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Portfolio Johan H端binette Industrial Designer

This is me For as far back as I can remember I have been drawing. A passion that

Dror in New York, working with a wide range of projects from furniture design, 3-d modelling, mock-up making to setting up in-house exhibitions. In 2008 I finished my industrial design studies at Lunds University with a Master of Fine Arts Industrial Design. Since completing my studies I have worked at the OSM Group which has its head office in Stockholm, designing accessories for mobile phones and computers. My thirst for travels and new experiences have continued and through my work as a designer for OSM I have had the opportunity to work at the Stockholm, Tokyo and the Hong Kong office, working close to production and customers. Now I feel ready for new challenges and

led me to become an Industrial

the opportunity to learn new things and

Designer. My name is Johan H端bi-

to share what I have learned with others.

nette and this is my portfolio. After finishing a one year military

Thank you for reading, enjoy and best

service I was ready to trade the snow up in the north of Sweden, for

regards! Johan H端binette

a new adventure. An adventure that took me through Mexico, Southern Pacific, New Zealand and so on... After returning to Sweden I took up studies in 2002 at Lunds University and the Industrial Design Program. In 2006 the idea of a new adventure took me on another long trip to Africa and South America. Upon my return I continued my studies and 2007 I did an internship at Studio

Johan H端binette, January 1st 2012

Tough holder Olympus “tough holder” was developed by OSM for Olympus Imaging Corp., as part of an accessories series for Olympus Tough cameras. The Cameras are specially made to withstand harsh enviroments and tough handling, they are drop proof, waterproof and withstand cold and hot temperatures that would make other cameras give up long ago. The camera holder is developed and designed to support the use of the camera for active

Olympus website

people, especially hikers and climbers for this product. One of the main objectives was to make a camera “holder” that could be attached to the shoulder straps of a backpack, but still being able to record a video film while it is secured in the holder. I handled the design of this product during my stay in Japan. Working closely with the accessory team at Olympus to meet their objectives. The project also taught me a great deal of business making in Japan.

OSM Project, 2010

Nokia Cases Working for OSM Group I have had the great opportunity to work with several large mobile phone manufacturers, designing phone cases in leather, silicone, neoprene and hard plastic. Ranging from conservative to more expressive designs, function driven to fashion driven. Honing my skills in presentation, illustrator and material understanding. Also the importance of delivering fast and beyond the expectations of the customer.

Carrying cases for Nokia E7

OSM Project, 2010

Bag in Bag Industrial design in Lund has as a tradition of sending their students to the yearly Milan Design Fair in the beginning of April. It’s truly a creative Mecca, where we got the chance to experience the international design scene. In 2005 the theme for Lunds University was “Urban Nomad” and we where exhibiting with Stone Island/CP Company. My project partner Pär Sånglöf and I, decided to make a product that was a combined bag and shelter for the nomad. Making a bag in heavy duty materials, that can hold a lot of gear and with an outside that double as a sleeping mattress. It also has a built in, removable shelter sack to keep you dry in foul weather. All zips are also weather protected, PU coated. We sketched out the product together and I made the 1:1 model. The finished concept was showcased during the fair, with a fair amount of demonstrations, showing the function of the bag. Pär and I received a lot of positive and appreciative feedback on our concept and model and it was further featured in exhibtions in Stockholm City Hall and House of Culture.

University Project, 2005

Packaging concept illustrations

Packaging concept for phone accessories

OSM Project, 2009

Working in OSM has given me the opportunity to develop my skills in packaging designs and concepts . Mostly working with paper and transparent PET boxes and variaties of those. Sometimes designing the packaging from scratch and sometimes to the strict specifications of the customer.

Packaging concept for Bluetooth headset

Compact Vacation Home As a person who is very fond of

spending time in nature, I love to live next door to nature aswell. During the fourth semester of University I got the opportunity to do a project without any restrictions, except time. I decided that I wanted to productify a vacation home. My thought was to design a product and and service. You would order your cabin, it would be built indoors in a production facility, to your interior specifications. Shipped in a formfactor of a shipping container, by truck or railway. Then finally installed at your perfect location. During transport the container has standard measurements, but when it is “installed�, the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom areas are extended backwards, transforming the container to a cabin.







living area




University project, 2008

Folds out into a cabin


Rafting Essentials Kit For my Master thesis I decided

early on that I wanted to do something adventure related. When travelling around the world I have done quite a bit of white water rafting and after seeing “Into the wild�, I felt even more inspired by the adventurous sport. Travelling through the Gear bag with a 45 opening, for easy opening and access

Alaskan white water and forests, would be a truly epic and awesome adventure. But what would you need to bring? I decided to make a essentials kit for the adventurous rafter. Starting of with a series of surveys, probing

Rafting knife

users for what would be the ultimate kit. The numbers of answers I got from rafters, kayakers, out-doors-people and interested suprised me. I decided to make a higly specialised product consisting of several parts that formed one great kit for the rafter who undertakes longer and more dangerous trips than most. The kit contains carrying solutions: bag, belt, carabine holders and rescue gear: Knife, throw line, whistle and survival gear: fire starter, water purification. And more.

University project, Master Thesis, 2008

Belt buckle

Scenario sketches Master thesis Master Thesis, 2008

Own brand

Woods and Lakes logotype

The crest

How it Started In 2009 an idea of my own brand started to circulate in my head. I wanted to have my own brand, to put my values into. From when I was very young my family always seemed to spend the best times close to nature. Every weekend there was at least one long walk through the forests of Sรถdermanland, whether we picked mushroom or I tagged along when my father went hunting. My grandfather, an outdoorsman in its true right, took me fishing, canoeing and hiking. He had his yearly cycles, hiking in the swedish mountains on early summer, fly fishing in summer, ice fishing in winter and so on. All this without ever owning a Gore-Tex jacket. I want to make products as beautiful as his canvas fishing rod case or the old whistle that hung on his hiking backpack. The Woods & Lakes logotype is an infusion of old and new. The crest is inspired by Sรถdermanland, my home, by its woods and lakes.

Personal projects, 2011

Own brand Brand Idea Swedish, Heritage, Urban, Nature

Brand Promise Simple and straightforward, Woods and Lakes is taking advantage of its Swedish origin, with an emphasis on beautiful materials and things that grow old with dignity. When possible, W & L should use Swedish tanned leather and fabrics from Swedish and European manufacturers. While the brand will have a strong tone of the classic; recognizable, zcolors/shapes/solutions, W & L’s product will also reflect contemporary fashion and modern technology when suitable.

Key Words -Nostalgia







-Swedish Design


-Everyday Item






Personal projects, 2011

Wax Jacket I wanted to design an old school type of outdoors jacket, in a waxed cotton fabric. A jacket to wear everywhere. Red variation

The finished design features four big front pockets with snap button closing and additonal small pockets for keys, pocket knife etc. The jacket also sport a removable extra lining and a good sized hood to protect you from the elements.

Finished prototype in green waxed cotton

Personal projects, 2011

Forrestry Airship Concept

As part of a course in sustainability at Lunds Univerity, a task was given to come up with an idea/concept on how a modern farm could be more sustainable in the future. For many swedish land owners and farmers the forest is a key income for their business. I thought of some of the

obvious problems with modern forestry and how these problems could be relieved. The problems beeing: the destruction of sensitive ground by machines, not only on cutting sites but on the way through the forest to the cutting sites. Use of fossil fuels for powering the machines and the risk of pollution by spillage. My idea was an airship, that

Photo of the assembled model, made from water cut plywood

lifts the harvester to the cutting site, eliminating the destructive forest roads. On the cutting site Illustration of process for brochure

the harvester is beeing powered by

the airship, now docked to the ground, through the airships inverted propellers that now are used as windpower generators. The harvester itself are a “walker� type, that treads around in the forest instead of using wheels that creates ditches in their tracks through the forest. I also made a model showing the concept, as part of an exhibition made in this course. The model was made using FSC approved plywood, using water cutting supplied by Waterjet in Ronneby.

University project, 2007

Illustration of concept

Water cut plywood

Lamp 1 Lamp 1 was made as part of a

course in lighting design combined with a course in machine tooling. I decided to take full advantage of the heavy machinery in the school’s workshop and went for the reuse of an aluminum vodka bottle. The lamp was given an all in indus-

Hoisting mechanism

trial look, with all details being milled and laithed out of aluminum. A material good to use in a lamp for its heat dissipative property. To be able to adjust the height of the lamp it is equipped with a hoisting mechanism, that rolls up a nylon string that is attached to the ceiling. As the lamp goes up the string, the electric wire follows the lamp up. The light is dimmed by a sand blasted glass tube that is inserted inside the aluminum “bottle�. What better lamp for a vodka bar?


University Project, 2003

Original bottle

Built for Blackberry In 2011 I designed several items for OSM Group/Dicota’s “Built for BlackBerry” series. The products are dominated by plastic hard cases and leather cases, designed towards business persons. The techniques involved making these products include In-Mould-Labeling of the graphics, TPU/Plastic injection, silicone moulding and custom made metal logos.

Carrying cases for BlackBerry 9850

OSM Project, 2010

Product graphics for OSM OSM project, sketch and print, 2011

Olympus Audio Olympus Audio is part of the Olympus corporation and makes Olympus voice recorders. As the responsible Designer for OSM in Japan during my stay in Tokyo, I got to handle the design of a couple of different Carrying case for Olympus DM-4

protective cases for voice recorders. A conservative business, the cases also reflects this in the choice of materials and colors. Therefore it was a surprise that they

Carrying case for Olympus DM-4

choose to go ahead with something different from the standard grey tones and went forone of my designs, a green lined leather case to one of their top digital recorders DM-4. Generally the case designs for Olympus audio are much about robustness, keeping the case functional for the user and have a classic feeling to them. Carrying case for Olympus PJ-10

OSM Project, 2010

120mm film Plastic camera Personal projects, 2011

Sketches footwear Pencil sketch>Illustrator rendering Sketches, 2011

Sketches footwear Pencil sketch>Illustrator rendering Sketches, 2011

Curriculum Vitae Johan H체binette Adress: Sveav채gen 87, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden Born: 12 07 81 Phone: (Sweden) +46 (0)709 454444 E-mail: Work Experience:



OSM Group, Stockholm, Tokyo, Hong Kong Studio Dror, New York

2008 Aug-2011 Oct 2007 April-July

Designer of cellphone accessories, computer and camera bags cases Intern, wide range of products and projects

Restaurant jobs, Sweden, Norway


Education MFA Industrial Design at Lunds University 2002-2008 Natural Science Program at Thomas Gymnasiet (High-school) 1997-2000 Computer Skills: Alias Illustrator Keyshot MS Office Photoshop Rhino Solidworks, basics

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Curriculum Vitae Exhibitions: Krapperup Castle Milan Furniture Fair 2005 Stockholm City Hall Stockholm House of Culture

Acrylic painting, light themed art exhibition Bag In Bag, Urban Nomad with CP Company / Stone Island Bag In Bag Bag In Bag

Others: Military service, Signalist Squad leader, Boden, 2000-2001 Languages: Swedish Other Scandinavian English German

Native Language Good Second language, excellent High-school level

Driver License: A, B (motorcycle and car)

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Johan Hübinette Portfolio  

Portfolio of Johab Hübinette Industrial designer, based in Stockholm, Sweden.