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Blame it on the Media BY JH

Preamble Every day we are exposed to class, gender, and racial bias from the media as well as our peers. This bias unjustly determines what is right and what is wrong. The media controls the information we receive, and they control the manner in which we receive it. In the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case, so many people are given information which is blatantly racist and classist. I’d like to change the abilities the media have to cause bias in America as well as the whole world.

First Amendment

The papers shall not remove the hue of a man’s heritage for the sake of money.

Second Amendment

The Court must teach the common people that have power in court to judge fairly by showing the two sides of the stone.

Third Amendment

It is a right that all people should be able to breathe in the truth, as if the truth was fresh air and not dirtied by lies.

Fourth Amendment

The papers should not color a man a shade that is not his own in order to swing the thoughts of the people.

Fifth Amendment

It is not allowed for the papers to cut, paste and re-arrange truths to create untruths to favor the biased walls of America.

Sixth Amendment

An open and safe public space can be used by common people who questions the cut-and-paste craftwork of the papers.

Appendix Amendment One | The media should not be allowed to crucify George Zimmerman for a race he is not in order to make him look guilty.

Amendment Two | The court must educate the jurors on both biases of the case so that the final decision made is fair and informed.

Amendment Three | The media may only write opinionated articles based on facts, not outlandish claims.

Amendment Four | It is illegal for the media to doctor or edit any photo, audio, or video in order to create bias or misinform the general public.

Amendment Five | The government must create a safe and open place where people can come to talk and learn about factual information in court cases

Blame it on the Media  

A case study into who really is behind the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case.