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2013-2014 Bell Schedules A/B Day Schedule (A=M/W, B=T/Th) Period 1/2 7:30 - 9:10 Snack Break 9:10 - 9:20 Period 3/4 (Annc) 9:25 - 11:10 Period 5 11:15 - 12:05 Lunch 12:10 - 12:40 Period 7/6 12:45 - 2:25 A/B Day Assembly/Adv. Schedule Period 1/2 7:30 - 8:50 Snack Break 8:50 - 9:00 Period 3/4 (Annc) 9:00 - 10:25 ASSEMBLY 10:35 - 11:30 Period 5 11:35 - 12:25 Lunch 12:30 - 1:05 Period 7/6 1:05 - 2:25 A/B Day Long Assembly Schedule Period 1/2 7:30 - 8:45 Snack Break 8:45 - 8:55 Period 3/4 (Annc) 8:55 - 10:15 ASSEMBLY 10:25 - 11:40 Period 5 11:45 - 12:20 Lunch 12:25 - 1:05 Period 7/6 1:10 - 2:25 A/B Day Abbreviated (Snow) Schedule Period 1/2 9:40 - 10:45 Period 3/4 (Annc) 10:50 - 11:55 Lunch 12:00 - 12:30 Period 5 12:35 - 1:15 Period 7/6 1:20 - 2:25

C Day Schedule (Friday) Period 1 7:30 - 8:20 Period 2 (Annc) 8:25 - 9:15 Snack Break 9:15 - 9:25 Period 3 9:30 - 10:20 Period 4 10:25 - 11:15 Period 5 11:20 - 12:05 Lunch 12:10 - 12:40 Period 6 12:45 - 1:35 Period 7 1:40 - 2:25 C Day Short Assembly Schedule Period 1 7:30 - 8:10 Period 2 8:22 - 9:04 Period 3 9:10 - 9:52 Assembly 10:02 - 10:32 Period 4 10:42 - 11:24 Period 5 11:30 - 12:12 Lunch 12:18 - 12:48 Period 6 12:54 - 1:36 Period 7 1:42 - 2:25 C Day Abbreviated (Snow) Schedule Period 1 9:40 - 10:10 Period 2 (Annc) 10:15 - 10:50 Period 3 10:55 - 11:25 Period 4 11:30 - 12:00 Lunch 12:05 - 12:35 Period 5 12:40 - 1:10 Period 6 1:15 - 1:45 Period 7 1:50 - 2:25

Inclement Weather Schedule Manzano High School is considered by APS to be a “mountain school". When the mountain schools (Roosevelt Middle School, A. Montoya Elementary, and San Antonito Elementary) are on an abbreviated day, MHS will use the abbreviated schedule. If the mountain schools are cancelled on the first call in the morning, Manzano will have the same schedule as the city schools. In the event that the mountain schools are put on an abbreviated day on the first call in the morning, and that decision is changed to a cancellation of school later in the morning, Manzano will remain on an abbreviated schedule. We make every attempt to place a message on our phone system, websites and Twitter with the dayʼs schedule as quickly as it is announced to us. However, we highly recommend that you listen to the radio and TV announcements (most often as early as 5:30.) On abbreviated schedule days, breakfast will NOT be served but lunch WILL be served. Buses will run round-trip to deliver students to school by 9:40 a.m. and pick up students from school at 2:25 p.m.

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Zero Hour 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 After School Advisory The purpose of this Manzano High School Student Agenda is to provide students and families basic information about Manzano High School in addition to a calendar of school sponsored activities and events. Information included in the handbook is based on the most frequently asked questions, therefore, it does not address every program, concern, or activity that takes place. It is designed to work in conjunction with the Student Behavior Handbook (SBH) published by Albuquerque Public Schools. The SBH contains guidelines for student rights and responsibilities. Please take the time to review both documents with your student. The calendar events were current as of late June 2013. For updated calendar information please log on to Consider subscribing to that site and the calendar there to stay up to date on events and activities at Manzano High School.

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DATES AT A GLANCE First Semester begins Meet-the-Teacher Night (Open House) Labor Day (no classes) End of 1st grading period Homecoming Assembly Homecoming Game Homecoming Dance Fall Break (no classes) PSAT/PATH (testing for 10th & 11th) End of 2nd grading period Veteran’s Day (no classes) Thanksgiving Recess (no classes) End of 3rd grading period Final Exams First Semester Ends Winter Recess (no classes) Second Semester begins Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no classes) Winter Ball President’s Day (no classes) MHS Inservice (no classes) Parent Conferences (no classes) End of 4th grading period 8th Grade Parent Night SBA Testing (10th and 11th grade) End of 5th grading period Spring Recess (no classes) Vernal Holiday (no classes) Prom Senior Final Exams Senior Honors Assembly Commencement Underclass final exams Last Day of Classes Memorial Day (no classes) Snow Make-up Days (if nec., Do NOT schedule vacation on these days)

August 13 August 29 September 2 September 23 October 3 October 4 October 5 October 10 - 11 October 16 November 5 November 11 November 27, 28, 29 December 20 December 18, 19, 20 December 20 December 23 – January 3 January 6 January 20 January 25 February 17 February 18 February 20 - 21 February 20 March 5 March 18, 19, 20 April 3 April 14 - 18 April 18 May 3 May 8 - 9 May 16 May 17 May 19 - 21 May 22 May 26 May 23, 27, 28, 29, 30

ALL DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Visit for updated information!

School Fight Song School Colors: Purple, Silver, White School Mascot: (Monty) Monarch

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Go, Manzano Monarchs, Win this game today. With the banner flying high We’ll cheer you all the way Rah! Rah! Rah!

Go, Manzano Monarchs, Fight for victory. We’ll spread the fame Of our great name So, go you Monarchs, Win this game!

Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

Mighty Monarchs (Administration and Support Staff) Main: 559-2200"

FAX: 291-6854"

Web:" Twitter: @ManzanoMonarchs

Principal" " Secretary" Asst. Principal (10 - 12, M - Z)" " Secretary" Asst. Principal (10 - 12, A - L)" " Secretary" Asst. Principal (9th)" " Secretary" Asst. Principal (SpeEd)" Dean of Students" " " " Secretary" Activities Director" " Secretary" Athletic Director"

Therese Carroll" Lynne Armijo" Arvis Vonner" Brenda Simpkins" Sue Peters " Jennifer Trujillo" Tony Carrillo" Nanette Grant" Patricia Chavez" Eric Orell" Susan Arnett" Christy Ortiz" Jennifer Huynh-Arnold" TBA" Jim Briggs""" """""""""" " "

x23201 x23202 x23203 x23204 x23209 x23210 x23205 x23206 x23401 x23221 x23208 x23216 x23223 x23318

Counselor (10 - 12, R - Z)" Counselor (10 - 12, H - Q)" Counselor (10 - 12, A - G)" Counselor (9)" Counselor (9)" College & Careers Counselor"

TBA" Ron Smith" TBA" Linda Harrington" Victoria Smith" Rod Hansen"

"" """"

x23241 x23242 x23246 x23225 x23237 x23212

Bilingual Coordinator" Bookkeeper" Family Liaison" Library/Bookroom" Nurse" ISP/CRL Nurse" Health Assistant" Registrar" School Resource Officer (APD)" Security" " " " " Social Workers" " " " " Spirit Coordinator"

Victoria Smith" Peggy Jenner" Bernadette Montano" Carrie Eaton" Cynthia Ramsey" Annette Underhill" Marisol Gonzales" Wendy Parker" Jim Vautier" Richard Espinosa" Wes Mead" Vanessa Whitaker" Linda McDaniel" Paula Borowski" TBA" Vanessa Whitaker"" x23430" x23218" x23429" x23244" x23235" x23222" x23224" x23215" x23219" x23379" x23219" x23312" x23311 " x23327" x23376

Student Body Officers" President:" Vice President:" Secretary:" Treasurer:" Historian:"

" Alex Thornhill" Mayra Palacios" Todd Countee" Sara Gutierrez" Virginia Whitfield

Class of 2014 Officers President:" Rachelle Martinez Vice President:" Sandy Nguyen Secretary:" Sarah Boucher Treasurer:" Hope Alvarado

Class of 2015 Officers" President:" Vice President:" Secretary:" Treasurer:"

" Drake Sikelianos" Angel Armijo" Lea Casper" Taylor Melendrez"

Class of 2016 Officers President:" Kaitlyn Seubert Vice President:" Kyle Seubert Secretary:" William Nguyen Treasurer:" Maritza Navidad

Class of 2017 Officers All to be elected


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Dear Manzano Community, As we begin the 2013-14 school year, we embrace opportunities to celebrate Monarch pride. We work together to ensure rigorous academic performance through relevant learning experiences and relationships with other students in grade-level academies. This agenda is provided to specifically help all of us with daily, weekly, and monthly planning. Included is a great deal of information outlining expectations and requirements at Manzano High School. Signed by an adult supervisor, this planner will also serve as a hall pass. Our experience has been that high expectations, supported by continuous communication, will result in success for all. Please review this document to acquaint yourselves with our philosophy, protocols, personnel, and other resources. Have a wonderful year! Sincerely,

Therese Carroll MHS Principal

Welcome back, Monarchs! I hope you had a GREAT summer vacation, but now it’s time to get back to school and welcome our newest addition, the Class of 2017! With the wrong attitude, high school can seem boring, dull, and uneventful. But high school is what you make it! You get out of it what you put into it. Maintaining a positive attitude and getting involved is key to making the most of the year. With over 60 clubs, organizations, and award winning sports teams, there is plenty to do. Get involved! Manzano has a talented student body. With a best in state guitar player, best-in-district sports teams like wrestling, tennis, football, and basketball, and a wide variety of clubs, there are many ways to get involved in the Manzano community. The Administration and Student Senate have been working hard all summer to prepare Homecoming festivities for you. So get that Monarch spirit up and show that purple pride! The year goes by fast, Monarchs, so get involved, stay focused, and study hard! Sincerely, Alex Thornhill Student Body President

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Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

Manzano High School Information and Policies

Activities & Athletics

Manzano has many different activities for students. Listen to announcements, watch for flyers and talk to your teachers to find the activity that interest you. Most groups meet during the lunch hour. If you have an interest and/or need more information about whether the program exists, check with the Activities Director to see if you can get it started. Clubs/Organizations An important part of Manzano’s student activities program is the variety of clubs and organizations. Clubs may be formed when merited by need, interest, and demand. To form a school club, one must do the following: obtain permission from the Activities Director, have at least ten prospective Manzano student members, have a Manzano faculty sponsor and submit a constitution to Manzano’s Student Senate for chartering. Graduation Participation in commencement exercises is optional and a privilege. Seniors who choose to participate in commencement must also participate in the senior luncheon, honors assembly and graduation rehearsal. Seniors must obtain an official cap and gown, and agree to observe a few simple rules. Seniors who do not wish to participate in the commencement exercises should notify the Activities Office by April 1. School Board policy states that seniors who owe any financial obligations to the school will be denied the opportunity to go through the graduation ceremony. Additionally, state law allows the school to withhold grades, diploma and transcripts until all financial obligations are paid. All requirements of Manzano High School, APS, and the State of New Mexico must be fulfilled in order to graduate. Correspondence classes must be completed by April 20th. Seniors who do not complete correspondence courses by April 20th will forfeit the privilege to participate in honors and graduation ceremonies. All grades and transcripts from schools other than MHS must be received in the registrar’s office prior to the first day of senior finals. Final senior grades are non-negotiable and no special circumstances will be considered. All seniors will complete a senior information card with the Registrar during first semester. These cards are used to order the graduation diplomas, so all information must be accurate. Orders for cap and gown and graduation announcements will be taken in the fall. Graduation announcements and caps/gowns are handled by: Campus Specialties, Ltd. 1529 Eubank NE, Suite B Telephone: (505) 275-9357 Seniors involved in vandalism, as a result of a senior prank, or suspended for violation of school rules or policies may forfeit the right to participate in graduation ceremonies. Non-participants will not be allowed to pick up their cap and gown prior to graduation. Honor Cords and Activity Lettering Student clubs and organizations exist to serve the needs and interests of Manzano students. All clubs or organizations offering an activities letter must adhere to the following rules: 1-Requirements for Participation: Students must be enrolled in at least four (4) classes to participate in athletics or in any club, organization or activity that is sanctioned by MHS, APS and the NMAA. 2-Activity Letters: A student may be eligible for an Activity letter through club membership. Requirements for lettering must be stipulated in the club’s constitution and approved per school requirements. 3-Honor Cords: A senior student must complete the following to be considered for an Honor Cord from a club or an activity: •Must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA. •Must be an active member of the organization during his/her senior year. •Must maintain membership in good standing for two (2) school years. •Only recognized members of nationally recognized honor societies will be allowed to receive and wear their respective cords. •The Activities Director will verify grades prior to distribution of cords. No accessories other than the Activities Office issued honor cords may be worn at the honors assembly and/or commencement ceremony. Scholarships Manzano has a unique and growing scholarship program. It was begun in 1974 when the faculty established a scholarship in memory of the first principal, Jewell Brown. Since then, other scholarships


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have been established at the school. Several MHS clubs, organizations and booster clubs also provide annual scholarships. Applications for any of the scholarships are available in the Activities Office. The types and amounts of scholarships are announced in early spring. Applications will be available at that time on Classroom Connection:

Activities & Athletics Participation Please note the following participation policies (excerpted from the Student Behavior Handbook). • Because participants are serving as representatives of their school and community, their conduct is expected to exemplify high standards at all times. • Participants are expected to adhere to higher standards of academics and conduct than established for the general school population in order to maintain their extra-curricular privileges. • Participation in extra-curricular activities is not a student right and suspension of such privileges does not require a due process hearing procedure. Extra-Curricular Substance Abuse And Tobacco Policy This policy is in effect twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, at all times/locations from the first day of fall sports practices to the end of the school year. The definition of alcohol and controlled/illegal substance possession is extended to include circumstances where substances covered under the policy are proximal and available (i.e. parties, gatherings, etc.). Criteria for application of sanctions would include, but not be limited to: • Any Minor in Possession (MIP) or Offense by a Minor Citation • Written documentation from legitimate law enforcement/school/security reports • Personal acknowledgment by the student in question and/or their guardian The following bullets apply to a Suspension of Extra-Curricular Privileges: • The suspension applies to all NMAA sanctioned athletic and non-athletic activities. • A student serving a suspension cannot participate in a “try-out” during that suspension. • Suspensions can carry over from one school year to the next for underclassmen. • Participation in summer programs for students on suspension will be interpreted in the same way as scholastic eligibility for athletics in the summer (i.e., students may participate in on-campus/intramural activities only). Use And/Or Possession Of Controlled/Illegal Substances, Electronic Cigarettes And Tobacco Products First Offense – Student’s loss of all NMAA sanctioned extra-curricular privileges and eligibility (including practice and competition) for 45 school days (not including summer school) from the date determined by a site administrator. Second Offense – Student is ineligible to participate in NMAA sanctioned extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the academic year or longer under special circumstances. Sale Or Distribution Of Controlled/Illegal Substance Student is ineligible to participate in NMAA sanctioned extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the academic year or longer under special circumstances. Senior students who receive consequences under this policy during the last quarter of the school year may receive community service, to be served prior to participation in privileged events such as commencement exercises. Community service will be assigned by the site administrator. If a student is in violation of this policy at a time in which the handbook is in force, other disciplinary consequences may apply. This may include suspension of extra-curricular activities, including but not limited to attendance/participation in school activities such as athletic events, open campus, dances, clubs, and other privileged events (including commencement exercises), as determined by a site administrator. Eligibility for Inter-scholastic Activities and Athletics In order to be eligible, a student shall have passed a minimum of four (4) classes, not failed more than one (1), and had a grade point average of 2.0 or better for the immediate previous grading period, or cumulatively, beginning with and including the second semester of grade eight (8). The cumulative provision may only be applied to the beginning of a semester and only semester grades are to be used. (Specific period grades – 6 or 9 weeks are not applicable to this provision.) During the current semester, the student must pass a minimum of four (4) classes, not fail more than one (1) class, and maintain a grade point average overall of 2.0 or better per grading period during the semester. All class work counted for eligibility must be acceptable for graduation. The grade point average is based on a 4.0 scale with an allowance for consideration of honors points. Page 6! Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

The definition of “extracurricular” activities states that they are school-sponsored activities which are not required by law or Educational Standards for New Mexico Schools which have practices, meetings, events, performances, or interscholastic competitions. Implementation of the Public School Reform Act components on the required schedule will preclude using school time for practices, meetings, and events. While these activities may have an indirect relation to the school curriculum, extracurricular activities do not include direct instruction of the state-required student competencies established in Educational Standards for New Mexico Schools. Home-schooled and/or Charter school enrolled students need to register their participation with the school office. GPA and attendance requirements of the Public School Code apply for all extracurricular activities. A student may be absent for school-approved absences up to fifteen days a semester.

Admission and Attendance at Student Activities Students who attend activities will be admitted with current MHS ID cards. Once a student has been admitted into an activity, he/she may not leave the activity to return later. Upon leaving, the student is expected to leave the campus/area immediately. Permission for visitors to attend dances must be obtained in advance. Forms are available in the Activities Office.

Assemblies Assemblies are designed as an integral part of the educational program at Manzano. Assembly programs and pep rallies are held for several purposes: to teach, to entertain, to honor, to display school spirit, to celebrate, etc. Depending upon the purpose of the assembly, there is a specific type of behavior expected from the students, faculty, and guests in the audience. First and always, the members of the audience should respect the rights of the performer(s), speaker(s) or whomever might be presenting the program. There is an obligation of courtesy that is owed to these individuals, and the administration and faculty expect that obligation to be met. Additionally, as young adults, students are expected to: • Follow assembly instructions as given to you by an administrator or teacher. This includes sitting where you are assigned to sit. • Attend every assembly. If a student does not attend the assembly, he/she will receive consequences for truancy. • A student may not leave the assembly until dismissed. • Avoid talking, yelling, clapping, or indicating your approval or disapproval when such is not appropriate. Even at pep rallies, there is a time to cheer and a time to listen. Know what behavior is appropriate and act accordingly. • Do not take food or beverages to the assembly. All assemblies are mandatory for students and staff. Tardiness and/or truancy will be recorded by class period teacher. Disciplinary action will be taken against those students who are disruptive or uncooperative at the assembly, the library, cafeteria, or other specified locations. In some cases, a student may be prevented from further attendance at the assembly, or assemblies may be discontinued for the student body or a part of the student body if behavior continues to be inappropriate.

APS Attendance Information Albuquerque Public Schools is committed to student success. Reducing truancy in school will improve a child’s academic and personal success. You will continue to receive messages regarding your child’s attendance through School Messenger for daily attendance issues, two day truancy, five day truancy and ten day truancy. When a child reaches ten unexcused absences he/she is consider an habitual truant: NMSA 22.12.9 (A) states that (1) “habitual truant: means a student who has accumulated the equivalent of ten or more unexcused absences within a school year: and, (2) “student in need of early intervention” means a student who has accumulated five unexcused absence within a school year. As parent your assistance with attendance compliance is critical. Remember that Compulsory School Attendance Law (NMSA section 22-12-1) and City Ordinance (11-10-1 et. Seq.) require that a student must attend school every day with no unexcused absences. Unexcused absences include the following: • Non-school sponsored activities or trips; and, • Family vacations outside of the normally scheduled school breaks. The following are reasons for an excused absence with the appropriate documentation:


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• Illness • Limited family emergencies • Medical, health or legal appointments • Suspensions • Religious commitment • Deployment of a military parent Principals may request additional documentation for excessive excused absences. Also, state law requires schools to withdraw a student after ten consecutive days of absence, but only after the school has exhausted its efforts to keep a student in school using a variety of interventions. We need your help to keep your child in school. We want your child to have academic success. If your child begins to show a pattern of absences, then you may be contacted by the school and/or a District Attendance Office liaison. They are your resources to help. Welcome the help. When a child is absent he/she loses instructional time, which impairs his/her opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve both personal and academic success.

Attendance Policy (MHS) Teachers will take attendance by class period for each instructional day. Students who miss more than ½ of a class period are considered absent for the entire period. A parent/guardian must notify the school in writing that the student will be/is absent. This documentation can be emailed to the appropriate grade level secretary as soon as you know the student will be out of school. At the latest, a written note can be delivered to the secretary on the day the student returns to school. Phone calls are not accepted. If this documentation is not received within 3 days of the absence the absence cannot and will not be excused. Absences may be excused for the reasons listed above. Excessive Absences Teachers and the school will put interventions in place to help the student get to school and be successful. If a student has excessive absences in a class, they risk being withdrawn with a failing grade and will not receive credit for that class. A student absent beyond nine days MUST have official documentation confirming one of the following circumstances for the possibility of earning course credit: • Medical appointment • Court appointment • Death in the immediate family • Religious commitment • Diagnostic testing If the student’s consecutive absence will exceed three days, please contact the grade level secretary to communicate the need for an approved extended absence. Leaving Early: If the student must leave school before the end of the school day, a parent/guardian must come into the office to sign out a student. Students leaving early for an appointment must have a written note from the parent/guardian and must bring documentation of the appointment with the date and time upon return. The secretary will verify the appointment with parent/guardian. The secretary will give student an off campus pass. If the student becomes ill at school, he/she must obtain a pass from the nurse to leave. Students arriving late, must 1) bring a note from their parent (or medical/legal), or 2) the parent may come in to the appropriate secretary to receive an excused tardy pass to class (See MHS tardy policy). Make-up Work: Students may complete work for all excused and for up to 10 unexcused absences. Once a student is identified as a habitual truant (10 unexcused full day absences) make-up work may be provided for the student unless the principal and teacher determines otherwise based on the data provided. On the first day back to a class, students are responsible for requesting make-up assignments. Failure to complete make-up work in the time allowed may place students at risk of not earning class credits. Students will have the opportunity to complete the work in a period of time equal to the number of days absent unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed upon by the student and the teacher. Teachers may need 24 hours from the time of the request to compile assignments. Check the school site for up-to-date assignments. It is expected that students will take semester finals on the days that they are scheduled. Students will be permitted to make up finals if they are missed due to an excused absence as listed above. Requesting permission to take a final exam early is Page 8!

Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

discouraged. Approval of such a request will rest with the teacher in consultation with the curriculum assistant principal. School-Imposed Absences: Absences imposed by Manzano High School, e.g., suspension, referrals by counselor, nurse, administrator, etc., will count as a school-related absence. Tardies: If a student is late to school, they should go directly to class. All students will be admitted to class for all tardies. Teachers are expected to give consequences for all tardies, with the exception of an excused tardy. If students have written note from parents excusing the tardy, they must take it to secretary to receive an excused tardy slip to present to teacher. No consequences will be given if student has an excused tardy. Excused tardies are given only for medical/dentist/court appointments. • 1st/2nd Tardy: Class consequence • 3rd Tardy: Class consequence and teacher will contact parent. • 4th Tardy: Class consequence, parent contact and referral for three days lunch detention • Subsequent tardies: Class consequence, parent contact, and referral for additional consequences In addition to classroom consequences, random tardy sweeps will be conducted: ID’s will be taken from tardy students in order to consequence the students, without keeping them out of class any longer than necessary. Consequences for being tardy at Manzano can include time in an alternative academic or community service setting (i.e. lunch, after school). Students who miss more than 50% of the class period are considered absent for the entire period. Parents must notify the school in accordance with the notification procedure listed above. Skipping School or Class: Students found out of class without permission, on or off campus, will be referred to the office for consequences and possible citation for truancy, requiring an appearance in court. Students will not be allowed to make up work for administratively documented truancies.

Behavior A safe and orderly school environment for learning helps create a positive quality of school life for students. This includes respect for the rights of others and for the school's facilities. The following expectations are in place! Clean Campus: An attractive and clean campus reflects school pride. Therefore, the cooperation of all students and staff in using trash cans is needed to maintain a clean campus. Hall Passes: No students will be out of class during class time without a pass from a teacher, administrator, or counselor. This also applies to student aides for classes and other locations on the campus. This agenda serves as the pass and must be signed on day of use. In such instances, students are to report immediately to the destination indicated on the pass and to return to the classroom immediately after taking care of business indicated on the pass. No passes to the restroom will be granted in the first or last 15 minutes of class. Excessive public display of affection is inappropriate. If behavior continues, administrative sanctions will be invoked. Hallways and Stairways: Access to hallways and stairways is necessary for student safety and mobility. Students should clear those areas during passing periods, before and after school and at lunchtime. Flag Ceremony and Pledge of Allegiance: Every morning during the announcements, everyone will participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone should stand at attention with the right hand over the heart. During assemblies, games, or other events when the colors are presented, all persons should stand at attention placing the right hand over the heart when the flag begins to move. This position should be held during the National Anthem and continued until the colors leave the floor.

Counseling The MHS Counseling and Advisement Program provides students with academic, career, and personal guidance which prepares students to become contributing members of a diverse, changing world. Our goal is the success of every student as they progress from school to career. To make an appointment with your counselor, log on to, and complete the appropriate form. Students will then be called to the office for their appointment. In a crisis situation, students will receive assistance immediately from any available counselor.

Curriculum Correspondence courses, taken for make-up or supplemental credit, must first be approved by the curriculum assistant principal. Students may pick up a contract of requirements from their counselor.


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Home schooling is a formal process that a student/parent must plan in accordance with district guidelines. To insure proper course content as well as credit towards graduation, an appointment with the curriculum assistant principal prior to beginning the home schooling is a must. For consideration of school credit, all student work samples, worksheets, tests, etc., need to be submitted for review. Independent study forms must be prepared, signed by student, teacher-advisor, department chairperson, and curriculum assistant principal before the student may be officially enrolled in this area. The student must have at least a “B” average in the field of study and must have exhausted all course offerings in this area. More information about or academic program is available in the course catalog, available online at

Discipline Expectations Manzano students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible citizens whether in school or in the community. The APS Student Behavior Handbook states that provisions for student behavior are in force as follows: • During school hours; • During transportation of students; • At times and places where appropriate school administrators and staff have jurisdiction in.cluding, but not necessarily limited to, school-sponsored events, field trips, athletic functions, and other schoolrelated activities; and • On the way to, or going home from, school or school-related events. Serious misconduct warrants immediate suspension from school pending a parent conference. Repeated violations may also involve notification of juvenile authorities and/or removal from school. See the matrix beginning on the next page for a list of unacceptable behaviors and minimum consequences. Where a specific situation is not specified, it will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Dress Code Manzano High School is a place of learning and business. We believe that appropriate dress contributes to a productive learning environment. Students are expected to dress in a manner that reflects an attitude and spirit attuned to learning and which enhances academic, personal and social growth. As a part of learning to live within appropriate limits (as one must likewise do in adult life and in virtually all workplaces and professions), students are expected to use good judgment, to respect themselves and others, and to demonstrate modesty in selecting attire. Simply, apparel or appearance which tends to draw attention to an individual rather than to a learning situation must be avoided. We respectfully ask that parents and guests dress with respect to this philosophy when visiting our school. Consequences at MHS will include being sent home, suspension and/or parent conference. If the staff or administration determines the clothing or accessory to be disruptive, unsafe or unhealthy, students will not be able to appear with that item on campus. These item(s) will be confiscated and may be returned to a parent after school the following day. Student dress and grooming is to reflect high standards of personal conduct so that each student’s attire promotes a positive, safe and healthy atmosphere within the school. Unacceptable clothing and accessories include, but are not limited to: • • • • • • • •

Gang-related attire Excessively tight or revealing clothing Short shorts Clothing that exposes the stomach or midriff Low-cut blouses Spiked jewelry Chains Clothing or accessories promoting: i. Drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) ii. Sexual activity iii. Violence iv. Disrespect or bigotry toward any group (continued after discipline matrix)

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Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

(continued from page 10) The following items are also prohibited: • Clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, or accessories that: • advertise, display or promote any drug (including tobacco and alcohol), gang affiliation, sexual innuendo, violence, weaponry, profanity, hate, or bigotry towards any group. Tattoos fitting this description must be totally covered at all times. • that disrupt the educational process, including, but not limited to, excessive body piercing, muscle shirts, white tank undershirts, shredded/frayed, off-the-shoulder, low cut, see-through, or minimal clothing, are prohibited. Shoulder straps for female attire must be a minimum of two (2) inches wide. (Cleavage must be completely covered.) • Sagging pants. (pants below the waistline) If the shirt is too long to determine if pants sag below the waist, students may be required to tuck in their shirt. Pants must fit at waist. Underwear cannot be visible above pant waistband. • Headgear of any kind such as hats, bandanas, do rags, scarves, hair nets, sunglasses, and gloves are prohibited inside any school facility. One exception will be permission to wear hats inside the gymnasium only during after-school sporting competitions. • Accessories including, but are not limited to, belt loop or wallet chains and any other long chains, spiked jewelry, and extended belts. • Hair of a color or style that creates a distraction or safety hazard. In line with this philosophy, students need to remain “covered up” at all times. Attire should be no shorter than the point where the fist ends when the student is standing up straight. No skin should show between the bottom of the shirt/blouse and the top of the pants/skirt. Modesty is the key word. Clothing with holes, cut, or worn in a manner to reveal underlying skin is usually not appropriate for school. If you have practical difficulties meeting these dress code requirements, please see a counselor for assistance. Physical Education Dress Code: Physical education students will change into clothing appropriate for vigorous physical activity. This includes a t-shirt, gym shorts, gym shoes, and socks. Sweats and warmups are permitted to be worn over appropriate gym clothes. All PE clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name and needs to be laundered at least once a week. Dance Dress Code: Most dances at Manzano have either a formal or semi-formal dress code. Students not complying with dance dress code will not be admitted. Dance Code: Disobeying the following rules will result in immediate removal from the dance and may result in the shutting down of the dance for all participants: • No contact of any part of your body other then your feet with the floor. • No grabbing of any sexual body parts • No imitating sex acts of any kind

Personal Electronic Device Specific Information From the APS district policy on cell phones:

Albuquerque Public Schools shall permit student possession of personal electronic devices on all district property and at all district sponsored activities while the student is under the supervision of district staff. These devices shall be kept out of sight and silenced or powered off during the instructional day unless otherwise permitted by district or school procedures. Use of personal electronic devices that disrupt the instructional day or include unauthorized use shall be prohibited. For purposes of this procedural directive, “instructional day” means the period of time between the first scheduled bell and the last scheduled bell of the school day and any other time in which instruction occurs. Albuquerque Public Schools shall not be responsible for restricting, monitoring or controlling the electronic communications of students; however, it reserves the right to do so. For purposes of this policy, “personal electronic device” means any device that a student is in possession of which electronically communicates, sends, receives, stores, reproduces or displays voice and/or text communication or data. These include, but are not limited to cellular phones, pagers, smart phones, music and media players, gaming devices, tablets, laptop computers and personal digital assistants.

As instructed in the procedural directive, MHS further defines this policy as follows. The instructional day is defined as 7:20 to 2:25 pm. The passing periods and lunch period are designated as noninstructional times. Devices used in connection with any other discipline issues will be confiscated; proper cell phone etiquette is expected. Teachers may grant the use of electronic devices during the instructional day for instructional purposes only. Students must have a specific task to accomplish and a specific time frame for use. Teachers are required to confiscate any student cell phone; ! Page 11

(and any other electronic device) they see or hear that violates this policy. Upon confiscation, the staff member will place the personal electronic device in a secure location in the classroom. As soon as possible, but at the end of that same instructional day, at the absolute latest, the staff member will take the personal electronic device to the administration office. For the 1st offense, the device will be available on the first school day following the day of confiscation. For the 2nd offense, the device will be available on the last day of the current semester. On the 3rd and subsequent offenses the device will be returned on the last day of school. These repeat offenses will also result in additional consequences for chronic violations. Devices confiscated under this policy can only be be picked up by a parent or guardian between 3 and 3:30 or by appointment with security. If a student refuses to surrender an electronic device they will receive additional consequences for defiance of school personnel. (see discipline matrix) It is worth pointing out that in most cases, students report using their electronic device to respond to a call or text from their parent. If you need to contact your student, please call the office and we will relay the message. This eliminates the interruption of instruction and keeps your student from having to violate this policy. Every classroom and office space at Manzano has a telephone that will be made available to students needing to contact parents.

Emergency Procedures In the case of a disaster, such as might be caused by weather conditions or national emergency and which might cause life-threatening situations for students, parents are asked to cooperate with the following procedures: • Be sure that student enrollment cards are complete and updated at all times. As changes occur, please notify the proper attendance secretary at school. This will assure that the school can get in touch with parents in an emergency. • Listen to radio and TV stations for information. Because school phones are used to notify parents and other emergency personnel, parents are encouraged to avoid calling the school unless directed by radio and TV stations to do so. We will attempt to post information to our websites, however depending on the situation, these updates may be delayed.

Fees At various times, project fees are charged, e.g., art, band, P.E., industrial arts projects, workbooks in elective and English classes, movies, etc. See course offering guide when selecting classes.

Fire Drills Fire drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution. It is essential that when the first signal is given, everyone obeys orders promptly and clears the building by the prescribed route as quickly as possible. The teacher in each classroom will give the students instructions. Students are to stay with their teacher. Teachers will take attendance and report any students who are absent.

Food Services The cafeteria is designed for the convenience of students who buy breakfast and all or part of their lunch. The price for meals is established by the Board of Education. Free and reduced lunches are available for students who qualify. Applications may be picked up from the cafeteria manager or completed online. Students who eat in the cafeteria should follow simple rules of courtesy such as not cutting in line and not being unruly or unfair to other students. Courtesy also demands that students bus their own trays and leave the eating area clean and free from debris. Snack bars in the student center, gym and cafeteria are also provided during the lunch hour. Snack carts are provided throughout the campus during snack break and lunch. Patio areas are available for student use throughout the campus. Please do your part to keep the campus clean. Toss your trash in the appropriate receptacles.

Fund-Raising and Use of Facilities Groups and organizations wishing to sponsor activities should make plans as early in the school year as possible. All activities involving MHS students should be scheduled through the Activities Director. All fundraising activities, on or off the school campus, including those activities by booster clubs, must be approved through the Activities Director. A charge for custodial assistance will be levied on evenings where Page 12! Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

overtime is necessary. A building usage form will be required for any group wishing to use any MHS facility for after-school hours. Posters and advertisements must also be approved by the Activities Director and should be posted only in designated areas. Sponsors and group members should see to it that the materials are removed once the event(s) has taken place.

Grades Manzano High School uses a 6-week grading cycle. That means that every 6 weeks report cards are issued. (See Report Cards pg 18.) These grades are considered progress reports, as only the final semester grade is recorded on a student’s transcript. It is this semester grade that determines credit and GPA for graduation. While this length grading period provides more frequent reports to parents, MHS has implemented an online, near real-time system for use by students and parents. Basmati ( provides access to the teacher’s grade book in order to check on all assignments and grades to date. Teachers update this system at a minimum of once every two weeks. Most teachers update even more frequently. You will need your student number and a password to access the grades. Passwords are distributed in the first two weeks of school. If a teacher has not updated grades in more than two weeks, please contact the teacher directly and request they do so. If you have continued issues with a teacher not keeping Basmati up to date, please contact your student’s assistant principal.

Health Services All students attending Albuquerque Public Schools must be currently immunized. The requirements at the high school level are 1) diphtheria-tetanus, a series of three plus a booster every ten years, 2) polio (oral) a series of three, 3) rubella. Students new to Manzano are strongly urged to have a doctor's examination. Over-the-counter medication, including aspirin cannot be given to students. Parents may send a full bottle of Tylenol, etc., to be kept in the Nurse’s office for individual student use. Students taking prescribed medication should inform the nurse. Doctor’s orders must be on file with the Nurse for prescription medications to be taken at school. Routine vision and hearing tests are not done at the high school level; however, students are welcome to come in for vision and hearing tests at scheduled times, if deemed necessary. A student who reports to the Nurse's office must present a current MHS ID card and a pass from a teacher or administrator. Parents of special needs students should see the nurse for assistance with health maintenance during the school day. Optional health and accident insurance is available to all students. Forms are available at registration or in the main office.

Homework Teachers are strongly encouraged to post all communications including assignments and resources to their Classroom Connection page. If the homework is not there and you need a copy, please email the teacher to request that it be posted or emailed to you.

Honor Letter Awards Letters are awarded to students at Manzano who excel in academics, activities, or athletics. The academic letter is presented annually in the spring to all students who have had a grade point average of 3.5 or better cumulative for three consecutive semesters, taking a minimum of four classes per semester while attending Manzano High School. Second-year academic letters are awarded to students who have had a grade point average of 3.5 or better cumulative for five consecutive semesters of attendance at MHS, and three-year academic letters are awarded to students whose grade point average is 3.5 or better cumulative for seven consecutive semesters of attendance at Manzano. Activities and athletics have their own requirements for lettering. See the specific sponsor for details.

ID Cards Student ID cards are issued to every student, without charge, at registration. The ID card is a legal document, and it is unlawful to alter it. ID cards must be worn and visible by students, staff, and visitors at all times while on campus. Wearing of ID cards is a safe way to identify who is on our campus. Picture, ID number and name must be easily readable. Students with alternative schedules that allow off campus access MUST have a copy of their schedule with their ID at all times. ID


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Cards are required for many activities including but not limited to admission to school activities, to purchase tickets for dances, have yearbook pictures taken, to check out books from the bookroom and to access books and materials from the library. Replacement ID cards are made in the Security Office during non-class time. Cost of a replacement card is $5.00 for underclassmen and must be paid at the time the card is requested. Senior ID’s are $25.00 to replace. All students must surrender their school ID when withdrawing from Manzano High School. Broken ID cards will be replaced for free by bringing the pieces to the Security Office.

Information for School Records Proof of residency is now required annually at registration time. Please use your legal name when transacting school business. For accuracy, efficiency, and data processing, it is necessary to be consistent in the use of the name. (e.g.: Timothy H. Smith). Whenever there is a change in your information (address, email or telephone), you should bring proof of the change to your secretary immediately. In case of emergency, it is to your advantage to have your correct contact information on file so that parents may be contacted.

Internet Access and Information Manzano makes extensive use of technology for instruction and communication. Students should have a Google account for storing their documents and other project files. This online storage area is designed to support Student-Led Conferences and the creation of an electronic portfolio. Incoming 9th grade students will be instructed in setting up such an account during the first week of school. Parents are encouraged to create their own account on the Classroom Connection and enroll in the same classes as their students to stay informed about assignments, activities and more about Manzano High School. The Classroom Connection is also a great way to stay on top of assignments if you have to miss school for an illness or even snow related absences

Library The MHS library is to be used for study and research. It is open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. Students are expected to use the center quietly and without disturbance and to present current Manzano IDs upon entering. The Manzano High School library has almost 20,000 volumes of books, including fiction, reference, non-fiction, and a professional collection. The MHS library subscribes to numerous magazines and newspapers including online Research Data Bases. Students also have access to computers for school related projects.

Lockers Lockers are the property of Albuquerque Public Schools and are subject to inspection periodically and may be searched without the student’s consent. Facilities assigned to students will not be opened by school authorities except for general housekeeping purposes and in instances when, in the judgment of the school administrator, the health, safety or general welfare of the student or school requires such action. Neither school nor the district can assume any responsibility for items stored in these facilities. Students are assigned specific lockers when they register. Each student is limited to one locker and may not share with other students. Students having locker problems or needing to change their locker assignment for any reason must do so officially through the Security Office or risk having their lock immediately cut from the locker they are illegally using. Unauthorized use of a locker includes using any locker not assigned to you by the Security Office and failure to clear out a locker before the end-of-school deadline of May 16, 2014. There is a $20 charge for lockers that are not cleaned out by this deadline. The school is not responsible for the security of lockers. Each student must supply his/her own lock. Important school work; personal items such as billfolds, purses, yearbooks, etc.; items the student is selling for a club or organization; anything of value should NOT be left in lockers during school, before school, after school, or the weekends. Students are expected to keep their lockers free of stick-on labels, messages, graffiti, etc.

Manzano Parent Association and Volunteers Parents are always welcome at the monthly MHS Parent Association meetings, which are held on the first Monday of each month at 6pm. In addition, parents are expected to be at the Meet-the-Teacher Night (Open House) in the fall and at Student Led Conferences in the fall. There will also be a parent night in February for those parents whose students are registering as incoming freshmen or who will be new Page 14! Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

students at Manzano. Parents may also access the Family Center which houses school resources, a meeting room, and technology use. Manzano also welcomes and encourages parent volunteers in the activities office, the library, the nurse’s office, the bookroom, and the administration office. If parents can contribute volunteer time, or if parents wish more information about the Manzano Parent Association, they should call the principal’s secretary at 559-2200 ext 23202.

Parking Wilson Stadium Parking lot is designated as a student parking lot. All vehicles must be registered with the school and must display a valid and current MHS parking tag. The cost for the tag is $30 and it may be used in any registered vehicle in which the purchaser is present. MHS employs security personnel but purchase of the parking permit does not imply that MHS or APS is responsible for losses to the vehicle or its contents. Parking regulations are strictly enforced. It is a privilege, not a right, to drive and park on school grounds. Students in violation of driving and parking regulations will face consequences, including but not limited to suspension, revoked driving privileges and/or vehicle being towed or booted at owner’s expense. Please refer to detailed rules regarding driving/parking on campus on the MHS Parking Permit.

Publications Manzano’s official student publications are the Paw Print (newspaper), and Scepter (yearbook). These reflect the views of students under the direction of the faculty sponsors. The Scepter, the yearbook, is sold by pre-ordering in the fall which is the best price available. The Paw Print is distributed freely throughout the year as well as being available on the Classroom Connection site.

Release of Student Directory Information Student directory information may be released without prior consent unless the parent or student informs the principal within a reasonable period of time that any or all of the information should not be released. Parents may choose to have their high school student’s name and directory information removed from any of the following: military recruiter lists, college/university lists, or other requested lists.

Release of Student Information There may be circumstances when it is necessary to release information regarding a student. State law requires that any suspicion or evidence of child abuse or neglect, elder abuse, or knowledge of a minor engaging in dangerous or illegal behavior be reported to the appropriate child protection agencies and/or legal authorities. Furthermore, if a student poses a serious danger to him or herself, or a substantial danger to others, any individual, including school personnel, with knowledge, evidence, or suspicion of said danger is required by law to intervene by informing family members, identified victims and the proper authorities to provide for the safety of the student and others.

Report & Progress Cards Progress reports are issued every six weeks and are indicators of achievement to that point. Six week progress reports are distributed to students. Semester report cards are mailed to the address on file. Please contact the students grade level secretary if you do not receive a report card. Additional periodic reports or conferences are available upon request by parents. Students are also encouraged to discuss progress with teachers. Parents may view student’s progress on the Internet using the Basmati site. Passwords are issued to parents by the grade level secretary.

Safety and Security Services For safety, all students who walk and all persons who drive vehicles are asked to observe safety requirements. • The fire lane is closed to through traffic and is off limits for non-emergency vehicles. • Visitor parking area is for visitors only. Student cars are not allowed in visitor parking and will be booted and then towed. • Parents dropping students off for school MUST use the circular drop-off zone in the west lot or Wilson stadium. Do NOT drop off students on Lomas, in the administrative parking lot, in the loading area or in the fire lane.


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Manzano campus security personnel are on campus daily to help students with concerns. Any student who needs the advice or help of a security person should report to the security office. In this event, the student should present his/her MHS ID card and make an appointment. In case of an emergency, they should report to their grade level secretary for immediate help.

Schedule Corrections Schedule corrections are granted only for the following reasons and must be approved by the curriculum assistant principal in advance: duplication of credit, graduation requirement, incomplete/conflicted schedule, class size leveling, or administrative directive. No other requests for changes will be accepted. By district policy, students dropping a class after the first 10 days of the semester will receive a W/F (withdrawal/failure). The W/F stays on the transcript permanently. See course catalog for schedule of classes (available on Classroom Connection).

School Elections Student government elections and Homecoming royalty elections are held annually. Information concerning filing for office and election regulations is available in the Student Activities Office. Voting is open to all students. Student ID cards must be presented for eligibility to vote.

School Pictures A professional photographer designated by the school takes senior portraits and underclass pictures for the yearbook. Only those pictures taken by this photographer may be used in the yearbook. Retake times and make-up dates will be announced. Students may purchase pictures if they wish; but are under no obligation. Each student must present their ID card to have a photo taken. Underclassmen who wish to purchase color pictures for personal use may do so by paying for the pictures at the time the yearbook pictures are taken. Seniors will be charged a “sitting fee� when having their yearbook picture taken. This fee supports the publication of the yearbook. The official photographer for Manzano is: Lifetouch, 1453 Wyoming Bd. NE, 87112, (505) 237-1957.

School Trips Many organizations, such as chorus and band, take annual trips. Parents must give written permission for such trips. Parents may be assured that any trips sponsored by the school are supervised carefully. The school employee in charge of the trip must obtain all forms for school-related trips from the activities office. All transportation must be arranged through the Activities Director. All students who participate in school-related trips must meet New Mexico Activities Association eligibility requirements.

Semester Exams All teachers are required to give semester exams. The dates for these examinations are indicated in the calendar. Manzano does not schedule any activities for students other than examinations on days, afternoons or evenings prior to and during exam days. Please do not schedule any other activities, appointments or vacations during the scheduled final exam times to allow your student the best opportunity to do well on these important exams. Because of the high stakes nature of these exams, students will be expected to remain in the classroom for the entire duration of the exam period. In addition, Final Exams may not be taken early.

Student Government Student government consists of two different bodies that represent the student body: the Student Senate and the Student Council. The Student Senate has sixty to seventy members and is made up of the student body president, the student body vice-president, the student body secretary, the student body treasurer, the four officers and students selected as representatives from each of the classes. Student Senate meets daily during zero hour as an accredited class. Elections for Student Senate are held in the spring for all officers except for incoming freshmen that are elected in the fall. Student Senate is the major voice for student opinion, is responsible for homecoming activities, and promotes student/staff relations on campus. Student Senate is also the umbrella for the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Class Advisories. In addition, members of Student Senate represent Manzano at the city, district, state, and national levels.

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Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

The Student Council has open membership. It is composed of an elected representative from each homeroom class (two representatives if the class has 40 or more students), the editor of the yearbook, the editor of the newspaper, and delegates-at-large elected by petition. Any student at Manzano may become a delegate-at-large through the petition process. The Student Council is an advisory group. Members also serve on project committees through Student Senate.

Telephone Messages and Deliveries to Students Because of the size of the campus and limited availability of staff, personal phone messages will not be delivered to students except in cases of extreme emergency. Deliveries such as balloons, flowers, lunch money to students result in disruptions to instruction. Therefore, notification of such deliveries will be made only during passing periods. Delivered items will be accepted ONLY from a parent or guardian. Students are responsible for picking up their delivery in the main office. Class time will not be interrupted. Deliveries from commercial companies will NOT be accepted.

Textbooks Textbooks are the property of the State of New Mexico and are loaned to students. Textbooks are the responsibility of the student. A student withdrawing or transferring from Manzano must turn in all books in order to clear his/her record. Any textbook that is lost, stolen, damaged, written in, or otherwise defaced, is still the responsibility of the student to whom they are assigned and replacement costs will be charged to the student. State law provides for the withholding of records, diplomas, transcripts, etc., until books are properly returned or payment is made. Failure to return or pay for missing materials will result in a delay in your registration process. Textbooks left in lockers and not turned in at the end of year will result in a $20 return fee; only cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks will be accepted for fines. Students should keep a record of the barcodes of their textbooks by inputing the numbers on the schedule page of this booklet.

Transcripts and Permanent Records Grades earned in high school become a part of your permanent record. Transcripts are sent to employers, to colleges and universities, and/or new schools entered by the students upon written request by you and/ or your parents. Permanent records are available for review by you or your parents. Only semester grades are recorded on the permanent record transcripts. Standardized test scores are also listed on transcripts. Fines and other school obligations must be paid before a transcript may be provided. Transcripts may be held for those who have financial or contractual obligations to the school. To request a copy of your transcript, log on to and complete the appropriate form.

Twitter In addition to the Classroom Connection ( Manzano High School is on Twitter. Follow us at @manzanomonarchs for last minute changes and updated information.

Visitors Parental involvement is welcomed at any time. Parents wishing to observe classrooms, must make arrangements through their student's assistant principal at least 24 hours in advance as a courtesy to the teachers. All visitors, including parents, must report to the administration office, present a photo ID and receive a visitor badge BEFORE proceeding to any part of campus. Student visitors are not allowed. Visitors who fail to abide by this policy will be asked to leave campus immediately and may be subject to citation or arrest for trespassing.


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Tips for College Planning for College involves learning about the options and opportunities available to you. “College” really means any kind of education or training after high school that will prepare you for a meaningful career with good pay! “College” includes opportunities for every student! Including: 4-year Colleges, 2-year Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Apprenticeship Programs, or Military service. •

During High School, challenge yourself academically – take Honors and AP courses, Dual Credit courses at CNM or UNM, classes at CEC.

Learn how to take “Cornell Notes”; practice good, consistent study habits; ask questions, and keep trying!

Talk to College Representatives in MHS Student Center when they visit.

Take the PSAT in 10th and 11th grade. (Great practice for ACT/SAT)

Take the ACT and/or the SAT in the spring of your junior year. The best ways to prepare for these tests is to take challenging courses in high school, and take practice achievement tests. See Mr. Hansen for a list of practice test resources.

Start applying to colleges in the Fall of your Senior Year. In many cases, it’s free to apply, with no obligation to attend if you are accepted, so apply to at least 3-5 colleges.

Use these or other online resources to explore your interests, match your interests with careers, and find out what kind of education or training is required: (if you took the PSAT) - use this site to: practice for the PSAT, ACT/SAT; take a Personality Profile; search for colleges, financial aid, and scholarships; explore careers. - use this site to take an Interest Inventory, match your interests with careers, and find out what kind of education is required for certain careers. or - use these sites to register for the ACT or SAT, explore your interests, search for colleges, financial aid, scholarships, and guides for preparing for college.

Begin planning for College now! See your MHS College & Career Counselor for help!

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Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14


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Wed. Oct 9

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Thur. Oct 10

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Fri. Oct 11

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Fri. Jan 17

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Wed. Jan 29

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Thur. Jan 30

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Wed. Feb 12

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Thur. Feb 13

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Mon. Feb 24

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Wed. Feb 26

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Mon. Mar 10

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Tue. Mar 11

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Thur. Mar 13

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Fri. Mar 14

Fri. Mar 21


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Tue. Mar 25

Tue. April 1

Wed. Mar 26

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Thur. Mar 27

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Mon. April 7

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Mon. April 21

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Tue. May 20

Tue. May 27

Wed. May 21

Wed. May 28

Thur. May 22

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Manzano High School Student Agenda 2013-14

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