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CENTER circle




97/98 GIRLS



Omaha FC Elite U13 GTeam History The Club, OFC came into existence in the fall of 2009. It was the merger of the two largest clubs in the state of Nebraska, Arsenal and Gladiator. In the fall of 2009, the club decided to leave the old teams the way they were and not combine the teams into three new teams in the premier division of the Nebraska Soccer League. What resulted was a one, 2, 3 finishes in league play that season. The teams have since combined players to make an Elite1, 2, and 3 teams. The Elite1 team consists of the players that the staff, at the time of try-outs, was considered the best players or athletes at any given position.

The Elite1 team, having only been together since July of 2010 has a record of 16-4-3 and won the NSL with a perfect record of 5-0-0 and outscoring their opponents 17-2 in the process. In tournament play, the team went to KC twice, played six of the top teams in region II soccer, and finished with a 4-2-2 record in those tournaments. In two local tournaments, the girls beat two of the top U-14 girls’ teams in the state to win one tournament and beat five U-13 teams by a combined score of 20-0 to win another tournament. The team will compete in the top U-14 age group this coming spring.











Coaches: Doug Trenerry is now the teams coach as well as the U-13 G age group coordinator. Doug also coaches the top U-15 team as well. He has coached for over 25 years and has many State Championships under his resume’. Jacque Tevis-Butler, who is also the coach of Millard West High School, coached nine of the girls on the team for at least 2 years.

The coaches instill in the girls it is not always about winning, but how to play the game to your best abilities. “Being on OFC has inspired me in so many ways. I have friendships that will last me for a lifetime. I learned so much from my coach. I love soccer and now I can do so much more with it. I wish I could just play soccer and never stop. My teammates inspire me on and off the field. They encourage me to do better and to bounce back. I do not know where I would be without my friends. This soccer team has made me a better person and a better soccer player. I love this soccer team and I’m not going to stop loving it.” -Alex Homan









“By playing soccer at OFC, I have learned a lot about the game and met some of my best friends. Our team has really come together and learned to support each other on the field as well as off. I love soccer and am competitive and determined to help my team win the state cup. We know that by training hard and listening to our coaches, that we will have another great season. Go OFC!” -Cassie Legband



OFC LASTING IMPACT “Being on the soccer team that I am on now, which is Omaha F.C. Elite1 97/98 means so much to me. Soccer is so important to me. I started playing soccer when I was four and have never really tried any other sports since. I started out with Millard Star then I went to Arsenal, which is where my first real soccer coach, Jacque, taught me how to play the game the right way. When Arsenal converged with Gladiator, I went to OFC. Right now, I play for Doug with 16 other amazingly talented girls. I am so blessed to be on a team with such an intelligent coach as Doug. He has taught me so much in just the pass year like discipline, dribbling with my head up and with the outside of my foot, taking two touches when I shoot and so much more. I hope that my team will make it to regionals, and I would not be able to do that without a brilliant coach, defense, offense and goalie. All in all, I am just so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to play on such a great team with great girls and coach.” - Haley Mumm “Being on this team has impacted my life in many ways and has given me great life long memories. Soccer is not just a sport. I play it for its life lessons. Soccer

“I love playing soccer for many reasons. First, all of the great people I get to be around while playing soccer. Next, soccer has taught me how important it is to be a team player. For instance, every player has an important part on our team, and we are always successful when we work together. In addition, playing soccer has taught me to work hard. For example, I always look forward to going to practice and it takes a lot of commitment to try as hard as we do. Finally, I






“My experience with OFC has been life changing. I have made lifelong friends and established new skills to improve my play on the soccer field. I have learned to have persistence and always work my hardest no matter how difficult the task. I have had to overcome challenges that are not always easy to cope with. No matter what the outcome when the final whistle blows I will always hold my head high with pride. My mistakes will only help me get better as a player.” - Katie Stogdill




teaches me about friendship, trust, and respect. My soccer team will always have an impact on my life to help me be a better person. I don’t know what I would do without them!” - Jaden Thiem’s


| CENTER CIRCLE will never forget the girls on my team. I have made life-long friendships.” - Marisa Windingstad

hope to continue playing soccer for a long time.” - Rachel Windingstad

“I play soccer for OFC Elite 1 97/98. My positions are right and left forward. My soccer team is one of the most important things to me. I look forward to all my practices, games, tournaments and camps because my teammates and coaches are the best. My current coach, Doug Trenerry, has taught me so much about soccer. He encourages me and pushes me to be the best player I can be. OFC is a very positive club that supports each of our families and us. I plan on playing soccer for a very long time “Soccer has become my favorite sport for because of my passion for this game.” many reasons. First, I have met many talented and nice players. We all work very well - McKenzie “ZZ” Buchanan #12 together when playing or practicing. It takes a lot of time and commitment to play club soccer, but it is worth it because I have experienced different coaches and players which has helped me learn how to work with different sorts of people. I have met very nice friends and we have had a lot of fun together. I will









“Being on this soccer team has impacted my life by learning how to work with new people and working together as a team. We all work well together. Whenever we are down in a game we step it up and try our hardest to come back. My team has been through some tough times with injuries and other team issues, but we stick together to help each other get through it. I love being on this team.” - Megan Merkel #10



ROSTER Pl ayer N a m e

J e rsey Nu mber 1

Jay l i n B o s a k


An na G o rn e ll


Ca ssi e Le g b a n d


Alex H o m an


Meg a n M erke l


Mc Ken zi e ( ZZ ) Bu ch a n a n


S o p h i a B i r k h o lt


B re n n a O c ho a


Ja d en ( J T ) Th ie m


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R a c he l Wi nd in g sta d


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M a g g i e B l aze k












Ca rl e i g h Wilso n



98 U13G


Team History Banat SC 98 Girls

Banat SC 98 Girls is one of the top U-13 teams in the state of Arizona. The team plays in State League Division 1. Currently the team in ranked second in the State of Arizona, 29th in their Region, and 56th in the nation.


The team has won four of the last six tournaments they have been in and overall over the past 3 years the team is 31 / 5 / 4, in ranked events. This gives the team a 77.5 winning percentage in ranked events. In addition, in ranked events the team has scored 102 goals, while only giving up 28 goals. This puts the team’s goals ratio at 3.64 in ranked events. In 2008/ 2009 and in 2009/ 2010 the team finished third in the State Cup tournament, and hopes to improve on this in 2011!

Coach: Mark Leicester is the teams head coach, and Mark took the team over 2.5 years ago. James Jones is the assistant coach and took over his roll 2.5 years ago. Both Mark and James have helped each girl on the team improve their game, and become better soccer players. Currently two of the girls on the team are also members of the State of Arizona ODP team for their age group.

This team trains hard, plays hard, and always attempts to bring their best game to the Pitch! Coach: Mark Leicester James Jones

4 3 17 18 28 27 10 14 2 10

Haley Beck Analyssa Castro Shelsea Corral Kayla Goebel Amanda Grifol Victoria Hall Madison Jones Kori Lewis Hannah Mitchell

9 16 5 11 12 19

Marisa Ortiz Alyssa Paul Kayla Terhune Nolin Packer Savannah Tidd Kaycee Youngs



FC 98 U13G


Team History 98 Arsenal Premier Teal Girls

The 98 Arsenal Premier Girls formed as a competitive U10 in the 2007/2008 season coached by Scott Alderson and Jon Lovell. There are currently five players from the original team. Coach Scott coached the team for three years then turned his head coach position over to Jim Thames, a coach who could who could take the individual players and teach them how to play together as a team. This season they have won four of the five tournaments they have played in. The team is currently placed 3rd in the state of Arizona but has tied the number one and two teams. “When I took this team over from Scott Alderson, I knew he had done an excellent job of preparing them. I also knew they were a special group. They do not quit and always give their very best. The team has started to recognize they can play with the best and have begun to play the game with some speed and precision.

They are getting better each week. It is truly an honor for me to have the privilege to work with, teach and learn from these young ladies!” —Coach Jim Thames “As we continue to watch the improvement in these girls and the teamwork they are developing, it is truly a pleasure. These girls may not be the biggest team out there, but they have the biggest hearts. This is what gives them ability to “buckle down” and overcome the adversity they may face. They work together as a team and it shows on the field. Along with this, hard work and dedication has led them to four tournament championship titles this year!” – Coach Jon Lovell

Coach: Scott Alderson Jon Lovell

2 3 4

Devyn Nall Madison Verzino“Maddy” Brianna Shinn

19 20 22

Lauren Jones “LJ” Amanda Bennett Victoria Rinsem “Tori”

7 8 9 10 12 16

Tea Cobb Madison Williams “Adidas” Mallorie Alton Brandi Alderson Ashlyn Lovell Payton Mutsaers

23 87

Brooke Niimi Liesl Babicka “Scooby”







Team History


98 Sereno U13 Girls White

The team history of Sereno 98 Girls White begins with tryouts in July of 2005. Sereno does not have a large recreation program to draw from like so many of the other clubs around the valley. These other clubs typically enjoy town sponsorship, free use of fields and lower fees due to volunteer coaches. Young families typically don’t know the club seen yet, or if they do, are reluctant to buy into such a large commitment of time and money at an early age. Soccer at this age typically is one of many activities that young kids engage in. Parents aren’t sure of their kids’ ability or love of the sport. With that said, only ten kids showed up for tryouts. Of the ten, two were 2001’s and one a 2000. Remarkably, Jenna Parkhurst (the 2000) remains with the team. She is unusually quick, strong and technically advanced for her age. Sending her down to her own age group would have served no purpose for her development. All the other clubs know she’s coming eventually and, my guess is, shudder at the prospect. Of the original ten, two others remain with the team: Sophia Struckman and Courtney Lankford. Regionals were held in Albuquerque, NM in June. Sereno drew the NV and WA State Champions and NV Runners up. The two NV teams were handled fairly easily: 6-1 and 3-0. The WA team, NW Nationals, was a different story. They were very good and could have easily won this game. Several shots hit crossbars and posts or sailed wide of the goal in the first half. The second half belonged to Sereno. I believe the Altitude (5000 ft) and heat may have affected them. An ill-timed foul in the box led to a PK game winner. I would say that was the best team Sereno has beaten to date. The quarterfinals were another hot-windy affair against the WA runners-up. Sereno controlled the run of play for most of the game but failed to convert. Crossfire made the most of their opportunities and advanced 2-0. This marked the end of a very successful season.

Coach: Matt Midkiff

The U13 season welcomed Hayden Gambee, Tara O’Malley and Reece Benally to the team. The highlight of the season to date is the team finally winning bracket in a top CA tournament (San Diego Surf Thanksgiving). They were beaten in the Quarters to a team they outplayed and should have prevailed against but that’s soccer.


1 3 5

Courtney Lankford Anna Rankine Alicia Jamison

14 15 16

Reece Benally Nicole Seaman Kassidy Madrigal

7 8 9 10 11 12

Brynn Moga Katherine Jacobellis Sophia Struckman Ashley Dahl Jenna Parkhurst Brianna Shackelford

18 20 22 23 26 33

Hayden Gambee Carly Denial al Kamryn Kjerstad Josee Jcobellis Gina Bracamonte Tara O’Malley



98 FC RED Team History

The Venom 98 Red Girls Team began as U11’s in fall of 2008, which consisted of some 98 and 99 girls. At that time, Venom FC could not form a true 98 team because of low numbers in other age groups. Half the 98’s have played up while the other half were able to play their own age group. Being from a smaller populated area of the Four Corners in Northwest New Mexico, pool selection numbers were low. Venom FC is the only competitive club under Four Corners Youth Soccer. To be able to compete at a high level Venom has to travel to Albuquerque New Mexico and compete under the Duke City League. This consisted of a two and a half hour drive each way every Saturday. Venom 98 was able to compete their way to a premier rank team under the DCSL. In fall of 2010 Venom was able to put together a true 98 Girls Team. By winning their relegation match, they were able to retain their premier status and move up to the fourth ranked premier spot, all in one season. Currently Venom 98 Red has five New Mexico ODP players: Averee Adams-Chacon, Ashlee Garcia, Elana Kresl, Devyn Martinez, and Payton Sandoval

Coaches: Gene Garcia and Ramon Chacon both obtain an E license and have a combine 18-tournament titles with Venom FC. Gene Garcia began coaching for Venom FC in fall of 2006 and Ramon Chacon began in fall 2008. Gene and Ramon have created a sharp and detailed training environment that allows quick transition in match play. We focus on individual skills, quick decision-making, and sharp ball movement. Coach: Gene Garcia This allows these girls to make choices, Ramon Chacon be creative, and be willing to accept 5 Paige Adair 8 Elana Kresl responsibility of their actions. They have learned to respect the game from 16 Robyn Aguirre 15 Devyn Martinez themselves to their teammates, and 12 Alyssa Bahe 20 Alissa Montoya most of all their opponents. This team 77 Hayden Carpenter 33 Katie Pierce unified quickly as a group that has al18 Averee Adams-Chacon 14 Payton Sandovald lowed them to exceed to the next level. 4 Aaliyah Chavez 23 Sabrina Tornow As coaches, we are extremely excited for our future with this team. Not often 6 Riley Coleman 13 Aspyn Tracy do you get a group of young ladies that 9 Ashlee Garcia will challenge each other and that is 10 Kinsey Gomez able to excel as a group so fast. 13 JUNIOR HYPE YOUTH SPORTS MAGAZINE





SC 98 U13G Team History 98 LV Premier Girls White

“The Las Vegas Premier ‘98 White Girls team is an elite team within the Las Vegas Premier Soccer Club. This team is the future of the competitive girls program with the club, and I look forward to watching them grow and improve. They have a lot of skill and play the game with great pace - this makes them fun to watch! The coaching staff, the positive support from the families, and the dedication of the players, makes the Las Vegas Premier ‘98 Girls a big part of the foundation of our club,” says Jason DiOrio, President of Las Vegas Premier Soccer Club.


Soccer. The beautiful game. The biggest part of this game is the teams that step out onto the luscious fields. The first part of a team are the players, which all have a passion to walk off the green pitch with a win, but, the main part of saying you are a team, is being a team. Team bonding. This team of 16 players is all bonded and all get along. No one is rude to their teammates. Therefore, I can easily say that this team is not just another team, but also a special bonded team. In addition, another part of being a team is how well the players work well on the field, not just off the field. The girls on this team understand each other and how everyone plays. Therefore, it is easier to make game- winning plays. Coaches’ information: Premier Girls Director of Coaching and 98 White Head Coach: Amanda Schmutz Assistant Coach: Vinny Magliulo (also Head Coach of the 93/U18 top girls team in the club). To their credit, these hard working young ladies keep a vigorous training, game and tournament schedule while maintaining high academic standards. What is especially gratifying from a coaching perspective is their willingness to Coach: Amanda Schmutz understand the game –they love to learn. Vinny Magliulo We teach them to know ‘why’ along with 8 Karli Berry 13 Amanda Martin ‘what’, and they embrace that approach. We believe that the team chemistry is an important component to any team’s success. This is a great group of players that not only enjoy each other’s company off of the field, but they also work very well together on the field.


24 23 22 9 14 1 11

Bailly Bounds Daisy Cabrera Tessa Dwyer Darian Gambetta Asianna Harris Lauryn Horstdaniel Alexa Hunt

12 21 5 19 7 77

Emily Martin Branagh McMullan Nolin Packer Amber Rivera Mackenzie Sullivan Victoria Whitehouse




FC 98G Team History 98 Neusport U13 Girls

The 98 Neusport was formed in 2010 with the goal of developing a team that could play and compete at a high level of soccer. The makeup of the team is represented by 8 local schools in Nevada. The is formed team is merging together of multiple teams in which most of the girls already knew each other. Most of the girls have been playing competitive soccer since they were 4 and 5 years old. There are a few players however who’ve only been playing competitive soccer for the last 3 to 4 years.

This season will be their debut season. It is quite fitting that we should be the publication to present to you Nevada newest U13 girls soccer team, the Neusport FC 98 girls soccer team. They are coached by Eddie Henderson whose playing experience began in Seattle’s little kickers soccer club. This experience took him through college soccer and then on to play for teams like Milwaukee Wave, Wichita Wings, Seattle Storm, San Diego Sockers and N.P.S.L. Coaching Experience (abridged) 2009-Present 2004-2009 2004-Present 2004-2009 2003-2004 2002-2003 2000-2004 1997-2004 1995-1997 1994-1997 1992-1997 1992

Director of Coaching Neusport Football Club, Las Vegas, NV Nevada State Director of Coaching Region IV Boys ODP Staff Coach ’92, Coach: Eddie Henderson 93, 94, 95, 97 Assistant Coach Region IV Girls ODP Staff Coach 8 Danielle Acosta Region II Boys ODP ‘86 Head Coach 1 Jessica Anaya Region II Boys ODP ‘86 Assistant Coach 11 Casey Childers Region II Boys and Girls ODP Staff 19 Hannah Cleveland Coach 12 Annalise Esparza Kansas State Director of Coaching Kansas ODP: ‘82 Boys Head Coach, 10 Peyton Feller Director of Coaching Air Capital 14 Carolyn Grajeda Soccer Club, Wichita, KS 7 Taylor Hemphill Wichita Wings Summer Soccer Camp: Coach ‘92 & ‘93, Camp Dir. ‘94-‘97 5 Lauren Karzen Milwaukee Lutheran High School Junior Varsity Head Coach


23 100 33 2 29 9 3 00


Paige Kaskie Cienna Mendez Sidney Morris Jessica Piazza Courtney Reeves Cienna Rideout Nicole West Amanda Wilson





Team History 97 Westside Metros U14 Girls

The WSM Usonians 97 girls’ team was formed in May of 2008 under the guidance of John Kirk who has been a coach at Westside Metros for the past 15 years. The team was originally formed with players from the Westside Development Program, a soccer skills course used by Westside to bridge the gap between recreational players and the classic soccer program. In their first year, the Usonians exceeded expectations by winning the 2008 Oregon Premier League and State Cup with a record of 15 Wins, 0 Losses and 3 Ties.


During the team’s second year of league play, Coach Kirk wanted to challenge the girls by testing them in an older division. They were able to qualify for the Silver bracket and place second among a group of teams that were a year older. The reason for playing up says Coach Kirk, “is to create a challenge in their development by making them play stronger and faster competition, requiring them to make quicker decisions on and off the ball.” With only their third loss of the year their season came to an end in the Semi Finals of the ‘09-‘10 OYSA State Cup. After two years of tutelage under Kirk, the Usonians transitioned to their current coach Cony Konstin, Head Coach of the Westside Metros Soccer Club along with Ben Durano as their assistant coach, (girls’ varsity coach for Sunset High School). For some teams, losing big games can have a lasting impact on the team. However, the true character of the players showed when they regrouped and competed 1 1/2 months later in the US Club Regionals at the 60 acres complex in Redmond WashingCoach: Cony Konstin ton. They won the Regional Championship with a record of 3 Wins 0 Losses and 1 Tie, outscoring their GK Emily Alder 17 Jamie Kresl opponents 10 goals to 3. 2 Kelsey Beber 13 Emily Mata Diaz Currently the roster is comprised of players from eight different cities. Eight of which have been with the team since it’s inception. Travel times too and from practice can amount to as much as one hour each way which is a testimonial to the quality and strength of the team.


8 Sydney Boechler 10 7 14 15 11 9

Lauren Deuker Michelle Escobar Machorro Alysa-Marie Farhoud Alexandra Graham GK Samantha Harrington Taylor Kernion

21 Mikaelah McKinney 5 6 23 3

Diana Santiago Paz Rylee Seekins Corinne Togiai Marissa Ward




U13 BOYS Team History

98 Willamette United Arsenal Boys Arsenal was first formed as a team in 2007 as a Player Development Team. The team was a collection of players that lived in West Linn and Wilsonville Oregon. At this level the team played 8v8 and it was obvious right away that this was a special group of boys. Not only were the boys successful on the field they instantly formed a bond and friendship that would prove to be a very powerful soccer weapon. The boys had chemistry on the field and that translated to success on the field. At the U10 age group Arsenal finished the year with a record of 24 and 2. The team entered the U11 year by adding seven new players to form a full 11v11 roster of 18 players. The team lost their first two full field 11v11 games and then went on a tear winning their next 10 games to finish second in Oregon’s top league. The spring league saw a continuation of that success with Arsenal coming in second again and finishing the U11 year with the best overall record for the entire year. Arsenal also gave up the least amount of goals in 2008/2009 in the state of Oregon. Going into the U12 season there were several new additions to the roster, although the team’s core remained the same. The boys and coach’s friendships continued to grow and this special relationship allowed the team to win a number of games against teams with better individual players. Arsenal finished the year with a record of 20 wins, 3 losses and 4 ties. They won their pool in State Cup play and went on to win the State Championship outscoring their opposition 9 to 3 in the last three games on the way to the title. Arsenal is currently playing their U13 season and at this time they have a record of 9 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. They have also qualified for the semi finals in the prestigious Northwest Champions League. In the end, the wins on the field are Coach: Jim Brazeau nice but it is clear that this group has a tight relationship that will provide the boys a lifetime of friendships. The 00 Zach Nelson 12 Colton Hefty boys succeed together and struggle 1 Alvin Salazar 16 Shaheen Safari together… everything is done as a team. 2 Ben Thompson 17 Duncan Carlson They have learned the importance of respect, discipline, hard work, dedica3 Ben Sebastian 18 David Palmer tion and loyalty. In the end they will all 4 Rene Hernandez-Flores 21 Ryan Klose have a long and successful soccer career 5 Alex Bruce 22 Connor Bailey but more importantly they will go into 7 Zeferino Cuevas 23 Ethan Baugher-Polling life ready to be good people. Soccer is simply the vehicle for this team to learn 8 Jeno Bean 24 Colin Squires the important life lessons we all need to 10 Bryan Cortez-Perez 27 Logan Jones learn in order to be the best we can be.






Solar 98 Boys By Melissa Finn


Midfielder Daniel Kiser and his family moved nearly 350 miles from their hometown of Lubbock, Tex., to the Dallas area, just so he could play for Solar 98 and Coach Kevin Smith. Nearly a year later, the Kisers have no regrets. “To see him play at this level - he would never be able to do that living in Lubbock,” says dad Danny Kiser, an oil and gas-drilling consultant. “He’s just learned so much more. I’m impressed.” Daniel, 13, agrees. “I like that every time I go to practice, I can improve and (Smith) can teach me,” he says. A key difference is “the quickness of play. Everyone’s touch was better,” Daniel recalls. Plenty of boys would love to be in Kiser’s cleats. Solar 98 has never lost a regular-season game and has won its Division 1 Classic League championship the past two years. It is on track to do the same in 2010-11. In December, Solar 98 won Disney’s Junior Soccer Showcase presented by Chelsea Football Club. The team played in the Showcase flight and went undefeated in bracket play beating teams from Illinois, Florida and Georgia. Solar beat Carolina Elite in the semis and beat the Ohio Premier Eagles Green 5 to 0 in the final. Smith says that winning tournaments is great, but that he finds it revealing that Solar 98 has done so well week in and week out. “To win the Classic League every year, that means you were the most consistent team of the year,” he notes. “It’s the spring and the fall, not just three, four, five games of a tournament.” About half of the team’s 16 members have been together since the 2008-09 U11 season, including the Blessing twins. Goalkeeper Ben Blessing can often be heard during games yelling instructions to his teammates, perhaps with special emphasis to his brother, defender Nick Blessing. Smith, who is assisted in coaching by Curtis Partain, believes the team’s success stems from the twice-weekly year-round practices. They are intense mentally as well as physically, as Smith concocts complicated drills and will often freeze the action to point-out someone’s mistakes and how to do it better. “That’s where they learn the game,” he says. “We have a system of play, and we all believe this is the way we’re going to play.” How does Smith describe his system? “We’re a passing team,” he says. “We are not going to panic. On my teams, you are going to play a very controlled, skillful game. There is not going to be any booting it down the field. My boys know better than that.” However, it is not all drudgery. Midfielder Liam Finn says Smith is a great coach partly because he is highly attuned to the average middle-school boy’s sense of humor. Gifts of Snickers candy bars are a traditional gift on Smith’s Coach: Kevin Smith birthday, and the English native has a large arsenal of sayings to unleash on the boys. Change course on the field too slowly, 1 Ben Blessing 11 Matthew White and Smith will yell, “I’ve seen milk turn quicker!” Even when they have heard it a 2 Fuki Goto 12 Collin Hill million times, the boys of Solar 98 can still 3 John Wynia 13 Daniel Kiser crack a smile of pity for their randomly targeted teammate when Smith bellows, “Let’s 5 Austin Eager 16 Jacob Hernandez go, men. And you, too, Dustin!”

6 7 8 9 10


Justin Salazer Cody Amundson Dustin Le Nick Blessing Liam Finn

18 Ricardo Camarena 23 Harris Partain 25 Jackson Morse

SP O RTS -B A S E D YOUTH DEV E LOP M E NT Au t h o rs: Dani e l Perkins, PhD., Pennsylvan i a State Un i ve r s i ty, Kr i s ti n e Mad s e n , M D , M PH , Un i ve r s i ty of Calif ornia , Sa n Fr a ncisco, Cor y We c hs l e r, Te am - Up f o r Yo u th Yo u th’s di s cre t iona r y time, often refer red to as o u t- o f - s c ho o l ti m e , c an b e e i the r an o p p o r tu n i t y fo r yo u th t o e ngage i n positive a ctivities tha t en han c e the i r d e ve l o p m e n t an d f o s te r the i r c o m p et e n c i e s , or a t i m e t o i nvolve themselves in a ctivities p o te n ti al l y har m f u l to the i r we l l - b e i n g. Ou t- of- s c h o o l yo u th de ve lopm e nt progr a ms suppor t the he al thy grow th an d d e ve l o p m e n t o f yo u n g p e o p l e by p ro v i d i n g e ngros s ing lea r ning oppor tunities that e m p has i ze l i f e s ki l l s . 1 Sports-based youth development is a methodology that uses sports to provide the supports and opportunities youth need to be healthy contributing citizens now and as adults. A sports-based youth development program offers youth an experience in which they learn and master sports skills along with life and leadership skills in a safe, fun, supportive, and challenging environment. This experience involves caring relationships, facilitated learning, experiential learning, and vigorous physical activity. The premise of sports-based youth development programs is that sports can be excellent mediums to engage youth and foster positive development, provided that they are “youth-centered”. Youth-centered sports-based youth development programs provide youth- both individually and in groups- opportunities to be actively engaged in learning. These programs provide a venue to learn life skills and are explicitly designed to have coaches intentionally engage their players in these learning opportunities. 2 Some sports-based youth development programs also instill life skills into programs and/ or activities that are carried out in tandem with the sport activity. Thus, sports-based youth development programs establish clear goals and utilize youth development best practices to create opportunities for young people to connect to others, develop skills, and utilize those skills to contribute to their communities in ways that, in turn, increase their ability to succeed. Specifically, reasearch on youth participation in sport and physical activity has demonstrated the following benefits: • • • • • • •

the d evelo pment of pro- social be ha v ior 4 red u ced a ntisocial and criminal be h av ior s 5 l ower rates of school dropout and d e lin q u e n t b e h av ior 6 i mpr ovemen ts in moral reasoning7 gr eater a ttention to “f air play ” and s p or ts pe r s on s h ip8 i ncr ea s ed personal responsibilit y 9 and gr ea ter adult caree r achie veme n t. 10

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DEVELOPING CHAMPIONS THROUGH CHALLENGES The First Tee of St. Johns County officially opened its doors on November 30, 2001. The Chapter originally started with only 35 Junior Members. In just 10 years, The First Tee of St. Johns County has impacted the lives of over 2,250 young people in Northeast Florida by introducing the game of golf and its positively inherent values. Besides the obvious of funding as a start-up nonprofit, the biggest challenge that The First Tee of St. Johns County has had to overcome is transportation. St. Augustine is a city that is relatively spread out, with their Chapter’s site about 10 miles from its Downtown Historic District. Therefore, participants can’t just ride a bike to their facility but rather need parents to transport them to the facility. At the tail end of 2010, their chapter was able to purchase a 12 passenger bus that will allow us to pick participants up from school, bring them to their facility for an hour and fifteen minutes of programming, and bring them back to school for parent pick-up or afterschool care. With this new asset, hopefully, we will be able to reach a portion of the population that would have never had the opportunity to learn the game of golf. Since 2007, The First Tee of St. Johns County has made an effort to expand its programs aggressively. In 2010, The First Tee of St. Johns County reached 856 unique participants accounting for 10,304 contact hours, through their Life Skills Experience Programs, their Afterschool Programs, their Outreach Programs, Summer Camps, and Summer Tournaments. The First Tee of St. Johns County is a very goal orientated chapter in which we set goals every November/December for their chapter to receive the following year. From a board perspective a lot of their goals have to do with fundraising, however, as Executive Director; I form goals that I hope their programs meet. From a fundraising perspective, we looked to increase their individual giving, their corporate giving, and their grants. On a programming perspective, we looked to increase their impact by providing more opportunities at more locations. In 2010, we were able to reach all of their goals, and even cut expenses, resulting in an extremely successful year. Quite honestly, I am very proud of the giant strides we have made in 2010: adding their 2nd Program Affiliate, Champions Club at Julington Creek; growing the Ambassador Membership to raising over $20,000; solidifying the Corporate Sponsorship Program to move forward in 2011; adding Leonard Thompson to their Ambassador Club Founders, adding Peter Ghiloni and Kirk Irvin to the board, having clinics by both Jim Furyk and Fred Funk at their facility, and growing their Ambassador Night Gala Dinner and the St. Augustine Amateur. The First Tee of St. Johns County has been extremely successful in creating opportunities for young people to learn the game of golf that would normally never have the opportunity to be exposed to the game. This is done by creating partnerships with schools and other youth development programs such as Community in Schools and Boys and Girls Clubs to introduce the game of golf and its positively inherent values. Unfortunately I do not have an exact answer right now; however, I do know it is well over 51%. We can attribute this success rate to having programs that are fun and highly interactive from the participant’s perspective, while parents stay engaged because of the valuable life skills we teach to their participants while seamlessly learning the game of golf. This year we were extremely luck where we had one participant attend The Home Care and Hospice First Tee Open at Pebble Beach, one participant attend the Life Skills and Leadership Academy at Kansas State University, two participants become Junior Course Reporters for THE PLAYERS, one participant receive a scholarship to a PGA Tour Academy Week-Long Summer Camp, and one participant qualify for the St. Augustine Amateur, a GolfWeek/ Designated Event. Every November, The First Tee of St. Johns County gives out the Bill Carpenter Scholarship at Ambassador Night, their annual gala dinner. This year the scholarship was given to Spencer Schindler a participant of The First Tee. I am extremely excited to move into 2011. We have hired a new Director of Programming, Scott Trethewey, a Class A PGA Member since 1996, who I think will be a great fit into their organization. Scott’s PGA connections will continue to allow us to open doors to achieve their mission into the future, but also add creditability to their programs and hopefully create incentives for their older participants to stay involved. Secondly, we recently purchased a bus. This too will help us grow their reach, now as we will be able to provide afterschool programming to all of the local elementary schools in St. Johns County, introducing kids to the game of golf and its inherent values to many kids who may have had never had the opportunity before. With that being said, I think The First Tee of St. Johns County is poised to make giant strides to grow its programs not only in St. Johns County, but also start expanding into its neighboring counties as well. This will be done by forming partnerships with local course, outreach programs, and supporters to help grow their mission and vision and impact the lives of young people. 20



First and foremost, we couldn’t do it without THE PLAYERS, their biggest sponsor every year. It is through their continued support that we are able to be as successful as we are every year. Secondly, having the support of their Ambassador Club helps contribute to the success of their program. The Ambassador Club was formed to help promote chapter’s Ambassador Membership program. Through the Ambassador Membership Program, golfers and other supporters of the chapter can join as members and thus support the First Tee and its programs. At $95, the cost of the membership is roughly what it costs to put and keep a junior player in the program for a year. Current Club Members are: Billy Kratzert (former PGA Tour Member and Television Commentator), Jim Furyk (PGA Tour), Leonard Thompson (PGA Tour), Jeff Klauk (PGA Tour), Fred Funk (PGA Tour), Mark McCumber (Former PGA Tour Member), Vicky Hurst (LPGA), County Commissioner Cyndi Stevenson, St. Johns County Director of Parks and Recreation Troy Blevins, and Superintendent of St. Johns County Schools Dr. Joseph Joyner. Third, it is through their partners such as the Florida Junior Golf Council, The United Way of St. Johns County, Palm Valley Golf Course, Champions Club at Julington Creek, and The St. Augustine Amateur that help us provide the positive impact in their community. Finally, I would like to credit the tireless work of the Board of Directors, that donate so much of their time and money, because they believe in their program, that has helped us get to where we are today. In addition to the typical Life Skills Experience Programs in which parents drop their children off at one of their three programming locations, The First Tee of St. Johns County provides Afterschool Programs to 8 local elementary schools; it is their goal to reach all 17 elementary schools in 2011, as well as transitional opportunities for young people engaged in the National School Program. Secondly we have outreach programs with Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Club, St. Augustine Youth Services, Community in Schools, YMCA, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, and Palatka Housing Authority. Unfortunately, I do not have the access to the numbers at the current time as we are going to a transition with their participant database. 2011, I would like to see The First Tee of St. Johns County be better marketed to the Northeast Florida Community, and more importantly the golfers in this community. Many times on speaking engagements and promotional visits throughout the community, I hear the question, “I heard of The First Tee, but what do you guys do?” or “I didn’t even know we had a chapter in St. Johns County”. It is my hope that through marketing and branding, that we can have the support of 100% of the local golfers in the community understand not only who we are, but what we do and how we do it. Secondly, I want to grow their organization through families, with bring a friend days, and giving participants logoed materials that they will wear or bring with them throughout the community, gaining exposure to their chapter. Quite honestly, I feel their biggest strength is The First Tee’s Staff. In my opinion, we have a very close knit staff that works extremely well together. Each and every staff member is here because they believe in their mission, love kids, and want to help their participants succeed. This in turn, allows participants to enjoy coming to The First Tee because they know that they will not only have fun, but they know that the staff generally cares about them, giving them a little “safe haven” on the golf course. Their biggest weakness is teenage recruitment and retention. I feel that we do a phenomenal job working with the ages 5 – 13, however, after kids turn 14, many of them reduce their participation in The First Tee programs. It is my hope that hiring a PGA Professional in Scott as my Program Director, that we can help grow this age range of 14-18, where they can really take advantage of The First Tee Home Office’s Participant Opportunities such as Life Skills and Leadership Academies, The First Tee Scholars Program, The Future Leaders Forum, or The First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. 2011 celebrates their 10 Year Anniversary as a chapter and as I briefly reflect from where we come from and where we are going, I am extremely excited, in many ways, we overcame many obstacles. “Think about it, our chapter started in 2001 with only 35 participants, in 2010 alone, they have reached over 850 unique participants and I only see that number continuing to grow each and every year.





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