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Volume 1. Issue 1. August 2011

Adelphi Circle K club Newsletter: Summer Recap Hello All! Welcome back to another school year fill with fun service projects. My name is Jia Shi and I will be serving as your club editor. As you know, being a Circle K member does not stop when school ends and summer begins. This newsletter will focus on all the Circle K events that happened this summer that fulfills the three tenets of Circle K, service, leadership, and fellowship , with articles written by your fellow members who attended these events. As you read into the pages of this newsletter, you will picture how these fellow members take the motto live to serve, love to serve into heart by spending their summer to take part in the epicness that is being a Circle K member. I wish you all a great new year of school, and to new students, welcome to Adelphi and hope you will stay to enjoy a fun year filled with service, leadership, and fellowship. Yours in service,

Jia Xing Shi AUCKI Club Editor

What is Circle K!? What if... you could make a wish come true… children were safe… every child could read… no one was homeless… no one was hungry… everyone was empowered… you could be a leader… they found a cure… you could save a life… you could make a difference… You can.. And it all starts with Circle K Circle K is an international, student-led organization, for college students who are responsible citizens and leaders, dedicated to serving our homes, schools, communities, and the world. Circle K is run on three key principles: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. CKI is the world‟s premier service organization with over 12,600 members, in almost 600 campuses around the globe in 17 different countries. Circle K clubs are sponsored by Kiwanis clubs.

New York District Circle K International at the 2011 International Convention in Virginia Beach.

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Sept. 8: Club Fair Sept. 8: Circle K Club Ice Cream/ Root Beer Float Social (7PM) Sept. 9: Twelve Hours of Service (9AM-9PM) Sept. 10: Alzheimer „s Memory Walk (8AM) Sept. 12: Club Interest Meeting at University Center Fireplace Lounge (7PM-8PM) Sept. 22: Long Island Circle K Divisional Sept. 30-Oct. 2: DLSSP at Binghamton University

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Greetings From Virginia Beach!!!!!!

International Convention... By Secretary Kat Graves

Hello Adelphi Circle K!!!!! As you know, Circle K is an international organization so each year, we have an international convention (ICON). This year, the convention was held Virginia Beach, VA, where 400 Circle Ker‟s came from all over the world. Throughout the four days spend there, leadership skills, professional skills and living advice was poured into our brains through the workshops offered at ICON. Workshops were led by professionals and taught various topics such as leading a great meeting, time management, resume techniques, professional panels on business, science & technology, education & arts, and personal finance. Adelphi Circle K was recognized for all the work our club has accomplished in the past year. Adelphi University received third place in the Gold Division of the Club Achievement Award; making our club the third best club in Circle K International. Our Club also received the Circle K International Service Week Award and collected the most amount of books for the Better World Books Foundation. Adelphi University had six representatives showing off our Adelphi Pride at this International Convention. During the House of Delegates, we amended our bylaws and elected our International Officers for the next year. Our new International President is Steven Spriggs from the Texas-Oklahoma District, our new Vice President is Melanie Walter form the Minnesota-Dakotas District and our Sub Region F Representative is Robert Acerra from the New Jersey District. Overall, everyone who attended had a fabulous time and encourages anyone who wants to attend to definitely try for next year. If you would like to take part in this life changing experience, International Convention will be held in New Orleans at the end of June!! We hope to see you there!!!! Yours in Service, Kathryn Graves Secretary - Adelphi University Long Island Divisional Secretary District Project Chair - Play it Safe Proud Member of Adelphi CKI Circle K International

...and Large Scale Service Project By LTG Lauren Sacks

This summer, from June 20-22, five Adelphi Circle K members attended Circle K International‟s 11th Annual Large Scale Service Project (LSSP) in Virginia Beach. As always, this year‟s LSSP was an amazing experience for everyone there. It is the one time of year where CKI members from all over the entire world get together for three intensive days of service and fellowship. Everyone is broken up into groups, led by a Team Leader, who is a member of the LSSP committee, and each group travels to different service projects throughout LSSP. There is no better way to bond with people then through service, while you know that you are working together to help those in need. The service at this year‟s LSSP included volunteering at animal shelters, YMCA‟s and soup kitchens, weeding and clean-ups, working with Susan G. Komen and Habitat for Humanity, and more. The service at LSSP is incredible, but the fellowship is unforgettable as well. This year, members of Adelphi Circle K hosted a two-night, interactive Murder Mystery fellowship event for all the attendees at LSSP. Immediate Past Circle K International President Amanda Marfisi played both the murder victim and Detective Marflock Holmes, and helped us to discover that Immediate Past International Vice President Nicole Loehr was the murderer! This was another great opportunity for Circle Kers to have fun and make friends with people who may not have been in their LSSP group for service. This year‟s LSSP was an amazing experience for everyone there, and I highly encourage you all to make every effort to attend this coming summer. The 2012 LSSP will be held in New Orleans next summer, and promises to be chock full of service, fellowship, and incredible memories!

Donation Drive for Joplin, MO Three Tenets of Circle K Service

By LTG Shellee Wong of Susquehanna Division Circle K

Through the mission and vision of the organization, CKI is dedicated to the realization of human potential. Leadership opportunities afford CKI members the resources and tools needed to become active citizens. CKI members can assume leadership responsibilities at all levels of the organization and through various experiential training conferences.

Leadership Through the mission and vision of the organization, CKI is dedicated to the realization of human potential. Leadership opportunities afford CKI members the resources and tools needed to become active citizens. CKI members can assume leadership responsibilities at all levels of the organization and through various experiential training conferences.

Fellowship With each element and aspect of CKI, members experience fellowship and develop lifelong relationships with fellow college students, advisors, Kiwanians and citizens in their communities. Whether a CKI member is mentoring a child, networking with a business professional, or bowling with members, that CKI member is developing social skills, meeting new people and strengthening relationships.

Some Examples of Service Projects... -Partnering with UNICEF for the ELIMINATE Project to eliminate the deadly disease Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus from 40 countries around the world. -Reading to children at the Early Learning Center on campus -Teaching safety to young children through our Safe Kids Program -Raising money for organizations like the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center, and Kamp Kiwanis -Collecting books to send to schools in Africa, through our Better World Books Drive -Donating food, clothing, and gifts to needy families through our Holiday Angels Project -Cleaning up local parks -Walks for March of Dimes, Alzheimer‟s, Multiple Sclerosis and many others -Relay for Life -Tutoring students -Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Mary Brennan INN -Service Projects like no-sew blankets, boo-boo bunnies and pillow hugs at our meetings on Monday nights.

Under the excellent direction of LICKI Lieutenant Governor Lauren Sacks, Long Island Circle K teamed up with Levittown Kiwanis to help with the Joplin relief effort over the summer by holding a donation drive. After raising $1,000 as a division from the Egg Scramble fundraiser in the Spring, LICKI purchased a Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Kit, which they decided to donate to Joplin in hopes of it helping the community save the lives of children. Along with the trauma kit, the Long Island Circle K‟ers were able to fill an entire U-Haul truck with clothing and nonperishable foods that the Levittown community donated, which Lieutenant Governor Lauren, Distinguished Immediate Past NYCKI Governor Rickie Santer, Service Leadership Chair Mr. Rich Santer, Levittown Kiwanis Immediate Past President Mrs. Lisa Santer, and President Ann Torcivia personally delivered to the residents of Joplin, Missouri in July. Long Island Circle K‟ers had stood in front of King Kullen, Stop & Shop, and Old Navy to ask the store customers for monetary donations, as well as non-perishables. The Levittown Kiwanis Club and Long Island Circle K Division also collected $1,000 that they donated to the Joplin victims to help them pay for building supplies as they reconstructed their town. Asking for donations was only one of the ways that our Circle K members assisted in the donation drive- many members showed up at Levittown Kiwanis President Ann‟s house to help sort and box up all the donated items. Moreover, the number of donations had exceeded their expectations so they had to figure out ways to fit all the food and clothes in the U-Haul truck. After many hours of heavy lifting and extreme shoving, the UHaul was fully packed and ready to head to Joplin, Missouri where the relief items would be accepted with gratitude by a community that truly needed our help.

K-Family Picnic By Kelly Chan of Queens College Circle K

Hello Adelphi CKI! Although the summer has come to an end and we are all struggling to get back into that academic flow, I know that it won't be an issue to get back into the Circle K flow. This is because I know that so many of you been participating in service projects throughout the summer. I know that many of you came out to the K-Family picnic on July 17th in Cunningham Park. This was a day where members from Circle K, Key Club, and Kiwanis got together to build fellowships and take advantage of the beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had an amazing turnout with over 75 people in attendance. Members from 10 different Circle K clubs and 15 different Key Clubs from all over New York showed up to have a good time! These members in the KFamily got a chance to bond through various games and ice breakers like human knot and ninja. I know that a lot of you even got a football game going. Other members got water fight going which got many people annoyed at first but then in the end, everyone had a lot of fun. I know that a lot of you were there to support and got the chance to meet other Key Clubbers and inspired them to join Circle K so good job. In addition to having an amazing time and building fellowships, we also raised $300 for Kiwanis Pediatric Lyme Disease. We were able to help treat children who have been affected by the bacteria transmitted by deer ticks. Some of the symptoms that they experience include headaches, mood swings, depression and irritability. I am looking forward to hosting more events and pushing even more members of the K-Family to come out to build fellowships and to continue raising money for the Kiwanis sponsored charities. Thank you for those that came!

4th Annual Sub-Region F Event By Fellowship Chair Suzy Rinaldi

On August 13th and 14th, Circle K'ers from all over the northeast came together in Atlantic City to participate in the 4th Annual Sub-Region F Event. A Sub-Region is a grouping of districts that are represented together on the International Board of CKI by an International Representative. Our SubRegion is comprised of 5 districts: New York, New Jersey, Capital, Eastern Canada, and New England. The Sub-Region F Event was a fun filled weekend. On Saturday, we were split into groups and sent to do hands on service projects throughout New Jersey. My group was sent to the Edwin B Forsythe Wildlife Refuge. We spent an awesome five hours in the sun, weeding the land and cleaning up the area. It is such a rewarding feeling to spend time doing physical labor knowing that every ounce of effort is making the world a better place. After the service project, we spent the night on the beautiful boardwalk of Atlantic City. Adelphi Editor Jia Shi, Secretary Kat Graves, and Queens College President Kelly Chan, and I decided to stay up all night on the boardwalk and not go to sleep. We figured that we had only one night, so why sleep when you can stay up and have the time of your life? The four of us had an absolutely amazing time buying hermit crabs, getting massages, going on Ferris wheels, and getting soaked in the rain. It was definitely one of the highlights of my summer. Atlantic City, like New York, is another city that does not sleep. Although we were tired when the sun finally came up, we participated in more service projects on Sunday that that were related to CKI initiatives such as the Eliminate Project. The weekend was incredible, and I encourage everyone to attend next years 5th Annual Sub-Region F Event!

Saturday of Service: Ronald McDonalds House and Lazy Days of Summer By LTG Lauren Sacks

On Saturday, July 9, members of Adelphi Circle K participated in Long Island Circle K‟s “Saturday of Service” along with other members of the Long Island Circle K division. The day started out at 8:00am at the supermarket, shopping for ingredients to make brunch at the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is a place where families of seriously ill children can stay so that they can be nearby the hospital while their children are receiving treatment. Because they do have a child in the hospital, they don‟t always have the time or money to provide meals for themselves, so the Ronald McDonald house asks for volunteers to come in and provide brunches and dinners for the families there. After shopping, we headed to the Ronald McDonald House to start cooking. We made a delicious breakfast including French toast, pancakes, and muffins for the 60 residents of the house. After cooking, we headed to the East village Green in Levittown to help out with the Levittown Community Council‟s “Lazy Days of Summer Fair.” This fair is a huge community event for the town and it had a variety of activities for children. Circle Kers helped out with face painting, Child IDs, handing out free watermelon, temporary tattoos, and a bubble station. It was great to see all the kids at the fair having so much fun and knowing that we were a part of it. Saturday of Service was just one of the ways that Long Island Circle K continued serving throughout the summer months even though school wasn‟t in session. At Ronald McDonald House and the Lazy Days of Summer Fair we helped those in need and made a difference in our community.

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