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October 31, 2012

Juab High School

Volume 21 Issue 2

In Other News

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer

National Elections President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney will square off in this years national elections on November 6 for what is sure to be a tight race. If you’re 18, don’t forget to vote! Lance Armstrong Armstrong is losing the seven Tour de France titles that made him a cycling legend. The International Cycling Union also banned him from the sport for life. Wisconsin Shooting Man shoots seven women in spa, killing three Radcliffe Haughton, after a domestic violence arrest, shot seven women in a spa in Wisconsin and killed three. He then dumped fuel to start a fire before finally killing himself. Man Steals Police Cruiser Four people were injured after an Arizona man decided to steal a South Salt Lake police cruiser and then crash it into two vehicles following a highspeed chase.

Favorite Sports Team? Juab Wasps Baseball. Austin White, Cody Memmott, and Walker Memmott dress the part for Red Ribbon Week. Photo by Robert Stoddard.

All-State Choir Robert Stoddard Staff Writer

Twelve fine students from our Juab High School attended All-State Choir earlier in October. It took place on October 11-13. The students who went to this huge event were, Alexis Finch, Rachelle Terry, Kennede Lenhart, Kathryn Nelson, Caitlin Park, Rachel Christenson, Beau Black, Brady Black, William Baird, Shane Esplin, Caden Hellyer, and Justin Clark. They sang a total of six songs and sang with almost 700 students from around the state. The choir sang under the direction of Geoffrey Boers. “It was the longest practices I’ve ever had, but it was worth it getting out of school and singing at the Tabernacle,” stated Rachelle Terry. But that’s not all of Juabs Choir program. The Honor Choir, Men’s and Woman’s Choir, Concert Choir, Madrigal Choir, and the Jr. High Choir all performed at this years Fall Concert. After hours of practice, every choir was prime and ready to perform, and they all came through powerfully, the notes were crisp and clean in every song they sang. It was a packed auditorium and everyone was pleased. Mrs. Esplin makes this all happen with her musical knowledge and talent. If it’s a choir from Juab, it’s going to be a good one!

Sharp Notes The JHS Choir at the Fall Concert on October 25. Photo by Principal Rick Robins @jhswasp1

Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama Mitt Romney, nicknamed Salt Lakes favorite son was not backed by the newspaper in Utah, a high Mormon community. The newspaper came out and said, “We have watched him morph into a friend of the far right, then tack toward the center with breathtaking aplomb. Through a pair of presidential debates, Romney’s domestic agenda remains bereft of detail and worthy of mistrust.” The Salt Lake Tribune also said, “The president has earned a second term. Romney, in whatever guise, does not deserve a first.”

Sadie Hawkin’s

Jessica Wallace Guest Writer

FFA National Convention

It’s that time of year again! Candy appears by the bucketful, green masks are worn, an eerie chill is present in the air, and the leaves are turning red. Perhaps your mind drifted to thoughts of Halloween, but I’m actually referring to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. Since the 1930’s, when the idea of doing a girls ask boys dance called Sadie’s was born, the strain of hurrying to ask her perfect boy was placed on girls. It’s like walking through a bomb mine, ask a guy supposedly “taken” and someone will be blown to shreds. Before Sadie’s was even announced, a lot of the school’s eligible bachelors had been asked. As one simply observed, “This is way more dramatic than Homecoming and Prom.” So while those who aren’t so easy-going wear green masks of jealousy and send hate waves to the girls who stole their dates add a terrifying and dreary feeling to the air, the rest of us will enjoy the Sadie’s season and have an awesome date on November 3.

Robert Stoddard Staff Writer The FFA has already had an explosive year. They have attended several conventions over the past few weeks, including the National Convention in Indianapolis Indiana. Mr. Baird and his wife, Lyndsey Palmer, Tyson Hammons, Jordan Howard and Landon Howard, Cassidy Bateman, McKayla Garrett, and Ali Olsen all went representing our chapter. They also attended the “UTAH” tour to Churchill Downs and Louisville Slugger. We have won a four star superior chapter award in most of these events. Some of the events that go on during these conventions are talk about news in FFA, guest inspiration speakers, key note speakers, and they also do service projects. “The activities are always fun and eventful, and i always learn something new!” Said Tyra Jackman. The FFA has always been a huge part of Juab and so many students are a part of it. I haven’t heard one person say they dislike this program. A big thanks goes out to all the students and staff that make it happen! The FFA has done many service projects to make our community, and many other better places. The FFA is truly a great program to have at our school!

Mt. Nebo FFA One of the largest and most active clubs on campus, the Mt. Nebo FFA is off to a great start.


Thursday: Ugly Sweater Day Karaoke @ 7 PM






r to


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Saturday: Sadie’s @ 9 PM




8: Etcetera

Friday: Black & White Day

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7: Entertainment




6: Sports & Highlights


by G

1 17, 16,

3: Upcoming Events


Red Ribbon Week


2: Editorials & Opinions

7:30 PM $4.00 student $5.00 adult

10/29/12 3:34:49 PM

The Clarion v October 31, 2012 v Page 2

Editorials and Opinions 5 x 5: (New and Necessary) Madeline Williams Guest Writer Moving from the same class-

to-class schedule everyday for six hours a day, for five days a week has proven to be incredibly boring. With the new 5 x 5 schedule, the lives of Juab High School students have been enriched with more of a variety of classes, countless opportunities for new learning experience, and have created a segregation of opinion amongst the students. In my personal experience, I think the 5 x 5 schedule has had more benefits than drawbacks overall. One of the more obvious benefits of the 5 x 5 schedule is the option of more classes, along with a variety of classes. With ten class openings available instead of the previous seven, students are able to add more preferred classes to their schedule along with the core classes that are required. Another positive aspect of the 5 x 5 schedule are the new classes that are being offered, such as World War II, Current Events, and Creative Writing are just a few. One of my personal favorite aspects of the new 5 x 5 schedule is the fact that I have an A day and a B day, giving me a twenty-four hour break from classes. Trying something new and possibly a bit more challenging will almost always be the center of critic and swarmed with different opinions, just like the 5 x 5 schedule. With some organization and optimism, the 5 x 5 schedule can work for all the students at JHS. I’m up for the challenge, are you?

5 x 5: (By the Numbers) 210 the maximum number of minutes spent in class per week in the new schedule (compared to 240 minutes spent per week in the old schedule)

65 the percentage of surveyed students who prefer the block schedule

14,260 the number of minutes in school per month (31 days)

164 the number of classes available for students to take this year


5 x 5 (Get Rid of it Now) Dalton Gee Guest Writer Math class, it has been one of

minutes of breaks per day (compared to 60 minutes last year)

35 the number of credit hours seniors of 2016 (freshman) will need to graduate (seniors now need 24, juniors 27, and sophomores 30)

the biggest fears of teenagers in high schools all over the world, but with the introduction of the 5 x 5 block schedule math went from a challenge, to math became a nightmare! First off we, the students at Juab, don’t have enough time during class to work on assignments. I thought one of the biggest pro’s was there would be more time in class to work on assignments, but that’s not happening. Most class periods go like this, walk in and talk for five minutes, then we receive a fifty-five minute lecture, and last there is ten minutes to scribble as much as you can remember on you assignment. There’s no time! Next, it’s too long! It feels like being forced to watch grass grow. Most of it goes flying over our heads and it’s torture! Not seeing all of our teachers every day makes it very easy to forget homework. The seniors are used to doing homework for seven classes not ten; therefore I think this needs to be fixed! I know this is the first year of the block schedule but if this isn’t fixed, hello to seven classes again.

“With some organization and optimism, the 5 x 5 schedule can work for all the students at JHS. I’m up for the challenge, are you?” Hear Ye, Hear Ye Thy School Song Doth Be Neglected Kathryn Allred Guest Writer

Playing it Up While his students play, Mr Johnson teaches and supervises to make our musicians the best they can be. Photo by Kashley Carter.

Pep Band Pride Leland Clement Guest Writer

Has anyone heard our school’s

pep band this year? I have participated in Juab High School’s pep band for the past two years. I can attest that this year’s pep band is the best one this school has ever had. Lane Johnson, the director of the pep band, who just started working here three years ago, has done a superlative job making the band what it is today.

I am sure everyone here at Juab High School can agree that Mr. Johnson deserves recognition for his efforts. Also a little praise for giving Juab High School some pride in its pep band. As you walk by the band at the football or basketball games, give Mr. Johnson a compliment and let him know that he is doing a good job.

The only time a Juab High School student can be caught saying the word “thee” is during satirical Shakespearean interpretations, during a respectful prayer in seminary, or at any ridiculous attempt to sound like a distinguished Member of Parliament in 17th century Britain. Perhaps the most significant example, though, is the rousing school song, mumbled by the masses during the first verse and robustly shouted during the chorus. We all know the routine for this song during assemblies and football games: everyone stands up and claps until we get to the part we all know by heart… “OOHH we love our Juab High School…” followed by another sorry attempt to fill in the missing words with anything that might flow with the song, until we arrive at the last phrase, proudly ending with “Yes, we’ll ever be true to thee.” This is a problem. Not that Juab High School has a profound lack of people saying “thee”, but for the disgraceful

chant we call a school song. My favorite part of assemblies and games (besides the part when we get candy and free stuff thrown at us) has consistently been when we stand together as a student body and are led in the school song. The high energy, the sound of clapping in unison, and the entire atmosphere of school spirit makes for a worthwhile experience. But this experience is sorely depleted when no one knows which words go where. Thus, I pose the age-old question: Where is our school spirit? Some absurd things happen at football games; the boys walking around shirtless, painted crimson and gold in fifty degree weather, cheers that must look likes seizures from the visiting team bleachers, and an unjustifiably high sugar consumption to increase ability to scream louder and harder, to name a few. It’s times like these that the school spirit is shown in all its glory. It yet falls to tatters when it comes time to conclude a victory

with a round of “Our Juab High School.” If we have enough school spirit to behave in ways our parents would be embarrassed to witness, we should have enough spirit to preserve our dignity and at least learn the school song to make the victory all the more sweet. If every student knew the school song, imagine the triumph of victories, the enthusiasm at assemblies, and the final recital of it at graduation for seniors. It would be impressive to say the least, not to mention inspirational, in a sense, to see every person in unison, singing the song with heart just because they love their school and cherished the experiences there. So, let’s take the initiative, students of Juab High School, to become familiar with those beloved words of “Our Juab High School”, and finally know our school song by heart.

Wow. It takes guts to sing the school song lout loud! Oh, We Love Our Juab High School!

The Clarion Editorial Policy A Clarion Staff member writes the Editorial Board’s Choice. Each month, the staff votes for an editorial with a message they want to address and endorse. We welcome letters to the editor from students, staff, and the community as long as the letters are signed. Submitters will also receive extra credit in any English class. The Clarion staff reserves the right to edit any submissions for content. Submitting a letter to the editor gives JHS full copyrights and acknowledges agreement to having name and article printed in the newspaper.

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10/29/12 3:34:55 PM

The Clarion v October 31, 2012 v Page 3

Upcoming Events 2012 National Elections

Ready, Set, Action! The cast works hard to practice their songs for the upcoming musical, “The Mikado”. Photo by Bryana Robinson

The Mikado Wha-do? Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief It’s not Cinderella, but it’s still a love story. Juab High School has begun rehearsal for its annual fall musical and has selected The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan for this year’s production. Many students were disappointed in the choice since it had been predetermined this year’s musical would be Cinderella. The unfamiliar play, however, is shaping up to be an even better experience. The Mikado is an operetta, which means most of the dialogue is sung. While it’s set in the Japanese town of Titipu­­, the intention was to mock the English government. The writers set the musical far away and with unfamiliar traditions to better disguise the satire. Despite a great knowledge, or lack there-of, when it comes to English government, the musical is still hilarious. The Mikado (Adam Allred) himself is the all-powerful ruler of Japan. His son, Nanki-Poo

(Tagaloa Tapusoa), runs away from home after being sentenced to marry an awfully ugly old woman named Katisha (Emily Sephensen). Nanki-Poo ends up in Titipu and falls in love with a young ward named Yum-Yum (Rachelle Terry). The problem is Yum-Yum is already engaged to Titipu’s Lord High Executioner, Ko-Ko (Tim Covington). At the beginning of the musical, it is announced Ko-Ko must execute a citizen soon or risk losing power. He makes a deal with Nanki-Poo stating Nanki-Poo agrees to be executed in a month on the condition that until the time of his death he is allowed to marry Yum-Yum. The musical is a unique and humorous experience for any student. The musical plays November 15, 16, 17 & 19th.Make it a priority to see a performance this fall.

Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer In America, we have the our freedom to choose the next President of the United States. President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have offered a close, brutal campaign. After the Republican and Democratic national elections, Obama felt a boost toward a win, especially after Romney made comments saying he didn’t care for 47% of the country. The game changers are the debates between the two campaigns, all held in states that could ultimately decide the victory of the president. The first presidential debate (when the President debated poorly), gave Romney a big boom in the polls. Next, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan locked horns in a fiery vice presidential debate. According to MSNBC, Biden won with comments like, “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey ... not a single thing he said is accurate.” During the second presidential debate, the President put Romney on defense and was able to stop

the bleeding from the first debate, winning according to sources like Forbes with statements like, “Not everybody agrees with some of the decisions I’ve made, but when it comes to our national security I mean what I say” Many people criticized the President for blaming the previous administration. Comedian Bill Maher said, “Obama blaming Bush is like blaming the rats for the Black Plague. It’s true.” The third and final presidential debate was the strongest for both candidates. The candidates jabbed each other on the opposing policies, the President criticizing Romney for calling Russia our biggest threat and not wanting to go after Bin Laden while Romney zinged the President on the economy. CBS had Obama winning at 53%, Romney at 23%, and tying at 24%/ When all is said is done, it was a three out of four win for the President, with Romney winning with a large margin with the first debate. These truly were the last impressions for voters for each candidate.

No more Romney cups!? Kennedy Jones and Clorinda Anderson participate in 7-Eleven’s “7-Election” promotion. Photo by Bryana Robinson

November 2012 Sunday










All State Drill 3 pm

Football qtr final

Sadies 9 pm

FCCLA Meeting after school

Sterling Scholar @ 2:45 pm



End of Daylight Savings

Keaton Bryan Kennedy Jones Jordan Millett Cooper Thompson Regan Warner 11 Veteran’s Day



Election Day

FBLA Meeting @ 2:40 pm

NHS Meeting @ 2:40 pm

Timothy Holden

Dalton Harmon Laura Jenson Tyler Keddington




Mikado 7:30 pm

Crimson & Wrestling

Stacey Spencer

Sierra Brooksby








Rachelle Terry Matthew Wood

Sidney Adams Austin Black Hannah Jacobsen Riley Owens Kaylee Pay Wyatt Weilacher 22 Thanksgiving


Clayton Allred Deena Morgan

Pumpkin Smash!

Sarah Cannell Caiden Haveron Tayler Jones


Allyssa Nelson


Anthony Weilacher Jordan Whitlock

Brock Anderson Jarred Jacobsen 19

Dakota Taylor

Parent Teacher Conference

Mikado Opening Football Finals Night @ 7:30 pm @ U of U Juab Auditorium Mikado @ 7:30 pm

Ashley Atkinson Wyatt Lange Danielle Lynn Jacob Shepherd Brayden White

october_2012.indd 3

9 Football semi-finals




BBB @ Granstville

Wrestling @ Salem Hills

Community Council 3 pm

GBB @ Maple Mountain

Timonthy Coons Tyler Newton Emily Terry Caleb Wright

Kathryn Reese

Cross Country Turkey Run 9 am

Taylee Hathaway Megan Wood

Jessika Kenison McKinzey Wickel 29

Mikado 7:30 pm

Mckall Kenison Justice Worwood

Thanksgiving Break 28

Did you know that 1 out of 5 children = 16 million kids in America struggle with hunger? Also, 62% of America’s teachers regularly see kids who come to school hungry because they aren’t getting enough to eat. Finally, 16.1 million children in America live in poverty. This is really depressing to think about. What could be better than donating money towards feeding hungry children and seeing some of our teachers and faculty get a pie in the face? Nothing! FCCLA is hosting a fundraiser for the No Kid Hungry program! We agree that hunger prevents kids from reaching their full potential. It’s an epidemic that’s threatening America’s future. During a week this November (TBA), FCCLA is helping the cause by asking ten faculty members to volunteer to get a pie in the face. There will be a jar with the name of each volunteer and students can put money into the jar of the teacher they want to see be pied. The top 5 teachers with the most money will each get a creamy pie shoved in their face by a few members of our student body. Do you want to be one of the lucky individuals to pie a teacher? That, my friend, is very possible! FCCLA will also have a jar available for anyone who wants to be one of those randomly selected people to pie the winning faculty. Raffles come 3 for $1.00. All proceeds go to No Kid Hungry! There will be a specific time and day for the actual event to happen. Pay attention to the coming announcements and posters so this fundraiser can be successful and fun! Help put an end to hungry children!


Region 12 Honor Band/Choir

Hagan Oostveen 18


Dalton Brooks Kylan Osburn

Bryana Robinson Assistant Editor


GYC/FBLA Pumpkin Smash 5:30pm

Gage Newell

Pie Me?

Take your anger out on the pumpkins, not the road; don’t drive aggressive! FBLA has paired up with GYC to offer the students at Juab High the first ever Pumpkin Smash. It’s a fun way to remember safety on the road and enjoy getting a little crazy. Pumpkin smashing, “gut throwing wars”, and fall treats are sure to make the night a hit (all puns intended). Come smash a pumpkin with them, enjoy the toasty fall treats, and promote safe driving. November 1st at 5:30-7:00 PM. Admission is $4.00 without card and $3.00 with. We’ll be smashing at the open field on the corner of 726 East and 400 North. Please donate your used jack-o-lanterns and painted pumpkin masterpieces to our cause! Drop off between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM to 726 East 400 North OR Call us to pick them up Pick up will be between 2:00 PM and 5:30 PM Call one of the following to let us know where to go! *801-318-4231 Mrs. Stanley *435-623-5146 Mrs. Bosh *435-660-9660 Ashley Whimpey *801-368-7537 Erika Stanley Or any FBLA/GYC officer

10/29/12 3:35:01 PM

The Clarion v October 31, 2012 v Page 4

Trick or Treat; @jhsclarion:

Trick or “Tweeters”

Thanks for following us on Twitter! Some of our favorite tweets of the week: @iTy_Hero Love freshly made bed! Hate making bed. #lifeprobs #so sad @kelson11 Walking Dead time! #RightOn @MeganLu098 Nothin better than comin home to the #giants beatin the #cowgirls haha yes! (: #nfl @ErinLynnHansen1 Cool @KeyleeK I’m an emotional eater for other people. Guarding the Tasty Treats Katie Davis, Shaeden Castillo, Sierra Castillo, Danielle Lynn and Jessica Wallace show off their schnazzy attire alongside some baked goodies at the NHS Food Drive Dance. Photo by Vivek Patel.

@littlebreciaJ Gonna find a new place, maybe one I can stand.

Where’d That Come From?: Traditions Revealed

@KhaeGallo “Most people see the world as a threatening place, and, because they do, the world turns out, indeed, to be a threatening place.”

Charity Kay Staff Writer

Ever since we were all young innocent children, we all looked forward to the chance to celebrate Halloween: the day where we don our masks and Superman outfits, and look forward to the annual day of candy culling. However, do we know how such a holiday truly came to be? First off, why do we celebrate on the last day of October? Druids, who were an order of Celtic priests, adopted the Roman tradition of a feast on October 31, dedicated to the gods and goddesses. The Druids extended the feast to worship Samhain, who was the Celtic lord of the dead. They believed that on October 31, Samhain called the wicked souls together to live in the bodies of animals that had recently died. The Druids chose October 31 as the day they would dedicate to sacrifice to their gods, hoping to be granted with protection. Cats were considered holy animals, and were viewed as people who were reincarnated in that form as punishment. In the middle ages, many believed that witches could avoid detection by turning themselves into cats.

@AlishRichens My basketball shoes came :) :) #yipee #can’twaitformonday

During the middle ages, the romans decided to cease praying to heathen gods, and turned instead to the deceased, or the dead saints. They dubbed November 1st as the Day of All Saints (or All Saints Day) and the evening prior to this day was called All Hallows Eve. (We know it as Halloween). The Romans attempted to do away with old traditions in order to make October 31st a holy evening, but people were unwilling to do away with their practices. In Great Britain and Ireland, trick-or-treating existed in the form of souling. Children and paupers would go from door to door on the day of Hallowmas (November 1st) and say prayers for the dead. They would be given cakes in exchange for their services. Eventually the tradition was taken up by children who went door to door, in their neighborhoods. They would recieve money, ale and food. Today, Halloween is slightly less religious and slightly more ridiculous than the Halloween of olden days, but we can expect the tradition to stick around for a long while yet.

@KaraJones95 I love justin bieber. Love him @taylorjones45 :) I love reading twitter drama #love @BrysonShandee I haven’t had a pop tart in forever! #it’sdelicious #smorepoptart #yummy :) @theFame27 So much work to do before Friday. So little motivation to do any of it.

Halloween Around the World Vivek Patel Staff Writer Trick or treating, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, visiting haunted attractions, and playing pranks are the normal traditions that happen here in the U.S., but Halloween has different meanings in every country and is celebrated differently as well. The reason is because Halloween is considered the festivals of the dead, and many countries treat it very spiritual. For example, in Czechoslovakia, chairs are placed by the fireside on Halloween night, and there’s one chair for each family member and on for each family member’s spirit. In Mexico, Latin America, and Spain it is a joyous and happy holiday to remember the friends and families that have died. In many of the villages of those countries they have parades on the streets, and home feast where they have the “Bread of the Dead”. In China, Halloween is known as “Teng Chieh” and they place food and water in front of

october_2012.indd 4

their dead family members while bonfires and lanterns are lit in order to light the paths as the spirits travel the earth on Halloween night. Those are just a few countries that believe that Halloween is a day to remember the dead. However, in France Halloween wasn’t introduced until 1996, and they celebrated it as we do here, but some people refuse to enjoy it because it’s seen as an American celebration. In Germany they put their knives away on Halloween night, because they don’t want to risk harm from the returning spirits. So there is some controversy and fear in other countries due to Halloween. Halloween is a world wide festival, but there are different traditions everywhere. Here in the U.S. we have lots of fun, but in many other countries it’s celebrated spiritually to the dead and we need to respect their traditions.

The Pack! Taylor Jones poses with two gorillas. Photo by Savanna Behrmann

The Pack of Sasquatches Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer The school hallways this year has not only sported us teenagers, but rather something more animalistic. No, I’m not talking about our football team, but rather a group of JHS students dressed up in gorilla suits. They take pleasure in scaring the oblivious and throwing around the weak, making quite a hysterical scene. Whitney Wilkerson says, “I’ve

been scared so many times! But, their suits are pretty cool.” It started off with one boy in a costume, but it seems as if the pack is growing. They don’t want to be named, but rather call themselves the Pack of Sasquatches. Keep your eyes out for the furry brown suits and monkey like behavior to be able to avoid their rambunctious ways!

10/29/12 3:35:09 PM

The Clarion v October 31, 2012 v Page 5

Traditions Are Sweet Real World Costumes Ben Braden Guest Writer On Halloween people can be seen walking around dressed in all varieties of costumes. From corps bride to Dracula the choices are unlimited. Just as it is on Halloween it is also so in the other three hundred sixty four days of the year, but the costumes that are seen on a dayto-day basis are less obtrusive and not as noticeable. But they are also far more deceiving. Many people try to walk around as if nothing is wrong in their life and as if life were all peaches and cream when this is just not the case. It is unfortunate that many people suffer from depression and anxiety or are just having a bad day and because they are so good at hiding it nobody helps them. They keep going on and pushing through life but without the vigor and excitement that they could have if they had moral support and the words “you can do it” told to them when they are feeling down. Their costume is so perfect that no one knows and they often interpret it as no one cares. What brings much excitement and pleasure on Halloween can cause the exact opposite on every other day of the year. Some turn to ways to relieve themselves of the stress that they

feel by doing physical activity or other beneficial remedies, but many more turn to other means. For some relief comes from injuring themselves and for others substance abuse. They think they can solve their problems by just getting lost in something else, but they do not realize that their solution is really a problem itself in disguise. As their problems worsen some even believe that to end their life is better than to continue on when it all seems so difficult. If only someone where there who could tell them how much they are worth and how much potential they have. Sometimes even a smile or hello can brighten their day and help to give them a feeling of belonging. It is important that we are able to see through other people’s fake mask of happiness to see what lies beneath. Try to encourage those around you and lend a hand whenever you can. If everyone could just be more supportive and understanding many of the problems that are faced would simply disappear, more people would be happy, and the world would be a far better place.

NHS Food Drive Dance! Megan Johnson and Emma Black are dressed up and helping at the food drive! Photo by Vivek Patel

Tr i c k y Tr i c k y Charity Kay Staff Writer

Houses are toilet-papered like ancient Egyptian mummies, pumpkins are ruthlessly slaughtered, spilling their orange, seedinfested guts across the ground, and little kids squeal in part terror(part thrill) as they’re chased around the yard by a big brother in a mask. Halloween tricks have evolved over time, from tipping over outhouses to egging the homes of farmers. Halloween traditions of goodnatured misbehavior came to North America with the immigration wave in the 1800s. As time wore on, however, tricks grew increasingly harmful. Destruction came to a climax during the Great Depression, when tensions were high due to the threat of war. Eventually, in an attempt to stem the tide of vandalism, parents and the leaders of towns used bribery to dissuade kids from their rowdiness. Still, troublemakers adopted the day before Halloween as their time to pull pranks and tricks. Mischief Night is celebrated in England on November 4 and it is dedicated to just that…mischief. Annual trick nights in the United States include Cabbage Night, where people collect rotten vege-

tables and leave them on porches, and Gate Night in the Midwest United States where farmers gates are opened and the livestock are allowed to roam free. Here are some additional tricks to make your Halloween a memorable one: Visit friends’ houses and write, “I’m watching you!” on the bathroom mirror with your finger. The message will show if you breathe on it. Let it dry, and then when your friend takes a shower, the words will appear again when the mirror fogs up. Another idea is to buy colored dot stickers in two or three colors, preferably red, yellow, and blue. When it’s dark outside, stick one dot on each of your neighbors’ front doors. It might be a good idea to put one on your own door so that you wont be suspected. The next day your neighbors will start to wonder what the dots mean and why there are different colors. Those with red dots may get a bit paranoid and think that it’s some kind of a conspiracy. Play around with ideas, and get creative. But remember to have fun, and have a happy Halloween.

Krystle Bassett Clarion Advisor Really? No costume yet? Um, it’s time. Why not let pop culture inspire you this year? Consider the following ideas as you prepare for All Hallow’s Eve festivities A Zombie is not only an easy choice; it’s also prime-Zombietime in America. Need some inspiration? Grab a group of friends and watch an episode or two of The Walking Dead (Season 2 is now on Netflix). Costume is easy: tear up your clothes, whiteout your face, and add some blood and dirt. Give someone the creeps, tonight! You could also be a Zombie Hunter, because you are cool like that. As a Zombie Hunter, you would have to look starved, paranoid, and somehow pull of that “I’mtravelling-across-the-country-trying-to survive” appearance. You could always dress like Anyone from Jersey Shore, but you would have to work on your GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry), like, now. Quick! School ends at 2:40. There’s still time. TLC has reached a new low with Honey Boo Boo. Haven’t met her yet? Google it. You won’t be disappointed. You would need ribbons, bows, and a nice little Southern accent. Blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick are required, as is a spunky attitude.. Better yet, you could get your friend to dress up like Honey Boo Boo’s mama. A Meme could make an interesting costume. Try to be the disappointed baby. Over-possessive girlfriend? You got this. Use a sheet of foam board to frame your face and come up with a clever catch phrase. Pretty please? I’d like to see it.

october_2012.indd 5

Stingy Jack!

Costume Ideas, Just in Time

Carved Pumpkins! The simple Jack-O’-Lantern, and a creative JJL pumpkins carved by Jason Richards and Blake Newey. Photo by Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel Staff Writer

When you think about Halloween, what pops up in your mind? Candy? Costumes? How about Jack-O-Lanterns? It has became a normal tradition for us to carve a Jack-O’Lantern for Halloween, but have you ever wondered where does it come from and why do we carve ghoulish faces on a pumpkin? It’s from the Irish Legend of “Stingy Jack.” The story goes like this. Stingy Jack, an Irish Blacksmith and a notorious drunk, invited the devil for a drink. However, Stingy Jack didn’t want to pay for his drink, but convinced the devil to turn into a sixpence coin to pay for the drink in exchange for his soul. Once the Devil turned into a coin, greedy Stingy Jack pocketed the coin by a silver cross, which prevented the Devil to turn back into his original form. Stingy Jack freed the Devil on the condition that he would not bother him or try to take his soul for one year. One year later the Devil was back to claim for what was his, Jack’s soul. However, Stingy Jack tricked him again and this time told the Devil not to bother him for ten years.

Soon Stingy Jack died, and God would not allow a wicked person like Jack to go into heaven. The Devil was also upset by Jack’s tricks played on him and would not allow him into hell. He sent Jack off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carvedout turnip and has been roaming the Earth with ever since. The Irish began to refer to this ghostly figure as “Jack of the Lantern,” and then it simply has become “Jack-O’-Lantern.” The people in Ireland and Scotland began to carve their own version of Jack’s lantern out of turnips or potatoes and put them by windows or near doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other evil spirits. It was not until Europeans arrived to the New World that they started carving them in pumpkins. Ever since then, pumpkins have been perfect for Jack-O’-Lanterns. Now you know the history of Jack-O’-Lanterns, so when you’re carving yours for next year remember that you are doing it because of the legend “Stingy Jack”!

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Sports & Highlights Drill Team Coach of the Year Savannah Behrmann Staff Writer Drill team coach Lisa Blackett was named Coach of the Year Whenever you walk in to our Juab High School Gym, you see on the far side rows of region titles our sports have won. If you look closely the majority of those have been won by our drill team. UHSAA announced that Juab’s own Lisa Blackett has been named the Utah High School Drill Team Coach of the Year for 2011-12! Lisa has been coaching at Juab for 23 years and has led the drill team to place highly in all of her years. Principal Robins said, “Whenever I think of Lisa, I think of a hard working and dedicated woman, who has her teams best interest in mind. There has never been a single girl who she didn’t love and care for, and to her, that mat-

ters more than winning. There’s no one who deserves it more.” Within the 23 years of her coaching, the team has won 12 region titles, and when they didn’t take home the gold trophy, the team placed consistently in the top three, a very difficult accomplishment, making Lisa one of the most successful coaches. Under her instruction, the team has consistently placed top five at state, but has not yet captured the title. In 2000, Juab High School’s Drill Team won the coveted Military Championship at the United Spirit Association National Dance/ Drill competition. Lisa said, “I am very honored because there are awesome drill coaches in our state. I do what I love with some amazing athletes

and their parents. I love my job. I share this with my daughter and assistant coach Marci Rasch.” Team member Tayler Jones said, “She, out of everyone else’s coach, deserves it. She has been doing this for a long time and does an amazing job. She is well respected everywhere you go and I am so proud to call her my coach!” What a tremendous honor this is for Lisa, the program, and Juab! She was recognized at a board meeting. Congratulations Lisa, we are all so proud!

Lovely Lifts. UHSAA Coach of the Year Lisa Blackett supervises a lift during early morning practice. Photo by Savannah Behrman

Season’s End

Robert Stoddard Staff Writer Well that’s it. Football season is over Our Juab highschool 2012 season is coming to a close. There will be no more I believe that we can win chants, or the anticipation throughout the games. The football team started off extremely sucessful, beating difficult teams like Grantsville. After a huge win against Park city for our Homecoming, the team went into the following game feeling confident. We played against North Sanpete. The Wasps lost to them with a final score of 34-12.Tag Tapusoa says, “It was such a tough game. The game took an unexpected turn from the first quarter. But as usual, we stuck together as brothers and played till the end.” Our team then played Spanish Fork at home, now the football region champions, and battled well against the progressive team. Spanish Fork came away with a win. The following week our team travelled to Payson, a team we have been strong against in the past. The Payson Lions came away with a win though. The Wasps then took a trip down to Delta to play in the cold, wind, and rainy snow. the ball was slipping and going into halftime, the Wasps

were ahead. Delta came surging back though to steal the win from our boys of fall with a win of 43-16. Carbon was our last game, a home game. It was a long game and you could tell that the seniors were truly in it to win it. There was a misunderstanding between our team and Carbon literally a couple seconds before halftime that took about twenty minutes to resolve. Our boys walked away with a massive win, finishing strong after a rather difficult half to their season. There’s no doubt that we play against tough teams. Our boys played extremely hard. We couldn’t be more proud. ”I was disapointed how the season ended up, but i feel like i had a good year and had fun with the team!” Stated Dalton Gee. Next season brings plenty of promise, Juab is still keeping our starting Quaterback and many other fine players. 104 This season wasn’t all bad, we won our homecoming game by a solid twenty-nine points, and won our last game by thirty-six points to close out the season. 34 All and all it was a disapointing season for Juab, but it was a fun for the student section and the players had their fun as well. We are all looking forward to next season and the exciting games it will bring.

Photo by Principal Rick Robins. Follow him on Twitter @juabwasp1.

Vivek Patel Staff Writer In the National Football League this year there was a lockout between the league and their referees. The league had to hire replacement referees for all of preseason and three weeks of the regular season. Preseason didn’t matter but in the three weeks of the regular season there were many missed calls, bad calls, and game deciding calls. “They made a no win situation and they stink,” said Coach Downard. NFL games were just not the same, and fans were disappointed. “The games were slower, and out of control,” said Dalton Gee. Negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement were slow until a controversial game deciding call on a Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. It became a national issue and the league’s rating was dropping. After all the scrutiny both sides worked harder to reach an agreement, and only after 3 days of the call on Monday Night Football a deal had been made. The new CBA is for 8 years with the referees having a salary increases in 2013 and 2019. It’s about time, and fans are finally happy.

Boys X-Country: James Spencer

Drill Team: Jessika Kenison

Coach Marci Rasch says, “She has improved over the summer, but more importantly, she has a great attitude and is always supporting the team by being on time and doing her part. She is so respectful to teammates and coaches and we always notice how hard she works to become better!”

Darn Those Refs!

Coach LaBuda says,“James has been a consistent runner for the team all year. he placed second on our team at each race. james has made it to state all four years at JHS”.

Cheer: Bailee Jones

Coach Staheli says, “Bailee is always striving to succeed in everything she does. Her positive attitude is an attritbute all her teammates admire.”

Football: Chandler Vance Coach Bowring says, “Chandler has done a great job at center for us the last two years. he serves as a captain this year and also plays on the defensive side of the ball.”

Girls X-Country: Autumn Kay Coach LaBuda says, “Autumn has really grown into being a great runner as the season went along. She was the top Juab finisher in the Region 12 championship.”

october_2012.indd 6

Volleyball: Tessa Olsen

Coach Staheli says,”Tessa’s intensity and desire on and off the court has made an immense impact on our team this year.”

Athletes of the Month

Photos by Savannah Behrmann

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Entertainment Get Lost!

Breaking to the Movie.. Jematisa Davis Staff Writer

Action, suspense, and a theatrical experience of your life is now coming to theatres. The rest of the story is about to be melted into one, creating a story that will have you on the edge of your seat just waiting for what is to come next. Juab I present to you Breaking Dawn part two. Now wait for a minute before you place this paper down and skim past this article for you nonTwilight fans, and for you Juab fans, keep reading. For this movie will forever change your perception on the Twilight Saga. For each movie has become better and better each time. Thus this last movie will leave its mark on history, forever changing the perception on the Twilight Saga. For now our beloved characters have to fight for their lives, for now they have to accept the sacrifices for there loved ones. And ultimately the sacrifices that may result in the death of themselves. New characters will soon be introduced, some who will be of help and aid, and others who’s quest is greed and destruction of others. . Soon the Cullens and the wearwolves will unite as one as they scramble to save the one thing

Created at

they love most. For a child is born, as some of you may have seen in the previous movie a half vampire, half human baby was born. She is and will be known as Renesmee. The birth of the child has brought down controversy upon the law of the Volturi, for now they are coming…Coming to kill and end the family known as the Cullen’s, and whoever else gets in their way. Time lapses fast as the clock ticks away, for now our characters must search, all around the globe searching for help, aid anything at all, for doom was cursed upon them. Life will soon alter into death for, the clock is now ticking, get your tickets now, and prepare to watch the movie of a lifetime, watch along side as our characters take on the daunting journey between life of eternity or the end of it completley. (Coming to theatres this November 16th )

Calling Fans to their Duty! Robert Stoddard Staff Writer Drinks, junk food, late nights and, wall punching can only mean one thing, Call of Duty. The franchise has made millions off of the Vietnam based video game Black Ops. But, when November rolls around, the people at Call of Duty and Treyarch are releasing the sequel to this amazing game, called Black Ops II. The single player campaign will feature two connected story lines, one set in the 1970’s through the 1980’s, and the other set in 2025. This game has many new features because it is set in the future, new things that no other Call of Duty has had before. The games release is only one short year after Infinity Ward came out with the hit game Modern Warfare 3. This game out sold “Avatar” and hit the billion-dollar mark in record time. Will Black Ops II be as successful? I believe that Black Ops II will take gaming to a whole new level,

Treyarch has really stepped it up on their last few games. “Can’t wait to slay some zombies!” Stated Gage Newell. It’s been pre-ordered ten times more than the first Black Ops, and it has even been pre-ordered thirty percent more than Modern Warfare 3 which was the most pre-ordered game of all time. Black Ops II comes out November 13, 2012 and will be sold for $59.99. It is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows. On November 18, the game will also be available on the Wii U. So gather your money, grab some buds and get ready for an all out gaming session!

How do you fix a broken Jack O’ Latern?

Breaking Dawn coming to life Twilight fans, get ready for the experience of your life, the movie’s coming soon Photo by Jematisa Davis

Calling All Fans!

You Give it a Pumpkin Patch!!!

You said it! We Listened • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Peel her off” “Is piglet a pig?” “I need to blink” “You hung up on my ear.” “That is one racist bruise” “What does oblivious mean?” “Your toe is as big as your eye” “I’m tired of chewing my gum” “Ham is pig, turkey is…turk” “Its not grey it’s more rain cloud.” “This is why you don’t swim in clusters.” “Do you wear black to dear funerals” “My bottoms a perfect square? I hope not!” “How many quotes are required on a t-shirt?” “I don’t want Brittney Speres on my phone.” “No cause this browney is eating this brownie” “Its not letting me stab it, it just wont let me stab it” Call of Duty Colby Cameron and other fans wait anxiously for Call of Duty Black Ops II release date. “Don’t pester me with your bladder… I mean blabber” Photo by Jematisa Davis “Does your dad, like, have a big bum or something?” “I have to finish streaching my arms or else ill pull my hamstrings”

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Etcetera It’s the boutique, on main...

Ashley Whimpey Editor-in-Chief

The Boutique Ladies! Karlie Stephenson, Brenda Mcpherson, Taraca Davidson, Camrie Pexton, and Alexis Finch outside the store. Photo by Ashley Whimpey

The Boutique on Main!

Seven years ago, Brenda Mcpherson and Taraca Davidson were just a mother and daughter who happened to be crafty. Now the owners and founders of Boutique on Main, the trendy establishment on Main Street, they share their love for all things adorable. Taraca worked as a Nurse’s Assistant and was raising her three kids. Her mother, Brenda, refinished furniture with her whenever they could to decorate their own homes. They then began visiting craft fairs with their furniture, adding jewelry, hand bags, and various other hand crafted objects to their sales tables.

Each year they harbored and fantasized over the dream of owning their own store. “There wasn’t anywhere in Nephi, it just wasn’t possible to open our own place,” said Taraca. It was a year and a half ago when they heard Lillies and Lace was closing their doors, and selling their building. Suddenly, their dream had a chance. They bought the location up and opened their first store called It’s A Girl Thing. Then, they had a revision. “We wanted men and women to feel welcome into our boutique,” said Taraca. The name was then changed to Boutique on Main, as

it is today. Among their savvy sales women, they currently employ three of our very own. Karlie Stephenson, Camrie Pexton, and Alexis Finch, are all currently students at Juab High and work at the boutique. “It takes a lot of self-control not to buy everything I want! It’s all so cute!” said Finch. Taraca and Brenda are planning an expansion to a second store called Boutique Across The Street. The new location will be by the Napa store and they’re hoping to open around Thanksgiving.

To Date or Not To Date

The Dunny

*“Somebody is just creative”-Jordan Eldridge *“They’re just like, trying to prank the whole’s weird.” -Diedra Weilacher Savannah Behrmann *“I think it’s kind of creepy looking. Staff Writer In high school, you’re barely The Bachelor come to mind, with somewhat expensive, but don’t let Like an evil-devil-bunny-looking getting over your awkward stages $200 dinners and other ridiculous that hold you back from going out thing.” -Emma Lainhart and into young adult hood. With out-of-this-world things. But, and having fun! So, to help you *“It’s creepy and whoever drew you growing up comes the dread- you don’t need these expensive through your financial struggles, and much anticipated world things to have a good time. Dat- here are some ideas for dates withit has some serious brain dam- ed of dating. When people think of ing shouldn’t be about the money out breaking the piggy bank. age.” -Erika Stanley dating, extravagant dates from and yes, it’s true that dating is *“I think it’s kind of freaky looking, but cute at the same time.” -Rachel Lepien *“I found one on the door in one of my classes and wore it all day Fancy Fishing. Dillon Douglas and Ah-haha! Ally Nelson and Ryan Rolling Away with My Heart. Tayler Jones enjoy their nature date. Hughes laugh at their drive in comTaylee Hathaway and Brandon because I thought it said ‘I’m Photo by Savannah Behrmann edy. Photo by Savannah Behrmann Morgan skate on their date! a dummy’.”-Eliza Philipsen Photo by Savannah Behrmann *“I think it’s a really creative idea. It’s not some- Fishing or hiking Roller-Skating Drive in Movies thing I would’ve thought of.” -Shan Sherwood To go on a fun date, you don’t If you’re looking for an excuse Even though this has an eight-

The Prom Peril Explained Dr. Rick Robins JHS Principal

You might be asking yourself, why would Dr. Robins mess with such a hallowed tradition of JHS? I really appreciate the Clarion staff for giving me the opportunity to share some insight into this discussion. I truly honor and appreciate all of our traditions at JHS. I think school spirit this year at JHS has been especially high and off the charts. You can feel the excitement at all of our student activities and games. Because school spirit is so high, it really doesn’t make any sense to change anything, however there are factors that may not be as easy to see. I really appreciate all of your input, concerns, and support over the past few weeks. I’m glad that at the conclusion of this discussion, the decision is to move forward with Senior Ball and Junior Prom as before with no changes. This was in large part from your input. I did not want anything of a negative nature to define such a terrific year we are having. So with this being said, what are the factors that could have a possible impact on Senior Ball and Junior Prom? There are three major issues that I believe cause concern to keep both dances the way they are. The first is cost to students. Many students at JHS are not able to attend any of our activities because of the cost. Both the Senior Ball and Junior Prom can become very expensive dates. I think that part of the issue is that most formal dates for these kinds of dances usually go on for the entire day. This type of dating scene is a relatively new phenomenon. These expenses can run into the hundreds of dollars. With two formal dances, many students and parents feel the pressure to attend both. The second issue is class size. When these traditions started at

october_2012.indd 8

JHS many years ago, class sizes were about half as many students as in our classes today. This has become a problem in a couple of ways. We are actually running out of space on the floor to do the floor show itself. It has also become difficult to pair up students for the floor show. Because the class sizes are much larger, students often want to have other students from different grades and from other schools to be their dance partner and or escort. This might seem like a trivial thing, but it becomes very sensitive especially if you are the one making the request. The third issue is out of school time. In preparation for each dance, we excuse the entire class for nearly two full days to get ready. This includes two half days to prepare for the floor show and one full day to decorate. It’s been my observation that some students miss the floor show practice, and most of the class does not attend to help decorate. As your principal, this is something we have to consider. On the block schedule, as you know missing school can be very detrimental to a student’s success. I know and trust that many students will make up the work missed and will be ok, however many will not. I’m excited to move forward with our plans to continue these great traditions as they are. It is also my job as your principal and leader to sometimes give pause and thought to issues that may not be as present on the surface and easy to see. Ensuring the success of all students is my priority. I love JHS, and I bleed crimson and gold. Thanks again to the JHS students, faculty, staff, parents and community for sharing with me their input. #GOWASPS!

need to drive far. Like Robert Stoddard said, “The Jeep ain’t cheap.” Embrace nature by taking your date on a simple fishing or a hiking trip. This will bring out the laughs without bringing out the cash.

to cuddle, these are the perfect opportunities. Especially if it’s a scary movie. You will have them jumping into your arms in no time at all. Don”t rule out comedy, action or maybe a romance either however! .

ies vibe to it, with the constant falling down and making fools of yourselves, this will be a date to remember. Most places allow you to rent skates which, though usualy not as functional, optimise the fun.


DRIVE IN MOVIE: Basin Drive in -Located in Mt. Pleasant. About a 35-40 minute drive from Nephi. Usually has one-two showings at night. Showtimes and movies are listed on their website or call at (435) 462-2712 Admission is $5.50 per person.


Yuba Lake -Twenty minute drive south of Nephi. Found on the east side of the I-15.Open 6 AM to 10 PM every day of the week. Admission is $7 for a day pass. Burraston Pond -Located southwest of Mona.. Open anytime (though be home by curfew!) Admission is free.


Andrews -Drive up Salt Creek Canyon, turn left onto the Scenic Loop. Spot the sign for “Andrews” and hike away.

The Old Projector -This isn’t techniqually a drive in movie, it’s a suggestion to create your own. Dig up someone’s old projector and set it up in front of a garage with a sheet. Creat your own drive-in movie. Complete with microwave popcorn! Admission is free.

Classic Fun Center -Located in Orem. Open MonThurs 11 AM to 9 PM and Fri-Sat 11 AM to midnight. $5-$15 per person. Price depends on package selected. Find them on their website ICE SKATING: Seven Peaks Ice Arena -Located in Provo, right next to Seven Peaks Water Park. Time schedule varies and can be found online at www. Admission is $5.00 a person, Pass of All Passes no longer accepted. Juab High School

The Clarion

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