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3D version of Parapet Section Detail 1:5 The finished detail

 Interrogation of the detailing decisions and purpose  Identification of waterproofing elements The colorbond capping and flashing on the top of the parapet are waterproofing.  Economic implications of decisions The structural elements such as Square Hollow Section are chosen in a cheaper and lighter way. In terms of economic implications, the efficiency of workers are really important since labor in Australia is expensive. 


Sustainability and environmental analysis (Carbon Footprint, embodied Energy and recyclability) Carbon footprint

Embodied Energy


Significant (Ore mined in Australia is sent to china by ships and shipped back when it is made as steel beam. The carbon emission is significant)

Quite Large (Many processes have been made to produce steel elements)

High (Most of the steel elements are recyclable)


Low carbon footprint

Low embodied energy in processing a piece of wood into timber but high embodied energy in fostering a tree

Timber is recyclable.



Low carbon footprint since it is easy to make plasterboard

Medium (Not many processes involved)

Depends on the materials but these days’ plasterboards have a high recyclability.

For the sustainability, materials used are very important in terms of carbon footprint, embodied energy and recyclability. The table above shows that the materials used in this building might contribute to carbon footprints but most of them a highly recyclable. Therefore the building is quite sustainable. ď Ź Pros and cons Pros: There is a flashing roof with a drip can prevent the building from water. Furring channel makes it easier to attach facade to the structural elements. The Square Hollow section are beams but it is hollow so that it is lighter. Cons: There is no waterproof for the plasterboard. ď Ź Where and why things go wrong (e.g. Cracks, leaks, gaps) After a long time, The plasterboard might start to crack due to the exposure to wind and rain. The steel elements in the building might deform due to the loads.

Week 09 activity  

Week 09 activity Weekly Journal submission Constructing Environments University of Melbourne

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