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A fantabulous, magnificent, lively, off-the-hook celebration of...tulips.

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April 27, 2011

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The holler on Who’s who at Hosni: Is Mubarak Juab Higha great man besports, extracurlow the surface? riculars, academics

Page 7 Just how old IS our dear Principal Robins?

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“High school students are nasty little creatures...” Find out why.

Fragrant Petals, Sparkling Taffeta, and Dirty Bit A lot of couples had the time of their lives doing dates for Junior Prom. Junior Prom attendees here at Juab High went on several different dates. Tyler Allred went to a place similar to Boondocks called Hollywood Connections. Tyler said, “It was a lot of fun, and Hollywood Connections is better than Boondocks.” Brookelan Bulluch’s group went bowling, spent some time at Boondocks and went to dinner. Cameron West and his group went laser-tagging, minigolfing, and went to the mall. Jodi Fulton and her friends went to Nickelcade, Fast Carts in Salt Lake, Subway, and P. F. Chang’s

for dinner. Chantel Harmon was taken on a unique date, which included trap-shooting, paintballing, and dinner at Texas Road House. The most common dates were bowling, Boondocks or Hollywood Connections, paintballing, and of course the mall. Some of the places groups/couples went to dinner were Sizzler, Panda Express, Texas Road House, P.F, Chang’s, and many other restaurants. They all had the time of their lives at Junior Prom!

Junior Prom Royalty 2011 King: Charlie Ellison Queen: Chantel Harmon 1st Court: McKell Molyneaux, Eric Hatfield 2nd Court: DeAndre Dodge, Autumn Hunt 3rd Court: Joel Allred, Ashley Nelson


The 2012 Race Has Begun!

Whispers have been erupting all over Capitol Hill and throughout the country concerning the 2010 presidential election. Plenty of Republicans have been hinting at their potential candidacy, including well-known people like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump. Three candidates, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, have organized exploratory committees, which are basically formalities that a candidate has to complete before officially starting their campaigns. The only real Democratic nominee at this point is President Barack Obama, who has already started his campaign for reelection in 2012.

would virtually be no economy. The idea was to cut spending and decrease the trillion-plus dollar deficit, but the Republicans wished to cut more than the Democrats wanted. The Republicans, lead by Speaker John Boehner, were not willing to accept anything less than a forty billion dollar budget cut. Debate ensued, and by the time the budget deadline of April 8 had arrived, a budget had still not been finalized. Within the last few hours before the government shutdown, Congress agreed to cut 38 billion from the budget.

Quran Burned in Mock Trial

Since the huge 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11, Japan has been hit with a whole slew of earthquakes, all of which were over five on the Richter scale. According to a government agency, most, if not all, of these earthquakes occured near the northwest coast of the island nation. These additional quakes have made the recovery effort even more difficult that it would have been.

Pastor Terry Jones of Florida was the object of criticism and anger after he supervised a mock trial of the Quran, Islam’s sacred writings, in late March. The Quran was accused of promoting and supporting violence. Pastor Jones served as the judge in the trial and eventually found the book guilty. The book was then soaked in kerosene for an hour and set aflame. When word reached the ears of the Islam people in the Middle East, the resulting unrest erupted in violence toward United States soldiers in Afghanistan. Several Afghanis created an effigy of Pastor Jones and burned it in response to the burning of the Quran in Florida.

Near Government Shutdown

NCAA Championship

Rampant Earthquakes

By the time April 8 came around, the federal government had still not finalized a budget for the year. The United States was nearing a complete government shutdown because without a budget there

The NCAA Championship game between Butler and the University of Connecticut ended with Butler having a twelve-point deficit behind UConn, therefore making the University of Connecticut the national champions in college basketball. The final score was 5341. Information and photos courtesy of The New York Times, USA Today, 2012.presidential-candidates. org,, and www.

Taran Wright, McKell Molyneaux, and Eric Woodbury do the fast dance at Prom. The theme this year was “Time of Our Lives”, and juniors will not soon forget the experience. Photo by Takelle Newton

Swing for life Helping Strike Out Breast Cancer

552 Utahns die every year from breast cancer. To get a grip on that number, imagine it in comparison to our student body. 552 is nearly 80% of us. Breast Cancer doesn’t have as high of a mortality rate as a few other forms of cancer, but it has one of the highest numbers of occurences per 1000 people. Since no cure has been found yet, it continues to plague both women and men. Our softball team has joined a state-wide effort to do something about it--to help save lives. In a fundraiser for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation breast cancer research program, the Lady Wasps softball team will attend a Swing for Life event this Saturday the 30 at the Cottonwood Complex in Salt Lake City. Our school has participated in Swing for Life for nearly as long as the program has been around. Swing for Life is a Utah-born program that has grown to involve 54 high school sports teams from Utah, 35 from outside of Utah, and college teams from 6 states. Annual events include Hit-a-

thons and volleyball, basketball, and golf tournaments. Support comes not only from high schools and colleges but also from local media and businesses. After an opening ceremony ton the 30, the Lady Wasps will compete in a tournament against other high school teams from around the state. In this tournament, everyone will be winners, because everyone is helping to make a difference. There will also be a media game between local media personnel and coaches of the different high school teams. Vendors will set up booths all over the Complex to sell their goods. Most will have breast cancer awareness items like wristbands and T-shirts to sell to the coaches, players, and everyone esle involved. Students who wish to support this cause can do a number of things. They can make donations through girls who are on the softball team. Our team’s goal for fundraising this year is a thousand dollars, and they are counting on us to help them get there. Students are also encouraged to attend the tournament on Saturday in Salt Lake City to show their support not only for our girls, but for girls everywhere batting against cancer.

In the shimmering heat of the Sevier Valley Center stage lights, approximately one-hundred students anticipated the culmination of four years’ achievements. At the awards ceremony in Richfield, two of our students won their category, and ten more were named runners-up. Our Sterling Scholars came home that night with $1400 in prize money in addition to any scholarships they accept from Utah Universities, including half tuition for the first year at the U of U and two-year full tuition at

SUU. Kaylea Drake was named winner of the Music category and Lauren Jones winner of English and Literature. Runners up were Katie Baker in Visual Arts, Jeffrey Harris in Trade and Tech, Celeste Mickelson in Business and Marketing, Shalice Butterfield in Family and Consumer Science, Madison Finch in Dance, Drew Adams in Computer and Technology, Tyrell Aagard in Social Science, Ashlee Dabel in Foreign Language, Morgan Peterson in Science, and Camron Robinson in Speech and Drama. This streak tops any that Juab has ever before pulled off- two more than last year’s record. Such a feat is truly impressive

Class Counts

Now that everyone is done registering for classes, these are the top requests: ### 71 138 90 102 197 164 88 89 162 87 130 175 73 404 109 125 274 148 84 92 73 149 174

Class Title Adult Roles and Financial Lit. and Chemistry Algebra 2 and English 10 Animal Science Art Foundations Biology Computer Tech. Earth Systems English 11 English 9 and World Geography Food and Nutition Geometry Health Medical A and P P.E. /Fitness Weight Lifting Career Experence Released Time Secondary Math Spanish One Speech and Debate and Woodworing Teacher Service U.S. History World History

Winners Announced in Sterling Scholar Competition

considering categories had up to ten competitors and only one winner and two runners up were selected from them. While most of these students have already earned scholarships for their academic achievement and/or extracurricular involvement, some schools will allow the scholarships to stack. This means that additional money will go to paying for other scholastic needs like books. Congratulations to all of the Sterling Scholars including those who did not place. They have provided incredible examples to our student body and have left big shoes to fill for next year’s representatives. The 2011-2012 Sterling Scholars will be decided on May 4 and announced soon afterward.

Core Testing Reminder

Although May is most often thought of as the beginning of the end of the year and the time where the transition is made between school and summer vacation, the students of Juab should also bear in mind that May is also the time for core testing. Students, start taking your teachers seriously and start getting prepared for these tests. These tests include NWEA testing for science, math, reading, and language arts. For chemistry and physics classes, the CRTs will

be given in addition to NWEA. For schedules of these tests, look on page 3 (Upcoming Events). Note: the dates for the science portion of NWEA are April 25 through April 27. Make up days for the tests will take place on Fridays (reading on the sixth, language arts on the thirteenth, and math on the twentieth). Get ready for these tests by studying and brushing up on material. Students, make sure that you are on time to these tests. No make-up testing will be done after school.

After the Awards Ceremony in Richfield, a hadful of the Sterling Scholars take a deep, relaxing breath. Their time as Sterling Scholars had come to an end. photo by Sally Jones

The Clarion v April 27, 2011 v Page 2

Editorial & Opinions uto ridaff mm t in Cla icy s the E the st want l o e c o h i “T the red r al P rite th, hey s of n. tori ber w h mon sage t and xtra c ons fo i n , d o f f e issi wln s c E opi ratio , sta ve on mem Ea me the inist dents o recie subm ackno ase lari Staff hoice. ith a C y l m stu als any and Ple sari ad The larion rd’s C orial w ces istrict r from s will to edit ights aper. t a e i C o n d r p A al B n e rse. not or d ito tter ht g d i a i opy ews itor s for d endoals are chool the e Subm s the ri full c the n o s e vot ess an editori r the tters t igned. eserve es JHS ted in o r e r s n l , d d r e ad lishe viso ome s ar staff tor giv le pri c tter rion edi rtic d b l a u e P the e w e le a a e ” W s th he Cl r to th e and 06. on, T a e 1 . t m t g s a as lonh classng a le ing n mber A v nu i s y t a i t t l i i h r n Eng bm to cke u any ent. S ement s to lo t e con es agr ission m g b ed e su k ma

Roger, Major

Like a blastoff countdown, the numbers are beginning to peel away. Facebook statuses, random outbursts in class, and obnoxious hourly reminders count down the time until graduation. As of today only twenty school days remain until the seniors bid adieu to the world of JHS and take off into the wild blue yonder. Many seniors, though, are afraid of getting lost in the unknown. Decisions facing them are as numerous as the stars, and they are all very important. School, housing, working, not working, going on a mission, getting married- there are so many options. One choice many collegebound seniors will have to make in the very near future is which major to work for. On average, college students change majors three times before actually receiving a degree. Such wishy-washiness wastes precious time and money-two things no college student can bear to lose. While college may still seem to be light years away, here are five tips for the seniors who need help planning their course through the stars:

Do NOT panic. While a few special young souls arrive at college knowing exactly where they want to go in life, the majority of college freshmen have no clue. Life is not as permanent as most people think it is. Change is inevitable, and no one is expecting you to have every minute of every day of the rest of your life mapped out. Spend some time thinking. Think about what classes in high school were your favorites. What are your interests? What do you excel at? Research careers you might be interested in to see if they have a required degree, like an Engineering degree to be a bridge engineer. Try to figure out your purpose. You do not have to find the life-changing answer that mankind has spent the last ten thousand years searching for. Just think about what you want to do in life. Save lives, entertain people, make money, teach and inspire generations to come—the choice is yours. When you know where you want to go, it will be easier to decide how to get there. Be realistic. If you failed every art class you ever took, an art

major is probably not for you. It is also important to know which majors will lead to careers (Engineering, Education) and which are fluff (Stand-Up Comedy, Extraterrestrial Language Studies). Taste-test. Although some colleges require freshmen to declare majors, most do not require it until sophomore year. In your first year, take a variety of classes. Decide which ones interest you the most, and go in the direction they take you. Hopefully, by now all of the seniors know what they will do after graduation. After all, there are only twenty school days left, and it is sort of a BIG DEAL. Most colleges deadlines for application were weeks ago, so juniors shouuld keep that in mind as they begin their college application process. Many colleges have an Early Action, Early Decision, or Priority option in November or December, so check with your choice by then. No one expects them to make all the right choices the first time, however, so as long as they move at all they will be moving in a good direction. The worst thing any star-bound senior could do is let the fear of making decisions keep them from ever going anywhere.

We Love Our Juab, Oh, Yes We Do

Monsters of Our Lives

Editorial Board’s Choice

I remember as a child being terrified to sleep because I was frightened of monsters being under my bed or in my closet. As I got older my fear of monster’s got worse, I was a afraid to go to school out of fear of running into my monsters, my bullies. I remember faking sick a lot my 7th grade year, because I didn’t hit it off in the new school. I was the weird kid, the fat kid. I was constantly teased and tortured, always being grilled with insults. I remember crying and begging my mom to let me stay home because I had some random illness I googled the night before. I remember when I did go to school I would hide in the bathrooms until the bell rang and go to class because I was so afraid of running into someone who would pick on me or harass me about my weight. I remember feeling completely low about myself and humiliated for being fat and awkward, I was never accepted and even the people who pretended to be my friends made fun of me for being different and not stick thin. I quickly became depressed and got used to hating everything about me, I even questioned why I existed in general. I was bullied from my 7th grade year until the end of my sophomore year in high school. What was the change, you ask? Somebody stood up for me, someone who will remain anonymous, but this person showed me how to make the mean insults stop. I began to stand up for myself and others and you know what? It felt amazing. Then I heard about bullycide, this is the act of bullying a person into suicide. With a lot of research I discovered many cases of amazing teenagers being bullied to the point were they have killed themselves, having been bullied in the past I understood how these kids must have felt. Bullying was something I resented, I was so angry at bullies for making me feel so awful and miserable, and I began to grow more angry with them because I read about these teens who were

amazing and beautiful people that took their own lives to escape the pain from being tortured into hating themselves. This is really when I began to realize how terrible bullying really is, I mean, why should it be justified as simple teasing when someone takes their life because they can’t take this “harmless taunting” (Which is more like a rain of insults that feel like grenades). It shouldn’t be! Insulting someone shouldn’t be tolerated in any school, you don’t see teachers running around calling each other ugly and stupid, and it’s not ok for students to do it either. People that are bullies do it simply because they want to feel better about themselves, what kind of pathetic person gets enjoyment and an ego boost out of talking someone else down and making them hurt worse than anyone else could every day of their high school career? A bully. As students of Juab we need to make this stop, I spend the majority of my classes yelling at people for picking on someone or messing with someone’s things. One person can’t do it all, sadly, but as a student body we can make it stop. It’s as simple as standing up for someone when you see them being picked on, not just passing by and ignoring it. Sure, you make think, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Well, words do hurt; words hurt to the point of suicide. Together we can stop it, we can stop the pain and sadness and make everyone happy simply by saying “Hey, cut it out.” Stand up for someone being teased! Don’t turn a blind eye, because that bullied kid might have had enough and go home and end their life, that’s not okay, every life is precious, every life has a reason to exist and bloom. Everyone is beautiful and perfect in their own ways, everyone is talented and equal, so students, I’m asking you, help me end bullying and bring peace and happiness back into our school, together we can stop this and save a life (perhaps even lives,) together we can make a difference if we really try. I’m asking you from heart to heart, are you okay with letting someone be bullied to death, or do you want to let him or her live?

As my senior year draws to a close, I remember my first day in Juab High School. I walked into Mechanical Drawing. It was my third class of the day and I already felt like I wasn’t going to make it. As I sat down behind the apple green drafting desk, which I suspected of being older than I was, I felt a sudden sense of uneasiness and dread. I looked around the strange looking room trying to find a familiar face. I found one. It was a senior who I had known for quite some time. Another senior walked into the room and asked our teacher if he could serve as the Teacher’s Assistant. He was told he could be the T.A. if he would come. He warned the teacher that it had been several years since he had drafted. The teacher smiled, nodded knowingly and stated, it will surprise you how much you remember . The student then said something that I will never forget, it feels like just yesterday I walked through that door a scared lonely freshman, I can’t believe I’m a senior . He looked at me,

the lone freshman in the room and said, you’ll never believe how fast it goes. During the beginning of this year I walked back into that room and relived that moment. Only this time I was the senior. It all came back to me. All the amazing things I had experienced. All the joy and all the pain rushed back through my mind. I remembered my first homecoming dance, FBLA conferences, drama performances, Jr. Prom, football, and all the other things which had shaped my life over the previous three years. I realized just how much I had changed. In the place of the scared freshman who walked through the doors of Juab High School a mere three years ago, stood a senior. One who had grown so much thanks to the influence of the caring staff of Juab High School. I owe a lot to this school. It helped me become who I am today. Now at the close of this year I have grown even more thanks to Juab High. So what can be learned from this lone senior’s journey? What do I leave behind to help strengthen the coming generations? I would like to leave some advice behind. Always take pride in this school. There have been so many who have walked these halls before

you and so many who will walk them after. The one thing the thousands of students who have attended Juab High School have in common is the title they carry, Juab Wasps. Never forget that you are one of them. Experience life. Be involved in as much as you can during high school. While you may attend for four years, you’ve only got one chance to do it all right. That means when it’s done IT’S DONE. It’s over. You’ll never get the chance to do any of this stuff again. So do it while you can and make the most of it. Have Fun. Remember it’s high school. It’s okay to be late once in a while. Don’t get trapped in the motions. Do your work and get good grades, but remember to have fun. Don’t stay alone at home when you could be meeting new people while having fun. It’s over for me. I did what I wanted to do. I have few regrets. I will miss this place. Juab High School is one of the best schools in the state of Utah. If you don’t feel the same way either the feeling is coming or you’re doing something wrong. High School is all about attitude. Don’t let yours be a bad one. Goodbye Juab High School, and thank you.

Reader Response to “Is Pinnochio the Only Real Boy” Dear Editors, Upon reading your article “Is Pinocchio the Only Real Boy” an unsettling feeling entered my gut. It seems to me that there may have been a few minor errors in the research behind the article. I’m not sure if you are aware of this or not, but our country fought a civil war to ensure that all men were in fact created equal. Yes, it is true that I speak of the abolishment of slavery, however the concept applies all too well to the statements recorded in your recent article. It took us years to come face-toface with discrimination against African-Americans, but look at us now. Have we really come that far—because obviously discrimination is still alive and well here at Juab High. Is it honest to assume that any boy who wears skinny jeans and combs his hair in the morning is on his way to becoming a female? Wow! That’s interesting because I’m quite sure that 99% of our student body would disagree with that statement. I guarantee that if

you knew the people that you so freely judge and speak with disrespectful humor of, you would regret what you said simply because it is inaccurate. I personally know the students I go to school with, I

same opportunity. I find it hard to believe that so many men and women have died fighting for this country yet still among ourselves we cannot unite and accept one another for who we are. You may ask for manlier men, but I still believe that what is inside a person has, and forever will, outweigh the clothes on our backs and the way society views us. If I could give you one word of advice, I would suggest that you go to the mall, you pick up a pair of skinny jeans, and you try them on. Then, look in the mirror and see if you are still a girl! If those jeans change who you are be sure and let us know. If not, you may want to consider what you say about people because of how they dress. Dig a little deeper next time, maybe even talk to someone that meets your feminine criteria and then try writing something cruel about the way they look. As for the rest of us, well, we’ll all be waiting to hear from you again!

“If you knew the people that you so freely judge and speak with disrespectful humor of, you would regret what you said simply because it is inaccurate.” interact with them on a daily basis and the way they choose to dress has nothing to do with the kind of people they are. I commend you for sharing your opinion. Where would we be if we all believed the same thing? However, stereotyping is the wrong approach to such opinions. If you don’t like skinny jeans, don’t wear them, if you don’t like shaggy hair, get a haircut, if you don’t like soft hands, do some yard work. You can be whoever you want to be but grant your classmates the

Sincerely, Miss Sarah Baker

The Clarion v April 27, 2011 v Page 3

Upcoming Events

Free Comic Book Day

Last May, graduation week began with an unprecedented spattering of snow. Graduation week this year might come with its own set of surprises! The 2011 Commencement Ceremony takes place on May 24th and will be a highlight that cannot be missed. Photo by Kelli Allred

Sunday 1

May Day

Gadge Beal Trevin Greenhalgh Miranda Shelley 8 Mother’s Day Kyle Church Stormy Greenhalgh Ethan McPherson Keaton Osborne Tylee Squire 15

Landon Braden Karen Moreno 22 Ashley Adams Lindsey Canfield Caden Hellyer Tyce Robison Kambree Worthington 29

Monday 2

Kyle Aagard 16

Kobe Farrer Landon Sage 30 Memorial Day

Wednesday 4

National Teachers’ Day

Cassidy Bateman Kyla Lively Morgan Lund James Morse 10 BB and SB @ Manti

Luke Gibson Dominique Rogers Kassidy Stephenson 17

Amanda Hathaway Jake Nielson 24 Graduation



Tuesday 3

Rayel Jolley Dallin Reynoso 9

On Saturday, May 7, many comic book stores across Utah will be celebrating the art form that is comic books with Free Comic Book Day! This is a single day event where over two million comic books will be given away FREE by participating comic book stores across the USA. Now celebrating its 10th year, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) has proven to be a smashing success, spreading the word that comics are terrific reading.

Janna Green 31

Taylor Bryan Celeste Mickelson

Thursday 5

Brayden Kay Ivyann Oveson 11

Jacob Diamse Brian Kay Danielle Lynn Fellipe Sebastiao 18


6 7 BB and SB @ Richfield

Cinco de Mayo

Marcus Frampton 13

Rebecca Hickman Benjamin Horrocks Alyssa Lunt Samantha Riding 20 Yearbook Distribution Party


Kimberly Allred Talisha Bills Kenji Brooks Trenton Carter Trevor Carter Sydnie Lund Emily Pederson Austin Scott Madeline Williams 14 BB Inter-Region Playoffs

Malynn Greenhalgh 21 Armed Forces Day

State Baseball at St. George S t at e Tr a c k at B Y U Nettie Watson 25

James Hayslip 26 Last Day of School

27 Softball Tournament

Shelby McPherson Juvenal Perez

Karson Dansie Bill Westfall

Brookelan Bulloch Brennon Lewis Bryce Lewis

Mathilde Jensen Alan Nelson 28

Jorden Bowden Jack Cundiff

See it Before It’s Gone!

Until April 30 come welcome spring and enjoy all the colors of the rainbow spread throughout nearly 100 different varieties of tulips during the annual Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. Featuring 250,000 tulips planted across the 55-acre Thanksgiving Point Gardens, the Tulip Festival is an awe-inspiring sight that is redesigned each year to create a new display. In addition to the spectacular tulips, on Fridays and Saturdays the Tulip Festival includes music, vendors, and food. Garden tours and demonstrations run every day. And though there are hundreds of volunteers and staff working behind the scenes to create the festival, make no mistake about it: Mother Nature is in charge of the show. Regular Garden admission fees apply, and admission is free for Thanksgiving Point members. Event hours run from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission is $10.00 for adults and $8.00 for children (ages 3-12).

HOLIDAY SHORTS fifth is Cinco de Mayo, which means “fifth day of May” in Spanish. It is also known as Mexico’s Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo is the day that Mexicans celebrate their heritage with pride. The day commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French forces at the battle of Puebla, May fifth, 1862. Mothers’ Day, May 8. May eighth is Mothers’ Day. Mothers Day is celebrated on various days in parts of the world, most commonly in March, April, or May. It’s a day to honor mothers and motherhood. Mothers’ Day is believed to have emerged from a custom of mother worship in ancient Greece where they celebrated the mother of Greek gods. Today, people the world round use this time to honor their own mothers. Armed Forces Day, May 21. Following the incorporation of all five branches of the military into a single Department of Defense in 1949, Armed Forces Day was organized. Armed Forces Day is a day set aside to recognize and honor our military forces. It was meant to replace the five separate commemorative days for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine

will have art for sale. Also, local band Jupiter will be playing live music. Come on down to FCBD and listen as they perform covers to popular comic book songs, cartoon show theme songs, and hear some of their original music, including their “Spock” song. Even be prepared to see some of your favorite comic book heroes running around stores such as Captain America, Supergirl, Spider-man, and Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and Stormtroopers. Or even dress up like your favorite character to celebrate the occasion. Just be sure to mark your calendar now so you don’t miss out on all the fun!


Joseph Allred Carston Steele 12 Nurses’ Day

What You May Not Know About May Holidays May Day, May 1. May Day is the first of May every year. May Day refers to several public holidays, and is a traditional holiday in many different cultures. In many countries it is synonymous with International Workers’ Day or Labor Day, a day very often used to remember workers, especially those that died during labor strikes. It is also a day set aside to remember that the hard work of the people is what makes a country truly industrious. National Teachers’ Day, May 3. National Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the Tuesday of the first full week in May. During Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency, an Arkansan teacher named Mattye Whyte Woodridge decided that it would be a good thing to have a day set aside to honor and thank teachers. She wrote to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who finally managed to persuade Congress to proclaim a National Teachers’ Day in 1953. This day will serve as a good opportunity for students from every sphere of education to thank their teachers, professors, principals, coaches, and other instructors. Cinco de Mayo, May 5. May

The wide array of comic books being published today ensures that readers of all ages can find something appropriate that will stir their imaginations. The Comic Book industry has even propelled to the front ranks of pop culture with many books being adapted into movies and TV shows. Dozens of comic books stores in Utah will be involved in FCBD this year. To help celebrate this wonderful event, local Southern Utah artist Kimber Rose, a fast, up and coming artist, will be making her first appearance at FCBD at Comics Plus in St. George! She will be on hand doing a free store signing, showcasing her work and

Corps, and Coast Guard. Those serving within the branches still like to celebrate their respective holidays separately. Armed Forces Day is always celebrated on the third Saturday in May and marks the near-end of Armed Forces week (beginning on the second Saturday and ending on the third Sunday in May). Memorial Day, May 30. Memorial Day, formerly called “Decoration Day”, always takes place on the last Monday in May. In 2011, the date will fall on the thirtieth, which means that it falls after school dismisses for the summer on the Thursday before. It is considered a national holiday, therefore most stores and businesses will be closed that day. Memorial Day is a date set aside to commemorate the U.S. soldiers who died in military service. For many, Memorial Day also serves as a day for the country to offer reverence and honor to any people that have died, not just those that passed away in military service. On this date, cemeteries are very often strewn with flowers, wreaths, ribbons, and flags to honor the people from every walk of life that have passed away.

Just one more thing.... The annual Spring Salon at the Springville Museum of Art has become the state’s premiere art exhibition. The Spring Salon is a juried exhibition, featuring a diverse array of artwork in various styles and media. The exhibition will attempt to balance various areas of artistic concern, including: Traditional, Impressionism, Modern/ Postmodern, Visionary, Conceptual and Western/Americana. As much as is humanly possible, no bias toward any single approach will be made. This is a sure to be a diverse exhibition and is guaranteed to present the viewer with a broad spectrum of contemporary visual fine art. The exhibition will be held from April 22 to July 02. It will be open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Sunday 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Admission is free, so be sure to stop by and enjoy a bit of Utahn artistic culture.

Don’t Forget to Thank Your Teachers! Pictured above are English teachers Mr. VanLauven, Mrs. Davis, and Mr. Swensen. Photo by Amanda Tangren

The Clarion v April 27, 2011 v Page 4


of: CAUTION: AVOID BEADS ENTERING EARS, NOSE AND MOUTH. To a little kid, the words “avoid beads entering” seemed to spell certain death and remained branded in my mind. I froze up with a surge of terror. It was a simple stuffed lion with Being a young, innocent girl, of silky yellow fur and a brown mane course the lion had been permitted stitched from cuts of cloth. It had legs with pads made of stretchy to spend several nights in my bed with me, and I realized that the liwhite fabric. on’s stuffing of polyester beads Its tail was yellow with a little had slowly been trickling out tuft of frayed brown cloth, and of his seeping wound, filling the body was stuffed with tiny in the cracks of my sheets, polyester beads. As is any blankets, and pillows. child’s relationship with their I went to bed full of constuffed animal, it was my dear cern for my life, and rose friend. in the morning brim One day I was unfortuming with the relievnate to find a small tear ing knowledge that in the seam on the liI had not quite yet on’s neck. Beads were been corrupted. leaking through the One day I opening, one by snapped, and one, spilling out for once I saw when the stuffed the full force of animal was the danger I was squeezed, in. How could stretched, I face my or smashed bed now, too hard. when it I did not was full think too of evil much about little the lion’s beads dilemma. that only It was just wished to a tiny cut in the work their way into my thin, false skin ears and nose? How could I stretched over milbreathe with a nose stuffed to lions of itty bitty pearls, the brim with deceitful balls of that is until I read the tag attached along the seam of his left back polyester? What was worse, suppose the leg. It read something along the lines beads found a way to get into my ears and make their way down my

ear canal and into my eardrum, forever lost in a maze of twists and sticky earwax. Suppose they made their way into my brain and became embedded in the many cells of knowledge that were stored upstairs? Feeling overwhelmed and desperate, I sought the assistance of my dear mother. She came up to my room as the time came to get ready for bed. I spilled out my reasons for being unable to go to bed that night, claiming that my mattress had been invaded by hazards that were likely to snatch my life away from the world. Much to my surprise, my mom started laughing. My sister, who resided in the bed across from mine, could not stop herself following in her example. I stood there feeling awkward as my mom and sister laughed and laughed. I felt my dignity had been insulted, crushed like a beetle against the windshield of a moving car. I had every right to be worried about my own personal well being! As I stood with a bruised ego, I suddenly had a change of mind. I realized that my fear of that stuffed lion was a mere foolish event that had taken up at least a week of my life. How could the beads in my lion not be trying to attack me? I partly believed that my lion was not making an assassination attempt by invading my head, but part of me still never looks at that humble feline imitation, full of pearly white polyester beads, the same way again.

Not Passionate About Apostrophes

to be a wife and mother. But there was something more in my soul that needed to be found. My dad told me I should become a nurse; my mom told me I would be an amazing doctor. I am not professing to be brilliant, but I think I have made a pretty good When I was a freshman, I was career decision. sitting in my English class, bored Of course, teaching is not as out of my mind. As I watched the “financially lucrative” as some of teacher lecture, I thought to my- the other professions I could have self, “When I teach, I will . . .” I pursued, but I have a sneaking suswas floored with the statement be- picion that it has its own reward. cause, up until that time, I had not When I was hired to teach at planned to be a teacher. I planned JHS, I replaced the teacher who

bored me so. I teach in his classroom, and I love it. A choice I made as a high school freshman has impacted and enriched my life in a greater way than I ever thought possible. I am an English teacher, yet I’m not passionate about apostrophes. My passion lies in people—seeing the light come on in a student’s eyes, or struggling with them during those times that the light switch just won’t be activated. I guess I could say I am a teacher because I’ve seen the light.

Before I started high school I thought it would be way easy. I thought you could always sluff classes and the dances would be awesome. After I started I realized nothing was the way or even close to how I thought it would be. -McKayla Garrett (10) In “Toy Story 3” I totally thought that Lotso Huggins’ Bear was a nice and friendly. Then it turns out that he was a terrible toy. Then I thought he would save Woody and the gang from the incinerator, but he was still evil! It was shocking! -Sam Holladay (9)

When I found out that Washington, D.C. wasn’t a town in Washington state… It’s on the other side of the Country. -Kylie Tischner (12) When you’re talking to someone, everything is going good till you realize they were saying one thing and meaning something completely different. -Tom Barber (11)

Tell us about a time you had a realization that something wasn’t the way it seemed.

When I realized my mother had lied to me about the ice cream truck. She told me that when it played music it was out of ice cream. - Mr. Swensen

This issue’s centerfold title is somewhat more confusing than the norm. The saying was a “You Said It!” from 3 years ago around Easter-time, vocalizing the fact that thing may not always be as they appear.

Success! Trenton Taylor shows that in order to stay on track you have to stay on top of your homework. Photo by Ben Braden

All Hail the Teachers!

Once, someone I knew cried for hours about getting an A-. She kept bashing the teacher and saying that the teacher was completely to blame. This is a trend that the world I was in class one day when seems to be falling into way too I realized that teachers are like much. They think that when they gods. They are fountains of all switch classes they will get a betknowledge, possessing skills to ter grade because the teacher will help us succeed. Notice I said be better, but upon receiving a help not make. All too often, we report card, they have the same think that these awesome beings grades. called teachers are responsible for They can not figure out what our grades, and if we do not get is up, so they blame the school, that A it is their fault. Well, this is and when they move schools, they blame the entire school system for wrong. We are responsible for our own the identical results. grades and whether or not we fail, Well, if you are one of these it is entirely our fault. If we do people, I will inform you of the not get a subject, instead of giv- error in your ways. You, not the ing up and blaming the teacher, masters of knowledge, are reasonwe should be proactive and spend able for your grades, and if you extra time after school with the do not get the desired grade, it is completely your fault. teacher to learn it.

I Hate Blazing Saddles

those words the greasy salesman looked at me with his eyes staring inquisitively. Evidently the words giant and Mongo did not seem to add up to him. After a moment of his inquisitive staring, he turned Remember that time in life to my brother and asked in hushed when you trusted everybody? It tones, without making eye contact did not matter if they were short, with me, “Is your brother alright fat, skinny, or blond you trusted in the head?” He used a tapping them anyway. Then something motion to the side of his head to happened to you. You were tricked, exaggerate his point. Evidently he had seen a movie duped or maybe even deceived. Inside you felt like you could not that I am indeed grateful for called, trust anyone anymore. At least Blazing Saddles and had come to you couldn’t trust them 100% the conclusion that anybody with anymore. The fact was people the name Mongo was a grade “A” had always been able to lie. You idiot. My brother confused at first had just not known. There was a by what the greaser meant until he time when I had not experienced realized that the greaser thought I being judged, and like the time of was slow. With a spark in his eye the first lie I did not realize what it my brother shook his head “no,” was until something clicked in my indicating I was not alright. I was stunned for a second. I could heart and in my head. About three or four years ago not believe my brother had just my brother and I went to UVU called me an idiot. Then I saw the for a Boy Scout merit badge pow- corners of his mouth turn into a wow. Every Boy Scout cliché smile and he started to fight back was being fulfilled right then and laughter. The greaser turned to me there. Not a single grandma in the and said each word very clearly vicinity had trouble crossing the and very slowly, “Hello, Mongo, street. I remember going through how are you today?” My brother the sea of tan shirts into a giant was on the verge of tears in the auditorium. I remember feeling background, so I thought I ought lost and confused and grateful to to give him something to laugh have my older brother with me. about. I grabbed the kid.   The The key speaker  gave his speech second I touched him, I saw the and told us where to go. My brother light leave his eyes and fear fill and I went through hallways, his being. He ran away terrified, passageways, and what felt like a scared out of his mind. I think my Legend of Zelda dungeon until we brother passed out from laughter.  We moved on after I got my made it to our class.  brother coherent enough to do so. An hour later we were excused The rest of the day, he had to try to from the class to make the journey avoid looking at me so he would to the next class. By this time we had literally been beaten senseless not keep on laughing. I thought it with requirements for those was pretty funny myself... not as coveted merit badges.  Feeling funny as my brother  found it but worn and tired, my brother and pretty funny. On the inside though, I pressed on. If you ever go to something clicked. I realized that UVU, you will notice one specific nobody could look at me and see location. I do not know what it is that I was a normal person. I had called, so I will simply refer to it always known this, but I guess as the hall of flags, or the triangle had just never realized it. Not of flags. Be it state, country, or until I got judged. Not until some even club there is a flag for it greasy scout came up and formed somewhere down that hallway. an opinion of me without any real While we were walking through evidence. I was kind of hurt. Not enough the hall of flags, I noticed a scout to show it on the outside, but, coming toward us. He kind of nevertheless, I was hurt. I made a looked like an insurance agent, or a used car salesman with his hair commitment to myself that day to neatly greased back and his whole try not to judge anybody before I personality reeking of the need to actually knew them. I have tried to impress. When he spoke to us he stay true to that, though sometimes even sounded like he was trying it is hard. Every time I form an to sell something. “Hey, who are opinion in my head I remember you guys?” he asked, motioning a certain greasy haired boy scout to my brother and me. My brother who showed me the harshness of replied, “I’m Mark, and this giant the human race and its need to here is my brother Mongo.” At judge.

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...Don’t Lay Eggs? The True Self Looking Through th e Surface

Teisha sat me down and talked to me about everything and anything I wanted to know about radiology. Altogether grades will make me able to be successful in becoming a I first realized that grades truly Radiologist, which is important to matter. I started to figure this out me. She also told me what classes between 8 and 9 grade. I have had need to be done before I graduate, a 4.0 for quite a while, and I feel and also what classes to get done before collge. very proud about it. I plan on keeping a 4.0 for the We also talked about the Certirest of high school, and on that fied Nurse Assistant class you can point I have hope and determina- take during high school for expetion. Grades matter because they- rience in the medical field. will affect your future and how My aunt is one of my role models in life. Therefore, I have always you will turn out in life. The moment I noticed how im- looked up to her. portant grades were, it moved me That wonderful feeling of sucfurther along the path in school cess in what I want to do feels amazing. and raised my interest. Grades helped me also realize Another emotion I felt at this what I wanted to become, which point in time was inspiration from Teisha. One person who inspired is a Radiologist. It all started when my aunt me was my great grandmother,

Beverly, who inspired me to go into Radiology. Later she caught several different types of cancer in eight years, and then passed away. The certain type of Radiology program I want to go into diagnoses cancer patients and of course takes x-rays. There is no better feeling in the world then being inspired bysomeone, especially when it’s one of your role models. So now I have an answer when anyone asks me what I want to be in life. So my advice to you is, if you want something, go for it. Never be afraid. A quote I once heard that is also good advice is a person can do anything, if they set their mind to it. The world is full of success, and determination is part of being successful in anything.

Look At That! Good grades, like a 4.0 GPA, go a long way towards helping students attain future goals. photo by Taylor Stephenson

Termination at Graduation

Year(s) ago when we were little eighth graders in the Junior High School, we looked up at the grey, concrete building called the High School, knowing that it was our next step. Finally, we were almost students there. We were almost in the upper peaks of our education, and we thought it would last forever... until now. The senior class of 2011 is less than four weeks away from graduating and venturing out to the “real world.” Frankly, as I and many others have learned the hard way, high school does not last forever. Those four years fly by faster than anyone ever thought they would. Even stranger, many of us are sad that they are over, not jumping for joy as our eighth-grade-selves would have. As freshmen just beginning our time in high school, we were in awe. Suddenly we had new opportunities, new electives, new sports to play.... At the same time, we were counting down the days until we could escape our lockdown. Slowly but surely, we took a liking to high school life. Dances on Friday nights, football games to attend, banana split parties, pajama days, and Proms drew us in, not wanting to leave it all behind. But as surely as we wanted to

stay, we knew the day we would leave was quickly approaching. High school does not last forever. Those four years fly by faster than anyone would have imagined at their beginning. We have so much fun in high school, meet new friends, and find new interests we never knew we had before. But it leads to the same outcome for all of us: leaving. No matter what happens, we will all leave the school behind and venture out into the “real world.” Because of this, I have a strong recommendation to everyone: live it up. Enjoy your time here while you can, because there is no coming back once it is over. Many high school students absolutely hate school, and are just counting down the days until they can “escape.” This is the absolute wrong attitude to take towards it. Whether they like it or not, they are stuck here, so why not enjoy it? There is plenty that one can do to have fun while in high school. Many students complain about the amount of work required of them in school. Frankly, if they cannot handle some schoolwork, there is no way they will survive outside of school when they are expected to have a job and work to provide for themselves and their potential future families. One of the goals of high school is to teach students how to cope with responsibility. That is why there are due dates, study guides, and the like. Not only are teachers tasked

Say Cheese! Each graduating class has its picture hung in this hall off the main lobby. Photo by Tyrell Aagard

with teaching the curriculum, they have to instill skills into their students to help them in life outside the classroom. We will not be students at JHS forever, and when we are done, there is a whole new world of responsibilities awaiting us. Whether you go to college, go on a mission, join the military, or start working at a job, there is no coming back to the fun you have had here, so live it up and enjoy it while it lasts.

Do not judge a book by its cover

photo by Joseph Allred

son), try to be a support and do not judge them. They could be someone totally different from what is first seen on the outside. The world attacked Hosni Muvarak, who was the governor of People often are not how we Egypt but gave up the position for think they are. They may have a the people’s wants. On the outside totally different lifestyle than what he looked all bad to everybody, but was thought by the outside world. actions speak louder than words. Some have different personali- Hosni, in earlier years, found ties when compared with being at a huge aquifer under the desert home, at school, work, or hanging that was full of sweet water, but instead of selling it out to the pubout with friends. For example, a person can be lic he built the largest man-made funny and happy all the time when river for Egypt that still runs tothey are at home, but when they day, and it is free for the people. go to school or work they can be Hosni also did not give out the shy or quiet when they step out of largest oil reserve in the world in Egypt in order to keep the world their personal bubble. As many wise people say, less polluted. He cared about his never judge a book by its cover. people, but since he did not give up Someone could be dirty all the the oil, officials are using this new time and wear weird clothes that government in Egypt as an excuse probably make people not want to to get the oil for themselves. Since be around him or her, but he or she he is out of office, what is to stop could be a person who works all them? the time, looks out for others, and People are very different from is dedicated and inspiring to his or what is said outwardly. When peoher brothers and sisters. Everyone ple first heard about the thing gomay say he or she does not fit in ing on in Egypt everybody started or he looks weird, but they prob- accusing Hosni of being the bad ably only say that because of his guy. They accused and judged him outward appearance. Yes, if some- for something he tried to control one has aroma problems that may but did not succeed to. It is kind of make him or her not very pleasant saying whatever the media says is true in our perspectives. to be around. All people have their own sto- Mainly, we need not to be so ries and lifestyles that they have in judgmental and try to be the optheir own personal lives. Instead posite. If someone is put down, of putting others down who do not the person who put him down will fit into criteria of what is thought probably have the same thing done to be a normal person (a good per- to him. What goes around comes

Deteriorating Democracy

President Barack Obama, surrounded by government officials including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, signed the healthcare reform legislation into law on March 23, 2010. Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

A little while ago, a bill was passed- a bill that altered the way America works- a bill commonly known as Obama’s Health Care Bill. This bill was passed to standardize health care systems throughout America, an effect that has caused a controversy among the people of these United States. Whether or not the passing of this bill was a good or bad decision, it was a startling revelation to many Americans that the people’s say in our country’s affairs is now disintegrating. A CNN research poll conducted before the passing of the bill found that 59% of those surveyed opposed it, with 39% approving it, and 2% remaining undecided. Whether or not the bill is a good or bad decision, it apparently

managed to pass despite the opinion of the American people. Now the question is, what happened to our democracy? Whatever happened on March 23, 2010, it seems that we the people have a lot less to say about what goes on in our country than we may have supposed. The government that our ancestors, the founding fathers organized seems to be disappearing, replaced by a growing power in our government, so we receive an epiphany: this country is not our own. Eric Woodbury, a junior, said, “Obama and everyone corrupt in our government needs to leave.” He was not impressed with the fact that the bill passed despite public opinion. Likewise, many Americans have begun to wonder, how much influence do we really have? Another example of Government ignorance is the government shutdown that nearly occured on Friday, April 8. Republican and

Democratic parties in the House and Senate refused to come to a compromise over federal government funding until it appeared that a shutdown was inevitable. Because of this, all nonessential federal agencies were to be shut down until some sort of agreement could be reached. Up to 800,000 Americans jobs were to be temporarily stopped, and although the U.S. military was to remain active, its personnel would not have received their pay until after the shutdown ended. The problem with all this is that about 70% of America would rather have had a compromise than a shut down, but despite these wishes, an agreement was not reached until just half an hour before the impending shutdown. How much does this country belong to us? Whether or not the decisions made by the government are for the good of all, the choice may no longer be up to us. Our laws are out of our hands.

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Sports & Highlights

Take Me Out to the Wasp Games!

We didn’t perform to our abilities. We beat ourselves.” He continued, “We figured it was Murphy ’s Law; what could go wrong went wrong.” Juab Var sity Baseball team has won seven On Tuesday, the twelfth of games out of twelve total games April our proud Juab High School this year. baseball teams faced the Richfield They won five out of seven in the tournaments. Varsity has won Wildcats. The freshman baseball team two for three games in the region won. They won by one point in this year. They have defeated the the last inning with an ending Emery Spartans and the North score of 8-7. Junior Varsity base- Sanpete Hawks. ball lost after only getting to play The team has had its ups and one inning. Varsity Baseball took downs this year, but team unity is a defeat on in a 9-2 with the game starting to build up. The boys are all friends, and with some contingoing to Richfield. Spencer McPherson had a good ued practice we know that they hit. Dalton Gee had a great hit, but can go far. unfortunately it tagged the runner Over spring break our boys lost causing an out. Jack Howard com- to Manti High School on the fifmented, “It just wasn’t our game. teenth of April.

A Big Hoorah for

State Drama

Juab High School has their own team of Brad Pitts and Natalie Portmans running about- quite the amazing bunch if you ask me. We should definitely give a good pat on the back and a nice congratu lations to our drama members be Welcome back from spring cause they did quite the amazing break everyone! Once again It job at state this year. seems Mr. Swensen’s excel- If you happen to see a drama lent students/team members had team member wandering by tell graced Juab with an amazing win, them good job and compliment not only did speech and debate them on their super awesome skills! Let’s give them some good rock state, but drama has too! This year the 3A drama com- ol’ fashioned team spirit, fellow petition was hosted at Juab High wasps! They do deserve it for School once again this year. They working so hard. performed with excellence and Last year our high school hosted had to dedicate a lot of time into 3A state drama competition. The drama team had a superior rating practicing for their acts. Jacob Terry, Ben Braden, Bai- by the judges and gave an amazlee Jenson, Katy Davis, Heather ing performance. Reynolds, Cori Nelson, Hannah The medal winners of last year Williams, Ashley Yates, Sara All- were; Kevin Johnstun and Jaidy red, Shaeden Castillo and, Hagan Warner for humorous monologue, Oostveen competed and did amaz- Cody Durffee, Cole Wright, Jacob Diamse, Cameron West, and Keying. The following students received lee Kugler for Pantomime. superior ratings and superior met- Ashley Yates, Sarah Allred, Cori als; Mckenzie Tangren and Jacob Nelson, Sam Thomson, and DelDiamse in humorous monologue, anie Hoog for Contemporary Jenny Dinkel, Cameron Robinson, Scenes. Alecia Johnstun, Makena Andrea Kenison, Emily Wilson, Lenhart, and Jared Menlove in Rachelle Terry, and Korryn Luker Musical theatre. pantomime. Alicia Johnstun and Our drama team is quite the Jaidy Warner won in contempo- impressing and well put together team. They deserve major respect rary scenes. Delanie Hoog and Kielei Beard so give them mad props. Yes, scored a superior rating classical Juab’s drama team took state drascenes. Amanda Brooks, Kennede ma by storm. Lenhart, and Mekena Lenhart also With all the mass amount of gained a medal in musical theatre. time put into preparing for the I can say I am quite proud of our competition, drama students made an amazing win and outshined all team, and you should be also! Drama really excelled in the the others with the high school’s competition, they had an amazing team colors: crimson and gold! team spirit and completely amazed Our drama team never ceases everyone in each act. Drama really to amaze with their great dedication. amazed everyone this year. They breezed through the com- We can only be repeatedly impetition with quite the graceful pressed by Juab’s amazing drama waltz and spoke with the maturity team. Our drama team competes of Kings and Queens. It is quite in competitions such as humorous impressing for a small town school monologue, pantomime, contemto have such amazing skills when porary scenes, musical theatre, and classical scenes. it comes to acting and speaking.

Juab Invitational Results

On Friday the 15, while most students attended SEOPs, Juab hosted its annual Track and Field Invitational. Overall, Juab came in second place behind Delta. Individually, Juab athletes consistently scored in nearly every event. Girls running results are as follows: McKenzie Wilson took eighth in the 100 M dash. Tylynn Savage placed eighth in the 400 M dash. Ivy Oveson placed second, Jenny Dinkel placed fourth, and Jessica Wallace placed eighth in the 800 M run. In the 1 mile run, Ivy placed third. Mette Covington took fourth, Madeline Willimas took fifth, and Jenny Dinkel took sixth in the 2-mile run. Brikel Weeks snagged sixth place in 100 M Hurdles, and Rebecca Evans took seventh in the 300 M Hurdles. The Juab Girls 4x100 M Relay team (Rebecca Evans, Bailee Jenson, McKen-

zie Wilson, and Fallon Peterson) took third. In the 4x400 M Relay, Fallon, Bailee, Elizabeth Allred, and Lauren Jones placed second. First place in the 1-mile Sprint Medley went to Juab’s team, Jordan Smith, Rebecca, Jenny, and Elizabeth. Field events for the girls were just as successful. Janna Green jumped into third place in High Jump, and Fallon Peterson tied for fifth in Long Jump. Katie Baker snagged first in Discus. In Javelin, Lauren Jones took third. The Girls team came in second place overall with 98.5 points. The Boys team ran at the top of their game, with many of our boys getting personal records. John Smalley placed fifth, Brad Baird took seventh, and Brock Orme landed in eighth in 100 M Dash. John took fourth in 200 M with Joel Allred only three places behind. Wyatt Allen and James Spencer snagged fifth and seventh respectively in the 400 M Dash. In the 800 M run, Jake Morgan got second place, Jacob Bunker got fifth, and Brock Orme got eighth.

Jacob placed third in the mile, closely followed by Bryant McKeachnie in fourth. Bryant snagged fourth in the 2-mile Run. Drew Adams took third place, Cody Woolley snagged fifth, Shane Whitlock grabbed sixth, and Jordan Memmott in the 110 M Hurdles. In the 300 M Hurdles, Drew got second, and Cody and Shane took fifth and sixth respectively. Relay-wise, Jake Morgan, Brock Orme, John Smalley, and Brad Baird took second in the 4x100 M Relay. Wyatt Allen, Jake Morgan, Brock, and James Spencer took first in the 4x400, and the 1-mile Sprint Medley team (Wyatt, Brad, James, and Zakary Allen) also took first. Field results were also impressive. Dallin Kay tied for second in High Jump, and Brad Baird tied for fourth in Long Jump. In Shot Put, Jake Nielson snagged first, and Lawrence Munn came in sixth. Jake took second in Discus and Javelin, with Brennon Lewis seventh in Jav. With a score of 156.25 points, the Boys Team came in first.

Athletes of the Month Track

The track athletes of the month for April are Jake Morgan and Rebecca Evans. Rebecca was outstadning and showed continuos inmprovemnt throughout this year. Jake Morgan was ranked number six in the state of Utah. Congradulations to both of you.

Softball Juab High School’s Athletes of the month for Softball are Alexa Neilson and Shelbie Ballow. They were submitted as athletes of the month by their coach Ally Gee. “Alexa Nielsen has been lead off batter and a awesome team leader, she went 4 for 4 at North Snaptete, and three for four against Delta. “ comment Coach Gee. “Shelbie Ballow had an awesome game against ALA with 12 strike outs, and she only allowed two hits in our win over ALA.” Coach Gee also said “Play Ball, Ladies!!!”

Girls Golf Submitted by Mrs. Bowring to be our Girls Golf Athlete of th e month is Shaylee Young. “Shaylee is our most consistant golfer. She works hard and enjoyrs the game,” commented Mrs. Bowring.

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Juab High by the Numbers 1930

year name changed from Nephi High to Juab High

rate as of 98% Graduation 2009-’10 school year

Average ACT com20.7 posite score No-Grades given last 798year

sets of twins (Andrea and Angela Jenson pictured)



339 boys


championship banners in the gym


Representing Juab High With Juab Pride!


most inches in a person’s height (Brayden Kaae)

$117,000 cost of books

oldest student’s age as of today (Brock Orme)

19.38 38

Principal Robins’ age

passed by Prin7,448Yards -cipal Robins at SUU

- I hate my laugh. It sounds like a chipmunk getting run over.

- My math teacher staples Burger King applications to failed tests.

- He has, like, abs on his back!

- Next time my calculator has a problem I’ll just have you cry on it.



in the library




faculty, staff, and admiistration count

Reading Counts


total points earned by all grades




most-taken A.R. quiz (Hunger Games) Twilight quizzes taken Twilight quizzes passed


words quizzed on by all grades

Something New in the Lunchroom

That’s right. Don’t try to deny it. As silly, stupid, nonsensical, and ridiculous as it sounds, the Clarion staff heard it coming out of your mouth. We are always listening, so watch what you say.

- Can I touch your head? It’s so cute and soft, like a perfect circle.

5,284 books in the library

You Said It!

- I can’t decide wether we’re in Jersey Shore or some remote area of Ireland...

age of the eMac computers in the computer lab

clubs chartered by JHS

Juab high school is well known for its upbeat students and amazing sports teams. However, when purposed with creating an article about an object to represent Juab, I was quite stumped. Honestly I couldn’t think of anything, perhaps Mr. Swensen’s leg lamp or Mrs. Bassett’s bear, but no, those don’t define our school, they just representing the old Juab High everything our high school stands don’t shine with the spark of school, which is now our city for. Each and every tile is completeJHS. ly unique, when meshed togeth Thus this leads er it creates the letters JHS, outme to stroll our lined in gold, and trimmed with wonderful school crimson, our school colors. in search of this Just like the unique tiles, each golden object that student in our high school is could really repcompletely different from othresent JHS and ers; we have our own personwhat we stand alities, and our own thoughts for. Wandering and opinions. Our high school throughout the brings us together. school, I walked The JHS centennial of 1899along the science 1999 is the object to show how rooms and the ofwonderful our lovely little high fices, and still I saw nothing. Tiled Pride! The tiled Centennial Resting above the trophy school is and completely deI even searched case in our lovely cafeteria, and object that really shows fines us in every way shape and the gym, wres- our Juab Pride! photo by Sammi Floyd form. When you are in the cafeteria tling room, and remember to look up at the cendance room for some kind of inspiration, but still building. It represents the classes tennial and think about what we they produced nada, zilch. I tried from 1899-1999; yes, the gold- as students stand for. the vocational building, and even en and crimson tiles made in all We represent our high school Mrs. Carter’s tiles could not bring different designs by Juab High with our ability to come together School students from the past and create the great support and anything to my mind. pride we have for JHS and re With defeat I moved back into years. This object sparked my cre- member what past students stood the main building. Sitting on the benches in the cafeteria, I looked ativity and it dawned on me that for and how they held the same up, and I saw the centennial tiles this simple tile portrait represents pride.

- You haven’t lived until you’ve turned a baby orange!



graduates in the first class to go through JHS


- I wish I could take the feel of hair and tape it to my hands. - I will never start myself with a mouse! - If you didn’t drive like a ninja.



- There’s a fine line between tan and looking like you were rolled in Doritos. - “I got one of those oval sucky things for Easter!” “You mean a sucker?” “Yeah! That’s it!” - When I’m normal, I feel like an airplane! - Is that just you I’m smelling, or are my spidey senses tingling?



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Limitless: All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

- We’re besties. Get over it.

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Limitless is a mystery thriller, starring Bradley Cooper as Eddie Mora, a struggling, down-on-hisluck writer who is given a super pill called NZT that sends his life in an immediate upward ascent, allowing him to access the full potential of his brain and become a genius. Other lead roles go to Abbie Cornish who plays Eddie’s lovely on-and-off girlfriend Lindy, and seasoned actor Robert DeNiro, who is a Wall Street Mogul and Eddie’s boss and competition. Limitless is based off the novel “The Dark Fields,” by Alan Glynn, screen played by Leslie Dixon, and directed by Neil Burger. The opening scene teeters with Eddie’s fate as he balances on the ledge of a high rise, contemplating the sweet hereafter. It quickly leaves you with the drama of the opening scene as it goes into the events leading up to it in Eddie’s life. Cooper’s character is a shabby, homeless-looking writer who has a serious block and a book deal hindering on deadline that Eddie has failed to meet. It’s out of the norm to see Cooper not decked out in a nice suit and perfectly tousled hair, but with the super smart NZT tab, he quickly reverts back to his known personas. Eddie’s girlfriend Lindy (Cornish), fed up with his shabby free loading lifestyle habits, in a little less-than-melodramatic way breaks up with him over a fancy breakfast (which she pays for). Eddie’s depression about his book being nowhere near done is multiplied tenfold as he just has been dumped. As he’s leaving the restaurant, he bumps into his

old brother-in-law Vernon, a slick drug dealer played by Johnny Whitworth. Vern slides Eddie an NZT tablet and promises him the great riches of an enhanced mind that will guarantee him success and wealth. Is being smart all that it is cracked up to be? That becomes the question as the pills become more and more dangerous to take and keep safe from the wrong people. Eddie takes his first pill and sees a clarity that allows him to finish his book in four days, and break out in the stock market as a reveled prodigy. His immediate upheaval into the social elite captures the attention of Wall Street mogul, Carl Van Loon, played by seasoned veteran Robert DeNiro. Van Loon wants a stake in smartEddie and a part of NZT as well. The pills become dangerous if not continually taken, causing it’s users to get sick and eventually die or become permanently damaged. Eddie experiences these side affects and must make the decision to continue taking them and lose Lindy and keep his wealth, or he weans himself off and damages himself and goes back to his lowly lifestyle. The plot twists are a little confusing and ill thought at times, but for the most part the movie keeps running and has a good overall meaning. The movie explored the effects of NZT through Cooper’s narration explaining specifically what it does and how it feels. Eventually the events lead up to the pivotal opening scene where the viewers question whether basic human instinct will stop him or if his fear of facing a super smart villain will cause him to jump to his demise. The movie is not bad, nor is it outstandingly good, but that’s the risk taken by adapting a book and giving it a glamorized Hollywood ending.

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Not Invincible, But Capable In third grade I remember playing on the playground and hearing the thud, and then the scream of a little girl in my class. She had fallen off the jungle gym pretending to be a mountain climber who could do anything and be anything. I remember crowding around her, watching her try to catch her breath while staring straight up with glossy eyes. We didn’t do anything but watch as a teacher tended to her, we couldn’t do anything for her, because as children, we find fear in learning that we are not invincible. That’s just what I learned as I have grown and made it through high school: I am not invincible, but I am capable to deal with situations that seem to be hard sometimes. Every year the vulnerable childlike mentality has floundered and I have found myself creating a harder exterior to deal with the words and sneers that come my way. When we were young, ques-

tioning our invincibility came from physical injury, but as growing and developing young adults the questioning comes from the mental bullying and realizations that the real world does exist, and sometimes it’s a nasty and unfair place to be raised in. It sucks to be beat down by people that are trusted confidants. Words have the power to hurt; although they may not leave physical marks they leave a remembered scar on the psyche forever. Verbal abuse is very common among teens today, it seems like all you need is a quick wit and a little dirt on someone and you’ve got them cornered. High school kids are nasty little creatures when it comes to this; they know how to make a fellow student want to stay home and avoid the idea of school completely. That’s not right at all; every kid should want to come to school, because every kid should feel like they belong among their peers. Sadly, that is not the case. Too many teens are picked on and sometimes it’s too late to help them find a place they are comfortable being. When someone is beat down

so much they feel like they are no longer wanted and so they make themselves disappear. It seems to me that when someone dies, everyone says nice things about them…even the people that were mean to them. Had those nice things been said when they were still around, they might actually still be around. Being a friend versus being an enemy has many more rewarding feelings. Do you want to be the reason for someone’s happiness or for .someone’s pain? The question appears to have a simple answer, but oftentimes we forget that answer and go for the one that makes us feel better at the time. Teasing and bullying usually stems from that person’s insecurity, this causes them to make unwise decisions towards an easy target. Growing up has taught me to have a tough skin, but some kids don’t learn that…those seem to be the kids that become the one’s with the big target on their backs. It’s a waste of time to degrade and crush someone, and yet it still happens. If you reach your hand out to anyone who seems to be struggling you may be the reason for

them to keep going. Even if only one person stands up that’s better than none, at least someone is trying to prevent bullying. Don’t let that fear of not being invincible hinder your decision on doing the right thing. I remember the feeling I would get on Saturday mornings, as I would turn on the TV and the old cartoons would be playing. It was the feeling of being a kid, and knowing that you had all Saturday to play and not care about the melodramatic crap that was life. The biggest dilemma was what to kind of band-aid to put over a scratch when you would inevitably fall off of your bike sometime throughout the day. It was the good life! I remember dancing around the room with my dad, standing on the tops of his feet, playing Cinderella as he was the one and only Prince Charming in my life. Having that safety net of a sole protector made everything in life seem possible. There was no competition between who was the best looking and who was going after who, like a school of piranhas going after a piece of raw meat. I don’t think that I have ever felt that safe in my teenage years.

The Stuggle Between Schools and Technology nation have even opted to buy iPods and iPads for their students and have incorporated them into their learning curriculums. However, should Juab go under yet another technological transformation by allowing iPods during all student downtime or is sticking to and reinforcing the standards that already have been set in place the better option? Whatever the case, it’s time for a change. “I think they should be allowed in the classroom, they pretty much already are. Teachers are already okay with it,” the student stated. “They should just let us use them when we have nothing else to do and as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else we should have the choice to listen to them.”

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Even though it is only his second year here at Juab High School, Principal Robins has indeed made strides to incorporate more technology into the classroom. He recognizes the value of technology and the need to embrace its future and possibilities. He also recognizes the importance of learning environments that are3 free from the interruption of electronic devices. Although some electronic devices are not strictly prohibited from school, there are some restrictions. These restrictions specifically apply for iPods and other MP3 devices like the popular Zune. According to the Student Policy Handbook all electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and iPods are strictly prohibited in classrooms, an are prohibited in the halls during passing times. “These devices, while wonderful outside of the classroom, have the potential of becoming a great distraction. They can also be used as a cheating device, to bring inappropriate material into the school, and not to mention the consequences of theft that students have to face,” said Robins. Currently, the handbook states that if a student is found with any

of these items during class or in the hall during break their items will be confiscated. The only time when these items are permitted is before school, during lunch, and after school in the cafeteria. However, with a simple walk down the hall during break or a quick tour of the library, many iPods or similar devices can easily be spotted either partially hidden or in full display probing that many students either are unaware of the restrictions or blatantly ignore them. An anonymous student whouses their iPod during the day in the library had this to say: “I sometimes cone in here to listen to my iPod and read because I have an Ednet class, so it gives me something to do. I didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed to use it because I’ve never got in trouble for it.” This seems to be the case for most of iPod users. It seems that even though Juab High School has a policy for electronic device usage it hasn’t been very strict to enforce it. When asked on Friday morning, the office said that they hadn’t had confiscated a single iPod that week. Which leads to the question of whether listening to iPods during school really is that big of a deal. Many studies have shown that, as long as it is monitored, listening to music in the classroom inspires creativity and even helps to improve focus. Schools across the

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Lunch Detention...A Punishment? The detention lasts approximately forty-five minutes and those students serving time are allowed to proceed to the front of

she doesn’t think that lunch detention is effective. “It’s the same kids going in every week. They aren’t fixing what needs fixing. And it just gets them through the lunch Some of the most common line faster without any real crimes inside schools, not only punishment.” in Juab but throughout the Sara also said more about education sphere, generally the idea that lunch detention include things like frequent isn’t really a punishment. “I tardiness, frequent absences, think that lunch detention cell-phone use and truancy is a soft way out of trouble. (aka sluffing). [Concerning the policy that a And just like every crime confiscated cell-phone either or wrongdoing under the sun, costs five dollars or lunch dethese misdeeds must be puntention in order to get it back], ished if they hope to be fixed. the fine is definitely harsher.” Here at Juab, that punishment When asked about the generally comes in the form of effectiveness, however, Ms. lunch detention. Lund, one of the science Lunch detention is a time teachers, responded that she during a student’s lunch hour believes that sending students where that student is placed to lunch detention improved under the supervision of a their overall behavior in teacher or faculty member and class. must eat lunch alone or with “I’ve had to send students other students that are underto lunch detention for things going the same punishment. Students placed in lunch detention are ushered like absences and using their Generally, lunch detention into this room each day. cell-phones in class,” Ms. Photo by Camron Robinson Lund said. “And I think that includes eating lunch in si- lence without the sociality of a sending them helps to imcafeteria lunch table and can last the lunch line so that their punish- prove their attendance. Of course, for several days, depending on the ment may last as long as possible. some of the student’s aren’t really severity of the crime. For exam- There are some students and going to care one way or the other. ple, the lunch detention punishing teachers alike that doubt the effec- But I think it has definitely helped truancy will last longer than one tiveness of lunch detention. Sara some students fix the way they punishing a tardy. Allred, a senior, responded that act.”

A Long-Overdue Thanks

ing been involved with several extracurricular activities the past four years, I have had the chance to travel to over a dozen other high schools, and I can honestly say that ours is the most professional It seems incredibly strange to looking and cleanest, bar none. imagine, but the 2010-2011 school This goes to show what outstandyear is coming to a close. In ing custodians we have, who about 4 weeks, we will bid do far more work behindadieu to JHS for the sum- We, as students, owe a lot the-scenes than most stumer, and for seniors, eter- to Juab High School. While dents even begin to realize, nity. and they rarely get thanked We, as students, owe a lot some may not realize it, for their service. to Juab High School. While JHS is one of the best high As a whole, I am absosome may not realize it, lutely confident that I will be schools in the state. JHS is one of the best high able to enter college in the schools in the state. fall, and “real life” four short JHS consistently scores at the School. I know without a doubt years thereafter better prepared top in testing scores and grades. that JHS students are offered an than students hailing from other This speaks volumes to the outstanding building and fantas- schools. knowledge and dedication on be- tic education when compared to I owe a lot to Juab High School; half of our teachers and adminis- some of our peers in other schools this place has left me far better tration. To them, their careers are throughout the state. prepared for life than I could have more than a job that puts (ever Our building is fantastic. Hav- imagined.

more expensive) gas in the tank and food on the table. Our teachers truly dedicate themselves to helping us learn and preparing us for our future lives. I would simply like to use this time and place to offer my sincerest thanks to all of Juab High

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