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Volume 1. Issue 2. December 2011

A word from the Editor

Hi members of Adelphi Circle K, Welcome to the end of the semester! We had a great year so far with the ending of our recent Wish Month. I hope you are enjoying your time in the club and that

you will return next semester. Just because school is over does not mean we stop doing what we do best, which is service. So be on

the lookout for some e-mail during winter intersession for service opportunities. If you need rides for any future events just shoot

us an e-mail or call/test us and we’ll work something out! Enjoy the rest of this newsletter and happy holidays! Yours in service, leadership, and fellowship,

Jia Xing Shi Jia Xing Shi

Adelphi Circle K Editor

Calander & Save the Dates

Wednesday, December 21st – Last day of Classes/Finals Wednesday, January 4th – Ice Skating Fundraiser at Bryant Park

Saturday, January 21st – Production of Hairspray for KPTC

Monday, January 23rd - Spring Classes Begins

Monday, January 30th – First Circle K Meeting of the Semester: University Center Room 213/214 at 7Pm

Friday to Sunday, March 23rd to 25th – 50th Annual New York District Convention

First Meeting of the Fall Semester! :D

I went on the NY Speaking trip this

This year's theme was Harry Potter despite

year for the first time. I enjoyed myself from

it being a little bit pricey I had an amazing

squished in the car and falling asleep on the

mostly Queens College. We have regular

all the way to the end of the trip where we

because you will fall in love with circle k by

upcoming party. We also got to go to many

knowledge on how to run your club and you

more people in your club, diversity, ideas for

community service. So EPIC WIN!

the very start of the trip even when we were all

time and made a lot of new friends from

people next to us (not mentioning names :) lol!)

hangouts. Basically every member should go

entertained ourselves by making stars for the

the end of the convention because you gain

workshops that included learning how to get

make new friends while also doing

projects to do in your club and so much more!

The year thus far…

It’s a great way to meet people from all

different colleges in NY and get to share ideas Two of my favorite parts were when we first

Completed Service Hours: As of April 1st - 2,231.5 hours completed as a

leaves. We got to help a great organization do

1,251.5 hours for the Governor’s Project

with them to help your club as well as there’s.

went to the local YMCA and helping them rake

316.5 hours for the NY District Project

something simple as just raking leaves so that they could spend more time concentrating on helping the kids. I also really enjoy which we


30 hours for International Service Partners

278 hours for the ElIMiNaTe Project

do at every conference, lifelines. It’s a great

437 hours for other branches of the K-Family

them something that you admire of them or


way to just send a small note to someone telling remind them of a funny event and it puts a smile on everyone’s face. I encourage that

everyone goes to a conference. It’s a great way to have fun, gain knowledge of Circle K, learn

at the workshops as well as bond with members in the club. DCON is coming soon, come!!

967.5 hours of through inter-clubbing

$2,025 Total Raised this year as of April 1st $1,127.00 raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

$503.00 raised for the ELiMiNaTe Project AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!

New York Speaking

Ronald McDonald House and other events

By Robin Zodan

At the end of September, I went to the Ronald McDonald House. The place was a warm and happy atmosphere. We were cooking a yummy brunch that included pancakes, French toast,

oatmeal, and chocolate chip cookies. After the cooking, we took a tour of the house. The place is

seriously every child's dream: bright colors, lots of toys, and cool rooms such as the Mets room. I was surprised they take families outside the Long Island area. I was also pleased to see Adelphi

University's plaque on the ground. It truly shows that we have made an impact in the past, and I am glad we made an impact on those families that day. I hope to return in the future.



District Large Scale Service Project  

The 3rd Annual District Large Scale Service Project took place this October in Binghamton, NY. Those who attended this district event camped out at a local YMCA and were separated

into groups and given a variety of service projects, which includes: working with horses, working at a clothing store, tearing down the walls of a church, helping homeowners clean up after the recent flood, and working at a discovery center. This was the largest DLSSP to date with 63

attendees (12 of which were from our club), this was all possible thanks to our president as well

as the NYDCKI Conferences and Convention Chair, Emma Reed.

Long Island Circle K Murder Mystery



for ElIMiNaT e

Congrats Lt. Gov. Lauren Sacks!!!

Garden City Street Fair with the Garden City Kiwanis Club

11/11 Wish Month To celebrate a

month of 11/11, we made it into a

month of wish

themed craft and bake sales all

topped off with the Make-A-Wish

Party that raised $1,127.00, all of which was

donated to the


Foundation to

help grant a sick child a wish.

Welcome: Rickie Santer and Victoria Toal as our newly elected Vice President and Treasurer!

Three Tenants of Circle K  

Winning the Window Competition during Family Weekend!





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