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Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum And Semen Leakage In Men

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

Sexual intercourse involves arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation.


The intercourse need not necessarily be penetrative;

it could be what is called outer course or simply self arousal by masturbation.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

The coming out of semen must follow arousal. Ejaculation of semen without arousal or without being conscious about it such as during sleep may be referred as leaking of semen.

Semen may also come out before the start of actual the act of sex, or prematurely during sex.


It is an unhealthy condition warranting concern.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

The cause of premature ejaculation as well leaking semen is weak nerves of the penis, and weak pelvic

muscles. •

The weak nerves are unable to withhold semen

which just leak out of the penis without one being conscious about it.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

The weakness of nerves of penis may be due to weak body structure, lack of strength and stamina, or

excessive masturbation. •

Malnutrition, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle,

and excessive erotic feelings are the possible causes of leaking of semen.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

The habit of seeing pornographic images, pictures,

and videos coupled with a weak bodily disposition lead to weakening of the genital nerves. •

A nutritious diet regimen accompanied with healthy lifestyle encompassing exercises, and proper medication may alleviate the problem.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

There are numerous medicines available in the market that claim to cure all sex related disorders, but those are harmful besides no-effective as they

have serious side effects. •

Shilajit is a highly effective herb which cures all such

sex related problems as leaking semen. •

It has medicinal value, and has been in use for ages to

cure all sex concerning disorders.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

It reduces tension and stress, increases flow of blood in the entire body including the genitals.

NF Cure Capsule is another Ayurvedic herbal preparation which is highly effective in curing sexual disorders of all kinds.

Its ingredients are Ashwagandha, Kesar, Pipal, Lauh Bhasm, Laung that all are natural herbs and plants.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

These ingredients combine to strengthen the pelvic muscles and nerves of penis, enhance immunity, and increase stamina of the person using this capsule.


Both Shilajit and NF Cure Capsules being herbal preparations are safe, and have no side effects.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum •

The regular use of these capsules for three to four months works wonder on the sexual capabilities,

and cures all sex related weaknesses including leaking of semen.


The benefits manifest in just one to two weeks, but to get the best results the intake of these capsules for

three to four months are recommended.

Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum

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Herbal Treatment For Pre-Cum And Semen Leakage In Men