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5-Year Investment Report I plan on making a five-year investment portfolio. Below are my reasoning’s for why I picked the companies, and whom I invested in. I will also touch upon my personal objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and values. I will be investing $50,000 between three different companies. The companies are Exxon Mobil, Disney, and Goldman Sachs. 75% of my overall investment will go to Exxon Mobil. 12.5% will go into Disney, and 12.5% into Goldman Sachs. When investing, there are a few key factors that I look for in a company. Firstly is company culture, secondly the diversity of the company, and lastly the public’s perception of the company. By investing in companies that follow these values I will have a high chance of profiting. I am looking for companies with a strong company culture because if employees are happy, customers will be happy. I believe that it is extremely important to invest in companies that tread employees with dignity and respect. If I continue to follow this theory I am certain that the companies I chose to invest in will do well. The diversity of a company is crucial to how well they do. If a company is only in one market, and that market crashed you have a very high chance of losing all of your money. If you invest in companies that diversify their assets you have a much higher chance of avoiding maximum loss. Media outlets are a crucial decider in how the public views a company. If a company is looked at as evil, it is very likely to be avoided by consumers, and therefore will lose money. If you invest in companies that are often praised by the media it is likely to retain popularity and a strong customer base. I’ve chosen a five-year time horizon because five years from now I will have just left college. I plan on using this money to move to Silicon Valley and launch a tech company. This money will help me move and support myself for six months. I believe it is crucial to have my investment turn into at least $60,000 by the end of five years.


I’ve put the majority of my investment in Exxon Mobil because they are very well diversified in the energy market. They are one of the major distributors of Crude Oil, and are also entering the Natural Gas market which if proven successful will net huge returns in the near future. Energy is also something needed all of the time, and is not dependent on the economy. I’ve put a small portion of my investment into Disney because they reach out through many different markets. They are one of the most diversified companies I looked at and are currently in the five markets: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment, Consumer Products and Interactive. They are affected by the economy, but they are so diverse that I believe their stock would only go down marginally. I also invested a small amount of money into Goldman Sachs, a worldwide investment firm and one of the leaders in their market. They are not diversified, and another large hit to the market could make them bankrupt. On the other end, if the economy starts to rise, their stock will skyrocket. I’ve chosen to invest a small amount of money in them as their stock could shoot up or fall down depending on the economy. I also spoke with Gerald, an ex-intern at Goldman Sachs who said they had a terrible company culture, which was ultra competitive and even a little hostile at times.

The three companies I chose to invest in align with my core values as an investor and I believe I will do extremely well in the next five years and will have more than enough to launch a company.


Investment Report