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By Ji Hyun Park on November 12, 2010 4:27 PM Like

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The Top 4 Myths About Semantic Web Comment Now!






The Internet is often prone to confusion. All this immediacy and constant status updating can leave people lost when it comes to deciphering the true game changers, like Semantic Web. Will this new, smarter technology affect the way you work online? Yes. Is it all about metadata? Not exactly. Here are the top four widespread myths about Semantic Web (and why you should care): 1. It’s artificial intelligence. The machines themselves aren’t the ones getting smarter. Instead, we’re making the content easier for the machines to interpret. 2. It’s just research. Nothing concrete has been made with semantic web yet. Quite the contrary. Many different companies, like Huffington Post and Google, have already jumped on the semantic web wagon and are seeing a lot of success. 3. Semantic Web’s only purpose is t o tag websites. Tagging content is one part of the wide scope of what semantic web can do. Jeff Pollack of Semantic Universe says, “Imagine all the different website tags in the world linked up automatically to all the best online reference databases in the world…connected to the data on your hard drive and your business’ enterprise software systems like for business intelligence.” 4. Semantic Web will put Google out of business. Google search will still be a pertinent necessity of online life and won’t be going away anytime soon, even with Semantic Web. This myth likely sprung from a recent Sunday Times piece attributing the belief of search’s impending death to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. He later took to his blog to counter the claim, calling it a “misunderstanding” in an “otherwise useful discussion.”

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