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Strategies For Making Money With Real Estate Investing By: Curt Cloyd – Director Personal Wealth Academy, LLC You'll hear all kinds of so-called "gurus" who shout from the rooftops about how easy it is to start making money with real estate investing... While at the same time, you'll hear tons of horror stories from friends, family or acquaintances about how they lost everything in a feeble attempt at making money with real estate investing. Here's the disconnect. Real estate investing is easy - but NOT in the beginning! It only becomes easy once you have the right knowledge, intense focus and a clear plan of action that you implement consistently... There’s a couple of ways that you can go about getting started with making money with real estate investing. The first and most popular method to learn real estate investing is the information product route. It looks like this: You buy a book, course or pay to attend a seminar. Usually they are packed with great information that can really make a difference in your life. And from time to time they are not. In order to succeed with this method, you must be able to take that information you learned in a short period of time and work on implementing it in the proper order all by yourself. You have to be able to keep yourself motivated and more importantly, you have to deal with the inevitable uncertainties that will arise by yourself. You can be certain of this - there will always be something that wasn’t accounted for in the information you purchased! Most people are unable to do this on their own. They’ll unsuccessfully try a few things, never how it was supposed to be done, then they’ll get frustrated and quit. They blame the information product that was purchased for their failure, saying it didn’t work. Thinking that it was simply the product being bad, they’ll go searching around for other products, buying up all kinds of books, courses, etc. The cycle repeats itself until the person decides that investing in real estate doesn’t work period. This is where all the horror stories come from. It’s out of failure from the attempt at making money with real estate investing using the product method. Information products are excellent for enhancing knowledge and learning new strategies. However, if you are trying to rely on them to launch your real estate investing career or to take your career to the next level, they will always fail you. The second method that you can take is using real estate coaching or mentorship services. Having a real estate coach is the superior way to start making money with real estate investing for numerous reasons. Let’s talk about a few of them. When you buy a real estate investing product, it is always designed around one specific strategy or method. And the thing is that there are many, many ways to invest in real estate. The strategy that you employ needs to best be suited for your particular situation, taking into account things like your current financial position and your tolerance to risk (among other things). You really have no way of knowing if a particular strategy taught in a product is right for your situation until AFTER you buy the product and have spent time going through it. If it’s not right for you, you just wasted a bunch of your precious time. And if you are like most people, you may have had the product sitting around for a while before you even started going through it. By the time you realize it’s not right for you, you may no longer be eligible for a refund and thus wasted the money you spent on the product. ©2012 Personal Wealth Academy LLC

"We have taken a lot of real estate investment training and coaching. We would have done better investing that money directly into real estate. PWA is different. The staff gives us real, practical, hands-on suggestions and direction. We aren’t restricted to some per-arranged, thirty-minute, coaching period or weekly group coaching session." Neil & Kathy Page Working with a real estate coach will help you to short cut that entire process. The very first thing one of the expert Personal Wealth Academy coaches will do is analyze your current situation. Then he or she will discuss with you the different strategies that best suit you right now. You can decide what you are comfortable with before moving forward on any strategy. And once you have decided on the strategy or strategies you are going to employ first, your coach will help you develop a clear plan of action to accomplish each one. You’ll get action steps that take you from point A to point B all the way to point Z (money deposited in your bank account). You’ll never get a customized plan from the product method – it simply can’t happen. And the bottom line is that having a customized plan is absolutely crucial to your success… When you have a real estate coach in your corner, you’ll never be left out on an island alone. Every time you have a question, you’ll be able to pick up your phone and call your coach or shoot off a quick email for a fast, detailed and relevant answer. And of course, when the eventual emergencies arise, you’ll be able to get the guidance and advice you need to overcome the event and go on to success! Making money with real estate investing is sort of like playing sports – it really is just a game. Now before you tune out to that statement, let’s draw some comparisons. Just like with sports, there’s rules to this game and if you want to win you need to know them. You also need to understand when, where and how to play the game. And finally, investing in real estate is really a team game – it can’t be done successfully all by yourself! You will have to work with other people like real estate agents, lenders and other investors at some point in time. That’s why it’s so vital to have a coach just like in sports. You need an expert who understands the rules and will teach you exactly how, where and when to play the game. Your coach will also help you organize your team to set you up to work together and win. You may be wondering about individual sports like golf or tennis. Well, if you didn’t know golfers and tennis pros all work with a coach too – even though they aren’t on a team with other players! The expert coaches at Personal Wealth Academy can get you to where you want to be. They can guide you, advise you and nurture you into making money with real estate investing faster and easier than you ever could on your own! You may be thinking that you can’t afford a real estate coach – that it’s going to cost way too much to have one. Here’s a challenge for you. Find someone who has become a successful real estate investor using the product method. Just go to any REI Club meeting in your area and you’re bound to run into one or two… … ask them how much they spent on books, courses and seminars. Also ask them how much money they lost on deals because they didn’t know what they were doing. You are guaranteed to hear those figures well over $100,000 in every single case. ©2012 Personal Wealth Academy LLC

So what you really need to do is think comparatively. Yes, initially real estate coaching will be more expensive than buying a book, course or going to a seminar. But if your goal is to become a successful real estate investor, going that route will cost you the most in the long run. At Personal Wealth Academy, we’d love to help you start making money with real estate investing… if you are a good fit for working with us. We actually don’t work with everyone. You have to be a good fit with the way we do business. If you are interested in finding out if you qualify to use our expert real estate coaching services, it’s really simple. What we’ve done is put together a short quiz that you can take absolutely free by registering with your email address using the box on the right. As soon as you register, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can take the short quiz and get your results immediately. So go ahead and register to take the quiz now, while it’s fresh on your mind!

©2012 Personal Wealth Academy LLC

Strategies For Making Money With Real Estate Investing  

You'll hear all kinds of so-called "gurus" who shout from the rooftops about how easy it is to start making money with real estate investing...

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