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Hayward Plastic Valves. Hayward plastic valves are designed and made using the highest form of state-of the art technology. Their plastic valves are specially designed to be robust and strong and are therefore made from material that counts. The biggest advantage of the plastic valves is that prolonged operations and pressure will not affect them. We can therefore conclude that Hayward provides many years of maintenance -free plastic valves.

Hayward Butterfly Valve The plastic valves at Hayward have the following additional features at no extra cost; •

Stainless steel stem

A unique body liner.

A V-notch retention design which ensures that there is a positive sealing on the lining of the valve body.

A molded face made integrally which offers a positive sealing on the mating flange without having to incorporate additional gaskets.

A built in lockout feature on the lever handle.


Easily automated.

Hayward Plastic butterfly valves are available in size up to 12’ are rated a 150psi. One of key differences between the Hayward Butterfly design and other butterfly valves is the fact that Hayward butterfly valves are constructed from a body that has one piece which integrates fully supported flange bolt holes which is the valve that matches 150#. This feature allows the prevention of stressing of the pipe flanges. The valve is constructed using heavy duty construction which is an advantage for many demanding applications. Additionally the solid integral mounting pad makes sure that the valve operator will function efficiently and in a reliable manner regardless of the operator used, the gear box actuator and lever handle.

Hayward Plastic Ball Valves Heavy wall construction that is rugged: Hayward plastic ball valves stand up to the most aggressive industrial applications. They can accommodate the daily activities and industrial services and continue to effectively function due to their robustness in design. Design: the design of the plastic ball valves makes them easy to maintain through the allowance of easy removal from the piping system while avoiding the breakdown of pipe connections. The process is easy and involves unscrewing the two assembly nuts followed by lifting the body of the plastic valve out of the line. Advanced features: the ball valves are ultra-superior performers. They have a fine pitch seal retainer thread which allows accurate compensation for seat wear. They additionally have reversible seats that make it easier to get a damaged valve back in operation. When the seats are damaged they are simply removed turned over and eventually reinstalled. Finally the plastic ball valves have an o-ring seam seal that gives double the amount of leakage protection with a single seam seal. Easily automated: the plastic valves are constructed in such a way that they can swiftly convert into automated valves in the fields. The process of conversion is easy as you only need to remove the compression fit handle followed by installing an actuator mounting bracket. No corrosion: since the valves are made from plastic they will never corrode or rust .They can therefore survive in corrosive environments without painting requirements or the purchase of expensive epoxy coatings.

Hayward plastic valves  

ICON PROCESS CONTROLS is a North American Distributor and Representative for High Purity and Corrosion Resistant Fluid Handling Equipment re...

Hayward plastic valves  

ICON PROCESS CONTROLS is a North American Distributor and Representative for High Purity and Corrosion Resistant Fluid Handling Equipment re...