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HH TRAVELS Christian Tours: Know about the Mustvisit Holy Sites in Israel


Israel is a beautiful Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea which is known as the home to several sacred sites of three prominent religions of the world viz. Jews, Christians and Muslims.

If we talk about Christianity, there are several sites that have religious importance for Christians, and these awe-inspiring destinations are must to visit if you are planning to spend a memorable vacation in Israel.

Let us tell you some prominent sites of this holy land, which you should never skip to visit while on one of your Christian tours -


The biblical birthplace of Jesus is Bethlehem, which is considered a major Christian pilgrimage destination comes the first when we talk about Christian tours in Israel. It is rated as a ought-to-visit during the holidays of Christmas and Easter.


Jerusalem is one among the world's foremost pilgrimage destinations- this old city has umpteen religious Christian sites; to name a few, you can find the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Garden Tomb, Tomb of the Virgin Mary and Via Dolorosa.


One of the most beautifully serene places in Israel is The Mount of Beatitudes, which is believed to be the setting for Jesus’ most famous discourse, the Sermon on the Mount. It’s the place where Jesus gave important sermon over the mountain.


This capital and the largest city in the Northern District of Israel is recognized as the cradle of Christianity. According to tradition, it is the childhood home of Jesus and is the biggest center of Christian pilgrimage.

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Christian Tours- Know about the must-visit Holy Sites in Israel  

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