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Why is Cyprus a great holiday destination In the island of Cyprus, the sunshine can be observed for over 300 sunny days a year. Apart from the wonderful Cyprus weather, you will be ensured great relaxation, friendly faces and eye-catching sightseeing on your visit to this beautiful Mediterranean paradise. In case you are planning on vacationing away to Cyprus, here are a few tips which will help you in enjoying the great weather and wonderful locales.

The beach:

You will assured a great holiday in Cyprus by hitting the beach as the weather is said to be great throughout the year. You will guaranteed a perfect time by spending your time relaxing at the beach. You can even undertake water-sports as an activity to keep youself engaged. There are even many excellent dive sites. You can even enjoy the view of the calm blue Mediterranean waters by relaxing on a lounger on the many beaches. •

Restaurants and food courts:

You can visit from the local tavernas which offer traditional dishes and and Cypriot meze to the international restaurants offering a wide range of fresh fish eateries. You can also experience some more culinary delights by visiting the gastro restaurants which have the top chefs who will make your meal a memorable one. Cyprus is also known for it's wineries and you can even tour a few of them. • Traveling: You can explore Cyprus by traveling. Cyprus is known to have the most awesome ancient sites which leave an impressionable mark in your mind for time to come.

You can visit the Kourion Amphitheatre, the Pafos Mosiacs, Ancient Salamis or the Tomb of the Kings and click some great photographs which could serve as perfect memories about your visit to Cyprus. You can also visit both Limassol and the nearby Kolossi Castle. The museums, art gallery, the Limassol Sculpture Park, Paphos Bird and Animal Park or the aquarium must also be included in your schedule of must-see places. You will be able to draw in a neat and modern picture about the history of the island, from its first settlers to the modern day and also revel in the beauty of this glorious land. Ayia napa villa rentals, villas to rent in ayia napa, villas to rent in protaras,

Cyprus Villas to rent  
Cyprus Villas to rent  

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands located in the Mediterranean Sea.