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Guide to Investing in Real Estate Full Time By: Curt Cloyd – Director Personal Wealth Academy, LLC When one gets interested in becoming a real estate investor, one of the first questions that comes to their mind is whether to enter as a part time player or to start investing in real estate full time. The correct answer may vary from person to person as which path is best depends on a lot of factors such as a person’s income, spending capacity, risk taking capacity, market situations and many more. These are some of the things that you have to consider before taking this decision such as how much money you are willing to invest, for how long you want to invest it, how much risk you are willing to take and so forth. That being said investing in real estate full time is definitely more profitable in comparison to being a part time investor. Real estate investing is a field that is full of opportunities to make big money and you will certainly have more chances to utilize and cash in on these opportunities if you are investing in real estate full time. Most people choose to start by investing in real estate part time before becoming full time real estate investors. The idea here is to learn start small and gather enough knowledge before committing yourself completely to real estate investing. Most of the big players in the market also start with baby steps and with proper guidance and the correct application of knowledge; they have made it big in the real estate investing business. It makes sense because taking too much risk right at the beginning is certainly not a very wise move. Even though real estate is considered as a relatively safe sector to invest in as compared to other fields, there are still chances that things can wrong especially if you are a novice with no experience. There are many complexities involved in real estate investment that are only known to people who have been working in this field for a considerable amount of time. People who are new to the field have to spend some time before they can know and understand the ways of this world. Therefore, it is advisable to learn as much as you can before going into the real estate investing business. This learning can include books, seminars, one-to-one coaching, reading whitepapers, online real estate investing classes and much more. In effect, you should be receptive enough to grab the information from all sources possible so that you can have a ready repository of knowledge once you start investing in real estate full time. It is also important to meet the successful people who are already in the industry and learn from how they have reached to their present position. This will not only help you in making useful contacts in future but it will also give you a personal insight into the real estate business. The information that you need to become a good real estate investor is not available freely and for people who don't have it, it is actually a smart move to start small. This is good in the way that they will be risking a much smaller amount of money but there is a downside as well. The negative part of starting as a part time investor is that you will be earning much less real estate profit till the time you start investing in real estate full time. In most cases it will take years of working in the field to be fully acquainted with the procedures and processes till you have the confidence to become a full time investor. The good news is that you don't necessarily have to wait for so long to learn all the things that you need. Curt Cloyd is an experienced and knowledgeable person who can teach you everything you want to know about real estate in a very short amount of time. Š2012 Personal Wealth Academy LLC

Curt Cloyd has been providing real estate investing classes for the last 14 years. He has been utilizing all his experience and knowledge for the benefit for people who want to enter the field of real estate investing. He has seen the real estate investing industry from the inside out and he knows all the pitfalls and problems that can halt a beginner in his tracks and stop them from going any further. He uses his knowledge of real estate world to help those who would like to make it big and do it the right way without using any short cuts. Curt Cloyd firmly believes that as in any field, in real estate too, short cuts will cut you short in the long run. He has built his business on the firm knowledge of concepts of the real estate world and the desire to learn more which has always helped him in handling problems that he faced. With his knowledge, experience and guidance, he hopes to save those who are new to the field from any kind of pitfalls that might discourage them from real estate investing. Curt Cloyd believes that investing in real estate full time is not a difficult task but you just need the right guidance and determination to make it in the field. While small setbacks are a part of the game, you should never let these momentary distractions deviate you from the path of becoming a successful real estate investor. While the path to success might be long and difficult, the rewards at the end are worth the struggle. Along with guiding people on the path to investing in real estate full time, Curt Cloyd also motivates them to face their fears and find success in any way possible. Now, all the knowledge, experience and guidance of Curt Cloyd can also help you in realizing your dreams of becoming a successful real estate investor. For more information about him and his real estate investment services, please browse through the website or contact us today for more information and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.

Š2012 Personal Wealth Academy LLC

Guide to Investing in Real Estate Full Time