd probably be aware of all the revolutionary changes being made in the gym world to incorporate fewer frills, less weighted machines and more body weight exercises. Founded in California by former gymnast Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai, Crossfit has taken the world over by storm.

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Crossfit workouts are hardcore and intense.

CrossFit routines incorporate high intensity interval training with powerlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, olymping weight lifting and other exercises, and is practiced by people of varying fitness levels worldwide. Cross fit arenas have an area called the "box" replete with mats, pull up rods and ropes for climbing. As daunting as learning to snatch, clean, jerk, and muscle-up, may be, especially never having heard of them, they, like the rest of the CrossFit exercises, are movements that mimic and reproduce natural efforts such as standing, throwing, lifting, pulling, climbing, running, and punching. Newbies to this new style of working out can be pretty perturbed and intimidated by the exercise form as well as the lingo. Here's a guide to help you get started: Box: another name for the crossfit gym. WOD: Workout of the day. AMRAP: As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible. For Time: Your goal is to finish the prescribed workout as quickly as you can. Score: The total number of reps/rounds completed in a workout. Crossfit has undoubtedly become 2014's biggest fitness trend and gyms today are vacating their spaces to incorporate more crossfit style body-weight workouts. Is it all that it's made out to be? Well, here are the pros and the cons. You decide: The pros: Crossfit workouts are hardcore and super intense. For those of you who are seasoned exercisers and are often pressed for time, cross fit is the perfect fat torching, body sculpting workout, when you are crunched on time.


CrossFit exercises, are movements that largely mimic and reproduce natural efforts such as converted by


standing, throwing, lifting, pulling, climbing, running, and punching.

The exercises often mimic functional movements such as squatting, lunging, pull ups and push ups unlike zumba, dance, jazzercise and other workout forms that have very little to do with movements in your daily life. Proponents of the crossfit fitness revolution are incredibly fit, quick, agile, healthy and follow a really clean Paleolithic diet (free from all grains and dairy). The Cons: It's a group/team exercise and for all of you who hate working out in the presence of others — this can be pretty annoying or intimidating. Crossfit workouts are extremely strenuous and hardcore making you very prone to injury. Make sure to warm up before and incorporate a few rest days every week. Guidelines: Don't let anyone push you beyond your limits. Work at your own pace Remember to rest. Crossfit workouts can be pretty intense which is why it's absolutely crucial to have at least two rest days a week. Engage your muscles and practice proper technique to avoid getting injured Set realistic goals. Don't go too far too soon or you might end up injuring yourself with overtraining or stress to your joints. Smile and have a good time. This isn't a race or a competition and don't get carried away. Warm-up A LOT. I can't emphasise this enough. Make sure you focus your warm-ups and always practice proper dynamic warm-ups before you train. This will improve your results and prevent injury. Listen to your coaches and don't hesitate to ask them questions or check your posture/technique whenever you need to. What you need to carry: A bottle of water or electrolyte solution, a towel and either face cleansing wipes/deodorant. Gear: a rope, wristbands and good workout gear that has sweat wicking fabric. Delhi has a few Crossfit only gyms. Here are the details: Where: Reebok Crossfit Robust Address: 7 Arjun Nagar, Bhism Pitama Marg, Opp Defence Colony A block Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110003 Phone: +91-9891428982 Crossfit Himalaya Address: 100 Foot Road, D - 108 Chatterpur Hills, 100 Foot Rd, New Delhi, DL 110074, Phone: +91-95 82 575700 Reebok Crossfit Address: 3rd Floor, DLF Mega Mall, DLF Golf Course Rd, Saraswati Vihar, DLF Phase 1, Sector 28, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002 Phone: +91-98 99 912112



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