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Training Principles for Southeast Athletes 1. Reduce the risk of injuries • If a student-athlete is injured, he/she will not be able to compete at practice or games. 2. Ensure the athletes are optimally prepared to compete • It is our responsibility to best manage all stressors that are placed on the student-athletes body in order to achieve the best results on the playing field. 3. Maximize athletic ability • We challenge each athlete, both physically and mentally, in order to achieve optimal results.

Exercises for Southeast Athletes are based on the following Principles: 1. Ground Based Movements • Athletes compete with their feet on the ground, and therefore, should train that way. The ability to produce force against the ground determines how fast athletes can run and how high they can jump. 2. Three-Dimensional Movements • Athletes must be able to stabalize themselves in all planes of movement. A fancy way of saying we use free weights (barbells/dumbbells vs. machines). 3. Multi-Joint Movements • Very rarely in sport do athletes isolate one single joint at a time. Athletes can train more muscle mass at the same time.



2017 Gymnastics Information Guide  

Southeast Missouri State's Gymnastics Information Guide for the 2017 season.

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