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The GPI A1 Turbine Flow Meter + Truflo Paddle Wheel Meter The GPI A1 flow meter is a member product of the turbine or paddle wheel flow meters. The paddle wheel flow meters or turbine flow meters are mechanical meters used to measure the flow of gas, liquid or fluid; the equipment utilizes a freely spinning turbine, which is placed in a fluid stream. The flowing gas or fluid permits the turbine to rotate on its axis; the flow rate is then calculated based on the proportion of the rate of spin to the speed of the flow. For this reason, large industries as well as commercial companies commonly make use of the different types of turbine flow meters for their industrial applications. One of the reasons why turbine or paddle wheel flow meters such as Truflo are widely used is because it has the unique capability to calculate pretty high flow rates at very low pressure drops, even though for most cases it's accuracy cannot be compared to other flow meters; another good reason is the fact that it's measuring element does not hinder the path of flow, as it's experienced with some other flow meters. The turbine or Truflo paddle wheel flow meter's major use is in application of chemical fluids, water or even lesser viscosity liquids. A major feature of the Truflo paddle wheel or turbine flow meter is the installation of what is termed as the strainers, a device installed in front of the meter so as to protect the measuring element from debris, which for most times could enter the flow system and alter the applications. GPI A1 turbine flow meter and its application: This is a commercially used electronic digital turbine flow meter used to measure high rated industrial fluids. It is very durable, compact in design and features the combination of a compact LCD and a meter. It is a one system flow meter which can even calculate and measure fluid flow, even if it is placed in a remote area. The GPI A1 flow meter has an already installed turbine placed within its containment; the turbine can also be replaced with a Truflo paddle wheel flow sensor; the turbine of the paddle wheel is consistently powered by an internal battery controlled computer. The GPI A1 flow meter is always a preferred choice due to the fact that its compact design enables for both vertical and horizontal installations in areas where other flow meters do not permit. The entire GPI A1 turbine flow meter is powered using the lithium batteries, so that it would have a long lifespan. The GPI A1 has a unique feature, where depending on the liquid or fluid to be applied, one can either make use of nylon or aluminium for the outer body. Nylon is used for GPI A1 when water or other non-volatile fluids are used; aluminium on the other hand is utilized when fluids like fuel or other petroleum products are utilized. It is safe equipment and can be utilized in dangerous locations. Features of the GPI A1 turbine flow meter: • • • • • • • •

There are 2 totals of which 1 is resettable while the other is cumulative It utilizes factory calibrations measured in gallons and litters It has 2 user calibrations and flow rate It is manufactured by GPI Flow ranges is usually between 0.3 to 300 GPM, which is equivalent to 1 to 1000 LPM It can install in both the horizontal and the vertical positions It has an operating temperature of about -40° to +250°F (-40° to +121°C) It is powered by lithium batteries for long life

Flow meter  
Flow meter  

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