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By Ji Hyun Park on October 18, 2010 10:03 AM Like

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Can $300 Buy You a Month Off Facebook? Comment Now!






Here’s a way to keep your teen off Facebook: bribery. Melynda Rushing, a mother of six in North Carolina, paid her daughter Alyssa $300 not to use the popular social networking site for a month, insisting that the extra time go towards her studies at University of South Carolina. For Alyssa, the idea became an easy way to “Facebook detox.” She told The Charlotte Observer, “It was actually a lot harder the first couple of days. I didn’t know I was truly addicted.”

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With teens and young adults logging on to Facebook an average of 4 hours daily, is it really possible for students to wean themselves off this new medium of procrastination?


Since taking on her mother’s challenge, Alyssa says she’s turned in three class papers early. “It’s definitely made me see I could spend my time more wisely,” she said. “Now that I see I can stay off it … I might not even go on every day.”

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We’ll sure Mom will be the judge of that on Oct. 19, when the fast draws to a close.

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WebNewser - Can $300 Buy You a Month Off Facebook  

Let your next job find you! Britons Rather text ‘PS – Wish You Were Here’ Than Send a [...] Do Young Girls Need Extra Social Media Training?...

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