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Soul Readings and Life Coaching with


Carol Mann

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creator of Cosmic CafĂŠ on Jackson Hole Radio

For an appointment call 307.690.8930 or email For more information:

MASSAGE Rena Trail (307) 203-8005

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! u o y k n a h T

10 March 14 - 20, 2012

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EDITOR’S CHOICE People & Living


Carol Mann is in touch where so many aren’t. The longtime valley resident is probably best known for her radio blurb, “Cosmic Café,” which airs weekdays on KMTN at 1:30 p.m. The gifted mistress of the metaphysical is also a Washington University grad and holds a master’s degree from Harvard. Mann conducts soul readings, clairvoyant contacts with the departed, and channeling sessions. Sooner or later a conversation with Mann gets down to the nitty-gritty: the soul. Mann is adamant that the soul has a blueprint and working against its native design could be causing disharmony in your life. “The soul is love-based rather than fear-based,” Mann says. “The ego is the fear-based relative of the soul. If you let your ego run your life you will always be in fear and feel unfulfilled because the ego can never be satisfied. Put your soul in the driver’s seat of your life. Ego makes a better passenger.” Mann’s new two-CD set entitled 2012 A.D.—The Big Picture, is a preparation guide not for the end, but a new beginning. “The Mayans never said the world would end. They did say there would be a lot of changes, which we already know is happening,” Mann says. “The essence of this change is a shift away from fear and separation and toward cooperation. It is a hugely radical change.” – Jake Nichols

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AFFORDABLE FINDS There’s a little bit of everything at … N

245 N. Glenwood • 739-0581 2.5 blocks north of the Wort Hotel Mon. - Sat. 10am - 5pm






Gottahavit Clothing • Jewelry • Collectibles Furniture • Vintage • Unique Gifts

Just for Kids 150 Scott Lane • 734-3422 Behind the Best Western Mon. - Sat. 10am - 5:30pm, Sun. 1 - 5pm

Maternity • Newborn to size 12 Toys • Furniture


BROADWAY 3rd light west of Glenwood, turn south on Scott Ln.

The Center for Resolution provides mediation services in our community.

Larsen Family Dentistry

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family dentistry Call to schedule your BEST dental visit ever!

733-4778 12 March 14 - 20, 2012

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sexiest couple


Mr. and Mrs. Foster Friess

Occupy JH: remembered

EDITOR’S CHOICE People & Living

Jackson is full of big studly bro-brahs who flaunt their sexual prowess with bright colors and displays of aerial acrobatics to attract females. And we also have plenty of buxom ski bunnies looking for, if not Mr. Right, then Mr. Right Now. So who is the sexiest couple in Jackson Hole? The answer may surprise you: Mr. and Mrs. Foster Friess. If you ask women what makes a man sexy they would probably answer, good looks, sense of humor, intelligence, etc. What women really mean is they judge a man by the size of his, umm, investment portfolio. Well, Foster has a lot of money—enough to influence presidential elections. As Henry Kissinger once said, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” After decades of marriage, the Friesses still seem like a couple of naughty little kids. This year’s Friess Christmas card features the caption, ”Smoking Hot Wife” and has a picture of Foster and Lynn licking an extremely phallic Popsicle. Lynn Friess licking a Popsicle is one thing, but Foster? There’s no doubt the Friesses are the sexiest couple in Jackson. But it’s a good thing the Friesses are too old to need birth control, because I hate to break it to Foster but, “Putting Bayer aspirin between the knees” is not an effective method for preventing pregnancy. – Aaron Wallis

Alley behind TST AARON DAVIS



The first of several Occupy JH protests was October 15 on Town Square. During the same week around the world, Occupy protests were picking up steam in more than 600 communities in the U.S., and 80 countries around the world. The 50-or-so folks that gathered on the southwest corner of Town Square that day may have experienced a mild atmosphere compared to the epicenter in New York City’s Zuccotti Park, but the purpose was parallel. “We are the 99%” signs faced the public in one of the richest counties in the nation, and reactions came from both political spectrums. One citizen opposing the movement admitted to being in the 1%, and hung around to debate the issues with several of the protestors. Did the local series of protests contribute to the greater movement? Inspire change in Teton County? That’s for you to decide. But one thing did happen— it sparked a great deal of conversation among a segment of the population that by-and-large did not know one another. That’s America. – Aaron Davis

I’ve never really understood the point of bar fights or what the amateur pugilists hope to accomplish? The winner goes to jail and the loser goes to the hospital. And the bar skank they were arguing about, she gives chlamydia to some other lucky guy. Watching two drunken testosterone-fueled morons pound each other does save $59.95 over purchasing UFC on payper-view. In Jackson, the best place to catch a bar fight is without a doubt the Town Square Tavern and the alley behind it. Back in 2009, Joshua Anders Rae beat Brent Owen like Rae was a six-year-old changing channels during the NFL playoffs. Owen suffered 27 facial fractures and the legal fallout was only recently settled. Another undisputed TST champion is Tucker Olsen of Driggs. Olsen got in a little scuffle and was head bunting a bouncer in the street when the cops arrived. There used to be a great video on Vimeo of the JHPD beating the crap out of Olsen but the link has expired. Fighting aside, throw in the random discharging of firearms, punching police horses, public urination, and garden variety vomiting. Let’s just say TST is the only bar that provides an authentic Old West experience. Sure the Cowboy has plenty of dudes in chaps hanging out in the restroom, but I’d rather go to TST. – Aaron Wallis updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


READERS’ CHOICE People & Living Best Real Estate Agent



Silver: Garth & Christie Gillespie Bronze: Katie Colbert Best Athlete

GOLD: TRAVIS RICE Silver: Crystal Wright Bronze: Andrew Whiteford Best Athlete Under 17

GOLD: DANIEL TISI Silver: Jimmy and Jack Hessler Silver: Peter Neal Bronze: Sasha Johnstone Best Elected Official

GOLD: MARK BARRON Silver: Greg Miles Bronze: Ruth Ann Petroff Best Politician That Does Not Hold an Office

GOLD: CAPTAIN BOB MORRIS Silver: Gary Trauner Bronze: Jim Stanford Orthopaedic Associates is once again honored to serve the residents and visitors of Jackson. “Comprehensive, ethical and compassionate Orthopaedic Care.”

Thank you Jackson Hole for your support.

BEST OF 2012

funny answers

DR. ANGUS GOETZ Best Knee Doctor - Silver

Silver: David Gonzales Bronze: Pete Muldoon

Q: Best Server


A: That hot chick with tattoos at Cafe Boheme

Silver: Joe Rice Bronze: Katie Cooper Bronze: Hernando Pardo Bronze: Bruce Grosbety Bronze: Bob Millsap

Q: Best Nonprofit

Best Local Website

Q: Best Real Estate Agent

In addition to being the “Best Knee Docs,” we also offer exceptional spine, shoulder, hip, trauma, hand and foot surgery. We’re honored to serve you!

Orthopaedic Associates J A C K S O N

A: The Devil Q: Best Boss


945 W. Broadway, Suite 202 307-734-5999 •

14 March 14 - 20, 2012


Best Boss

A: Shake-a -day at the V.C.


Best Activist

A: Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen

l JH Weekly l updated daily

GOLD: WWW.JHUNDERGROUND.COM Silver: Jackson Hole Radio Classifieds Bronze: Best Non–profit

GOLD: PAWS OF JACKSON HOLE Silver: Habitat for Humanity Bronze: Animal Adoption Center Best Charity Event

GOLD: OLD BILL'S FUN RUN Silver: PAWS Fur Ball Bronze: Teton County Library Fundraiser

Best web weather Jim Woodmency

EDITOR’S CHOICE People & Living

Meteorologist Jim Woodmencey launched in 1997 as more of a peek into his world than a look at the five-day forecast. Touring Woodmencey’s website is an exclusive invite into the inner workings of weather. All the tools are there –computer models, upper air maps, satellite photos, radar, Doppler 4000, weather balloons—all you’re lacking is the 26 years of experience forecasting for all the trick nuances of mountainous country. In addition to the forecast for Jackson Hole and all the tools necessary to fashion your own if you’ve the inclination, the website features oodles of external links to road reports, webcams, lightning map, earthquake info, and avalanche danger. Widgets are available for your own website or mobile device. Predicting weather in rugged terrain like ours is tricky. Only the best survive. Woodmencey is talented enough to be called upon over and over by Search and Rescue, heli-skiing companies, park and forest officials; even the United States military. Last week, Woodmencey took a couple of days off from his day job to teach a weather course for the U.S. Air Force. If you’ve got the time, will keep you busy for hours. - Jake Nichols

JESSICA RUTZICK & ASSOCIATES, PC All Women Litigation Team Serving the Equality State and Carrying on the Tradition of Strong Women. (307) 733-8140 RUTZICKLAW.COM

Best Lawyer Jessica Rutzick

The Wyoming State Bar does not certify any lawyer as a specialist or expert. Anyone considerng a lawyer should independently investigate the lawyers’s credentials and ability and not rely upon advertisement or self-proclaimed expertise. updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


READERS’ CHOICE People & Living Best Teacher: Lauren Butze

GOLD: LAUREN BUTZE Silver: Renaye Notzka Silver: Andrea Overly Bronze: Heather Joy Best Lawyer

GOLD: DAVID DEFAZIO Silver: Jessica Rutzick Bronze: Doug Schultz

Silver: Cary Smith Bronze: Catherine Tebay

Best Physician


Best Nurse



Silver: Dr. Mike Menolascino Bronze: Dr. Mark Menolascino

Silver: Laurie Bush Silver: Mary Ness Bronze: Sally Luke

Best Yoga Instructor

Best Knee Doctor


Best Dentist


Silver: Dr. Angus Goetz Bronze: Dr. David Khoury

Best Massage Therapist

Gold: Rena Trail Silver: Gary Kolenich Bronze: Juniper Lopez

Congratulations to all the winners!

David Khoury, MD

Peter Rork, MD and David Khoury, MD at Teton Orthopaedics want to thank the Jackson Hole community for voting us the

BEST KNEE DOCTORS “We appreciate your support and will continue to care for all of your orthopaedic needs.”

PAWS of Jackson Hole 250 W. Pearl St., Jackson

16 March 14 - 20, 2012

Silver: Dr. Kevin Meehan Bronze: Dr. Monique Lai

Silver: Adi Amar Bronze: Neesha Zollinger Bronze: Danielle Goldyn

Peter Rork, MD

PAWS has some lofty goals for 2012, including continuing our Spay/Neuter voucher program and renovating the kennels at the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter. Please consider making a donation today so we can continue to provide essential services to homeless pets and the people that adopt them! Go to to learn more.



THANK YOU for awarding PAWS of Jackson Hole SILVER for Best Non-Profit and SILVER for Best Charity Event!

Best Lawyer: David DeFazio

555 E. Broadway, 733-3900

l JH Weekly l updated daily


Best Teacher

Best Dentist: Scott Larsen

Best eruption Supervolcano

EDITOR’S CHOICE People & Living

By studying layers of sediment, scientists are able to determine that Yellowstone blows its top every 600,000 years. The last major volcanic eruption in the park occurred 640,000 years ago. We are on borrowed time. Occasionally the magma mess under YNP cooks to the surface for a minivolcanic episode. The West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake was created about 162,000 years ago when a smaller blast sent rock chunks clear to Jackson. But the “big one,” the one that is expected to threaten all planetary life as we know it, is due any day now. Recent earthquake swarms and increased geothermal activity in areas like the Mud Volcano might be indications the nation’s first park is on the brink of Armageddon. – Jake Nichols


Allan & Frances Tessler

Steve Deutsch

Round One Boxing Gym

Allan Tessler made his fortune as the former CEO of Data Broadcasting Corp. After a stint in the Navy and a brief job as a computer consultant for IBM, Tessler began a long career as a financial consultant earning him the reputation of a “turnaround” specialist. Maybe that’s why the retired financier recently headed a consortium that took control of the beleaguered Rocky Mountain Bank. Or maybe Tessler just likes a charity case. Tessler met his wife, Frances, while the two were undergrads at Cornell University. They now spend their retirement years in Jackson skiing, hiking, biking, and spreading their wealth. Tessler is an emeritus board member of the Jackson Hole Land Trust. Frances serves on the board of the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust. Both donate their time at ventures like the Jackson Hole Wine Auction and their money as $100,000 co-challengers for Old Bill’s Fun Run and other numerous contributions to the community. “My first unsolicited nonprofit donation in Jackson funded the purchase of radios for Teton County Search and Rescue,” Tessler said. “We skied in the backcountry quite frequently, and I got to know some Search and Rescue volunteers. When I found out that they didn’t have any radios, I offered to fund the acquisition. In New York, our donations seemed to get lost sometimes in the vastness of organizations. Here, those radios were a game changer.” Even though Tessler’s dream of building a graduate business school in Jackson Hole were dashed and he lost money as an investor of the doomed Snake River Sporting Club and Ponzischemer Bernie Madoff, Tessler keeps swinging away. And giving it away. – Jake Nichols

There are a lot of ways you can categorize best athlete. Upon meeting Steve Deutsch, I learned that being the best adaptive athlete has nothing to do with physical abilities and everything to do with heart. After moving to Jackson Hole in 1994, Deutsch quickly got a job with the heli-tech fire crew, and was starting to fulfill his dream of living in the mountains. But in September of 1996, Deutsch rolled his truck while swerving to avoid a moose on the highway. The accident put him in a coma for 10 days and he woke with massive head injuries that left him paralyzed on the left side of his body. After a long recovery, Deutsch found his way back to Jackson and met Kurt Henry with Teton Adaptive Sports. Through the program, Deutsch is able to continue his adventures in the valley, skiing every weekend, hiking mountain trails in the summer, and boating on the lakes and rivers. But it is not what Deutsch gets from the program that makes him the best; it’s what he gives back. He is not only an athlete in the program, but also serves as a counselor to other athletes. When asked about his accomplishments, Deutsch said it was “the astounding outpouring of help that the community gave me – you just don’t find that anywhere else.” Not a word about himself. Deutsch’s humility is what makes him the best. – Andy LaBonte

So you have some pent-up frustration? Perhaps there’s even someone you might like to take it out on? Instead of ruining a relationship or severing a close tie forever, why not harness that energy in a healthy way. Round One Boxing Gym let’s you do just that (it’s also a welcomed change from the drone of cardio machines). Tucked away in an unassuming building on Center Street, Round One was spearheaded by former pro-boxer Shane Swartz, who offers instruction to the young, the old, the meek and the bold. This alternative, interactive workout is gaining steam among a sundry array of folks, including those who find the treadmill and elliptical to have lost all appeal, and for those who want to work out more than just their quads on the hill. Boxing not only elevates your heart rate and improves your strength and stamina but it also teaches the discipline and calculated technique behind the gloves. – Robyn Vincent




BEST ONE PERCENTERS updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


READERS’ CHOICE People & Living Best Eccentric: Capt. Bob Morris

Best Architect

Best Facial Hair


Gold: Dave Johnson Silver: Aaron Mitchell Bronze: Olaf "Oly" Koehler

Silver: Nona Yehia Silver: Chris Moulder Bronze: Peggy Gilday Bronze: Tim Grimes

Best Radio Personality

Best Entrepreneur

GOLD: GAVIN FINE Silver: Joe Rice Bronze: John Frechette Best Eccentric

Silver: “Crazy Tom” Haigh Bronze: Ms. Hill

Best Gay Hangout: The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Favorite Liftee AT Grand Targhee, Snow King or JH MOUNTAIN RESORT

GOLD: SLIM WESTON Silver: “Dyno” Mike Dynia Bronze: Lynette “Silver Fox” Waldron

Gold: Mark “Fish” Fishman

Best Thing to Happen to Jackson Hole in 2011

Silver: “Crazy Tom” Haigh Bronze: Del Ray

Silver: Bike path north of town Bronze: Modern Family filming here

Best Gay Hangout

Worst Thing to Happen to Jackson Hole in 2011



Best Radio Personality: ‘Fish’

Silver: Il Villaggio Osteria Bronze: Ignight


GOLD: ANTI-ABORTION PROTESTERS ON BROADWAY Silver: No snow in December 2011 Bronze: Summer didn't start until July

Congratulations to the Best Of Jackson Hole 2012 winners!


to all the winners in this year’s Best of Jackson Hole and Thank You for your votes!

DR. MARK MENOLASCINO Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Best Physician

In appreciation, we would like to offer:

2 for1


15% off 10% off


Food Sensitivity, Allergy, Hormone, Micronutrient, & Heavy Metal testing


March is National Nutrition Month, are food allergies slowing you down? Visit our website at to test your health and learn more about how we can help. All discounts valid when you book your appointment before April 15th, 2012. • (307) 732-1039 • 5235 HHR Ranch Rd • Wilson, WY

18 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily

Our National Parks


Back in the good old days when Jackson was full of brothels, you could probably have sex up against the side of the Wort and nobody would care. The Wild West got civilized and boring and now that kind of behavior is not tolerated. Just ask the couple who were arrested last year for having sex on the Teton Artlab’s mini-golf course located in the Pink Garter Theatre’s courtyard. Friends tell me the gondola ride at JHMR is a great place for a quick BJ. Personally, I can’t condone sex on the gondola after paying $97 for a lift ticket because that’s basically prostitution. The large number of video cameras on Town Square means it’s hard to get away with fornicating in public anymore. I think our national parks are the perfect place for public sex because, who are the elk going to tell? The park service outfits are kind of sexy in the same way the UPS outfit serves as a premise for adult films. Perhaps if prostitution were legalized inside national parks they could finally get some hot chicks to join the park service. – Aaron Wallis

Among JHPD, the Teton County Sheriffs, and the WY Highway Patrol, Jackson has approximately four times the law enforcement per capita as the national average. Maybe we need them during the summer to keep all those wild and dangerous retirees in RVs from bringing anarchy to town. But the rest of the year the cops really don’t have anything to do aside from harassing teenagers and stoners. The five-0 spends most of its time sitting by the side of the road and giving as many DUIs as possible. Back in 2009, I was in the police station to report a stolen bike and saw plaques on the wall honoring the department’s top DUI givers. Teton County averages about 300 DUIs a year, about three times the national average. Take tons of bored cops and a system with a financial incentive to give out as many DUIs as possible and it sounds like a recipe for impartial and judicious enforcement of the law to me. If you have two drinks with dinner you can be over the limit and get a DUI. Recently, the acting CEO of St. John’s was busted for a DUI on Spring Gulch Road. I see most people pulled over on 22 after Spring Gulch and before Iron Rock Road. Everybody traveling between the Village, Wilson, and Jackson has to drive that stretch of road after a night out. Next time the schools face tough budget cuts, we should just fire a few cops instead. I’m sure 22 is not going to turn into the Road Warrior overnight because we only have three times as many cops as most cities. – Aaron Wallis

EDITOR’S CHOICE People & Living

best criminals

10 Year Olds Fence Stolen Toys Law enforcement apprehended two 10-year old boys after an extensive investigation last September and October. The boys stole toys from Teton Toys and then fenced the stolen goods to their classmates at the elementary school. Owner Wes Gardner did not press charges. In this paper’s coverage of the story, all the usual B.S. was brought up about children learning from their mistakes and the importance of honesty in our society. The last few years have taught us that the 1%ers who run this country steal from the government, the lower classes, and each other, then buy off politicians to get away with it. It’s only stealing when poor people do it. I remember what it was like growing up poor, never having cool toys, getting made fun of because I did not have designer clothes. In high school, I wasn’t getting blowjobs after football practice because my parents did not buy me an expensive car like the other kids. Those two boys showed a lot of ingenuity; they’ll make great drug dealers one day—the only avenue society allows for members of the lower class to move up in. The one lesson I hoped they learned is “don’t get caught,” unless you have rich parents to hire an expensive lawyer and buy an acquittal. – Aaron Wallis PATRICK DOLAN

best place to get a dui



Got personality! gold gold



best best radio radio personality personality

best best radio radio personality personality

best best radio radio personality personality


Tom Tom “crazy “crazy tom” tom” Haigh Haigh

DEL DEL RAY RAY Be local. Buy local. Listen local. updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


READERS’ CHOICE ob-scene-[uhb-seen] adjective 1. indecent,depraved 2. causing uncontrolled spending desire

Thank you for voting us your #1 place for dropping "obscene" amounts of cash. We love our fans.

synonyms bawdy,loose,lustful, outrageous

Goods & Services Best Full Service Spa

GOLD: SNAKE RIVER LODGE AND SPA, AVANYU SPA Silver: Four Seasons Resort Bronze: Solitude at Teton Mountain Lodge BEST HAIR STYLIST

al.ti.tude 48 e. broadway jackson,wy 83001 307-733-4719

GOLD: ROB HOLLIS Silver: Jarius Noble Bronze: Lela Hebard BEST NAIL SALON


Thank You JacksonHole!

Silver: Frost Salon Bronze: Body & Soul Spa & Salon Best Shop for Dropping Obscene Amounts of Cash BEST OUTDOOR GEAR STORE


from the crew at Teton Mountaineering

GOLD: ALTITUDE Silver: Teton Mountaineering Bronze: Terra Best Fitness Center or Gym

GOLD: BELL FITNESS Silver: Jackson Hole Health & Fitness Bronze: The White Buffalo Club BEST OUTDOOR GEAR STORE

GOLD: TETON MOUNTAINEERING Silver: Skinny Skis Bronze: Hoback Sports Best Skate, Snowboard or Ski Shop

GOLD: JACKSON TREEHOUSE Silver: Hoback Sports Bronze: Boardroom of Jackson Hole Best Bike Shop

GOLD: FITZGERALD'S BICYCLES Silver: Hoback Sports Bronze: Hoff Bikes Best Golf Hole

GOLD: JH GOLF AND TENNIS NO. 13 Photo by W. Garth Dowling

Silver: JH Golf and Tennis No. 11 Bronze: JH Golf and Tennis No. 12 BEST VETERINARY CLINIC

GOLD: SPRING CREEK ANIMAL HOSPITAL Open Daily • 170 North Cache • Jackson, WY • 307-733-3595

20 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily

Silver: Animal Care Clinic Bronze: Fish Creek Vet Clinic


EDITOR’S CHOICE Goods & Services

Global Treasures


best place to attune to your higher vibration


I remember the first time I walked through the door of Global Treasures. A friendly man wearing a Hawaiian shirt (in October) greeted me with a welcoming smile. I later found out he is one of the store’s owners. I’m not sure if it was his smile or all the fun novelties in the store that uplifted me the most, but ever since that day more than 12 years ago, Global Treasures has been my go-to place for gift shopping. I think it has Jackson’s best selection of unique offerings, and I know I can’t go wrong when I buy something there for myself or for someone else. Last year, I was at a loss as to what to get my brother for his 50th birthday, but when I saw the customizable, architectural black and white photos that can be designed to spell out anything, I was able to design an original gift complete with special photos from our youth. A few weeks ago, while I was reading through the festive selection of greeting cards at the store, two teenage girls came in looking for something they couldn’t find anywhere else. One was holding a plastic bag with two gold fish in it. They were looking for a fish bowl. While the store didn’t have a bowl, they did have a fish hotel. They knew, like I do, when it seems you can’t find something in Jackson that you want, you can find it at Global Treasures. – Teresa Griswold

The Harmonic Spa If you’ve ever wanted to slip away into a relaxing panacea of pure bliss without having to stretch, bend and balance in multiple poses (think yoga), sound vibration therapy at the Harmonic Spa is the answer. It’s like a massage for your body from the inside out and similar to acupuncture, it works with energy meridians but there’s no needles, just soothing sounds. The treatment is so relaxing that I usually fall asleep and awaken only when the healing practitioner, owner Nancy Alfs, infuses the room with a symphony from the healing gongs that surround the massage table. My body picks up the peaceful, gentle vibration, and I awake relaxed and energized. It is my favorite part, probably because I am so harmonized by the end of the treatment. Afterward, I am more attuned to life. It is like a tune up— not only for the body, but also mind and spirit. And we all need that. – Teresa Griswold

Self-proclaimed best patient, Julie Zell, CONGRATULATES her favorite nurse, Laurie Bush and massage therapist, Rena Trail, for being the BEST IN JACKSON HOLE.


BEST NURSE LAURIE BUSH updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


Spring Break - Staycation at FOUR SEASONS RESORT



Valid March 25 - April 8, 2012 Must present local Wyoming & Idaho I.D. Applicable to new reservations only! Not combinable with other offers or discounts. Room tax and occupancy fee may be applied.

Call reservations directly to book at 307-732-5600 22 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily



EDITOR’S CHOICE Goods & Services

BEST OF 2012

funny answers Q: Best Doctor


Adam Sherman didn’t set out to make the world’s fastest powder ski, but that’s his company’s tagline. Launched in 1993, Igneous Skis churns out custom handmade skis, snowboards and skateboards for users who are tough on their gear. Sherman started the operation because he kept breaking stuff. So did everyone else he knew. Igneous does not advertise or market its line. No logo appears on its product. Word-of-mouth has made them legendary in Jackson Hole. Serious skiers and riders recognize Igneous product by their girth and signature pristine wood grain tops. Mike Parris has been the head engineer at Igneous since the beginning. When you order your skis, you’ll speak directly with him. He’ll probably have on a lab coat. He is a mad genius. Local orders comprise about 60 percent of Igneous’ business. It also ships to the western U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. A group of Swedish high schoolers visited the shop a few years back. They said: “öppna och trevliga människor som gärna delar både kunskap och glädje.” That pretty much means they were stoked. – Jake Nichols

Thanks for voting! Our 110 years of collective teaching experience appreciates your studentship! - Akasha staff

A: It’s best if you never have to go

Q: Best Dentist A: Waiting to hear, haven’t been in over 7 years Q: Best thing to happen in Jackson during 2011

Best Yoga Studio

A: The new m-f’n grand bathroom

Q: Worst thing to happen in Jackson during 2011

Best Yoga Instructor (Neesha Zollinger)

A: Still no Target! A: Abortion riots

Q: Best Nurse A: The cute one at St. John’s

Erin O'Brien photo: Derek DeLuzio updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


Thank You for naming us the Best of Jackson Hole!

READERS’ CHOICE Goods & Services

Your donations and purchases make a difference in our community every day. BEST YOGA STUDIO

Gold: Inverson Yoga Studio Silver: Akasha Yoga Bronze: Teton Yoga Shala

THANK YOU JACKSON HOLE FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT! Yoga Workshops • Intensives • Teacher Trainings •

with gratitude, Adi Amar


Gold: Pet Place Plus Silver: Teton Tails Bronze: Rally's Pet Garage Hardware Store

Gold: Ace Hardware Silver: Sunrise True Value Bronze: Wilson Hardware Best Liquor Store

Gold: TLS The Liquor Store Silver: Smith's Bronze: Bud's Eastside Liquor Best Florist

BEST YOGA INSTRUCTOR • • (307) 690-3054

Gold: Lily & Co Silver: Char Ral Floral Bronze: Floral Arts

The LITTLE SHOP of FUN! You can’t party without us!


BEST LIQUOR STORE Supporting Jackson for over 25 years!

Stop in to visit the Valley’s First Wine Tasting Station





Will match any current locally advertised price. • 307-733-4466 • Albertsons is next to us! 24 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily

EDITOR’S CHOICE Goods & Services



El Puente

Childbirth, emergency room visits and going under the knife are just a few of the stressful situations that El Puente medical translators assist Spanish-speaking folks with around-the-clock here in the valley. El Puente executive director Vida Sanchez founded the nonprofit in 2003. “Our mission is to improve access to the health care system among limited English speakers by reducing linguistic and cultural barriers to care,” Sanchez explained. A simple visit to the doctor’s office is enough to elevate many patients’ heart rates. But imagine not knowing exactly what your doctor is trying to tell you as you writhe in pain, unsure of the cause. El Puente translators keep their cool while translating documents and critical information in sometimes life-threatening situations. They are the mediators–serving 85 percent women and children– between doctor and patient when the barrier to being well, or simply receiving medical care, is language. While we love our animals here in Jackson Hole (PAWS won the gold for Best Nonprofit in this year’s Readers’ Poll), JH Weekly thought it high time we recognize a different kind of nonprofit that focuses on people and community. – Robyn Vincent

“No one else in the Valley has a bread that can stand up to Persephone’s.” – Dina Mishev “Best thing since you know what,” JHWeekly 11.16.11

THANK YOU for making us #1

We work hard to give you the best! SPIN • PUMP • YOGA • PILATES TRX • CY-YO • STEP and an awesome facility. 307-734-5878 1655 High School Rd.

BEST FITNESS CENTER/GYM updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012



Thanks to everyone for your votes.... We love you! Julie & Jerry

Goods & Services BEST PRODUCE

GOLD: JACKSON WHOLE GROCER Silver: Smith's Bronze: Jackson Hole Farmer's Market

Silver Award Special

Char-Ral Floral 180 N. Center St. Downtown 733-2500

Gerber Daisy $1/stem

Best Bank

Valid March 14-16

Silver: First Interstate Bank Bronze: Wells Fargo


Thanks for your votes and thanks to our great consignors and shoppers.

Best Eco friendly Business

GOLD: JACKSON WHOLE GROCER Silver: Blue Spruce Cleaners Bronze: Hotel Terra


Taking spring and summer consignments starting March 19th.

Best Place to Buy Drugs

GOLD: SMITH'S FOOD AND DRUG Silver: Albertsons/Sav-On Bronze: Stone Drug Store

thank you! thank you! thank you! The gals at Terra wish to thank all of our loyal shoppers for so many years of fabulous purchases! We hope to always be the shop at which you choose to blow obscene amounts of cash! We are thrilled to be the “Best of Jackson Hole!”

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26 March 14 - 20, 2012 l

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Three Bests

Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling AARON DAVIS


Pick just one? Hmm, let’s go with three—Photosynth, Vidrhythm and Garageband were all released last year, and allow you to not only get artsy on the fly, but goof off as well. I wouldn’t have guessed that Microsoft was behind one of the coolest apps of the year with Photosynth (free), but it is. Allowing users to quickly and reliably capture panoramic 360-degree gyroscopic images, this is a nice one to bust out on a day in the mountains. The iPhone cam is not a very wide angle, so even stitching a few shots together can help you get a decent landscape shot. Vidrhythm (free) is for the lighter side of life. Designed to let users put themselves into a music video using their own audio and video samples, this one can be both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. At least in the short-term, this is a party app. After sampling and deciding upon a specific song, just choose a visual presentation style, and boom, you’re in business. Vidrhythm is not likely to entertain you for more than a week, but it’s worth the laughs. As for Garageband ($5), having an eight-track studio in your pocket is epic, at least in theory. Garageband’s functionality has always appealed to both newbies and pros, even the nonmusic-making crowd. Sketching out your next composition or just impromptu jamming with yourself on a surface the size of a playing card can be cheap entertainment, or at its best, a place to layer your creative ideas. Rock it. – Aaron Davis

Each time I deposit the boundless contents of my recycling bins at the recycling center on Snow King Avenue I think about the folks who sift through the heaping piles of smelly, sticky, gooey items in order to reduce the amount of garbage we send to the landfill each week. Recycling efforts in a community are indeed a partnership. Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling puts in the hours and a conscientious community chooses the recycle bin over the trashcan. According to Bicycle Magazine and Columbia University, Teton County has some astoundingly high recycling rates. The U.S. national recycling rate is 24 percent. The Rocky Mountain Regional Recycling Rate is 11 percent, and Teton County’s recycling rate: a whopping 35 percent. Living in a pristine place among such aweinspiring wildlife causes us to think long and hard before we throw things “away.” And, traveling to places across the globe where trash decorates the streets and floats in canals and rivers is a reminder of why we’re fortunate here in Teton County; to not only have the infrastructure to handle recycling and waste but also the prevailing attitude of reducing, reusing and recycling for the health of the planet and the future generations of people who inhabit it. – Robyn Vincent

EDITOR’S CHOICE Goods & Services

best place for secular people to go on sunday morn

e.leaven Food Company Karl Marx famously called religion “the opiate of the masses.” All the drug addicts are at church on Sunday morning getting their socially acceptable fix. Leaving the rest of us feeling excluded and with some time to kill, especially during the NFL off-season. So I thought about the options for secular people to keep busy on Sunday morning. If the weather is decent, a hike up Snow King is a great way to start a Sunday. While everybody else is busy worshiping, you’ll be working on an ass that’s worthy of devotion. If the snow is good then crosscountry skiing on any of the Teton County Parks and Recreation’s trails is always a great way to spend the morning, especially because the trails are not usually covered with dog shit in plastic bags until afternoon walk time. And finally, if you need a good breakfast to take the edge off that hangover, the e.leaven Food Company is open on Sunday and has one of the best breakfasts in town. Since e.leaven’s name is a veiled Passover reference, one could even consider breakfast a substitute for attending synagogue. I just pretend the counter is the pulpit, the dinning room chairs are the pews, and I’m going to burn in hell for my sins, then I feel right at home. – Aaron Wallis

THANK YOU JACKSON! In spite of our overly optimistic thermometer, thank you for voting us as almost the hottest bank in town.

jackson branch locations Albertsons 105 Buffalo Way

802 W. Broadway

Main 842 W. Broadway

Town Square 120 East Broadway

Stop by or call us at 307-734-7373

Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


Thank you!

Voted BEST PET SUPPLY STORE two years running!

Thank you!

South Park Loop


Thank you! 1645 Martin Lane • 733-5355

PPP Martin Lane

Smith’s High School Road

Monday-Friday 9:30am-6pm, Saturday 9:30am-5pm

READERS’ CHOICE Goods & Services Best Reason to Drive to Driggs or Victor

GOLD: VICTOR EMPORIUM’S HUCKLEBERRY MILKSHAKES Silver: Music on Main Concert Series Bronze: The Knotty Pine Best Customer Service

GOLD: JACKSON WHOLE GROCER Silver: Four Seasons Resort Bronze: TLS The Liquor Store Best Consignment Store

GOLD: HEADWALL SPORTS Silver: Queenie & Co. Bronze: Browse 'n' Buy

THANK YOU JACKSON! Blue Spruce Cleaners is very proud to be Jackson’s only environmentally safe solution for all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs. Good for you, Good for your Clothes, Good for the Environment! We appreciate you so much, and could not have earned Silver without your ongoing support!

Thanks, Jackson Hole! We love taking care of your pets! That’s just how we roll.

BEST PET SUPPLY STORE GreenEarth Cleaning® Good for you Good for your clothes Good for our planet 28 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily

Monday to Friday 8am-6pm Saturday 10am-5pm • Sunday 12pm-5pm






KEVIN HUMPHREYS AT CASCADE RESTAURANT & BAR Inside Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa Breakfast, lunch, après and dinner daily

SLIDERS at Cascade 307-732-6932


BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO AT TERRA CAFE Inside Hotel Terra Breakfast and lunch daily



BURRITO at Terra Café 307-739-4025





BRUCE GROSBETY VP of Operations, Met West Terra




1.800.543.9502 • METWESTTERRA.COM updated daily l Jh Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


30 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily

Jackson Treehouse would like to THANK all the locals for their continued support! And for this, the Treehouse is on sale 10% - 50% off for the rest of the season! Koshu Wine Bar is very proud to have the one of the BEST BARTENDERS in Jackson. “Rasta” Kris gives a big THANK YOU to all the voters for this honor.

Best Ska te/Snow board/S ki Shop

Stop by and have a drink at one of the BEST PLACES TO GET A COCKTAIL. Koshu is open nightly at 5:30pm serving Pan-Asian cuisine and your favorite cocktails. Reservations are highly recommended, call 733-5283 or visit us at

Located in Hotel Terra • Teton Village • Open daily 9-6 • 307-739-TREE •

CongratuLAtions to our BEST OF JACKSON HOLE 2012 Winners!




THANKS for all of your support Jackson!

(“Thanks!” in doggy talk)

All of us at Spring Creek Animal Hospital are honored to have been voted the


in Jackson Hole! Thank you for helping us provide the highest quality veterinary care for all of our four legged friends! (307) 733-1606 • 1035 W. Broadway

250 W. Pearl Jackson, WY 307.739.9247

Voted Best Pet Supply Store two years in a row! The BEST DOG FOODS have… South Park Loop



PPP Martin Lane

733-5355 1645 Martin Lane



High School Road

Monday-Friday 9:30am-6pm, Saturday 9:30am-5pm

Although we sell pet food and supplies … our business is customer service.



Source: Meat or Meat Meal No glutens, brewers’ rice, etc. Percent: 23% or higher Source: Specific (e.g., chicken fat or beef fat) Not “animal” fat Percent: 10% or higher Whole Grains are best Ingredient list does not show the same type of grain twice (e.g., rice, ground rice, rice flour) No more than 3 grains before the fat source Natural preservatives & flavors No color added updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


Thank you for all the votes & support JH!


Bakery • Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Full Bar available

Best Restaurant 145 N. Glenwood St. (307) 734-0882 • 8am-9pm

GOLD: SNAKE RIVER GRILL Silver: Trio Bronze: Rendezvous Bistro Best Chef


THANK YOU Jackson Hole for choosing Nora’s.

Silver: Jeff Drew Bronze: Paul O'Connor Best Server



Silver: Danny Felice Bronze: Jaycie Vik Bronze: Jennifer Love


Best Wait Staff

GOLD: RENDEZVOUS BISTRO Silver: Snake River Grill Bronze: Il Villaggio Osteria

288 307-733-8 ilson W hang out in The place tofor breakfast, lunch and dinner

Best Bartender

GOLD: KATTIE LEMIEUX AT RUSTIC INN Silver: Rasta Kris Scholer at Koshu Bronze: Handi (Jeff Hinnenkamp) at The Cadillac

We are and always have been a non-smoking restaurant.


740 W. Broadway 307-733-4330

32 March 14 - 20, 2012

Monday-Saturday 6:30am-2pm • Sunday 6:30am -1:30pm

l JH Weekly l updated daily

Best healthy dessert


Bubble Tea: Lemongrass Cafe


Whether it’s dining out or take-out, a “healthy dessert” is somewhat of an oxymoron and not so easy to find. I expected I was going to have to settle upon a dry, flat-tasting coconut oatmeal concoction masquerading as a cookie, but I decided to try out one of the valley’s newest dining spots, Lemongrass Express at Wilson’s Exxon station where D.O.G. serves up breakfast every morning. Owner Redeem Sumicad laughed a little when I told him I was looking for a healthy dessert. He told me that over at the Lemongrass Bistro—its main restaurant on the other side of the hill—it serves up a custom-made four-layer chocolate cake created especially for the restaurant by Oscar Ortega of Atelier Ortega. Drooling (and weakening), I reluctantly asked him to describe other options. There was the lychee fruit with green tea ice cream, but I opted out because of all the sugar and cream. “What about bubble tea?” he asked. Envisioning a sparkling, fizzie-like drink, I said sure. It turned out to be a delicious blend of blueberries, almond milk, and green tea with “bubbles” which are tapioca pearls floating in the bottom that provide an amazing flavor sensation when sucked up through the straw. From its bright color to the fun of crunching on the tapioca “bubbles,” it was a surprise. And surprises make the best desserts. I mean, the best healthy desserts. – Teresa Griswold

best alternative bakery

JH Organics

Is gluten-free product and preparation even considered alternative anymore? With so many newly-discovered gluten-intolerant eaters out there—not to mention full-blown celiac disease sufferers—it’s good to see the restaurant industry respond. “I’m thinking the whole gluten-free thing has kind of turned the corner to where there are now a lot of bakeries that are into that now,” Justin Hitch said. Hitch, 34, started JH Organics five years ago with a line of smoothies and organic products. He added the kitchen two years ago and began a neverending quest for organic comfort food that’s good for the body. “I was unhappy with what was available in the gluten-free world. Everything tasted gritty, sandy and chalky,” Hitch said. “So I set out, like a mad scientist, tweaking the ingredients trying to find the right consistency in the dough and batter. It was a lot of trial and error but I think we’ve now got some of the best-tasting breads, pastries, and cupcakes around.” JH Organics also offers gluten- and dairy-free clam chowder. Many of their menu items are also egg-free as well. Hitch, a self-confessed bacon-holic, will be the first to admit that he prefers food to taste good above all else. The ancillary benefit is that all menu items at JH Organics are organic, wholesome and healthy. Hitch lost 60 pounds eating his own food in the past year. – Jake Nichols


Thanksgiving at Teton Steakhouse It’s a tradition around here. Every Thanksgiving, Teton Steakhouse plates nearly 500 meals and never bills a single customer. The tradition of offering the community free food has been in place for more than 25 years—exactly how many neither Jan nor Ann Bates can remember for sure. Recognizing that many in Jackson might be travelers, newly-arrived transplants, or simply single, the Bates wanted to do something special at their famous downtown family restaurant that would remind diners of the cheer and good spirits the date implies for most. The restaurant takes pride in never having turned away a hungry customer on Thanksgiving. On a few occasions, though, they have had to limit the help. Volunteers for the feast usually turn out in large numbers. Longstanding members of the community return year after year to serve others, cook food, or clean pots and pans. – Jake Nichols


ABOVE ALL, WE HAVE OUR STAFF TO THANK FOR THIS HONOR. updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012



Best Restaurant or Bar with a View

Food & Drink

Best Chinese Restaurant

Gold: Chinatown Silver: Ocean City Bronze: Hong Kong Buffet Best Mexican Restaurant

GOLD: PICA'S MEXICAN TAQUERIA Silver: El Abuelito Bronze: Merry Piglets Best Thai Restaurant


GOLD: DORNAN'S Silver: The Granary Bronze: The Couloir

Silver: Thai Me Up Bronze: Bon Appe Thai

Best Sports Bar

Best Italian Restaurant


GOLD: IL VILLAGGIO OSTERIA Silver: Nani’s Cucina Italiana Bronze: Calico

Silver: Cutty's Silver: Snake River Brew Pub Bronze: Eleanor's Bar & Grill

Best ‘Under the Radar’Restaurant

Best Teton Valley Restaurant



Silver: Lotus Café Bronze: Pinky G's

Silver: Scratch Bronze: The Knotty Pine

Best Take out Food

GOLD: TETON THAI Silver: Chinatown Bronze: Pica's Mexican Taqueria Best Breakfast Joint

GOLD: NORA’S FISH CREEK INN Silver: The Virginian Bronze: The Bunnery Best Coffee Shop

GOLD: PEARL STREET BAGELS Silver: Elevated Grounds Bronze: Jackson Hole Roasters

BEST OF 2012

funny answers Q: Best Charity Event

Thank you

A: Any event serving wine

to all of our artisan coffee fans.

We roast for you and we deeply appreciate your support.

Q: Best Chinese

THANK YOU JH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! Come see us for.... Monday: OPEN MIC NIGHT Friday: DJ NIGHT Daily Lunch Special: $5 - SLICE & A BEER Open Late • Take Out • Delivery

(307) 734 - PINK (7465) 50 W. Broadway Jackson Hole, WY


34 March 14 - 20, 2012


l JH Weekly l updated daily

A: Kentucky Fried Dragon Q: Best Meat Counter A: The Russian hookers at the tavern. Q: Best Teton Valley Restaurant A: Teton Valley has restaurants? Q: Best Athlete under 17 A: That shithead show-off skier in the red coat who thinks he rules the King.



to all of our great customers!

Food & Drink

best loved beer west of wilson

We couldn’t do it without YOU! - The whole JH Roasters team

It’s the water, silly. Master brewmeister Rob Mullin is happy to share the secret to the success of Grand Teton Brewing Company’s award-winning signature brews like the Teton and Old Faithful ales, along with Sweetgrass APA, Bitch Creek ESB and Howling Wolf Weisse Bier. “We are incredibly proud of the Victor water we brew with,” Mullin said. “We’ve had geologists tell us it is 500 year-old spring water. It is the best tasting water I’ve ever had—pure, clean, slightly sweet tasting. We don’t do reverse osmosis and charcoal filtering, or add minerals back into the water in order to recreate another city’s water taste.” Mullin added that the water is closest in makeup to what Munich has. That makes brewing German-style malts a natural for GTBC but it also means Mullin has had to alter his approach for pale ales and ‘hoppier’ beers in order to bring out the hops flavor. GTBC also ditched its filter a long time ago. “We don’t filter our beers. We don’t even filter our water anymore. The filter is the most despised piece of equipment in brewing so we were happy to be rid of it,” Mullin said. “The only reason we used to filter is we assumed consumers wanted clear beers. Unfiltered beer gives more ‘mouth feel’ and flavor. The yeast also prolongs the shelf-life without the addition of preservatives.” GTBC added a soda pop line in the early 2000s. Its popular root beer was joined by Mountain Berry, Cream Soda, and Black Cherry last summer. Mullin said the sodas are considered gourmet because only the finest ingredients are used, including 100 percent pure cane sugar. “Real fruit juices and cane sugar are expensive. That’s why the big guys don’t use it,” Mullin said. – Jake Nichols


Grand Teton Brewery


Thai Me Up While discounted drinks right after work are guaranteed to stir up camaraderie, as do televised sports on HD monitors, how about martial arts infused, Bruce Lee-styled movies with subtitles for a change? Instead of drink discounts, what about lower-priced food for happy hour? That’s the way I like it, and over at Thai Me Up before 7 p.m. its “little curry of the day” is perfect, because sometimes I need a small meal right at sunset, not a four-course linger over wine with friends event; just simple conversation with a couple of friends nestled in at the end of the bar. The curries rotate between red, green or yellow on given days and are a delicious treat for happy hour feasting. They’re filling, flavorful and for only $6, easy on the budget. An additional $2 gets hearty eaters some protein like chicken or tofu. I personally prefer vegetarian for everything, but carnivores can choose Thai versions of burgers, wings, and pork sliders all under $7 during the 4 to 7 p.m. happy hour from Thai Me Up’s bar menu. While munching, don’t forget the incredible range of beer on tap. – Teresa Griswold



Jackson Hole Roasters Coffeehouse 307-200-6099 • 145 East Broadway

“I asked Jackson Hole Weekly to design an ad that would be catchy and fun, yet express the importance of the mundane topic of winter parking regulations for the Town of Jackson. They came up with “Dude, Where’s my car?” and people, including TOJ staff have really taken notice. I appreciate their graphic design creativity and their willingness to be open to this type of project. This ad is working!” - Shelley Simonton TOWN OF JACKSON updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


READERS’ CHOICE Food & Drink Best Baked Goods

GOLD: PERSEPHONE BAKERY Silver: The Bunnery Bronze: Bread Basket of Jackson Hole Best Sandwich Joint

GOLD: CREEKSIDE MARKET & DELI Silver: Backcountry Provisions Bronze: Pearl Street Market Best Meat Counter

GOLD: JACKSON WHOLE GROCER Silver: Pearl Street Market Bronze: Aspen Market Best Soups


Kattie LeMieux at the Rustic Inn

GOLD: PEARL ST. MEAT & FISH CO. Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer Bronze: Pearl Street Bagels Bronze: Cafe Genevieve Best Vegetarian Offerings

GOLD: LOTUS CAFÉ Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer Bronze: JH Organics

36 March 14 - 21, 2012 l

JH Weekly l updated daily







An (almost) definitive guide to the valley’s burgers

Gold - Pako’s IPA Silver - Lager Bronze - Pale Ale


The Bird’s burger topped with thick-cut bacon.

The late journalist Charles Kuralt made many wise observations in his day. My favorite? “You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars.” A man after my own stomach. A recovering pseudo-vegetarian, I’ve been searching for the world’s best burger—and generally making up for the six years in my late teens and early 20s that were red meat-free—since reintroducing mammals into my diet 10 years ago. If there is a better food than a burger after a long day in the mountains or on the bike I have yet to find it. Thankfully, Jackson Hole has plenty to choose from. Here are thoughts on a few, including the burger just voted as the valley’s best.


Billy’s Burgers – Voted best in the valley It’s gotta be for the atmosphere, the smiling faces behind the counter, or nostalgia. Billy’s couldn’t have been voted the valley’s best burger for the Wonder Bread bun it comes on, its excess of goopy cheese, the thin patty that can’t be cooked anything but well done, or the chewy waffle fries. Sorry Jackson, but I’m disappointed in you. It’s not like Billy’s is even a bargain. The bacon cheeseburger is $9.50, only slightly less expensive than a similarly-topped burger at MacPhails. And more expensive than the happy hour burger special next door at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse ($8 with bacon and cheese). And both of those burgers are far superior. Although neither of those places allow you to sit on a comfy stool at a counter and watch people milling around the Town Square. Please tell me, what am I missing?

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Steakhouse – Best bargain The steakhouse beneath the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar gives you a burger and a PBR for $6 every day from 5:30 until 7. Add fries or anything else to the burger—bacon, cheese, grilled onions or mushrooms, avocado—for $1 per item. When you’re only paying $6 for a burger and a beer, it’s smart to not expect much. Though in the case of the Million Dollar Cowboy burger, it’s totally incorrect. This burger isn’t made from suspicious skank meat, but the trimmings from the steakhouse’s tenderloins, sirloins, and rib eyes. The trimmings from these cuts are run fresh through the meat grinder daily. The end result is enough premium quality burger goodness to make about 40 patties per night. The fries are good, but not amazing. The only thing that’s tough about this deal is waiting for 5:30 p.m. to roll around. I was burger ready at 4:15 p.m. when I left Jackson Hole Mountain Resort after an epic powder day.

Thanks JH! We Brew4U! FOOD SERVED 11:30am - 11:00pm HAPPY HOURS 4:00pm - 6:00pm 265 S. Millward (307) 739-BEER (2337)

White Buffalo Club – Worst $22 burgers + fries in the history of burgers The “burger” at the White Buffalo Club is actually an appetizer of three sliders ($15). So, when I see BEST BURGERS page 39


NHL and NBA on our 7 TVs!

Thank you JACKSON for voting us

Cutty’s BAR & GRILL LUNCH & DINNER featuring:

Jerry’s Famous Philly’s! Located at the corner of Broadway and Hwy. 22


MARCH is Margarita Madness Just $4.00 updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 21, 2012


READERS’ CHOICE Food & Drink Best Breakfast Burrito

Best Locally Roasted Beans



Silver: Terra Café Bronze: Nora's Fish Creek Inn Best Burger

Rally’s Pet Garage Various Petcare at 50% off

Computer Clinic iPhone 3G, 3GS Screen Replacement for $15 (value $30)

Town Square Tavern $20 voucher for $10

Nature’s Logic/JH Feed & Pet One Small Bag of Nature’s Logic Dog Food for $7.50 (value $15)

Cafe Boheme $10 voucher for $5

Domino’s Pizza $25 voucher for $12.50

The Flock (handmade feather earrings) $50 voucher for $25

307 Live Various upcoming shows at 50% off

Eleanor’s Bar & Grill $20 voucher for $10

Reincarnation Medical Spa One Lip Wax for $10 (value $20)

Jackson Hole Compunet One Hour of Computer Clean Up for 47.50 (value $95)

Nani’s Cucina Italiana $20 voucher for $10

GOLD: BILLY'S GIANT HAMBURGER Silver: The Bird Bronze: Cowboy Steakhouse Best French Fries

GOLD: TRIO Silver: The Bird Bronze: Billy's Giant Hamburgers

Silver: Snake River Roasting Company Bronze: Great Northern Best Pint of Locally Brewed Beer

GOLD: SNAKE RIVER BREWING PAKO'S IPA Silver: Snake River Brewing Lager Bronze: Snake River Brewing Pale Ale

Best Salsa

GOLD: MERRY PIGLETS Silver: Pica's Mexican Taqueria Bronze: El Abuelito Best Sushi

GOLD: NIKAI Silver: Sudachi Bronze: Masa Sushi Best Pizza

GOLD: PINKY G'S Silver: Pizzeria Caldera Bronze: Mountain High Pizza Pie Best Wings


Best Place to Get a Cocktail

Silver: The Bird Bronze: Sidewinders Tavern

Silver: Ignight Bronze: Koshu Wine Bar



Sweet Spirits Childcare Various Childcare at 50% off Thank you all for your incredible support of Persephone. We have had an amazing start to our first year and we look forward to baking you delicious breads and pastries for years to come! 38 March 14 - 21, 2012 l

JH Weekly l updated daily


the guide to the valley’s burgers continues . . .

The Kitchen – Tallest The tallest of any burger I tried, thanks to both a Persephone Bakery bun and all of the goodness that comes standard on it, the Kitchen’s burger ($16) is a monster. A delicious, delicious monster: eight ounces of Fulton Farms ground beef mixed with salt, pepper, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce and currently topped (the burger changes as the menu does, seasonally) with Korubuta bacon, smoked mozzarella, caramelized onions, housemade salty pickles, and a sweet cherry pepper aioli. Unless you specify differently, it’s cooked medium rare. This burger comes with some of the best fries in town too. Fries are as subjective as beauty. My golden standard? Crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Snake River Grill – When money’s no object In my world, the burger at Snake River Grill ($18) gets extra points for the fact it’s not on the menu. You need to be hip enough to know you can order it. And then once you do, you might never order anything else at the Grill again. Part chuck and part tenderloin and all from the Mead Ranch, this 10-ounce burger is what all other burgers should aspire to. Whether because of the seasonings, the uniformity of patty thickness, or the freshness of the beef, this burger needs nothing additional to be awesome. Although it does come standard with Vermont white cheddar, Wisconsin

applewood smoked bacon, and truffled shoestring fries.

Food & Drink

Cascade – Best bun I went through a period where I ordered all my burgers sans buns. This period of my life wasn’t quite as silly as the years I forsook red meat, but it comes painfully close. Had I ordered Cascade’s burger without its bun, I would be writing that it was just the kind of burger you expected to get for $12—good, fresh, and handpatted—but nothing more. I didn’t order it without its bun, though. As silly as it sounds, it’s something as simple as a bun that makes this burger fairly freaking awesome. What’s up with the bun? It’s a pretzel bun. What’s a pretzel bun? Not a pretzel sliced in half as I had kind of first hoped. It’s a regular-looking bun but just made from pretzel dough. I’m not certain how pretzel dough differs from standard bun dough, but the end result is a spongy-yet-dense bread that soaks up meaty juices while maintaining a certain bit of bite.

MacPhail’s – Best underdog This burger is hormone-free, premium Angus beef bought from ranches in the region and ground fresh daily. Neither the beef nor the patties are ever frozen. Buns are baked fresh daily. Lettuce is recognizable as lettuce and the pickle slice that comes with every burger is properly crisp. There are tons of topping choices here and even with multiple extras, a burger with fries (which were a little limp the most recent time I had them) is still about $10. If you’re on a budget and the $6 burger isn’t available at the Million Dollar Cowboy, this is the place to come. A bonus here is that sweet potato fries don’t cost extra. And also that they are real sweet potatoes, not the dyed-orange yam fries most every other restaurant passes off as sweet potato fries.

The Bird – Best second place burger I didn’t mince my words when it came to the burger crowned as the valley’s best. Neither will I mince them on this burger, voted the valley’s second best: hulking, moist, perfectly-cooked (I ordered medium), uniformly-patted, ginormous, juicy, yummy. It gets bonus points for kick-ass fries—a skin-on, hand cut, and tossed in Kosher salt—and the best pickle slice I’ve ever had. I’m not sure this burger is always served on an English muffin-looking bun, but, as I think English muffins deserve to be their own food group, I loved it. I want


realized they sucked, I still had two-and two-thirds mini burgers left to eat. I have no problems with sliders. These were overcooked and dry though. I don’t know if well done is the way they are always cooked or whether our server neglected to ask how I wanted them cooked. The bunto-meat ratio was off—too much bun for the patty size. If you want the full burger and fries experience, you must order fries separately ($7). The fries here are, like many in town, tossed with truffle oil and Parmesan. They were neither good nor bad. The final burger plus fries price though—$22—was horribly painful. The one thing these sliders could have going for them (if they weren’t overcooked hockey pucks) are the unlimited toppings you can have piled on them. Unlike most every other restaurant everywhere, the WBC doesn’t charge for these extra toppings. And the toppings are pretty good: blue cheese, bacon bits, Maryland lump crabmeat, caramelized onions. Still, I left feeling sorry for the crabs that died only to end up atop that slider.


The All-Jacked-Up Burger at McPhail’s. to bite into a burger and leave with a mouth full of tasty, tasty cow, not bread. Having ordered The Bird’s Filthy Harry burger (9 ounces, natch—no piddling quarter-pounder for me), I was also biting into a pile of thick-cut bacon and white cheddar cheese with my cow. While not quite the bargain of the Cowboy’s happy hour burger, The Bird is still close to the top of the list for value. The Filthy Harry was $15.50. Half of it came home with me.

Stiegler’s – Best burger to eat at the bar I’ve always been a tiny bit afraid of Stiegler’s. I think it’s the dirndl uniforms. Or perhaps it was the horrible apricot schnapps I once had there. I’ve recently learned my fear doesn’t extend into the warm and cozy restaurant’s bar, which just so happens to be almost exactly halfway between JHMR and my home. Saddling up to Stiegler’s bar, ordering the burger ($17) is a no brainer. (The burger is only available at the bar, not in the main restaurant.) It’s also satisfying, but nothing super, super special. If you’re willing to spend this much on a burger, there are better ones out there. The best part about it was that a few onion rings made their way into my pile of fries. And the onion rings are amazing. The burger is made of the trimmings from the restaurant’s tenderloins. Each patty is six ounces and served with Gruyere, bacon, lettuce, onion, a slice of pickle, and a tomato. The bun? Duh. Stiegler’s is Austrian. A Kaiser roll, of course. updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 21, 2012


READERS’ CHOICE Submit your art for the next cover of JH Weekly You don’t need a degree, or a C.V. with fancy gallery listings. Just send us your work, and we’ll drop it in the hopper for consideration. Send digital images (9.5” wide by 7” tall) to Submit three images cropped to the required size. Works chosen will appear on the cover, along with a brief bio, photo and details on where to learn more about the artists and their work. The object of this campaign is to promote local artists, so there will be no payment for selected works.


Arts & Entertainment Best Cover Band

GOLD: MANDATORY AIR Silver: The Deadlocks Bronze: Lazy Eyes Best Band Playing Original Songs

GOLD: ONE TON PIG Silver: Screen Door Porch Bronze: Miller Sisters and Mandatory Air Bronze: CHANMAN ROOTS BAND Best Musician

GOLD: PETER CHANDLER Silver: Judd Grossman Bronze: Aaron Davis Best Musician Under 17

GOLD: MICHAEL SCALABRINO Silver: Daniel Sanford Bronze: Andrew Miller Best Teton Valley Musician


Silver: The Miller Sisters Bronze: Greg Creamer BEST CLUB DJ



Silver: Cut la Whut Bronze: Chris Howell Best Live Entertainment Venue

GOLD: PINK GARTER THEATRE Silver: Mangy Moose Bronze: Knotty Pine Supper Club Best Local CD Release 2011

GOLD: CHANMAN ROOTS BAND Silver: Biomeca Bronze: Jackson Hole Community Band Bronze: Screen Door Porch Best Western Art Gallery

GOLD: TRAILSIDE GALLERY Silver: West Lives On Gallery Bronze: Legacy Gallery Best Contemporary Art Gallery



Best Band Playing Original Songs CHANMAN ROOTS BAND

Silver: Diehl Gallery Bronze: Altamira Fine Art Bronze: Heather James Gallery Best Emerging Artist

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40 March 14 - 21, 2012 l

GOLD: KELLY HALPIN Ch anman Ro o ts Band

JH Weekly l updated daily

Silver: Erin Smith Bronze: Liz Park

EDITOR’S CHOICE Arts & Entertainment


Jackson Hole Astronomy Club


Pearl St. Bagels When I think of a local business that has cult-like customer loyalty and instant name recognition, one name pops to the top of the list: Pearl Street Bagels. Sure, Panera can also charge $3 for a bagel, but can it get away with refusing to toast it for you? Pearl St. has a reputation for consistently having the best latte in town. And with the closing of pretty much every gallery that showed local or contemporary art, Pearl St. has also become Jackson’s most visible arts space. Local artwork aside, I really love that little leaf thing they do with the latte foam. Foam art is serious business as The Coffee Fest Latte Art Championship has a $2,500 grand prize this year. As a former barista, I can say it is the one place in town that has never fucked up my latte with an incorrect milk-to-foam ratio. Nothing ruins my day like burnt espresso from a surly Ukrainian or Moldavian who’s rude because I’m not wealthy enough to buy her citizenship. Though if they could put Vladimir Putin’s face in my foam, I might be impressed. – Aaron Wallis



When Walt Farmer held the very first Jackson Hole Astronomy Club meeting in 1992, he was hoping for at least 20 members to show up. He got more like 50. And membership has held near that ever since. Five charter members, including club chair Mel Tucker, have remained at the core of an organization made up of retired military, geologists, teachers, pilots, homemakers, professional astronomers, students, and a former Jackson mayor. Club members meet once a month, usually at someone’s home or the American Legion Hall. Dues are $12 to join and $10 to renew, annually. Members are entitled to use club equipment which includes three powerful telescopes and a pair of astronomical binoculars. The club also hosts several “Star Parties” throughout the year—nighttime gatherings for the cosmically-inclined. “We’re pretty quiet this time of the year,” Farmer said. “Winter brings so much cloud cover. Our peak season is May through October.” Farmer said Venus is incredibly bright right now. Also, we are entering into a new solar cycle which has made solar spots and solar winds more prevalent and spiked aurora borealis activity. The JH Astronomy Club has already begun preparations for the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. The track will put Jackson Hole in an enviable position to see the event. – Jake Nichols

The Jackson Hole Community Band Would like to say THANK YOU to our fans, supporters, members, and conductor Art Fuerte for a great year and for voting us Best of Jackson Hole 2012. We could not make music without you! Visit our website and join our mailing list to stay up to date with JHCB concerts and events.

We’ll see you at our

Spring Concert Saturday, April 28, 7:30pm Center for the Arts Center Theater

Photo by Swope’s Mountain Photography

Judd Grossman updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 21, 2012



EDITOR’S CHOICE Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment Best Established Artist

GOLD: AMY RINGHOLZ Silver: Ben Roth Bronze: Kathryn Mapes-Turner Best Artist Under 17



Pam Phillips

Let get this straight: the most drop dead rockin’ musician who lives full time in Jackson Hole is Pam Phillips. She holds court on Friday nights at the Granary playing jazz with her trio. Forget about the pop stuff, and don’t get hung up on the fact that she’s not Ella Fitzgerald on vocals. Just dig the fact that she plays her instrument with a passion and soul that is unmatched in our valley. Her chops are top-notch, but it’s the raucous jubilation that fills her jazz playing that separates her from the pack. – Judd Grossman

Silver: Matthew Forman Silver: Claire Andrews Bronze: Dane Shonkey Bronze: Oliver Hollis Best Photographer

GOLD: TOM MANGELSEN Silver: Heather Erson Bronze: Derek Diluzio Best Sculptor

GOLD: BEN ROTH Silver: Larry Frackenpohl Bronze: David Trapp Bronze: Ryan Haworth Best Actor or Actress

GOLD: BRIAN LENZ Silver: Kelly Bouma Bronze: Molly Thorn THANKS for making Chinatown your favorite Chinese restaurant in Jackson Hole 4 years in a row!



Good between 6-6:30pm. Open nightly at 6:00pm.


850 W. Broadway • In Grand Teton Plaza Call 733-8856 for take out

Must present coupon to server when ordering. Reservations Recommended Reserve online at 18% gratuity may be added to your bill prior to discount.


GOLD: CURT MORGAN/BRAIN FARM Silver: Darrell Miller/Storm Show Studios Bronze: Steve & Todd Jones/Teton Gravity Research BEST QUESTION WE LEFT OUT

GOLD: BEST SKI RUN Silver: Best Dog Silver: Best Rafting Company Silver: Best Restroom Bronze: Best Place to Take Your Kid

“I truly appreciate the support of the community and I am greatly honored by this award.”

170 North Cache | Jackson, WY 1/2 block north of the town square 307-733-9752 | 888-238-0177 First Light - Grizzly Bear | Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

42 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily


EDITOR’S CHOICE Arts & Entertainment

l e i n a D ford San

best place to prepare your spirit for 2012

Many of us know that 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar, and some people believe it could be the end of everything—or at least the end of life as we know it. No matter what your religion, faith, spiritual preference, or lack thereof and no matter what time and place we are in, it just so happens that there is this new store that drinks you in. And if you are seeking spiritual guidance, it is a destination that supports your quest. Colorful walls, magical lights, Buddhist tapestries, multiple shelves of new age books, jewelry, crystals, candles, and sound bowls surround you, but more than that, Spirit Books has an other-worldly, peaceful essence to it. It is the kind of place in which I just want to immerse myself. There are a couple of cozy chairs and a couch in one room that invite me to linger. I want to move in and make that place my home. It is a little off Jackson’s beaten path, but it is in the heart of Wilson—in the same center where Pearl Street Bagels and Wilson Backcountry Sports are located. I was directed there by a friend and for me, that’s the best way to discover something special. – Teresa Griswold

best place to busk Town

BEST MUSICIAN UNDER 17 Thank you Jackson Hole


Especially when they are few and far between, I’ve been partial to supporting talented street musicians. In much of Europe, particularly Ireland, its considered a service by local government and financially supported by communities and tourists. Even stars like Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Tracy Chapman have had their runs of making a little cash on U.S. streets. While Jackson isn’t a busker’s hub like Nashville, Asheville, Chicago, or even Boulder, minstrels have increased in numbers over the last couple of years during the summer months. Town Square is the obvious landmark for such activity, but I’ve even seen little kids get relocated for selling lemonade there, and who wants to be the backdrop for an antler arch photo? Where it really seems to add color is Gaslight Alley. The rickety wooden boardwalk coupled with a confined space makes for solid acoustics. I was in a hurry one day, tending to a number of errands when I happened upon a big-voiced fella singing Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released.” He was nestled in the right angle corner of the Alley, and music could be heard from either entrance. It slowed me down, and for a moment, the errands didn’t matter so much. I could use that reminder on a daily basis. – Aaron Davis



Spirit Bookstore


Oh boy this is a toughie; there is so much public art in Jackson. Fortunately most of the public art is excluded from consideration because Western kitsch is not real art. That rules out all of those awful bronzes in front of Mountain Trails Gallery. Excluding Western art also rules out the elk antler arches on the Town Square. We should just grind them up to help Asian men get boners. I’m suddenly realizing there is really not much in the way of non-Western public art in town. I guess the Public Art Spot deserves an honorable mention. Though I’m sure the panel that selects artists would never pick anyone controversial. What good is art if it is not controversial? Ben Roth also deserves an honorable mention for his stingray sculptures at the Rec Center. They always give me something to look at when I’m trapped in a cold sauna with a bunch of fat chicks. So who deserves credit for best public art in Jackson? I’m going to go with graffiti artists and taggers. The black meth box with legs was the funniest and most relevant piece of public art last year. Graffiti is made without public funding or administration and embodies the outsider quality that is sadly missing in approved public art. – Aaron Wallis


Michael Scalabrino GOLD WINNER Best Musician Under 17


Justin Timberlake Jackson has plenty of local celebrities. Every time I go to the grocery store there is a chance I will be standing behind Han Solo or war criminal Dick Cheney. But Jackson also attracts plenty of celebrity visitors. Justin Timberlake brought Jessica Biel to the picturesque Amangani resort before popping the big question. Oh, how romantic! I’m sure Timberlake must have been busy making sweet love in 7th Heaven, because he did not have time for another impromptu beat box sesh at the Cowboy Bar. Jackson has been getting so many celebrity visitors that Forbes Magazine named it a top celebrity getaway, calling us the “Anti-Aspen.” Even African-American celebrities visit snow-white Wyoming, like Lil Wayne, who snowboarded at Teton Village last year. However, if you prefer your black celebrities mostly white, Jackson has got you covered. Apparently Tiger Woods now owns property in Jackson. I imagine Jackson is just the kind of secluded place Woods needs to keep his serial philandering on the DL. I hear Sandra Bullock used to live around here, too. I just hope when she decides to shoot Miss Congeniality 3 that Jackson is considered as a location. – Aaron Wallis updated daily l JH Weekly l March 14 - 20, 2012


44 March 14 - 20, 2012

l JH Weekly l updated daily

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