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BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT Gold: Mack Mendenhall Gold: Christy & Garth Gillespie Silver: Zach Smith Bronze: Greg Prugh Jr.

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Best athlete Gold: Travis Rice Silver: Crystal Wright Bronze: Resi Stiegler


Best elected official Gold: Mark Barron Silver: Ruth Ann Petroff Bronze: Paul Vogelheim

Best politician that does NOT hold an office Gold: Captain Bob Morris Silver: Franz Camenzind Bronze: Jim Stanford

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Best Facebook friend Gold: Trixie Jackson Silver: David Swift Bronze: Gwynn McCool

BEST BOSS Gold: Joe Rice Silver: Jeremy Weiss Silver: Gavin Fine Bronze: Hernando Pardo Bronze: Bruce Grosbety

best activist Gold: Captain Bob Morris Silver: David Gonzales Bronze: Franz Camenzind

PAWS has some aggressive goals for 2011, including expanding our programs to Star Valley, WY and Teton Valley, ID. Please consider making a donation today so we can continue to provide essential services to homeless pets and the people that adopt them! Go to to learn more.

best nonprofit Gold: PAWS of Jackson Hole Silver: Habitat for Humanity Bronze: Friends of Pathways

best charity event Gold: Old Bill’s Fun Run Silver: PAWS Fur Ball Bronze: Teton County Library Fundraiser see READERS’ CHOICE page 16

16 March 9 - 15, 2011

PAWS of Jackson Hole 250 W. Pearl St., Jackson • 734-2441 •

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Greg Keckler



I first met Greg Keckler when I stumbled upon a locksmith sign hanging unassumingly on Glenwood Avenue. I went in to ask if my Subaru keys could be copied and found Keckler, a cheerful man with a very handsome, brushy mustache, working behind the counter. He seemed to be the kind of man who followed the cowboy code – always tells the truth, is kind to children, and works hard. Suspicions of his cowboy nature were confirmed when I spied the CD for sale. The cover photo of I Ride An Old Paint pictured Keckler dressed in a grey wool vest, cowboy hat and red neckerchief, comfortably set in the saddle of his paint horse, Sundance. A little snooping revealed Keckler to be a perennial favorite at the Hootenanny. More than meets the eye, Keckler got his musical start busking through Europe, trading songs for pints of Guinness. With his wild youth waning, Keckler traded his vagabond life for the family life, moved to Wyoming and took up the honorable trade of a locksmith. A genuine Western soul, Keckler probably won’t initiate small talk when you enter his shop, but he’ll trade a word or a story if you say something first. He has some interesting stories to tell, and his key copies work great. – Katherine Pioli

Huntsman Springs - July 3 Teton Valley folks celebrated patriotism on a different day than the rest of our fair country. Sure speculation can be made that Sunday is an inappropriate day of the week to indulge in anything let alone fireworks, but who knows. What did happen on the clear evening of July 3 was an enormous display of finale after finale lit from Huntsman Springs where just earlier in the evening Glenn Beck spoke to a record 6,000 people about what makes America “great.” The Fox Network personality’s visit was complimented with an all performance from the BYU Idaho marching band from Rexburg. Does it sound slightly subversive? You be the judge. On the following day, the Fourth of July, the internationally recognized birthday for the US of A, the same numbers showed up in their Westfalias and Chacos to stamp their feet to jam band Widespread Panic at the Spud Drive sans fireworks. Odd, isn’t it? – Victoria Plasse

BEST blogger with something to say

Rachel Stevens The year 2010 may go down as the year of the blog. Who doesn’t have one? And that’s the problem. Everyone has nothing to say. My favorite secret indulgence is, run by the coolest hippy chick on the planet – Rachel Stevens. I’ve never met her but I know she likes Thai food, has a soft spot for DQ Blizzards, and she turned me on to British street artist Banksy. I never know what to expect when I cyberbungee into her world. Stevens’s journal entries are so raw and personal I feel like I’m hacking her diary. She has credibility. She lets it all hang out. Beatnik poetry, poster art, and videos from bands no one over 30 has ever heard of are sprinkled throughout the scrapbook website that is updated almost daily. Catch Stevens on KHOL Tuesday mornings from 8 to 10 a.m. – Jake Nichols

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BEST TEACHER Gold: Lauren Butze Silver: Bill Wiley Bronze: April Repinski Bronze: Libby Crews-Wood


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best lawyer Gold: David DeFazio Silver: Gerry Spence Bronze: Tom Getz


best DENTIST Gold: Scott Larsen Silver: Catherine Tebay Bronze: Cary Smith

The BEST Knee Doctors compare knees

BEST NURSE Gold: Sally Luke Silver: Mary Ness Bronze: Judy Bayse Bronze: Eileen Thomson

best KNEE DOCTOR Gold: Dr. Peter Rork Silver: Dr. Angus Goetz Bronze: Dr. Bill Neal Bronze: Dr. Dave Khoury

BEST YOGA INSTRUCTOR Gold: Neesha Zollinger Silver: Adi Amar and Angela Tong Bronze: Brittany Belisle

BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST Gold: Rena Trail Silver: Bobbi Reyes Bronze: Gary Kolenich

best ENTREPRENUER Gold: Gavin Fine Silver: John Frechette Bronze: Joe Rice

best ECCENTRIC Gold: Captain Bob Morris Silver: Aaron Wallis Bronze: “Crazy Tom” Haigh


DR. NEAL Best Knee Doctor - Bronze

18 March 9 - 15, 2011

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Orthopaedic Associates of Jackson Hole also does shoulders, hips, fracture care and complete spine care. We’re honored to serve you!

Orthopaedic Associates

Gold: Fish Silver: “Crazy Tom” Haigh Bronze: Holly Danner see READERS’ CHOICE page 18

DR. GOETZ Best Knee Doctor - Silver

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Peter Rork, MD and David Khoury, MD at Teton Orthopaedics want to thank the Jackson Hole community for voting us the

BEST KNEE DOCTORS “We appreciate your support and will continue to care for all of your orthopaedic needs.�

555 E. Broadway, 733-3900 updated daily l JH Weekly l March 9 - 15, 2011




food & drink

best RESTAURANT Gold: Snake River Grill Silver: Rendezvous Bistro Bronze: Il Villaggio Osteria


c c c



best CHEF Gold: Kevin Humphreys at Cascade Gold: Jeff Drew at Snake River Grill Silver: Roger Freedman at Fine Dining Bronze: Paul O’ Connor at Il Villaggio Osteria


best SERVER Gold: Park Dunn-Morrison at Q Roadhouse Silver: Chrissy Stretton at Rendezvous Bistro Bronze: Cindy Huhn at the Virginian Bronze: Rona Ferguson at Il Villaggio Osteria

best WAIT STAFF Gold: Snake River Grill Silver: Rendezvous Bistro Bronze: Q Roadhouse

Thanks for making Chinatown your favorite Chinese restaurant in Jackson Hole! OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK LUNCHEON SPECIALS and DINNERS DAILY FULL SERVICE BAR

best BARTENDER Gold: Rasta Kris Scholer at Koshu Silver: Jeff Handi at Cadillac Grille Bronze: Dave Johnson at Q Roadhouse and Il Villaggio Osteria Bronze: Kattie LeMieux at Rustic Inn


850 W. Broadway • In Grand Teton Plaza Call 733-8856 for take out

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Gold: Chinatown Silver: Ocean City Bronze: Hong Kong Buffet


best MEXICAN RESTAURANT Gold: Pica’s Mexican Taqueria Silver: Merry Piglets Bronze: El Abuelito

best THAI RESTAURANT Gold: Teton Thai Silver: Thai Me Up Bronze: Bon Appe Thai see READERS’ CHOICE page 22

20 March 9 - 15, 2011

l JH Weekly l updated daily

-8288 307-733 Wilson in ch to hang out The place for breakfast, lunner and din


Community Living in Jackson Hole tends to shift your priorities and strip you of your “consumer” label. Issues of consumption and conservation become more real when you happen to stumble upon a moose sipping from the Snake River or elk grazing along Highway 89. In the summer, just across from the airport, herds of bison queue along the sagebrush studded hills while planes noisily take off and land, the Tetons standing mightily in the background. And as you hike around Phelps Lake, a bald eagle glides just above the surface of the placid water. You hope you’re with someone when it happens. But if you’re alone, it’s even more powerful. While big city living enforces feelings of autonomy, we plainly see how we are connected to one another and the natural world. And it’s not just a Western thing or a small town thing. People in Jackson Hole are dedicated to their passions and affected by their environment. While we don’t always see the bigger, worldlier picture, we are avid supporters of the people, places and things that comprise our community. When someone is sick or injured we join together to help pay the bills. We reach out to one another when there is tragedy, a death or an accident. We look out for each other’s children, pets and possessions and rally against unjust politicians or issues that somehow threaten our landscape or our wildlife. And that is why it is the people of Jackson Hole who make this a community worth living in. – Robyn Vincent


Crazy Tom Until two years ago the Jackson Hole Moose hockey mascot had been gathering dust for some time. The lifeless moose skin hung on a nail in the corner of the locker room, forgotten, waiting for divine reanimation. Enter “Crazy Tom.” Boundless energy and a knack for motivating kids made Crazy Tom, 29, the Best Mascot in the Sun Belt three years running while donning the red-tailed hawk costume for University of Denver. Tom not only breathed new life into the beloved hockey mascot, but he conceptualized an all new persona – Knuckles the Moose – invented more skits, more interaction, and more zaniness at weekend Moose hockey games. And the fans are eating it up. His is a life dedicated to instructing and inspiring youngsters. Most days Tom can be found in Teton Village teaching kids age three to five how to ski at the Kids Ranch ski school program. Pintsized shredders there know him as “Rough Rider,” the cowboy hatwearing instructor whose idea of ‘whoa’ is the ‘snowplow’ technique. The Chicago native makes a habit of showing up wherever need exists. He volunteered his time to help work the recent Special Olympics. He’s emceed Dick’s Ditch, Targhee Music Festival and the Foster Friess benefit Hole Hearts for Haiti (which raised nearly $40,000 last year for earthquake victims). Catch Crazy Tom on KMTN, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 4 to 6 p.m. – Jake Nichols

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BEST OF JACKSON HOLE 2011 updated daily l JH Weekly l March 9 - 15, 2011




food & drink

best ITALIAN RESTAURANT Gold: Il Villaggio Osteria Silver: Nani’s Cucina Italiana Bronze: Calico

c c c


Backcountry Provisions

best under-the-radar restaurant Gold: Lotus Cafe Silver: White Buffalo Club Bronze: Ignight



Gold: Teton Thai Silver: Scratch Bronze: Knotty Pine

best RESTAURANT/BAR WITH A VIEW Gold: Dornan’s Silver: The Granary Bronze: Couloir

best SPORTS BAR Gold: Sidewinders Tavern Silver: Snake River Brew Pub Bronze: Cutty’s

best TAKEOUT Gold: Teton Thai Silver: Chinatown Bronze: Pica’s Mexican Taqueria see READERS’ CHOICE page 24

Congratulations winners!

BEST OF JACKSON HOLE 2011 22 March 9 - 15, 2011

l JH Weekly l updated daily



Along the Snake near Wilson A sucker for views, I once insisted on watching the sunset from Mount Sinai in Egypt. It was cool, by which I mean it was really freaking cold, but it wasn’t as amazing as even the worst sunset that I have watched from the banks of the Snake River. I learned that day that Jackson Hole has the best sunsets ever and my favorite observation point is not on a mountain, but along the Snake near Wilson. The perspective from this point gives clear views all the way south to the peaks of the Greys River and north past the tip of the Grand. Filling the spaces between are so many other hills and mountains you feel dropped into the jagged jaws of a beast. From this cozy point, turning 360 degrees, you can witness in one moment of sunset all the variations of the hour. While west-facing mountainsides glow hot pink, the cloudless sky to the south is a soft blue turning to vague milky-yellow. Straight above and to the north, clouds are already turning purple, then the next moment indigo. I can’t say enough. It is amazing. – Katherine Pioli


Shhh, it’s a secret You’ve worked so hard, spent so much money on avalanche classes and training. You’ve got your gear: shovel, probe, beacon, and a backpack full of random gear like binding straps, space blanket, Goo and extra layers. After enduring “Big Red,” packed in like a sardine tin, 60 mile per hour winds at the top of Rendezvous Bowl, the infamous high traverse, the hike…. you pop out on the nose of Four Pines, where you are greeted by your gynecologist, your fretful co-worker, your old roommate’s ex, your impossible neighbor, the 10 dudes you were waiting in tramline with, and your last two exboyfriends. You think you know the sneaky line, so you opt for the crux of Broken Branch. You slip in, hop-switch, and there you stand, next to the other seven people at the top of the once “secret powder couloir.” You realize your sneaky line is not so sneaky at all! Once an easily accessible back-drop to a world-class ski resort for motivated hikers, it has become a tracked-out haven for an entire skid subculture. – Jessica Flammang


to all of our great customers! We couldn’t do it without YOU! - The whole JH Roasters team



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food & drink

best BREAKFAST JOINT Gold: Nora’s Fish Creek Inn Silver: The Virginian Bronze: Bubba’s

c c c


Peart Street Meat & Fish

best COFFEE SHOP Gold: Pearl Street Bagels Silver: Elevated Grounds Bronze: Jackson Hole Roasters



Gold: Backcountry Provisions Silver: Pearl Street Meat & Fish Bronze: New York City Sub Shop



best SOUPS Gold: Pearl Street Meat & Fish Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer Bronze: Betty Rock Cafe

best vegegarian offerings Gold: Lotus Cafe Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer Bronze: Teton Thai


c c c

Merrylets Pig

best BREAKFAST BURRITO Gold: Down on Glen Silver: Nora’s Fish Creek Inn Bronze: Terra Cafe

BEST Breakfast Burrito BEST OF JACKSON HOLE 2011 24 March 9 - 15, 2011

Down On Glen

733-4422 • ON GLENWOOD • 7am - 2pm Don’t forget Everest Momo Shack is open 5:30-9:30pm, Fri-Sun

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D.O.G. West

734-2540 • WILSON • 6am - afternoon

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EDITOR’S CHOICE: PEOPLE & LIVING Ted Kerasote Considering the massive popularity of John Grogan’s Marley and Me (2005) and other “ode to my wonderful dog” books, it seems the puppy-love genre has solid footing in the market (helped by a seemingly-indefatigable memoir trend). Writer Ted Kerasote of Kelly, Wyo., contributed one of the best reviewed books of the lot, Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog (2007). As a follow-up, Pukka: The Puppy After Merle was published in October 2010. While Merle’s Door offers theories of animal behavior woven into a memoir-style narrative, Pukka is a pictorial tribute narrated in the voice of its puppy star (an act of anthropomorphism, if there ever was one). This photo-centric collection offers local readers an endearing look at some well-loved outdoor spots in the valley, such as Goodwin Lake, Jackson Peak, and the Gros Ventre and Snake Rivers. The yellow Lab puppy Pukka, whom we meet as a wee born, is, of course, adorable. The quality of the photography, which includes shots of bear, moose, and elk as well as landscape portraits, is, for the most part, excellent. While I admit to not solidly identifying Kerasote’s intended audience, Pukka does offer a compelling advertisement for recreation in Jackson Hole. – Julia Hysell

funny answers from our readers Best real estate agent I’m a Native American. This is a sin. Best question we left out Best place to rent tranny porn.


Stitch & Bitch in the Grand Teton Brewing Tasting Room It’s not a 50s Home Ec. club but it’s a groovy spot to get your knit on. “We’ll teach anybody,” laughs Amelia who claims to have a yarn store in her locker at the brewery for beginners and first time visitors. For about a year and half, the tasting room has made room for seven to 50 ladies every Thursday who don’t always come to stitch but maybe to just bitch over the daily special, $1 off two pints or enjoy the newest member of GTB’s family of ales, a Persephone. Is it really just for women? Nope. “Tying and Lying” has taken up some seats for the manfolk to tie flies while their ladies knit next season’s scarves. There is a knitting guru in attendance too. Kristin Watti can solve your pearl problems and most likely inspire you to take on a pattern you would normally scoff at for its difficulty. Good brews, great potluck, good times. And folks don’t think Victor has a nightlife. – Victoria Plasse WILLIE WISE

BEST BOOKS FEATURING THE VALLEY updated daily l JH Weekly l March 9 - 15, 2011




Mindless motorists

8mm Vintage Camera

My bandmate’s tale of his car disappearing after one of his downtown gigs produced immediate, gut-wrenching laughter. As my friend scoured Town Square looking for his vehicle, he ran into a cop and asked if they had been towing cars because his was missing. “Do you own a black Subaru? If so, it’s right there on the back of that truck,” the officer said. Except the truck wasn’t a tow truck. It was a pickup truck. First off, drunk drivers are bad. But when someone rams a car and doesn’t realize that their vehicle has become attached to another, that’s freakin’ funny. In a failed hit and run attempt—on Town Square no less—the drunk driver had slammed into my buddy’s car, lodging the hitch into the grill and attempting to drive away like nothing had ever happened. It’s hard to hide the evidence when it weighs 3,500 pounds and is following you down the road. So if you have the option to ride your bike to work, brave the cold and park it off the street. It might save you some trouble. – Aaron Davis

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my iPhone 4. Well, all four of them actually, and that’s the hate part. Before I got the phone, I had considered buying a decent voice recorder, HD video camera and a new iPod. Booyah! The iPhone 4 has all three, conveniently located in one unit. I saw an online, iPhone-recorded video of singer-songwriter Iron and Wine that was shot in a snowy, 1920s-style vintage texture that really caught my eye. Now that HD and digital technology has made everything so incredibly sharp, my tastes have actually slid back to appreciate low-fi. The app is called 8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99) and its compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod Touch. Basically, it makes your videos look retro, but the combination of options is surprising considering the cheap price tag. Five lenses including clear, flickering frame, spotlight, light leak, and color flickering are combined with five options for the type of films you want to use for your video—grainy, discolored, dusted, and aged films from 1920, 1970s, Sakura, Z Pro and Siena. Legit full-length movies have been shot on iPhones. I don’t know about you, but I’m not good with video-editing software, and the 8mm Vintage Camera app is an option for making videos instantly hip. – Aaron Davis


Route 22 I was doing a bit of research and discovered that Jackson has five times as many police officers per capita as a major city. Unlike major cities, all traffic in Jackson must use one of three main roads. Most of the park tourists stick to 89 leaving Route 22 as the only link between Jackson and Wilson. On an average drive to Wilson, I see at least one or two cops. Six or seven is not uncommon when the bars and restaurant are closing. Even an elk deserves the opportunity to evade the hunter. Shooting fish in a barrel is easy enough – are the aggressive and confrontational DUI enforcement tactics used by local law enforcement really necessary? In 2008, I visited the police station and saw plaques honoring the police officers with the most DUI arrests. All three officers gave between 50 and 100 in the previous year. Call me naïve, but I think police officers should be impartial, not being rewarded for giving out as many citations as possible. – Aaron Wallis

BEST display of man love

Mike Bressler

Peter Moyer

Not that anyone is keeping count, but Public Editor Mike Bressler mentioned Aaron Wallis in (seven) consecutive public editor columns since the start of 2011 for JH Weekly. Focusing on topics ranging from where you would find Aaron (at The Bird for Superbowl strippers) to where you wouldn’t find Aaron (at Ignight for cocktails and appetizers) to avant-garde art, as hip people call it, the columnist has developed a nonchalant way of showing his emotions for this local loud-mouth artist; if Wallis had a pony-tail, Bressler would be running up behind him just to pull it. To give undue credit though, perhaps Bressler is taking a page from history: Nixon had all sorts of liberals on his ‘Enemies List’ from Hollywood film producers to advertising executives to newspaper editors (heads up, Irwin) and even Paul Newman. So, maybe we’re missing the point, but all this attention appears to be the printed profession of a ‘man-crush’ dribbling out on a weekly basis. And if you haven’t noticed, nothing sets Bressler off more than a backhanded comment about homosexuals, art, or freedom of speech from Wallis. In his Jan. 5, 2011 editorial ‘Censor Wallis’, Bressler claimed, “I could care less about what Wallis would think.” C’mon Mikey, of course, you care; what the hell else would you write about if it wasn’t for Wallis. – E. Tyler Alford

One thing you don’t have to coax out of Peter “Moyer the Lawyer” is an opinion. He’s got ‘em, and he’s happy to share. The high-profile Jackson attorney has signed his name to the bottom of countless letters to the editor and full-page ads, weighing in on numerous community issues and often butting heads with community power suits. “I guess it’s my Scottish blood,” Moyer said. “I hear the bagpipes and I just want to jump in.” The 62-year-old father of three helped found the Wyoming Highlanders. He may consider a kilt the height of fashion, but the former Marine never skirts an issue. His work on the Snake River Associates land deal 14 years ago helped increase the amount of protected open space from 42 acres to 1,400. He once sued Imagine Jackson, a private entity chasing a state grant, and has dogged the Housing Authority at nearly every turn concerning its practice of using taxpayer funds for ‘land banking’ rather than actual housing. Moyer has been on the hospital board for 20 years. He made a failed run at state senate in 2006 and county commissioner last fall. He has won the One Fly twice, once with a worm imitation that rankled the blue bloods of fly fishing. Perceived injustice is what gets the Maine native’s Scottish blood flowing. “I check in when too much power is on one side and not enough on the other side,” Moyer said. “Sunshine is a great disinfectant.” Moyer recently came to the aid of longtime valley resident Roland Fleck after his arrest at JHMR. In a letter to JH Weekly he called Fleck a “hero” and the incident “an outrage.” – Jake Nichols

The not-so-best-kept-secret for do-it-yourself mechanics is tapping into the wealth of knowledge wedged inside Kenny Wyss’s brain. Wyss has been a fixture behind the counter at the NAPA Auto Parts store in Jackson for 25 years. While some fellow employees look up parts in the greasy pages of the mammoth catalogue behind the register or check compatibility in the NAPA database, Wyss usually pulls the part you need off the shelf by memory. Certified ASE mechanics rely on computer diagnostics to figure out why your Volvo won’t run. Wyss’s ability to get to the root of your car trouble simply by your description of the symptoms is uncanny. “It kinda sounds like a mule with its foot stuck in a cattle guard … groooon, graaaawn, grrooon,” a customer might say. “Aha, that’s a worn timing belt; part number 5304B,” Wyss will answer. Wyss is Wyomingbred, born in Thermopolis. He is married with a son. And by the way, Wyss broke the news to JH Weekly he will be leaving NAPA as of March 1 to work the parts counter at Teton Motors. That’s sad news for anyone who has ever wrestled with the installation of his windshield wiper replacements in the NAPA parking lot, only to have Wyss come out and do it for him. – Jake Nichols


26 March 9 - 15, 2011 l

JH WEEKLY l updated daily

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Kenny Wyss (NAPA)


Bread Basket of Jack


funny answers from our readers Best radio DJ That guy that rants on the community radio station on Sunday afternoons.


Town Square Tavern Why is it that so many unassuming patrons walk into the Town Square Tavern perfectly sober and yet they leave beyond buzzed, stumbling, mumbling and drooling down the stairs of this dimly lit watering hole? We’re not quite sure what it is, but something about this place makes people feel like they’re in an alternate dimension, a place where they’re mostly unaffected by shots of red headed sluts and tequila. Until they stumble outside that is, where much of the “fun” and subsequent scuffles tend to transpire. The Tavern’s propensity for being a party atmosphere has put it under recent scrutiny, especially with its liquor license up for renewal. According to the Jackson Police Department, the Tavern has been involved in 25 disturbances, 23 public intoxications, six batteries, two medical assists, one aggravated assault, one minor under the influence, one 911 hang-up and one threat. But never fear, belligerent local and visiting drunks. Town Council voted to renew the Tavern’s liquor license in exchange for extra vigilance on the part of the Tavern’s owners. This means when you stagger outside your belligerence will now be on video. Smile for the camera. – Robyn Vincent

Ponza While combing the Internet to pinpoint the date Café Ponza closed its doors for good, we instead stumbled upon some reviews of the best eatery to mourn that left us drooling with nostalgia. The reviewers were out-of-towners who arrived into the valley at a time of night that was long after the Jackson dinner bell had rung. Luckily, there was one place serving food at 11 p.m. One of the reviewers, a pride-filled New Yorker recalled prepping himself for disappointment since, according to this Joey, you can’t find any decent pizza outside of the NYC. But, Ponza pleasantly surprised him along with the other reviewer, a Southern California gal, who likened the laid-back, cool atmosphere to that which you would find in the beach communities of San Diego. So if we can’t have a late-night eatery for the locals, may we at least have it for the tourists? But Café Ponza will be missed not only for its late-night hours – open until 3 a.m. on the weekends – but because it slung some damn good pie. A cheap and filling slice – about a quarter of an entire pizza (as pointed out by SoCal gal) – was made of light, crusty dough, tangy red or creamy white sauce and gooey, Italian cheeses (toppings were plentiful, too). Up until Ponza’s death last year, controversy swirled around Ponza owner Alex von Salad. But we don’t care about his felony charges or IRS lien – factors that may have contributed to his relocation to Aspen. We just want a decent slice of pie. – Robyn Vincent

BEST BARISTA Last year JH Weekly writer Andrew Munz named Pearl Street Bagels the Worst Victim of Popularity. Personally, I thought it was kind of silly. Like getting upset because you were the only member of the football team who missed out on gangbanging a drunk girl in the bathroom at prom. I’m happy to jump on the love train at Pearl Street Bagels. Having been a barista in a former life, I know how hard it is to knock out a 20-person line and have time to top off the cream before the next onslaught. Now all the girls at PSB are pretty good baristas. I have never had an improperly foamed latte. Though occasionally I wish they could be a bit more ambitious with the latte foam art. A leaf, come on! You want to impress me: I want a scale replica of Picasso’s Guernica in my foam. Anyway, I have to say that Polly Danz always does and extra special job of frothing my milk. And she has a great smile, though it could be that perennial customer service smile with just a slight dash of nutmeg and condescension. I have always believed that customers should be treated like the dirty dogs that they are, and I think the line at PSB would be even longer if an S&M Macchiato was added to the menu. – Aaron Wallis

Polly at Pearl St.


First off, a very pithy primer for you Mexican pastry neophytes. Mexican pastries aren’t donuts. Don’t expect them to be donuts. And they’re not overly sweet. They’re subtly flavored, too subtly for some people, but if you give ‘em a try, chances are you’ll convert from donuts to pan dulce. I’ve patronized more Mexican pastry shops than I can remember, and I can’t think of another that makes my mouth water as much as Bread Basket of Jackson/Canasta del Pan. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the bakery’s four loaded (and classy, classier than any other Mexican pastry shop I’ve seen) pastry cases when you first walk into the bakery. Meltedchocolate-topped fennel-infused piedras, flaky elephant ears, fluffy and perfectly crusty Spanish breads, colorful conchas, churros, chocolated-hatted macaroons, Mexican cheesecake, Mexican croissants (filled with ham, figs, chocolate, etc.), cookies, et al., all baked to perfection by master panaderos Carlos and Polo. Best of all, Bread Basket is one of the cheapest eateries in Jackson: with few exceptions, all the pastries cost somewhere between 50 cents and $2 (cash only). Paying $5 for a paper bag bulging with delicious baked goods is a pleasant surprise in a town with such a high cost of living. So grab a plastic tray, load it up with whatever looks tasty or intriguing, and say gracias to Bread Basket’s friendly employees. – Benjamin R. Bombard



funny answers from our readers Best gay hangout Fish’s house (kidding) (or am I?) (I am). updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011


READERS’ CHOICE food & drink

best BURGER Gold: Billy’s Burgers Silver: Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse Bronze: The Bird


We love you Jackson Hole! Thanks for your votes of confidence!

Gold: Trio Silver: Billy’s Burgers Bronze: McDonald’s

best SALSA Gold: Merry Piglets Silver: Pica’s Mexican Taqueria Bronze: El Abuelito


best SUSHI Gold: Nikai Silver: Sudachi Bronze: Masa Sushi

best PIZZA Gold: Mountain High Pizza Pie Silver: Il Villaggio Osteria Bronze: Village Cafe



Gold: Pica’s Mexican Taqueria Silver: El Abuelito Bronze: Merry Piglets

best LOCALLY ROASTED BEANS Gold: Jackson Hole Roasters Silver: Snake River Roasting Bronze: Great Northern

best pint of local brew Gold: Snake River OB-1 Organic Ale Silver: Snake River Lager Bronze: Thai Me Up - Melvin IPA


ROADHOUSE 739.0700

best PRODUCE Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer Silver: Smith’s Bronze: Farmer’s Market

739.4100 see READERS’ CHOICE page 30

28 March 9 - 15, 2011 l

JH WEEKLY l updated daily updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011




goods & services

BEST FULL SERVICE SPA Gold: Snake River Lodge & Spa / Avanyu Silver: Four Seasons Resort Bronze: Body Sage Spa at Rusty Parrot

c c c


Snake River Lodge & Spa Avanyo

BEST HAIR STYLIST Gold: Rob Hollis at Frost Salon Silver: Jairus Robinson at Frost Salon Bronze: Dave Johnson at Teton Barber Shop


BEST WAX Gold: Mimi Hair & Body Care Silver: Body and Soul Bronze: Tootsy’s Footsy Lounge Bronze: Shear Dimensions


Thanks for picking us as your florist!


BEST FITNESS CENTER Gold: Bell Fitness Silver: Enclosure Bronze: Teton Sports Club


Char-Ral Floral 180 N. Center St. Downtown 733-2500

Gold: Teton Mountaineering Silver: Hoback Sports Bronze: Headwall Recycle Sports

BEST SKATE, SNOWBOARD AND SKI SHOP Gold: Hoback Sports Silver: Jackson Treehouse Bronze: Boardroom

BEST BIKE SHOP Gold: Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Silver: Hoback Sports Bronze: Wilson Backcountry Sports

BEST VETERINARY CLINIC Gold: Spring Creek Animal Hospital Silver: Animal Care Clinic Bronze: Fish Creek Veterinary Clinic


see READERS’ CHOICE page 32

30 March 9 - 15, 2011 l

JH WEEKLY l updated daily

HAIR l NAILS MAKEUP 915 Alpine Lane

l Jackson l 307.734 .0804



Couloir When I learned in 2007 that JHMR was going to open a fine dining restaurant at the top of the gondola, I was skeptical to say the least. The culinary tradition at the mountain was based on a foundation of Sysco food cooked by skids who took pride in how little they cared about their jobs. But somebody up there made a brilliant move when they hired Chef Wes Hamilton. Like some sort of holy man, Hamilton left his high society gig in the kitchen of the Four Seasons and went into the wilderness. High on the mountain in a monastery called Couloir, he creates the best food in the valley. Many chefs go to culinary school and work at fine establishments, but never learn how to cook with soul. They feel that in order to prove their worth they need to find the newest, sexiest ingredients that only the trendiest foodie has heard of, or that they need to mix together ridiculously incongruous flavors in ways that please the intellect but not the palate. Hamilton doesn’t overthink his dishes, resisting the temptation to over-innovate he simply takes the finest ingredients and produces dishes that taste so good that you’ll find them showing up in your daydreams. I recommend that all good pilgrims take a trek up the mountain to see the guru. – Judd Grossman

Best Fitness Center


PLUS, A FRIENDLY STAFF AND CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS. Home of TRX/Kettlebell boot camps for Spring 2011 (next session starts April 11)

Mon-Fri 5:15am-9pm Sat 8am-7pm, Sun Noon-7pm updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011


READERS’ CHOICE goods & services

BEST PET SUPPLIES Gold: Pet Place Plus Silver: Teton Tails Bronze: Rally’s Pet Garage


c c c


Bank of Jackson Hole

BEST HARDWARE STORE Gold: Ace Hardware Silver: Sunrise Lumber Bronze: Wilson Hardware

BEST FLORIST Gold: Lily & Co Silver: Char-Ral Floral Bronze: Inner Forest

BEST BANK Gold: Bank of Jackson Hole Silver: First Interstate Bank Bronze: Wells Fargo

BEST ECO-FRIENDLY BUSINESS Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer Silver: Hotel Terra Bronze: Blue Spruce Cleaners



Thank You JacksonHole!


aineering from the crew at Teton Mount

BEST PLACE TO BUY DRUGS Gold: Smith’s Silver: Albertsons Bronze: Stone Drug

BEST REASON TO DRIVE TO VICTOR/DRIGGS Gold: Huckleberry Shakes at Victor Emporium Silver: Knotty Pine music Bronze: Music on Main see READERS’ CHOICE page 36

Photo by W. Garth Dowling

Open Daily • 170 North Cache

32 March 9 - 15, 2011 l

JH WEEKLY l updated daily

• Jackson, WY • 307-733-3595

THANK YOU JACKSON for voting Blue Spruce Cleaners as one of your leading eco-friendly businesses! It is very important to us to be a green company for our safety, as well as to preserve our home’s integrity for our children to enjoy. I am always looking for ways to shrink our footprint without raising your prices, and I’m thrilled that you’ve noticed! We appreciate you so much, and could not have earned bronze without you! updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011


EDITOR’S CHOICE: FOOD & DRINK BEST Escape from jackson, in jackson

Burke’s Chop House It’s a shame that Burke’s Chop House is so inconspicuous. The first time you walk by the restaurant at the junction of Pearl and South Glenwood you look in those dark windows on the corner and wonder if anybody’s home. On the other side of those windows is one of the most relaxing escapes from Jackson to be found in Jackson. The Cadillac, The Virginian, Cowboy Bar, Wort, Koshu and Cutty’s all have their undoubted charms. But sometimes you want a little peace and quiet. Sometimes you want to chill out in a tranquil setting where you don’t have to yell to be heard and you aren’t sitting virtually elbow to elbow with diners at the table next to you. You want good food in healthy portions, tasty adult beverages and a comfy seat. Burke’s has all that stuff. After a vigorous day of outdoorsy activities and/or work, it’s easy to unwind in Burke’s’ classy though unpretentious décor and mellow gold lighting. The curving theme of the building’s outer wall is echoed in nearly every design detail in the restaurant, from the concave eaves holding wine bottles on the wall to the curving bar and the round dining booths. Maybe it’s just me, but all those curves seem to help you catch your breath before venturing once more out into Jackson. – Benjamin R. Bombard

YOUR BEST funny answerS Best reason to drive to Victor/Driggs $45,000 condos.

“Best of Jackson Hole 2011” 3 Years in a Row THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!!

30% Off Spa Services Entire Month of March

307 732 6070

34 March 9 - 15, 2011 l

JH WEEKLY l updated daily



Wonderful Wyoming Honey

El Tlaxcalteca

We have been duped by everything for our coffee, teas, smoothies and baked goods. Agave turned out to be no better than corn syrup and every one thinks Stevia is too sweet to fit the average sweet tooth. But here in Wyoming and available by the bucket, if you need it, is Wonderful Wyoming Honey out of Crowheart, Wyo. So ditch your sugar replacements and stick to consuming the nectar of the wilderness, a substance that directly contributes to every third bite in the human diet and, one that Hypocrites exalted for its healing properties. WWF is no wrestling match, it’s the bee’s knees and if you take a big enough bite, you’ll even catch some of its spice amid the sweetness. – Victoria Plasse

Definitely the most authentic and non-bland Mexican joint I’ve experienced that’s not price-gouging for beans and rice, El Tlaxcalteca offers the goods in large portions and at affordable prices. It is located at 975 Alpine Lane next to the Mexican grocery store and behind Jackson Whole Grocer. No one suggested it to us; we just happened upon it one day après-ski. There was one other table eating there, which made it a quiet lunch with Spanish soap operas playing on the flat screen TV. And it was a good opportunity to brush up on my rusty Spanish, which hadn’t been busted out in a while. It felt like I wasn’t in Jackson for about 45 minutes and that was nice too. The ambience was a little bland, but I appreciated the dive vibe, and didn’t mind the dripping sink in the bathroom either. Maybe I’ll return for the karaoke night. I saw the machine in the corner. – Aaron Davis


Cafe Genevieve When I step into Café Genevieve I often feel like I’m the only local in the place. It can be a little uncomfortable as I like distinguishing myself as someone who knows how to ski and who agonizingly forks over incredible sums for rent each month. But I continue to endure the shame because, damn, it’s good food. Genevieve moved in a little over one year ago, occupying space once held by Jedediah’s. Visitors unaware of the restaurant’s newcomer status are treated to a story of Genevieve’s “history” printed on its menus. The history doesn’t mention the opening date of the restaurant, instead giving a history of the building, built in 1910. If only they let the food do the talking. My meat-loving father recently declared Genevieve’s burger “the best burger I have ever eaten.” It comes with an option of Applewood smoked bacon, Genevieve’s cures its meats in house. I am partial to the wild mushroom pasta served in a cream sauce. And any place with a happy hour that starts at 3 p.m. will get my business (stiff drinks, too). So, heck, let people think I’m a tourist. – Katherine Pioli

best second location

Teton Thai, Driggs When I first moved to Victor and discovered Teton Thai, I said thank you daily to the higher power of good tasting and affordable food. But as a regular at the Victor location, it became apparent that people knew what was happening in my life and me, theirs. Why? Because it was unavoidable to eavesdrop on how folks ordered or how accomplished the person ordering was, so when they opened in Driggs, a brand new world was created that included elbow room, an expansion of frontier fusion aesthetic complete with arrows above the bar and yes, a real bar area. So that rustic-IdahoThai-chic experience can be enjoyed with no fear of hogging a table from those waiting in line and without gossip. Your problem still remains, can you refrain from ordering the whole menu. – Victoria Plasse

THANK YOU, JACKSON HOLE! Best Eco-friendly Business

Best Produce Best Vegetarian Offerings

Best Soups

307.733.0450 • 974 West Broadway • updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011



“Thanks!” reggae jazz ski bum music



BEST BAND Gold: Mandatory Air Silver: The Miller Sisters Bronze: One Ton Pig

Peter “Chanman” Chandler Bronze: BEST MUSICAN

BEST MUSICIAN Gold: Isaac Hayden Silver: Judd Grossman Bronze: Peter Chandler

BEST CLUB DJ Gold: Rocky Vertone Silver: Cut La Whut Bronze: Mr. Whipple

Congratulations to all the winner

BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE Gold: Mangy Moose Silver: Pink Garter Theater Bronze: Knotty Pine

BEST WESTERN ART GALLERY Gold: Trailside Galleries Silver: Legacy Gallery Bronze: West Lives On Gallery

BEST CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY Gold: Diehl Gallery Silver: Heather James Gallery Bronze: Tayloe Piggott Gallery

BEST EMERGING ARTIST Gold: Kelly Halpin Silver: Abbie Miller Silver: John Frechette Bronze: Mike Tierney

BEST ESTABLISHED ARTIST Gold: Amy Ringholz Silver: Kathryn Turner Silver: September Vhay Silver: Tom Mangelsen Bronze: Ben Roth

BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS Gold: Andrew Munz Silver: Jeff Bratz Bronze: Brian Lenz

see READERS’ CHOICE page 38

36 March 9 - 15, 2011 l

s in


JH WEEKLY l updated daily

EDITOR’S CHOICE: GOODS & SERVICES best one-hour ass toning workout


Dancers’ Workshop Ballet



My boyfriend once said hockey was the best full body workout, then he came to Ballet Workout at the Dancers’ Workshop studios and became a convert. The best part of this biweekly class (Tuesday and Friday mornings) is undoubtedly the instructor. Olga is Russian – tall and blond with a noticeable accent. For 15 years she has made Jackson home, but her story begins in Kiev, Ukraine where she trained as a young girl for the Russian Olympic team. Jackson students listen spellbound between tendu and degage’ exercises by stories of her early training days. As if gently illustrating how easy we have it just being expected to point our toes, Olga recalls instructors who kept a bathroom scale at the studio door, sending home any girl who was “overweight.” Such strict training landed Olga a place with Cirque du Soleil, eventually leading her to America. Here in Jackson, Olga does not weigh her students at the door and the class is designed for all levels. Each day repeats the same movements, so before long even the newest dancer looks like a pro, almost. There are some excellent groan inducing moments, like the 45 calf raises, but that’s what you need to stay in shape like a Russian dancer. (Men, don’t be afraid to take this class.) – Katherine Pioli

For those who cannot get enough of the hidden gems found on History Channel’s American Pickers or appraised on PBS’s classic Antiques Roadshow, sally on down to Gottahavit, Jackson’s very own picker’s paradise. Located on North Glenwood next to Cayuse Western Americana, the shop, which opened in November 2009, offers antiques, uniques and collectibles consigned to the store by more than 50 locals. Unsurprisingly, some of the inventory has a Western-bent, such as tooled-leather saddles, spurs with a fine patina and posters, prints and paintings of cowboys and mountain ranges. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Collectors of Weller Pottery, German Black Forest wood carvings, turquoise jewelry, Pendleton blankets, early edition Landmark Books, colored glassware, brand-name tobacco tins, stoneware jug crocks, gently-used cowboy boots and hats and other examples of American ephemera, memorabilia and collectibles would be wise to stop in, periodically, to see what’s new to the floor. Price points run the gamut with everything “priced to sell.” In fact, prices are often negotiable, so wager an offer. Owner Marilyn Hartman, also, runs a hat repair shop in-store. – Julia Hysell

funny answers from our readers Best under-the-radar restaurant Yippy I-O. Kidding. Sudachi Best wax Diva Nails, cheap and THOROUGH!

… thanks Jackson for voting us your #1 Contemporary Gallery!

Join us every Friday during ski season for Après-Ski & Art 5-9 pm Adam Siegel

155 West Broadway

Tantra Series FIS40410 Acrylic on Canvas 72” x 60”

307.733.0905 updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011



BEST GOLF HOLE Gold: JH Golf & Tennis No. 13 Silver: JH Golf & Tennis No. 11 Bronze: Teton Pines No. 18

FAVORITE LIFTEE Gold: Lynette “Silver Fox” Walden Silver: Keil Corey Bronze: “Dyno” Mike Dynia

BEST GAY HANGOUT Gold: Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Silver: Ignight Bronze: Town Square Tavern

BEST QUESTION WE LEFT OUT Gold: Best ski run Silver: Best hike Bronze: Best martini


featuring custom glass buckles from strapped glass

Got personality! gold gold



best best radio radio personality personality

best best radio radio personality personality

best best radio radio personality personality


Tom Tom “crazy “crazy tom” tom” Haigh Haigh


JACKSONHOLERADIO.COM 38 March 9 - 15, 2011 l

JH WEEKLY l updated daily

EDITOR’S CHOICE: GOODS & SERVICES Best western trend yet to catch on in wyo.


Inversion Yoga Inversion Yoga, located on the corner of North Millward Street and Mercill Avenue, first opened its doors (whose windowpanes are now so often clouded by steam) in April. During its first month of business, classes were available on a donation basis, encouraging an air of acceptance and (shock!) affordability that continues to fill the studio’s annexes of bamboo flooring and earth-tone walls. With a dropin rate of $15 (pretty standard), the studio welcomes yoga practitioners, seasoned and newbie alike, with affordable class packages, donation-based classes, Friday evening 2-for-1 “Happy Hour” classes and first-time visitor specials. The studio is committed to offering classes that span the traditions of yogic practice, encouraging teachers to share concepts and sequences from Jivamukti, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Kripalu and Anusara traditions. For busy moms, the studio offers babysitting services on Saturdays and Mondays. Inversion also hosts meditation sessions and martial arts classes. A spirit of openness marked by the absence of competition can be found at Inversion, fostered by its instructors, many of whom lead classes at other yoga studios in the valley and have no problem encouraging students to visit those studios, too. – Julia Hysell


Medical Mary Jane Well, it’s no longer just a Western trend, but legislation, spearheaded in California in 1996 – adopted by Oregon and Washington in 1998, Colorado and Nevada in 2001, Montana in 2004, New Mexico in 2007 and Arizona in 2010 – will perhaps never stand a chance in the conservative Cowboy State: medicinal marijuana. Today, a total of 15 states (and the District of Columbia), including Alaska, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont and Hawaii have some type of law in effect that allows you to get high on your own – or your “caregiver’s” supply. But the benefits of legalizing pot venture beyond instant self-gratification (we know a good portion of those using medicinal marijuana don’t really have glaucoma). In California, marijuana is the state’s biggest cash crop accounting for $14 billion in sales, according to a 2009 Time Magazine article. It makes a little more sense then, why Michigan, ground zero for the economic meltdown and with the highest unemployment rate in the country, passed a law in 2010 legalizing marijuana for medicinal uses. According to the Wyoming Business Council, “Wyoming is looking to recruit more high-tech and manufacturing businesses to help diversify the state’s economy.” Well, Wyoming, we see one industry that would provide millions if you guys could loosen up and pass the dutchy. – Robyn Vincent

funny answers from our readers Best question we left out Who found the meth?

Jackson Treehouse would like to THANK all the locals for their continued support! And for this, the Treehouse is on sale for the rest of the season!


“DYNO” MIKE DYNIA! Best Liftee

Congratulations winners!

Located in Hotel Terra • Teton Village • Open daily 9-6 • 307-739-TREE •

BEST OF JACKSON HOLE 2011 “I truly appreciate the support of the community and I am greatly honored by this award.”

170 North Cache | Jackson, WY 1/2 block north of the town square 307-733-9752 | 888-238-0177 Snake River Crossing | Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011




Cord Reynolds

Snow King

James Booth, technical director for Off Square Theatre, had always wanted to do a production of War of the Worlds, and when he met Cord Reynolds he knew the moment had come. The infamous Orson Wells radio skit orates an alien take-over of planet Earth. Scary enough to throw people into a panic in 1938, the production is still performed without sets or dramatic motion. The power of the piece rests entirely on the emotion and skill of the actors’ voice. For Cord Reynolds, such acting is a cakewalk. Reynolds has become an invaluable member of Jackson’s thespian crowd. Whether playing the villain or the hero, Reynolds’s commanding presence and unique set of pipes capture the attention and imagination of his audience. Recently, he participated as accent coach for Off Square’s production of The 39 Steps. Reynolds expertly coached four actors on a very convincing range of accents, from a staccato German to a throaty Scottish brogue. – Katherine Pioli

Like many people, I need to exercise a few times a week especially if I want to get back into my jeans from high school. Nobody has time to get all Louis and Clark during the work week and head off to the park. But Snow King is a fairly challenging hike and is right in the middle of town. It’s also reasonably quick so it’s perfect for that midday lunch break workout. And if you wanna get all Ironman, try running up that hill. I get about half way up, wonder why I’m torturing myself and head off to happy hour. But if one continues up slope the view of our quaint mountain town shrinking away below is quite scenic. The Tetons on one side and the elk refuge fading into Yellowstone on the other. It’s kind of awe-inspiring even after the 30th ascent. Maybe it’s a special trek because I grew up in the city. For me, a scenic hike was walking down the alley to the 7-11 and watching a tranny blow some dude for crack or heroin behind a dumpster. – Aaron Wallis

BEST cross-country SKI TRAIL


Factory Studios The circumstances that led to Teton Artlab’s occupation of a former candy factory in Jackson’s industrial district included a series of false starts and some discord with other arts organizations. ArtLab founder Travis Walker wasn’t sure what would become of his dream to build a place for artists to work and collaborate until glass artist John Frechette said he was in. Then, Rob Hollis, who had glassblowing equipment sitting around, joined. Then, Mark Dunstan of the apparel startup Anomaly Farm signed up, then textile artist Abbie Miller, and the list finally became too big. Because of the interest, Walker expanded the initial layout of Factory Studios from six to nine studios and still didn’t have enough room for all the individuals and creative businesses interested. When the Factory held an open house in January, it became a point of unity for artists and art organization representatives from across the spectrum of influence and interest. – Matthew Irwin

Game Creek When I moved to Jackson two years ago, I had never been on a pair of skis. I managed to trade some artwork and sexual favors for the complete Nordic ski setup. My first day on skate skis was the most frustrating day of my life. I don’t think the Tetons had ever witnessed such a profuse stream of non-stop profanity. My date never had. But I slowly got better and now kind of enjoy this sport. So there are a few options when it comes to skiing trails. Trail Creek is too far away and the Pines is, well, a golf course covered in snow. The bike path is OK, but it’s in the middle of town. Cache Creek is nice but the problem is by lunchtime it’s covered with dog shit. I would not take a shit on a dog owner’s front yard, so I don’t see why it’s so hard for them to respect our national lands. Game Creek gets so little use even on non-grooming days the snow is still nicely manicured and free of poo. – Aaron Wallis


Wilson Ice Rink By now, the ice rink at Owen-Bircher Park in Wilson is, (literally) by degrees, becoming slushy, mushy and Slurpee-ish. But just a fortnight ago, there was no better free exercise/family entertainment thing to do in Jackson Hole after sunset than puck around on the Wilson ice rink. As rinkgoers of all ages will attest, you didn’t even need a stick and puck to enjoy the rink. And you didn’t need cent numero uno. The county-maintained Wilson ice rink was the only and best place after sunset to get some exercise, skate around with the family, or indulge in some light-hearted though challenging pick-up hockey and let your dog run free, for free. – Benjamin R. Bombard

Heather James Fine Art Well this one is kind of a no-brainier. Take an out-of-town gallery with a roster of works by A-list and emerging artists, drop them in a town with mostly Western and nature art, hire the director of the last decent contemporary art gallery in town (Lyndsay McCandless is also kind of a fox and god knows you can’t have an ugly chick sitting behind the desk at a serious gallery), then throw it all together and it’s kind of like having the Lakers play the JH high school basketball team. I can’t wait to see Ron Artess drop a junior with an elbow and then punch out his dad. Derrick Fisher could actually shoot over a defender for a change. Anyway, I would like to congratulate Heather James on bringing great art to Jackson. – Aaron Wallis

We are and always have been a non-smoking restaurant.

BEST BREAKFAST PLACE 740 W. Broadway 307-733-4330

40 March 9 - 15, 2011 l


Monday-Saturday 6:30am-2pm • Sunday 6:30am -1:30pm

JH WEEKLY l updated daily



Suzanne Morlock

Center for the Arts

Since a certain public art installation in early December, passersby Suzanne Morlock’s whimsical, larger-than-life “Sweater” have had reason to smile, chuckle and, perhaps, be transported to an earlier time when Charlie Brown’s iconic sweater – mustard-colored with that unmistakable black zig-zag – made its first impressions on our younger imaginations. Demonstrating Morlock’s enduring fascination with knitting on a large scale with unconventional materials, “Sweater,” made of shiny gold and black mylar tape, has only grown more fascinating as it nobly withstands the elements of a Wyoming winter. It seems Jackson locals have not been the only ones charmed by Morlock’s work. In fact, the piece will be part of an exhibition called “Pop’d From the Panel” on display from June 25 to December 11, at Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. According to the website, the exhibition “examines the intersection between fine art and cartoon art in the works of such artists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.” As Morlock understands, ”Sweater” will be installed to appear as though it’s “flying” over the front façade of the museum. Good grief! – Julia Hysell

Try a little jazz, some rock ‘n’ roll and a dash of blues. Catch sounds from Mali, Ireland and Jackson’s own Hootenanny. Last year, Jacksonites found all this and more at the Center for the Arts fourth season of the Center Presents series, a great line-up of music for adult tastes. While Jackson doesn’t lack music venues, it does lack variety. That’s why the Center’s line-up last year was so refreshing. Take last October’s performance with Taj Mahal and Vieux Farka Toure’. The event was sold out every night. Taj Mahal is an American blues legend. Influenced by Caribbean, African, jazz and gospel sounds, his music has entertained generations. Also featuring rising Malian star Vieux, this live show was a must-see musical performance that really couldn’t have been hosted anywhere else in the valley. The Center for the Arts did a fine job getting this musical great, and many others, off the beaten path and into Jackson. – Katherine Pioli


In October 2010, Walk Festival Hall in Teton Village became the only venue in Wyoming to offer “The Met: Live in HD.” The live simulcast series of the Metropolitan Opera expanded Grand Teton Music Festival’s programming beyond its eight-week summer festival, and brought opera to fans otherwise holed-in for the winter. Opening with Das Rheingold– from Richard Wagner’s epic cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen, the season has featured Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West, Nixon in China by John Adams, Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky, Don Pasquale by Donizetti, Don Carlo by Verdi, Iphigenie En Tauride by Gluck. Performances of Lucia Di Lammermoor by Donizetti, Capriccio by Richard Strauss, Il Trovatore by Verdi, Le Comte Ory by Rossini, and Wagner’s Die Walküre are still to come in the eight-month season. To earn the right to present The Met: Live in HD, GTMF completed a lengthy and technically specific approval process conducted by Met officials. At $18 a ticket, the series has succeeded beyond expectations for GTMF, and has also inspired the Center for the Arts to contract with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, for the L.A. Phil’s new simulcast program. – Matthew Irwin

best new arts programming

The Met: Live in HD An ironic T-shirt at Moose on the Loose This honor of Best Impulse Buy doesn’t go to any of the plethora of “Jackson Hole”-emblazoned tchotchke and paraphernalia to be found around town. Nor is the winner an Angwusnasomtaka kachina, a buffalo-skin throw rug or a bronze statue of a bobcat. I’ve put my money where my mouth is by endorsing an ironic custom Tshirt at Moose on the Loose as the Best Impulse Buy in Jackson. Propping an out-of-state chain rather than a local business might be seen as poor form, but locals have yet to match Moose on the Loose for unintentionally ironic shirt designs, though Aaron Wallis could probably give them a run for their money if he wanted to. Impulse buying is a marketing-induced short-circuit of our consumer minds, and it fulfills our desire for instant gratification. I indulged my need for instant gratification when I bought a neon pink tee with a proud prancing pony emblazoned on it during intermission of a Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance fundraiser. I had earlier seen a prototype of the T-shirt in the store’s window and I knew my world was incomplete and miserable without it. Altering the shirt to give it a plunging V neckline further enhanced its irony and sex appeal. It recently garnered a compliment from a fashion conscious babe at Who-Gro: “That shirt is awesome,” she said, batting her eyes at me before she went on her way. Thattaboy, prancing pony! – Benjamin R. Bombard

funny answers from our readers Best place to buy drugs Seriously?? Get your own connection.

Thanks for voting for us! Best Yoga Instructors

(“Thanks!” in doggy talk)

All of us at Spring Creek Animal Hospital are honored to have been voted the


in Jackson Hole! Thank you for helping us provide the highest quality veterinary care for all of our four legged friends! (307) 733-1606 • 1035 W. Broadway



Best of JH 2011


Adi & Angela updated daily l JH WEEKLY l March 9 - 15, 2011



asian grill & sushi bar thank you from the entire staff at nikai reserve online at or call 734-6490 open nightly at 6:00pm

congratulations to JUDY BASYE, RN, OCN. Judy is Nurse Navigator for St. John's Oncology Department. She facilitates patient care from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. Judy has been providing care to cancer patients for over 30 years. She is a very special part of the Oncology care team.





Andrew for your vote Byron and recognition as a

OFFICIAL FlyBEST FishingELECTED Guide Born and raised in Jackson “Paul Vogelheim understands the youth in this valley PAUL VOGELHEIM are the future ofTeton our County valley. Commissioner Since I met Paul 12 years ago in Scouting,307.734.8944 he gets our concerns, he listens and he takes on the tough issues. He is willing to work hard for a strong environment for jobs and for a strong 42 March 9 - 15, 2011

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for letting us serve you, Jackson Hole!


READERS’ CHOICE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO JACKSON HOLE IN 2010 Gold: Bad economy and housing crisis Silver: Cops losing a meth box on Hwy. 22 Bronze: Rainy spring and short summer

More answers from our readers …


We are pleased to announce the

GRAND RE-OPENING of Trio on Wednesday, March 9th We would like to thank everyone for all of their support during the restoration and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Trio fire Big Wally’s death Death of Kristen Karn Westside Store closed Shooting in Cottonwood Closing of Cafe Ponza Taco Bell closing Death of Dick Jennings Re-electing Mark Barron Lodging Tax Snow King Tunnel Bird. That place sucks

best THING TO HAPPEN TO JACKSON HOLE IN 2010 Gold: Great November & December Snow Silver: North Hwy. 89 Pathway Bronze: Sophie’s Place Dog Park

More answers from our readers …

SPECIAL THANKS TO our entire Trio staff, friends and families, Jackson Hole Fire Department, Town of Jackson, Nalley’s Steamway, Mayor Mark Barron, Bank of Jackson Hole, Sorensen and Sorensen Accounting, Sysco, Dembergh Construction, Fates Flooring, Lucey Electric, Westland Pluming, Jade’s Heating and Plumbing, High Country Linen, Gilday Architects, TriCo, Ultra Interior Drywall and Delcon

Located at 45. S.Glenwood | For Reservations Please Call 307.734.8038

Capitol Christmas tree Lodging Tax passed New airport remodel Teton Boulder Project Stash Park Economy improving Housing prices lower Factory Studios Cheney visits less Met broadcasts People’s Market Friess donates $70 million updated daily l JH Weekly l March 9 - 15, 2011


Best of Jackson Hole 2011  

JH Weekly's annual survey of local businesses, people, food and lifestyle.

Best of Jackson Hole 2011  

JH Weekly's annual survey of local businesses, people, food and lifestyle.