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Lucchese Annie Boot - Womens Riding Boots ___________________________________________________________________________________ By Laneyli -

For any woman who loves a sleek and tall riding boot style, the Lucchese Annie boot is a new and completely elegant choice. It has a smooth and sleek style with beading horizontally up the side, and also a subtle side zip to make them just as easy to put on as they are to wear. It comes in three rich and gorgeous shades, and has a retail price of around $336.While these boots could be considered the ultimate choice in women's riding boots this year, and while there are a huge number of riding boots to choose from this year, there are some picks that stand apart from the rest that you might also like: Click Here

Cordani Waverly Boot:Another sleek selection in riding styles this year is the Cordani Waverly boot. It is constructed from a combination of luxurious leather and suede, having slender buckled straps both around the ankle and toward the top of the shaft. This boot is also lined with leather, adding a more comfortable feel. A style to stand apart from the crowd, available in black for a retail price of around $485.Frye Shirley Strappy Boot:The Shirley Strappy

boot from Frye is a hard boot to resist for those riding style lovers - choose from either full grain leather or suede styles. While one would expect this boot to have a tall sleek look, that is not what sets it apart - it has a long strap toward the top of the shaft that wraps around multiple times to snug up the boot and give it an ultra stylish look. This particular style catches the eye for both its feminine looks and a bit of an edgy appeal. It comes in a few rich shades and has a retail price of around $430. Frye Melissa Logo Boot:The Frye Melissa Logo is one of my personal favorites this year - in general the look offered by the Melissa is gorgeous, and is one touch better with the rich logo embedded into the side of the upper. A pull ring adds an additional touch, for an eye catching look that cannot be topped. Available in a few dark rich colors, with a retail price of around $388.Riding boot styles for women are incredibly in line with fashion trends, and it would be difficult to improve on the Lucchese Annie boot, or for that matter any of the comparable boot styles listed above.

Article SIt does not matter if you have never been astride a horse in your life and have no intention of ever doing so either. The same holds true if you have never ridden or been a passenger on a motorcycle or a scooter and if you are deathly afraid of them. Knee high boots are still an essential item in every fashionable woman's wardrobe. Riding boots are not just for riding and despite the name you do not have to love horses or motorcycles or ride them regularly to own a great pair of stylish riding style boots.

Most women who wear this style of boots around town do it as a fashion statement and have no intention of ever riding anything with four legs or with two wheels As any woman who likes to dress fashionably and look stylish will tell you, shoes are a very important part of the wardrobe. They are one of the most important accessories if not the most important one. You can even go so far as to say that great shoes are an essential building block of the wardrobe of any woman whether she is a painfully trendy fashion victim who spends a lot of time and effort and even money in always keeping up with all that is hot and all that is cool in the world of fashion or just someone who likes dressing well and who does not follow the fashion industry with any great interest at all. Shoes styles come and go and most women have a huge collection of shoes to rotate as the styles come back into fashion again as they always do sooner or later. But just like there are quintessentially stylish pieces of clothing that are always fashionable and always in style like the little black dress. There are some pieces of footwear that will always be cool to wear and are an essential to have in your wardrobe.

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