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Constructing Environments Week 1 - Journal One Tutorial Activity: Aim: To build a tower using MDF. Firstly, we decided to build the building as a cube because the building would be more stable and safer for us not to destroy the whole structure. Then we used many MDF to make the base full and later we knew it is not necessary. Also it wastes time and MDF. For saving time and materials, we built the tower using the way as the image. It is hard and important to decide the shape of the building and the way to build it.

Photogragher: Yongjun(John) Choi

Load force:

We needed to make some space as doorway for the dog to come into the tower. Here is the problem because there was one side that we couldn’t build completely. Also, we had no ideas to change the square shape to pyramid.

Photogragher: Yongjun(John) Choi

Knowledge Map

Gloosary: Load path: the direcetion in which each consecutive load will pass through connected members Reaction force: a force that acts in the opposite direction to an action force Pornt load: a point where a bearing or structural weight is intense and transferred to the foundation. Beam: any of various relatively long pieces of metal, wood, stone,etc. Compression:the result of the subjection of a material to compressive stress

Reference: Cameron,R.2014, Introduction to Construction Materials, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne,Australia Cameron,R.2014, Basic Structural Forces, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne,Australia Cameron,R.2014, Construction Overview, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne,Australia

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