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Colegio “El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús” 10th grade CCLL “B” Miss Ana Lucia

Portfolio Unit I Jhoseline Mishell Arriola Solis KEY: 1





The truth about Chinese food

Chinese food is going in their s five basic tastes (sweet, salty, acid, and bitter and umami) its ingredients used are rice and lamb. But Chinese restaurants have replaced Lamb with rats, foxes and meat, more 900 people have been arrested for selling these contaminated products. This creates concern that buyers do not know what they are actually eating and appear new outbreaks of illness by the consumption of these animals which are not lamb January 27, Luis Sanz, died from meningitis caused by a listeria infection after eating at the Chinese restaurant's wok, located in Luis Mateus Avenue in the capital city of the Bank of the river of Silver City. Its owner, Liu Jianjun, filed a complaint about the stories that are emerging on the Internet about an alleged food poisoning which occurred in his restaurant this news is spreading by an article published on February 2, entitled "a person dies after eating at the restaurant wok" when the death of a person due to a bacterial infection caused by food contamination damages the image of the franchise chain of wok Since it was not the first person who gets sick because of eating in this restaurant, but he is the first person to die. The brother of the deceased has been disseminating more this news to be able to warn people and that does not happen this again.


Reflexion what I learned is that most of the time we consume fast food, but we really do not know what kind of food we are eating or how they do the preparation, if it can cause illness or even death, therefore is that many of the things that are delicious can hurt us. it is important to awareness of what we eat because we are exposing to severe illness, for create me it is very interesting and good to know regarding the services that they provide and the companies that we can choose, because the service or the products they offer us this.


CUSTOMER SERVICE READING A Although people do not expect much from the internet these days, this will change in the future. B The managers recognise that customers find them impersonal and unnatural. C First National is also preparing to adopt this personal approach to its internet banking. D They have the attitude that some skills, such as keyboard skills and so on, can be taught, but a member of staff can’t be taught to be a nice person. E Telephones are very personal because staff are speaking to people on their own territory. F And if customers try to contact the bank by telephone, they are put through to a call centre in another country where they have to speak slowly in order to be understood. G Not everyone wants a chatty, friendly service.

Customer Service in Banks The banking profession doesn’t have a very good reputation for customer service at the moment, and it’s not just due to loss of savings. High street branches are shutting down and where banks are available, their opening hours are inconvenient. Staff at the desks are surly, increasingly under-qualified and often unable to answer f questions. . Astonishingly, however, 86% of the customers at one bank are either ‘extremely satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the service they receive. And what is even more surprising is that the bank in question has no High Street outlets at all.

First National bank is run entirely through the telephone and the internet. And its success shows that customer service is just about face-toface contact with clients. The D

primary concern of the bank is recruiting the right people. . So they only recruit people who already exhibit good communication skills. And unlike other services that operate primarily over the telephone, the staff at First National do not use be themselves and


scripts. What this bank asks for is that establish a rapport with their customers. Part of

is recognizing people’s needs. C


staff this

. Some want the process to be swift and efficient. The

member of staff has to pick up on the caller’s mood and react accordingly.

. The idea that customer service can be improved on a medium where there is no actual contact with a member of staff may seem strange at first. However, the website designers at First National spend a great deal of time understanding a their customers and offering services which meet their needs. First National is already taking steps to fill this demand. They already offer a service in which customers receive a text when funds are received or when their account falls below a certain level. In the future, online systems may pre-empt customers’ needs in even more sophisticated ways.


Synonyms Branches: a division of a stem or secondary stems arising from the main stem of a plant. Ramification Shutting: To block entrance to or exit from Close Up Staff: a body of persons at work or available for work Employee Outlets: a place or opening through which something is let out Vent Primary: first in order of time or development Essential Recruiting: to find suitable people and get them to join a company, an organization Armed Scripts: something written Text Rapport: a friendly relationship Relation Demand: an act of demanding or asking especially with authority Preempt: to prevent

What is Customer Service? Customer Service is the attention that they give us when we go to some restaurant, company, etc, it could be good or bad this is why it is important in business, because it makes businesses more efficient, productive and have a better quality either in products and the employee; to provide better care to 7

the consumer and that can opt by that service, the customer service need to have a external an internal customers to be a successful company.



Is the attention that they give us when we go to some restaurant, company, etc; it could be good or bad service.

Word of mouth: recommendation, opinion, based or advertising that the people give us of some company. Statistics Word of mouth is still the best way to attract customer. 25% television 15-13% newspaper 63% advice or recomendation

Customer Relationships: External and internal customers. E- commerce: bough something by internet. It is now simpler than ever just buy forwarding email.

External customer: People out side the company with whom we make busier. Internal customer: Employee.

Good and bad news of customer service


The bad news: the typical company will lose 10 to 30% of its customer per year, mostly for poor service.

The good news: organizations that indicate effective customer retention programs may see profit jump 25 to 100%

Golden Rule Customer service will always be the decision battleground where winless and losers are quickly sorted out.

Understanding loyalty The ultimate goal of customer service is to create customer loyalty. Key elements •

What makes you customer loyal?

Hoy can loyalty be measured?

Skill development provide the most significant way to find career success, service to internal is equally as important, your no.1 task will be always to attract, satisfy and preserve loyal customers.

Use of Behaviors that encourager you customers Is what people do it is convence in two ways. •

Verbal (what we say)

Nonverbal ( without words)

Evething the receiver what the

Both an individual and a corporation have behaviors.

can constitu communication, their message determine communication means. 10

Nonverbal communication Different cultures People see is doing something and they extract a meaning from our actions, keep in mind the culture is generally the same and should be done with common.

Variables that can have implication in customer service

Proxemics: it is related to space in conversation American tenas to position themselves at an arm’s length. Personal space: same people are acestumaded to sitting close to each other.





Word of Mouth

Oral or written My friend told me that recommendation by a the service of Papa satisfied customer to the John´s is good. prospective customers of a good or service.

Customer Relationship

Is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers.


.Yestarday I saw a beautiful publicity of Mac Donals and I want to go to there.


E- Commerce Buying and selling of products over the internet.

External customer

Is an outside organization or individual that receives a

She bought a beautiful jean in Amazon.

She is an external customer of Victoria Secret.

product or service from the Company.

Internal customer

An employee who receives goods or serv ices produced else where in an organization

Marta works in Claro Company.

as inputs to his or her work.


A feeling of wanting to As a gesture of goodwill, be friendly and helpful to we agree to the work, someone. free of charge.



EXTRA Pizza Hut

1. Improve Product Durability: •

Pizza Hut can improve the durability of the food making more natural and less artificial ingredients using more fresh vegetable and bread, more natural with less leaven.

2. Reduction In the Number of complaints: •

Pizza Hut has many complains and only few are addressed. Many staff members who receive complaints about their service react badly which leads to a bigger problem, customers is dissatisfied and the company is affected. The important thing is that the company I concerned to receive less complaining.

3. Reduced Waste and Products returns: •

One day we asked for a pizza without sauce and they took it with sauce they could not do anything to solve my problem, because was home delivery.

4. Improve image: •

Pizza Hut restaurant is very clean it, fells nice to go as there is no bad smell, just that sometimes the cleaning staff sweep while you eat this is disrespectful garbage is everywhere, would recommend to do more cleaning in the place.

5. Improve staff morale and lowers staff turnover: 15


They needs to improve morale in the company because is necessary to have as we know is part of our moral values and also they needs because is part of a requirement of the company and its important to turnover the staff because the meet a new persons and also the change of environment.





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