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What is the benefit of CRM and ERP integrated E- commerce ? Enterprise Resource Planning is complete business software, an important tool for al E-commerce business organizations. Your ERP should always be integrated with your E-commerce website, only then you can consider it a complete package. If you want to create a clearer picture of you online customers, the back end must be integrated with E-commerce system. There are 5 benefits of CRM and ERP integration in E-commerce site No duplicate entries Less manual process Improves inventory Quicker updates Reduce time Continuous global surge of online transactions is the key area that has contributed to data explosion. IT integrators are bringing in CRM and ERP integration with traditional e-commerce solutions. By converging platforms like payment processing are highly improved by automating transactions and increasing the ability to internally share information with partners and customers. All about online payment Online payment is not only about simple credit card transactions but beyond. Methods such as online payment services and money transfers are becoming more common in both B2C and B2B commerce. It’s being preferred as you can make payment without exposing credit card or account numbers. CRM and ERP integration can lower order processing thus lowering overall operation costs. With these integrated useful information about payment methods, user interface experience, purchasing habit of the site visitor, shopping cart abandonment rate can be collected and noted to improve sales. E-commerce websites with CRM and ERP integration allows businesses to collect important information on items such as sales reports, Web traffic, promotions and shipping available inventory, and real-time fulfillment across internal and external channels. This is a streamline approach to the most critical internal business processes so that they can effortlessly deliver large volume transactions and strengthen customer relationships through lot of user interaction.

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