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Zafen Investment  Pro/ile   Patrick  Joseph,  Metalworking  

Background —  Patrick  Joseph,  51.   —  Been  metalworking  for  34   years.  

—  Looking for  a  $1,500  loan  

to purchase  a  gas  welder.  

—  Has an  orphan  daughter.   —  Will  repay  the  loan  every  other  month  for  the  next  12  months.   —  While  working  for  another  metalwork  company  while  he  was  

younger he  saved  up  for  years  unHl  he  had  $1,765  and  was  able  to   buy  basic  tools,  and  as  years  went  on  he  conHnued  to  buy  more   tools  unHl  his  business  was  crushed  in  2010  by  the  earthquake.  

Company &  Industry   Background   —  Metalworking  consists  of  creaHng  gates,  windows,  doors,  chairs,   and  tables.    

—  Job sector  has  grown  by  more  than  17.7%  since  the  disaster  in   HaiH.  

—  $31,000 in  sales  with  an  esHmated  profit  margin  of  29%  last  year.   —  Expected  to  have  a  30%  increase  in  revenue  with  the  adiHon  of  a   gas  welder.  

—  Expected to  siginificantly  cut  down  on  his  greatest  expense   (electricity,  $177  a  month  $2,124  a  year)  with  the  use  of  a  gas   welder,  and  will  be  able  to  work  even  when  electricity  goes  out  in   HaiH.  

Social Good  &   Community  Impact   —  Has  been  raising  an  orphaned  child,  aSer  her  parents  passed   away  due  to  cancer  ($365)  

—  Hiring one  new  part  Hme  employee  to  help  with  the   workload  and  recieve  clients.  ($650)  

—  Free metalworking  training  for  one  young  person  in  the   HaiHan  community  (priceless)  

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Haiti zafenpres  
Haiti zafenpres